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shadow. priest. anduin. boi walkin' around in the Stormwind gardens or somethin with his dad and a SUDDEN THREAT appears. before varian can do anything, anduin pulls a [Shadow word: pain] and casts it twice before finishing off with [DEATH] and all the while his eyes are glowing and he has a spooky black aura and long story short Varian is both proud and terrified of his son's priestly power. (this is really just a fanfic idea aha im sorry)

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Something's been bothering me: The Lord of Shadows ended up being a title of the Unseelie King, but the original title of the second book was Prince of Shadows. If the Lord of Shadows always was the Unseelie King in Cassie's mind, then why would the first title even occur to her? Can it be that the Lord of Shadows had originally been someone else, then she changed it when she made him the King? Or maybe the King is a red herring, and she changed the title so it wouldn't be too obvious?

Ahh, to get inside of the head of Cassandra Clare? Good luck. I love to postulate theories and come up with my own scenarios of how everything will work out—and I tried to do that before Lord of Shadows came out, and I think I was about 90% wrong. I will say that she has three whole series that she hasn’t even written along with Queen of Air and Darkness. I can only imagine how much gets fine-tuned or changed along the way as she’s writing.

This would be a good question for her to ask her: as an author of how she juggles it all, and why she changed it—Since LoS is already written you might be lucky enough to get an answer (if it’s not too spoilery). Cassie periodically has her ask box open on Tumblr (there is no way to know when, you just have to check often) and she takes questions from everyone. I’ve sent out a few myself and was amazed that she took the time to answer. She hasn’t answered all, and sometimes she just leaves a few words privately (all questions don’t get their own post), but it’s open to EVERYBODY—even those who live in other countries or speak other languages.

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wondertrev fic rec

okay this is a small list since the movie just came out 5 days ago but here are some really well written and Good (bc trust me i’ve read some bad ones!) wondertrev fics


what we do: missing scene from diana and steve’s time in london. 1k words, rated G.

later on the road is gonna break your world in two: steve coming back to the world after a hundred years. 3k words, rated G.

turn the page (maybe you’ll find a brand new ending): zeus brings steve back. 6k words, rated T. 

who has not repaid his debt: after the war, diana visits steve’s mom. angst. 2k words, rated T.

some and now none (of you): steve visits diana in her dreams. angsty as hell. 2.5k words, rated T.

snapshots: expansion on the missing scene in veld, really really good characterization of diana and steve. 3.5k words, rated M.

world and time enough: zeus bringing steve back + theres a kid. 7k words, rated M.


coffee replay: bakery au! steve owns a bakery and a mysterious woman visits him one day. 3k words, not rated, wip.

variations on the word sleep: 5 times diana and steve sleep together and 1 time they sleep together. 2k words, rated T, wip.

send me an angel (so i can be a human again): steve comes back. 4k words, rated M, wip.

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