doing the bros first


OK this is particularly late considering the nature of the request, I’m sorry! I remember getting this one just before I went away for a weekend, and upon returning I kept going through the requests in order. And lately I’ve been very busy with work… Better later rather than never……. right? ;A;

Coherent Female Characters

My only requirement of any story is that it respect its own characters to behave as the human beings their backstories, personalities, and circumstances insist they are, and to react coherently to the context in which the story places them. 

In practice, that doesn’t mean a happy ending for them, or a character making a morally correct choice, or being likeable, or being treated respectfully, or even getting what they want. It doesn’t even require a character to be original, or interesting, or even anything too far removed from a basic stereotype. This requirement only asks storytellers to address issues their story raises and allow characters to react to those issues in a coherent way. 

Two things brought this basic requirement home to me: reviews of the film Passengers, and watching Elf with my mother. 

I have not seen Passengers, and given the spoilers I doubt I ever will. But it reminds me how frequently female characters are not given the benefit of coherent reactions and subsequent actions. Too often a story fulfills the desires of a male protagonist at the cost of any internal coherency in a female character. Why would an ambitious and adventurous woman whose choices in life led her to a career in journalism, suggesting a deep interest in experiencing and documenting human society in all its forms, accept never again being part of human history, never having another conversation with anyone other than this one guy she’s sleeping with? It’s possible to construct a character who would be okay with this scenario, but if you haven’t constructed her that way, you can’t expect an audience to accept her actions as coherent or okay.

Why would an intelligent, self-sufficient young woman who is knee-deep in the difficult realities of her life suddenly want to go on a date with a much older man wearing tights who behaves like a 7 year old? Is she tired of the real world and wants to retreat from it? A few moments of thought suggests that if she wants her life to be easier and have more innocence and magic in it, she would want a partner who can help her deal with its difficulties and rise above them, not someone who is unaware that they exist in the first place. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But when a story needs a romantic ending for an idiot man, female characters often have to be bent to accommodate.

Fight back, ladies. You deserve better.

Met a really protective Marth player while playing as Robin.

Thank you for protecting me , Marmar. This is the first time I got to charge thunder in peace.


okay, once you got ur opentoonz downloaded, you’re looking at this screen.

and you’re thinking to yourself, what is this fresh hell, how do i draw, what’s going on 

ya gotta do one thing first my bro. go to ‘window’ and click on ‘toolbar’, then just drag that friendly little line of symbols to the side where it can latch on like a baby to its momma’s breast. that’s where u get ur brush tool. there is not a keyboard shortcut for this, which is odd, but OH WELL. 

EDIT: you can configure your own shortcuts by going to File! they don’t work fo me half the time, but it is possible.

also, stretch your window out so it has room to breathe. you may be noticing at this point that the windows in this program have a tendency to follow your cursor around like lost baby ducklings. haven’t figured out how to keep this from happening yet.

next, in order to enable onionskin, click on the paintbucket tool, go to the canvas, and right click. in the menu that opens, there will be an option to enable onionskin! this is absolutely ridiculous and i don’t know why they did it like this but at least it’s there.

take ur brush tool, and make a stroke. try it again. and again. click on the brush button again, and try. reselect the frame you’re on and try. change to a different tab and give that a whirl. it’s gonna take a few tries, and probably a few program crashes. 

EDIT: if your program is having trouble registering strokes like mine was, you need to slow down. let your cursor hang out for a moment where you’re gonna lay ur stroke, really let it relax and get to know the scenery, and then start your stroke nice and smooth.

and also you might accidentally delete some of your windows and can’t put them back the way they were supposed to work. if you delete your canvas area, you can get it back by opening the ‘viewer’ window and placing it where your old canvas went. 

yyyeah i fucked up a little bit. 

