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Based off this prompt that I wrote myself. 

@shamingcows, I really hope I was able to meet expectations with this. ;; You gave me so much encouragement and praise before I even began, I wanted to write something worthy of it. 

“And….?” Mikleo raises and eyebrow and waits, his gaze able to follow Sorey’s uncertain movements with ease. The silence continues to stretch between them before Mikleo’s eyes alight with understanding and he pulls his arrow away from the bow to point it at Sorey. “Do you want to try?”

In which Mikleo teaches Sorey how to use a bow.

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As someone who has always considered herself demisexual, I somehow can’t stop thinking of just doing some casual stuff? I really do not want a relationship or anything, but damn making out and having casual sex really sounds so appealing right now?

I was tagged by @gcomet @poise-and-grace and @sassytimemachine to do this, thank you all!!!

Rules: create an “about me” playlist of 5-10 musical theatre songs that resonate with you on a deeply personal level then tag at least 10 followers

1. Sante Fe - Rent
2. Flowers (Eurydice’s song) - Hadestown (does this count)
3.All That’s Known - Spring Awakening
4. Red and Black Cafe - Les Miserables (I dunno what else you would expect from me)
5. Rent - Rent
6. La Vie Boheme - Rent (I really like rent)
7. Wait For It - Hamilton
8. Giants In The Sky - Into the Woods (I know in context of the musical it makes no sense but look at it metaphorically)
9. Rose’s Turn - Gypsy (I’m just kinda bitter and also specifically Bette Midler doing this rocks my socks)
10.I Feel Pretty - West Side Story

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Nickname: I go by Ashe sometimes

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: around like 5'2 (i think??)

Last thing googled: what movies are playing at amc theater

Favorite music artists: Studio Killers and Gorillaz

Song stuck in your head: We Intertwined by The Hush Sound

Last movie watched: i actually cant remeber, its been so long since i watched a movie.

What are you wearing right now: a short sleeved blue and white dress, long blue socks with constellations on them, and short white boots.

When did you create your blog: a few years ago i think

What kind of stuff do you post: things i find funny, danganronpa stuff, basically stuff from whatever fandoms im in, and pictures of cats

Any other blogs: yes but i dont know if im willing to share it

Do you get asks regularly: lmao no

Why did you choose your URL: no reason really

Gender: female

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Pokemon team: instinct

Favorite color: pastel purple and maroon

Average hours of sleep: on weekends id say about 10 hours, on weekdays around 5-6 hours.

Lucky number: 3

Favorite characters: heck, i have so many but Komaeda Nagito(sdr2), Komaru Naegi (DR:AE), Rose quartz (SU), i could go on tbh.

How many blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2

Dream job: detective work or cartoon storyboard artist

Following: 3,633

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they call me new thang.

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@ nonblack mutuals can yall like monitor yourselves bc you be using aave all the time while simultaneously reblogging shit about how you shouldnt like pls i know you dont talk like that irl unless you tryna be funny which drives the point as to why its racist and problematic for nonblack ppl to talk like that…like ur doing it for comedic effect and the joke is that you sound less educated but your making fun of how a whole demographic talks like pls….think before you type 


Rumiko Week - Day #1: Favorite Female Characters

seventeen as things i’ve said through text messages


jeonghan - “sorry im a mother of 4…i need my break”


jun - “ok never mind that’s nasty too”

hoshi - “pretty groovy if I say so myself”

wonwoo - “I got 6 hours of sleep and I’m ready for the sweet embrace of death”

woozi - “ik…I gagged, then puked then rolled my eyes 277267277272 times”


mingyu - “why you saying ew???? I thought u loved me”

the8 - “I mean u might get attacked but sure”

seungkwan - “im trying to forget that i saw that by singing navillera really angrily but its not working”


dino - “im having a crisis here”

i’m working on a heavily researched scientific stan twins post, and while digging through countless medical journals and texts, I made a discovery:

all of ford’s problems were caused by Sonic the Hedgehog


Done for Tavern Tales’ Sugar|Salt|Water theme!

Twitter doodle! Because modern day Arthur would love the idea of a drive through (and fizzy drinks with their strange colours) and Merlin would be that crotchety boyfriend who complained about calorific value all the time. Or it could be Bradley and Colin too, who knows

Merlin Tag

Things that are nicer with friends

-road trips
-eating ice cream cones
-climbing trees
-making cookies
-eating said cookies
-watching corny movies
-going to the thrift store and trying on ridiculous outfits
-running in the rain and splashing in all the puddles
-singing along with musical soundtracks
-trying to hit all of the high notes
-failing to hit any of the high notes
-watching the sunrise/sunset

imagine luke’s little boy being really into nail polish. he owns nine different shades of red, but that’s nothing compared to the thirteen blues he has. all of the bottles are lined up on his dresser and he’s constantly watching youtube videos about how to do nails. and he does luke’s nails for practice, so when luke goes on tour he has one hand with green nails and one hand with purple, and there’s nail polish spilled all over his hands and it’s probably caked under his fingernails, but he doesn’t even care because his little bubba did them. and when baby hemmings goes to school with painted nails, some of the boys say mean things to him but the girls think he’s amazing and they want to learn how to do their fingernails that well !! and so when luke comes home from tour and asks to get his nails repainted, little boy hemmings says “get in line, dad, there are four girls before you” and luke laughs and waits his turn, and when he asks for green and purple his little boy smiles so big and when luke goes back on tour, he has one hand with green nails and one with purple, and he’s so happy and he loves his little boy so much.