doing that pinoe thing

sometimes i wonder what mysterious food things exist exclusively in areas of the united states where i have never been. when i lived in california no one had ever heard of shit like pasties and blue moon ice cream (and its spinoff, superman) and pickled bologna and porchetta and paczki and good fucking luck finding fried mushrooms any damn where. now i am in michigan and i have all those things but the idea of a burrito with french fries in it or a combination chinese food and donuts place is completely alien. it doesn’t even occur to you most of the time because it’s all the same country but man states are so big and some things are so specific and you never realize what other places don’t have until you leave.

A Brief Rundown of #USAvRUS
  • Press and Syd starting up top so you know shit gon’ go down
  • HAO showing why the match hashtag should be #HAOvRUS
  • #DosACarlos, HAO assist
  • Syd was russian for that goal
  • honestly Hope could take a nap rn and we’d be fine
  • A Russian gets a red and then another gets a yellow
  • Van Buellebeke comes in and proceeds to do her thing
  • Pinoe wants in the Crossbar Challenge
  • wtf commentator rolling the ‘R’ in ‘Tymrrrrrrak’
  • also bitches gettin’ mad about Tym wearing the 17 calm down it’s not like Tobin’s using it rn
  • Press and Syd out for Abby and A-Rod
  • Abby tried a bicycle kick lol ok Abby
  • End result 7-0

Great quality stream from U.S Soccer but questionable commentating, Tommy Sermanni’s 4-4-2 is defintely working, Carlos and Press with braces and Carlos Budweiser WOTM.