….. i fucked up a lot, but i think i’ve found my preferred workspace!! to the left, i have my toolbar, on the top, i have my tool settings, and on the bottom, i have my xsheet. now if i could just get those play buttons to stay on the screen…

let’s take a look at that xsheet!! from side to side, we have your layers, which i’m not bothering with right now, and up and down, we have your frames! wow, you might not ever think to yourself. this is an efficient and space-saving way to show frames. anyway.

get urself a shitty bouncing ball going, with a lot of pain and frustration. one drawing per frame. that one frame that is rlly bright yellow? i accidentally added a memo and can’t figure out how to remove it. not important. 

check out how your animation works in the comboviewer window after you’ve disabled onionskin using the paintbucket. (you can use the plain viewer window, but it usually fucks up how many frames get shown.) (also, there are some little triangle brackets to the left of the frames, and if they don’t encompass all the frames you wanna show, they might not show up.)

okay, looking pretty good! let’s render it! save your scene, go to the batches tab, and click the +add render button. navigate to sandbox > scenes, and click on ur saved project.

then, you gotta hit the little racecar start flag button up there. your computer will probably ask if toonz has permission to allow incoming connections - hit okay. 

if ur project’s icon turns green, it worked. if it turns red, it didn’t. i don’t know what happens after a project has been successfully rendered cause mine isn’t working. i will get back to yall when i figure out why.

I always feel bad for Nicky in literally any Kandreil fic because like?? where is he?? do they kick him out of the dorm all the time ? does he move in with Matt and Aaron??? Is he in the room WITH THEM, trying to sleep, kinda turned on by Kevin and Neil but also silently weeping because Andrew????
?? ??????
how does the poor boy survive those 3 ??



Sigh. Percy and Jason as bros is okay, but the ultimate brotps will be Percy and Grover, as well as Jason and Leo. Thank you.

romantic or sexy quotes to include in your smuts!
  • ‘oops’
  • ‘nah. maybe later.’
  • ‘uh oh’
  • ‘i thought you were waiting til marriage??’
  • ‘wait, how did we start doing this again?’
  • ‘turn on the air conditioner first’
  • ‘bro…..’
  • ‘…………..bro.’
  • ‘oh… oh, oh……. shit! i left the water running at home!
  • ‘so have you ever read the milk fic?’
  • god…. honestly, you were so much better than your mother.’
youre gonna have a bad time.
youre gonna have a bad time.

guess you like doing things the hard way, huh?

I re-did the instrumentation, it sounds a lil better now.

SEVENTEEN’s reaction when their crush sleeps on the same bed as them and starts snuggling them in her sleep

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‘what the hell heart! chill bro!’


‘what is she..doing’


at first he will be glad that u were sleeping next to him and not another man because he wouldn’t want you to snuggle/cuddle with anyone else and will make a mental note to scold you in the morning and warn you about the dangers and then start praying cuz gosh this is going to be a restless night


‘oh…uhm.. am i supposed to… uhn.. cuddle back..or;..’


he will start blushing like crazy. legend says he turned into red noodles #hoshizenoodle


he won’t really realize. he will be too busy either dreaming of you or hamburger. probably hamburger though #mylifeishamburger


producer-nim will be so tired that he will fall asleep before u. probably dreaming of the new song he will write the next day cuz dis son is a song writing genius


*can’t contain feels*


“woah! where have this ‘wild’ side of (y/n) been hiding.”


on the outside he will try to look like a calm and chill hao puppy but in the inside calm and chill is no where to be found in his thug life dictionary


joy and happiness will be the only thing this bunny will be feeling


chwe will be blushing and giggling like there is no tomorrow, trying his best not to wake you up. in the morning he will probably pay a visit to his joshua hyung.


he will be all like ‘is this what heaven looks like?

then he will probably get a bit too excited and end up waking you up. in the end the both of you will be two blushing awkward messes. #fetuslove

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A quick Lance doodle in MS Paint!

Look at those shitty hands sgbhgh

Its actually a really cool and underrated program I recommend wholeheartedly