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Taking the Lead

Kotoumi with side NozoEli (because I can’t resist including Nozomi and Eli in everything I write). Thanks again for the prompt! 

Eli narrowed her eyes at the request form she was reading, doing her best not to look up. She could feel Nozomi’s eyes on her but she didn’t dare look up. She knew if she did she would only end up being distracted and she wouldn’t get any work done at all. It was only thirty minutes or so after school. She couldn’t afford to become distracted so easily.

Nozomi leaned close to Eli, not missing the way she paused in writing something. “What are you doing?” She asked, moving her hand across the desk toward Eli’s. She gently skimmed her hand over the other girl’s arm until she could nudge the pen out from between her fingers. She slid her own into the empty spaces and gave a gentle squeeze.

“Trying to finish these requests.” Eli answered without looking up from what she was doing. With her free hand she gestured to the small pile of forms next to her. She still had to respond to them all and she was nowhere near done. “You’re not being very helpful, Vise President.”

Nozomi giggled softly at Eli’s comment and leaned in closer to her, her lips pressing against Eli’s clothed shoulder. Her girlfriend had taken off her blazer not long ago so she knew she’d be able to feel the warmth of the kiss through her thin shirt. “I’m sorry, Elichi. Can we take a break? I can’t concentrate at all when you look like that.”

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