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Weeell… Since I can’t draw a daily today, I thought I might as well show you something fun!

This blog was originally going to be an ask blog, about Amae, Pharos, and a herd of Mareep. Amae was going to be the main character, and Pharos was still her step brother. As you can see, this was going to be a whole lot more … dramatic? Less funny/more dire sort of ask blog. I was planning on opening this last year, but uni got a bit too difficult, and I had to put this on pause.

By the time I wanted to come back to this, daily blogs were a whole lot more popular. And since I had little motivation to draw, I decided that a daily blog would be better, bc then I’d have to finish at least one drawing a day. That’s how this blog got made, long story short!

These two were the two only illustrations/drawings I made for what once was the ask blog.  I thought they were blog-appropiate, and maybe some of you would’ve liked to see em. :D

I know im the 300000th person to talk about this and ive talked about this before but no offense no jokes Yuri!!! on Ice legitimately has my favorite plot twist of all time bc it rewards a rewatch SO MUCH. It changes SO much of the context, but doesnt destroy it. It just lets you experience it AGAIN from ANOTHER characters perspective, and lets all these pieces click into place. The feelings and emotions and reality is all there, it just makes MORE sense now.  More complete. More fulfilling for both Yuuri and Victors stories. And it changes so much of how you view Victor as a character, and was a major reason he ended up being my favorite character.  

When you watch it without spoilers, you’re seeing things from Yuuri’s perspective, which is both unreliable AND missing crucial information, but the development is still rewarding and his perspective is still fantastic. 


anonymous asked:

Is Barry secretly some sort of programming genius? I mean, he's supposed to invent Gideon at some point, and he's been shown writing algorithms to find villains (although not sure if Earth 2 Barry counts since he has a PhD and Earth 1 Barry might not? Was that ever clarified?). Wish they'd show this skill of his more often if he's on that level.

Well, “programming genius” would be an exaggeration from what we’ve seen so far, but it’s likely he has some computer programming skills and he definitely is very intelligent.

But it’s hard on a show / in a universe with a bunch of super-geniuses to discuss IQ and intellect (especially because how these shows seem to build up intellect, particularly a narrow subset of what counts as ‘smart’, which can be pretty ableist). 

Because look, we’ve got… Eobard, Cisco, Harry, Ray, Stein, Jax (yes, absolutely Jax, the dude taught himself to fix space ships)… all who demonstrate what probably counts as supergenius-level abilities. And we’ve got people like Caitlin and Leonard and Rip and Felicity who are all going to be in the genius level (at least), or so I would argue. 

Oh and Jesse? Isn’t she as smart as her dad? Andddd Hartley, right, him too, right up there with the other supergeniuses.

What I’m saying is this universe has a genius issue. (Note that “genius” =/= “good decision making skills”).

And then we’ve got other characters, who are many not as “smart” as those ones, but are probably up there in terms of more general metrics or comparisons to the population. Wally, for instance, what with Wally’s designs for school and engineering stuff, and Iris is a gifted writer and investigator within her journalism, which is an intellectually demanding craft, especially at the level she’s working at. Hell, since we’re looking at Arrow, you’ve got Laurel as a DA as well, and its not exactly easy to get into that career. And Nate on Legends has a PhD, right? Which doesn’t make someone a genius but it’s implied, given how he’s the “only one” who figured out about history and the Legends. And though the show jokes about Joe needing the science explained, he’s described as a damn good detective on more than one occasion and likely has an above-average intelligence level.

Anyway, sorry I’m rambling. Everyone on DC CWTV has above average intelligence, and if we were to look at their IQs, the mean IQ of main characters across the shows would probably be like 145 and the median would probably be like 130.

