doing the dougie

Gerard Way has depression and was suicidal.

Mitch Lucker has severe social anxiety.

Alex Gaskarth has anxiety and panic attacks.

Austin Carlile lost his mother.

Andy Biersack was bullied as an adolescent.

Kellin Quinn came from a broken family.

Ronnie Radke was beaten and abandoned by his mother, and had drug problems.

Vic Fuentes had self-harm issues.

Oli Sykes was severely bullied.

Tom Fletcher has bipolar disorder and an eating disorder.

Dougie Poynter has depression and was suicidal.

If they can suffer through all of that and still be amazing, beautiful people, so can you.

NHL players on tumblr
  • Alexander Ovenchkin: Cars and selfies galore.
  • Carey Price: Artsy pictures of horses and horse-riding.
  • Tyler Seguin: Labrador retrievers, and way too many conversations with Jamie Benn
  • Eddie Lack: Happy quotes, and selfies with his mom.
  • Claude Giroux: Food, especially grilled cheese.
  • Dougie Hamilton: One direction stuff.
  • Sidney Crosby: He's a part of the hockey fandom. He's one of us.

May the force be with you! Dougie organized a surprise Halloween visit at the Alberta Children’s Hospital! Chewbacca = Backlund, Darth Vader = Johnson, Storm Trooper = Tkachuk, Yoda = Jokipakka, Fighter Pilot = F. Hamilton, Princess Leia = D. Hamilton!

kbdarling  asked:

Can you do 4 With Jackson and 12 with Mark (they could have had a one night stand your choice)?

4.  “Who gave you that black eye?”

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     “You would not believe how long the line at that grocery store was!,” she exclaimed, plopping the bags down on the table.  “Oh, really?  That sucks, Babe,” Jackson replied, turning away from her as she walked by him to start putting the food away.  “Yeah…Are you alright?  You seem a little fidgety.”  “Huh?  Oh, yeah, I’m totally fine.”  She caught a glimpse of him placing his hand on his face from the corner of her eye as he shuffled towards the door of the kitchen.  

     “Jackson, what is up with you?,” she asked, moving closer and gently grabbing his arm.  He let out a heavy sigh, figuring he couldn’t hide it for long, and turned to look at her again as he removed his hand.  Her eyes widened in shock before narrowing in anger.  “Who gave you that black eye?”  He stayed silent for a minute, trying to figure out how to explain what happened.  “Jackson, who-,” she began in a frustrated tone before he interrupted her.  “I did it to myself by accident!”  “What? H-how,” she asked, her gaze softening as she tried to suppress any laughter.  “I was doing the dougie and I think I just went in a little too hard and- Hey, quit laughing; this fucking hurts!”

12.  “I’m pregnant.”

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     “Alright…So, chocolate ice cream, pretzels, cheese twists, Twix”  “Snickers,” she chimed, interrupting her husband, Mark.  “Right…Snickers,” he muttered, correcting his checklist before continuing.  “Twizzlers, cookie butter, and…A Diet Coke?,” he asked with a raised eyebrow.  “Of course.  I can’t gain too much weight,” she replied, as if it were the most obvious thing.  

     He chuckled a bit, finding her mannerisms to be pretty damn cute.  “Anything else?”  “Ooh!  Can you get me that pizza I like from that one place?”  “The place all the way across the city?,” he sighed, already knowing the answer.  “Yes,” she stated firmly, crossing her arms as best she could over her huge stomach with a facial expression that dared him to question her again.  “But, Honey, that’s so fa-”  “Ah, ah, ah,” she cut him off, holding up one hand.  “I’m pregnant,” she finished, pointing at her tummy.  “Pizza.  ASAP.”  

teenage shiro headcanons

-wore weed socks
-learned to skateboard to impress a girl
-had that one monster snapback
-ONLY wore raybands, the red ones
-had lighting mcqueen crocs
-would put curse words into google translate and put them at full volume
-created a soundcloud account of just bass boosted songs
-always had the latest edition of the iphone
-would blast music in the hallways
-never showered and thought axe body spray was good enough
-watched family guy funniest moments videos and listened to skrillex and nightcore only
-posted rage comics on his myspace
-knew how do the dougie and the soulja boy


PART 2.~ 

Also in episode 2, The boys proceed to knock on another door only to find another pretty black girl. When she walks out someone is saying “wow” but I’m not quite sure who it is. Anyway, V IS STARING AT HER THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE TIME. (Okay most of them are too but V IS SO OBVIOUS) From the moment she walks out.

All three groups perform showcase their talents again. When singing “One Less Lonely Girl” V is all up in her face. When they are waiting for the girl’s father to announce the winner, V begins to do his “rice cake dougie.” (lmao he’s so weird) J-hope Jimin and Jungkook’s team win. When they boys are about to say bye, V turns around and says bye to the rest of bangtan and looks back to the girl and walks toward her as if he was going home with her and her dad lol (obviously flirting) J-hope then motions towards V and looks toward her father saying “son?” The dad says “yeah!!” and pulls V toward him and both V and the girl have the biggest smile on their faces lol

Imagine Kili getting jealous of another person dancing with you.

Writer: Zee
Fandom: The Hobbit
Type: One shot
Pairing: Kili x Reader
Word Count: 1264
Warnings: slight reference to sexual acts, but nothing explicit
AO3 link or read below on tumblr


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Stop, Tuukka Time

This is it, I’m a winner

Get close to me and the ice’ll seem thinner

Move, slide you’re done

Just for a minute let’s pretend you won, won, won

Yeah, you can’t touch this