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Joaquim: Even in the team dynamic, [Allura] was kind of the leader. She was the one that had the most information. They all went to her when they needed, you know, intel and advice on how the universe works.

Interviewer:  … Once she managed to connect with the Blue Lion, it kind of was a trickle-down effect from there. It’s like, once Allura got under control and got herself reunited with Keith and Lance, that was when they were all able to kind of find each other and come together. So even not in a leadership role, Allura still plays a very central part in bonding this group together.

Joaquim: Totally. I couldn’t agree more.

Lauren: I would go even so far as to say, with Shiro out of the team, the team has more cohesive teamwork. It relies more on the teamwork dynamic versus, like, just listening to the leader.

Joaquim: Yea. It’s more about the group.

Joaquim and Lauren discussing Allura’s transition to Voltron paladin

Gryffindor is in Danger
  • Hufflepuff: *gets extremely overwhelmed and worked up*
  • Slytherin: Hey, Huff, try to stay calm as much as you can, okay?
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, we can't help Gryff if we're not in the right frame of mind. Let's all just take a breather and try to calm down, okay?
  • Hufflepuff: *furious* No!
  • Hufflepuff: Our friend is in trouble! We have to put our heads together and get them out of it!
  • Slytherin and Ravenclaw: *stunned silence at seeing Hufflepuff blow up like that*
  • Hufflepuff: And if you two aren't with me 110% then get the hell out!
  • Slytherin: *calmingly* Okay, alright...we want to help them, too. We'll help you.
  • Ravenclaw: *also calmingly* Yeah, we want Gryff back here safe with us, too. We just need everybody to be calm and collected if we're gonna do that. I'm sorry for bringing up taking a break. I just don't want you to overwhelm yourself, okay?
  • Hufflepuff: *taking deep breaths* Okay, yeah, I'm sorry. I'm just-I'm freaking out. If anything happens to Gryff...
  • Slytherin: Nothing's gonna happen to Gryff. I promise you. And I don't break my promises. Ever. Alright?
  • Hufflepuff: Okay.
  • Ravenclaw: Let's do this.

Black Sails IX “Do as I say when I say, or I’ll kill you myself.”

6 quotes + 5 episodes for the Silverflint meme


Canon Arya Appreciation Week Day 1 - “Favourite Quote”

Alone, she slid through the shadow of the Tower of Ghosts. She walked fast, to keep ahead of her fear, and it felt as though Syrio Forel walked beside her, and Yoren, and Jaqen H'ghar, and Jon Snow. (A Clash of Kings, Arya X)

“no the dogs made it”


this whole scene and everything with magnus’ death hit me real hard just,, having a happy ending like this healed my soul. i’m so happy for them. everything ended up good, and that means a lot.