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How does Flowey recognize Chara as Chara, yet alone link them with Frisk, due to him being killed by them when he was still Asriel? Why call the one who killed him his "best friend"?

Chara reset!
The end of intermission 2, the very last page (’What’s your name? My name is…’), was the beginning of their second attempt.
Flowey is not aware that Chara killed him the first time they met. Both the memories he has of Chara (like their hangout ‘let’s kill people’ session in intermission 1) and him getting murdered in Chara’s first run are canon to the story.

tl;dr: Chara reset.

Hello again

I really didn’t intend that last post to be my, uh, last post? I got so sick that I ended up in the hospital for a bit, and I wasn’t really in any state to make another post for a while. i’m not 100% better, sorry to say. They still don’t know what’s causing all the problems, but hey, I can move around again so that’s good.

But, yeh, hi. I’ll be around a bit. Mostly trying to catch up on things and try not to freak out about lack of funds. But I’ll have some doodles up, maybe?

I hope you guys are doing okay, and sorry for being absent for so long.


I will always love this with my entire heart 

Here’s my dadsona August Rayne! He’s always tired and does a lot of art. He really loves Amanda too (okay but who doesn’t?)

Bonus with DamienxDadsona: 

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Hey I'm feeling sad right now can I get a pic of bowl cut aizawa please

I’m sorry anon! There was only ever one official photo of bowl cut Aizawa in the smash comics. I hope this is okay.


Do you need help?


Can I use your map? I think I’m lost in your eyes (courtesy of @trajektoria XD)

Boueibu Shipping Week, Day 4


You know, I actually have a little AU around this pic, about rich heir Ibushi taking a gap year after college before entering the family business, only to arrive to a little town, getting lost, and having a beautiful stranger helping him out and eventually giving him a reason to stay as he figures out what to do with his life after his year is over.

Also, guess who fell in love with the watercolor brush in SAI as much as she sucks at it :’).

So Here's The Thing....

You may have noticed that this blog has been pretty inactive lately. The thing is, my askbox is full, and for some reason, I’m just incredibly overwhelmed with everything in there. I’ve closed the askbox and attempted to get caught up, but with no luck.

That said, I’ve been considering emptying the askbox and starting fresh. I would hate that, because that would be around 50 asks that didn’t get answered, but they aren’t getting answered as it is.

I’m fairly sure that if I wipe the slate and start fresh, I’ll be able to keep up now. I’m in a better place than I was before, and I think I can keep up. Getting caught up is another issue entirely.

I love you guys so much, and I don’t want to disappoint any of you, but this is looking like it might be my best bet. This blog was-and still is, to some extent-and amazing part of my life, and I don’t want to give it up completely, but I have to do something different.

How would you guys feel about that?


I did some poses since I was bored and now I’ve made myself sad

@fandomescapades I want to draw more of your lolix au, but I’m forgetting everything ;-;