doing some intro stuff about the characters!

  • The part of me that adores Scanlan and is desperate for his backstory: Please let this new stuff in looking for Ioun have to do with him and his backstory and let us get some canon stuff about what it was like for him, aside from his character intro video.
  • The part of me that's writing 'Little Bird': Please, not yet, just a little more time.

vbatheflyinghead  asked:

I was wondering: if i'm to start reading the Mtg story, where do i start from? There are some character intros that mark a possible start point, but what about the mending & other stuff. Shouldn't i read from before those things happened?

Nah, all you need to know about the Mending is that Planeswalkers used to be these omnipotent immortal beings. Now they’re not.

But yes, I’d start with the origins stories for the five main characters:

From there, you can check out the Magic Story archive and start reading from Battle for Zendikar up.


SUP felix here screaming softly about how I promise there’s gonna be more content soon…. mostly we’ve been doing new character design/some REALLY EXCITING PLOT WORK so that’s cool! but man chara intros are happening soon I swear. y'all get to see Rico’s screw collection


WIP WEDNESDAY: buncha details edition

I’ve got a lot of stuff that’s in progress right now that I’ll show y’all soon, hopefully will finish most of them in the next couple of weeks. 

1) Odessa sketches. Planning some character intro posts for all the characters in DESENDI before I launch the comic, and part of that is having a couple of sketches in there, so these are a couple in progress. 
2) Working on a stupid One Punch Man print that I hope you’ll like anyway haha
3) Cleaning up a jigglypuff print
4) Doing a series of paintings about a pigeon who wears fancy shoes. (I’ve done a few paintings and doodles of this little dude over the years, decided to finally do something with him)  I’ll show you guys when they’re more complete, haha. 

Cheers! Happy Wednesday! I finally finished moving into my new apartment and will now hopefully have time to actually do shit. Yaaaayyyy