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the signs as teachers I've had
  • Aries: Mr. N- Geometry teacher. Kinda boring at first, but completely lights up if you bring up food. Likes to make sex jokes.
  • Taurus: Ms. O- English teacher- Reenacts Romeo and Juliet using finger puppets. Is the human version of a teddy bear. Could probably kill a man. Overanalyzes everything.
  • Gemini: Mr. S- Biology teacher. An absolute m e s s. Has no eyebrows. Loves science. Doesn't know what he's doing ever.
  • Cancer: Ms. H- Squeaky voiced drama teacher. Very giggly and dorky. Great sense of style. Would kill a man for a donut.
  • Leo: Mr. P- Speech teacher. A real cool dude. Drinks too much coffee. Loves his daughter. Kinda looks like a mix between a border collie and a pirate.
  • Virgo: Mr E- Jr. high Social studies teacher. thinks he's tough but is a giant marshmallow. Loves penguins with his whole heart. Is a slut for History™
  • Libra: Ms. R- Global studies teacher. Gets fired up about current events. Intersectional Feminist™. Voted for Bernie Sanders. Will probably be president in 10 years.
  • Scorpio: Mr. M- Chemistry teacher. Chaotic good. Plays 70's music during labs. Makes peanut butter sandwiches for hungry students. Once cooked canned ravioli on a Bunsen burner in the middle of class.
  • Sagittarius: Coach M- Health teacher. A Softball Playing Lesbian™. Wears Hawaiian shirts every day. Yells "GOD BLESS AMERICA" every time you do something stupid.
  • Capricorn: Mme B- Nerdy French teacher. Knows everything there is to know about cheese. Once showed up at school in a dragon suit.
  • Aquarius: Mrs W- Jr. high science teacher- A giant meme. Looked 530% done most of the time. Was such a great teacher that her students made a comic series about her.
  • Pisces: Mrs G- Choir director. The most pure human being to ever walk this earth. Never sleeps. Runs on Taco Bell.