Which leaves us with Barry. Barry being a forensic analyst by the age of ~23 and having a master’s degree most likely (but no, not a PhD on Earth 1). He’s implied to be quite good at that job too, judging from the fact that Patty had read his reports and complimented them. Barry who was working on the speed equation and working on other algorithms, who pulls moves like jumping off the roof of STAR Labs with Zoom because he reasoned on the fly that as they’re falling, Zoom’s speed advantage will disappear. Who works out temporal dynamics seemingly without much issue and his hero, back before the accelerator blew, was the scientist Harrison Wells.

So it’s… tough to say. He’s very smart, likely in the gifted range. Could he be working more on the science side of the show and doing more of the programming stuff? Probably yeah. He’s got the background in science to make contributions there, more than we normally see. But at the same time… does that need to happen? Because most of the characters on the show are already doing the science thing. I’d like to see more of his forensics stuff, personally, rather than his programming skills, whatever level they happen to be at. 

It’s a toss-up for when/how he’ll invent Gideon, but he can speed-read books and temporarily retain the knowledge from them so he could very well use that trick to design her. He could also yet learn a lot to do with time travel and programming that we haven’t seen yet, or get help from his team to design and build her? It’s really unclear ^^;

6 Random Facts/Stories About Yours Truly

(p.s. idk if that’s the tag title lmaoo) ok tagged again by the talented @heart-attack-harry ;) thanks again!! ok i’ll try to make these interesting

1) Umm… when i was like 3, i told my mom to cut my hair and she says i kept telling her to cut it shorter until it was above my shoulder and then i told her “ok now put it back again”

2) I have a red birthmark right on my neck sooooo i’ve been told it looks like a hickey, people stare at it then back at me and give me this look of #dishonor and sometimes weird creepy stares, one of my teachers suggested it was bc i had been shot there in a previous life and this one time while i was working in retail, this male customer asked for help and at the end he whispered “can i tell you something?” and i was like ??? and he said “do you need tips on how to get rid of that hickey?” and i just

3) My brother and i were born less than a year a part from each other (i’m older btw) so there is ONE week when we have the same age and my mom calls it twin week and it’s become a thing every year now lmaoo

4) i can move my right pinky toe to the side without moving my other toes (years of practice) aaannnnnddd this may be too much info but i can move my buttcheeks seperately, like up and down (also years of practice) YAY OVERSHARING lmaooooo

5) On a serious note, since i want to travel but also work i’m planning on moving to different cities every few years or so and work there. One of my stops would be Sweden so i’m learning swedish rn :)

6) When my younger cousins who already have babies ask me when i’m having a kid, i tell them til i’m like 40 and they literally give me the white man blinking look

So yeah, get to know me i guess. Now i tag @narrys-town @plsjoshuawilliam @fvkstyles @hilarydcv @jjfrommn @seriousactorharry @harrysaliengirlfriend

good concepts

  • yugi not feeling like he’s earned the king of games title because atem did most of the work for it and atem Bestowing the king of games title on him after yugi beats him in their final duel or when they meet again in dsod
  • ryou getting yugi really into ouija board stuff post canon because yugi wonders if there are other ghosts out there that need help being guided to the afterlife and he just wants to help them all
  • malik, yugi, and ryou all living together post canon and all being on different meds because they are all mentally ill children and just all three helping each other to cope with life and stuff wow precious millennium item kids who all kinda get what each other went through to some degree
  • atem knowing a way to contact yugi post canon but he chooses to just kinda watch over him from the afterlife because he doesn’t want to undo all of the progress yugi’s made with his dependency issues??? like he doesnt wanna show back up and have yugi instinctively go back to relying on him instead of believing in himself
  • anzu helping yugi be comfortable with wearing feminine clothing and accessories because yugi really likes them but doesn’t wanna get misgendered and anzu helping him through it and building his confidence and telling him that wearing pastel goth stuff and skirts doesn’t make him a girl

if you experience depression, reblog with your opinion on:

  • plain tortilla chips eaten with nothing on them
  • eating cereal by the handful, straight out of the box
  • cold, 4-day old leftovers
  • peanut butter straight out of the jar
  • eating two slices of bread

ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 7

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skirts are cool !!


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know