doing the best i can with all distractions included!

astraeastudies  asked:

What are your tips for a better attention span?

hello!! assuming that u mean focusing and how to get through a task instead of starting it, here’s a few tips that work for me??

use the pomodoro method,, set a 30 - 45 min time frame to just sit there and do ur work and give urself a 5 min break after that. my favorite app for that is this lil cute thing called “tide” which i’m all about and 100% recommend

video a timelapse of urself studying!! i love doing this bc it just tricks me into thinking that someone is watching this and i cannot slack and have to show the absolute best version of myself 

clear all distractions around u, just have stationery and books in front of u. when there’s nothing else to divert ur attention to, u can’t divert it to anything. this includes all electronics, esp if the 2 methods above don’t help. just put it in another room or turn them off

i hope this helps u a bit?? or at least give u a few ideas?? if anyone has more suggestions, pls feel free to add!!