doing the poster photoshoot

i have so many questions about this poster

is it… entirely photoshopped, fanmade?? or an official Zarkon print?? is this fan merch, propoganda, both?? did Zarkon actually do a photoshoot so that posters could be made of him and distributed/sold?? was Zarkon, the universe’s most evil and terrifying warlord, at some point, standing in a photo studio, with a wind machine, making various heroic poses??

[FANCAFE] 150102 IU replies to fans' comments on Uaena fancafe (Part 1) - 10:20 PM (Updated)

Fan: Unnie ㅠㅜ Did you receive the ring during the Chamisul concert?? With the hand cream??

IU: Ggyu? *attaches photo of her own hand with the ring*


Fan: Unni other singers are busy preparing for their comebacks.. heh Unni what’ve you been up to recently? IU: Merely watching their comebacks from across the river? (Note: This is the Chinese idiom 隔岸观火, if you know Mandarin.) ------------------- Fan: How do you intend to zoom towards 2015?

IU: I’ll run wearing Sbenu and Chamisul soju will last me through the night. ------------------- Fan: Sorry.. *attaches photo of competing soju brand*

IU: !!!! I feel betrayed!!!!!! ------------------- Fan: I want to see a photo of jieuni unnie with bbuggu (IU’s puppy) ㅇㅅㅇ *attaches old photo of bbuggu*

IU: He became prettier right? *inserts photo of bbuggu*


Fan: Hahahahaha for no reason I’m amused *inserts pic of IU from RM*

IU: Let’s laugh together *inserts edited pic of laughingU*


Fan: Have you watched any movies recently? I need some lines about going on a trip in a movie.. ^^ 
IU: The most recent movie I watched was ‘Ways to Skillfully Say Goodbye to Her’ starring Ryoko Hirosue and Trainspotting!
IU: I’m reading the lines well.


Fan: Both of you seem to doing a spy movie poster photoshoot. *inserts photo he took of IU and chipmunk manager backstage before Chamisul concert*

IU: Chipmunk manager is 30 years old!!!!!! Now he’s in his 30s!!!! ------------------- Fan: I’ve never seen a maltese puppy as pretty as Bbuggu.. He’s so cuteㅠㅠㅜ

IU: Our Bbuggu isn’t that pretty but he’s lovely~~~

------------------- Fan: -deleted comment- IU: Omg.. A pretty person appeared. If the baby in the photo is your sibling, then you must be pretty!!! ------------------- Fan: During the fansign, you told me not to get hit and to punch others instead, so during the sparring sessions, I’m hitting others well! But I always feel sorry when my opponent gets a nosebleed.. What should I do..

IU: Feeling sorry will only make your opponent more miserable!! Work hard at fighting until you get double nosebleeds!! ------------------- Fan: I think this is your neatest handwriting so far… How many hours did it tak you to write that? ^^ *attaches photo from 2014 Melon Music Awards*

IU: I think post-editing went into that.. ------------------- Fan: What do you call this kind of singer? *attaches fanphoto from Chamisul concert*

IU: g m o singer~~~ (Note: Perhaps gomaun singer? A singer who is grateful.)


Translated by squishy with love