doing something weird

my FAVORITE tropes compiled thanks to some suggestions from others

  • a character gets a sick burn and doesn’t realize it immediately, at some point later there’s just “HEY WAIT A MINUTE”
  • the double take. this one’s an oldie but a goodie
  • the injured character makes the killing shot that saves everyone else in a dangerous situation
  • a character who isn’t speaking is doing something weird in the background, it’s subtle and never acknowledged it’s just there for those who notice it (pulling another character out of something they got stuck in, making a huge sandwich, etc)
  • the beleaguered assistant inches away from smacking their boss
  • “quick act natural”
  • in that vein, the leader character was just in a shouting match with someone and when they come back the rest of the team scrambles to look like they weren’t listening at the door
  • never forget: “he’s standing right behind me isn’t he”

Good scenario: I do something weird, no one is around to see

Bad scenario: I do something kinda weird, someone is around and sees

Worst scenario: an ant was just crawling on the crotch of my shorts and I said “sorry pal, you gotta buy me dinner first” and flicked it off and then immediately realized a middle aged lady was next to me and definitely heard and saw the whole thing

good artist tips
  • there’s always gonna be someone better than you. try to work less on comparing yourself to their work and instead learning from them and turning envy into a personal challenge for your own stuff. i know its hard, trust me.
  • the best way to get better at art is to practice. there is no special trick to improving, no secret method. practice makes perfect is a tired old saying that im sure you dont want to hear but unfortunately, its true.
  • draw as much as you are able to. i wont say draw every day!!! because i know that there are folks that dont have this sort of luxury, whether it be because of physical or mental restrictions, or simply because they dont have time. draw whenever you can and have the strength to. try not to be too upset if you miss a day or a week or even months. shit happens, do the best you are able to.
  • if you get bored or stuck, try another way. change mediums if you can, flip the canvas, do something weird that you wouldnt normally do. sometimes this is the best way to un-stick yourself from art block.
  • dont be afraid to ask for help. this is so important! its ok to ask for assistance from other artists you admire (given that they have time to give pointers.) even if asking for help is straight up asking for a redline of your work, its ok to ask for it. improvement doesnt come without outside assistance, more often than not.
  • references are 100% a legitimate resource. i’m not really sure where the idea came from that real artists dont use references, but its not true. every renaissance painter used references in the form of in-house models. disney artists use references of animals and people to correctly model and then correctly exaggerate their designs. you cant learn to draw the world around you without actually studying it. use references, even if its just google searching.
  • your art is not an island. you will pick up styles from other people like tape picks up pet hair. its inevitable, and its not something that should be seen as a negative. artists inspire other artists. use your discretion, and study what you like about another artist’s work. every artist’s style is a mashup of a hundred other artists. its ok, experiment.
  • youre not going to make masterpieces all the time. youre gonna suck more often than not. but youre putting effort into something you enjoy and in the process you are getting better, slowly but surely. you arent going to see your stuff improve overnight, be patient.
  • please be kind to yourself. you are making a unique form of artistic expression, regardless whether you see it that way or not. youre doing fine, please keep going and pat yourself on the back for getting this far.

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

Un año después del fallecimiento de su madre, Zelda empieza a ser agobiada por la presión que emana de su reino, para que lleve a cabo su obligación como Sacerdotisa de Hyrule.

(A year after her mother’s passing, Zelda is starting to feel overwhelmed with the pressure emanating from her kingdom, for her to carry out her obligation as Hyrule’s Priestess). 

Alyanette date for alyanette april!!!

It’s their first date and they’re having a good time!!

(shh i know alya isn’t wearing the miraculous… it’s probably… like in her pocket or something… also i took the bg from a webisode concept art… so its not mine)

🌼 🌼 waiting for the mission to start, teaching the son important things  🌼 🌼

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The more i think about it the more i feel as if something very fucky happened in morrowind on an evolutionary level bc like

The wildlife in a lot of the other provinces are along the lines of fairly standard fantasy creature stuff but then there’s fuckin vvardenfell where there’s dinosaurs that are just mouths w legs, the fleas are 20 feet tall, and jellyfish are in the air

What happened


Happy 43rd Birthday Isaiah

“I’m okay with being the Old Spice Guy because before I was the Old Spice Guy I was the guy looking for work on his couch.”

Jupiter Transits into Scorpio~ October 10th

As Scorpio is a water sign representing transformation, Jupiter is teaching us how to cut out the unnecessary and focus on what brings us true happiness in order to grow. We can also expect to learn lessons surrounding our emotional nature- feeling comfortable with our emotions, accepting them for what they are, letting go. We are going to have to look inward and reflect. One interesting thing is that we are far less likely to accept temporary solutions to our problems. Scorpio reveals truth, Jupiter expands perspective- our intuition is going to be useful in finding a real, permanent solution to our problems, even if it means going through a period of suffering first.

The depth of Scorpio combining with Jupiter’s extroverted nature means we’re more likely to experience intimate and deep social interactions. However Jupiter’s expansive attitude in the sign of Scorpio means we’ll be tempted to indulge in our pleasures, particularly sexual or emotional pleasures. We’re going to want to follow our heart for a while, which may be good since we are going to be seeing more opportunities to connect with others, both romantically and platonically. We are more interested in cutting to the chase, and as Scorpio looks inward and Jupiter broadens our perspective, we may discover hidden things within ourselves during this time.

In conclusion: Since Jupiter can bring luck and success, you’re going to need to channel Scorpion traits to take advantage of this. Think determination, passion, empathy, and NO deception. Try to avoid going to excess with your love life, but following your heart is natural during this time. So embrace transformation, connect with others below the surface, talk about that intense stuff you’re secretly into, stay focused on your goals, and get comfy with your feelings! Don’t worry, you’ve got time. Jupiter will stay in Scorpio until November 8, 2018!