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Terrorists do exist in the us. We usually shoot them before it gets too far, unless it's in a gun free zone. Then they get their body count like you see in Europe.

That’s right. The situation would have been better if every single person on crowded Westminster bridge had a gun. It would have improved the situation to have shots going off everywhere amongst the crowds of tourists and school kids. In such a chaotic situation, even a well-intentioned bystander might accidentally shoot innocent people. Instead, we had a fanatic who emerged from his car with knives- clearly he was unable to obtain a gun- who was shot by armed police who are specially trained for this. 

You can’t make it easier for Random Civilian Good Guys to get a gun without also making it easier for the Bad Guys to get them. Maybe that’s how you prefer to do it in the US, but we like our strict gun control laws here. We prefer that the ‘good guys’ who have guns in our country be confined to the police and the military. And I do believe in many US terrorist shootings, for some reason, it’s also usually the police who finally stop the suspects, not a bystander with a gun. 

It’s all and well to focus on terrorism, but the US continues to have a much higher homicide rate than the rest of the developed world. And the vast majority of it is from firearms. Even if you factored in our terrorist attacks, we don’t even come anywhere near the homicide rates in the US. If you want to talk about to us about body counts, maybe take a second look at your country before you dispense your advice about how we do things. 

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I'm wondering, how do you feel about people messaging you? Are you against it at all?

Like, using the tumblr messenger? I don’t mind at all, but I don’t check it very often, so it’s not the best way to contact me, haha. I do prefer that people send requests via the ask/submit function, though.

But yeah, feel free to message me! But please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back right away (or even for a long-ass while). I’ve got weird anxiety about messenger things, so I only check it sometimes. Contacting me can be a real pain in the ass, lol.

If you have a time-sensitive question or anything, I check my askbox way more often. :3

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If Khonjin's been referred to with both pronouns, what do they prefer? (Just to be sure aaa)

You can go ahead and use a He.


’ Do you prefer ________ or “Satan’s Mistress”? ’
’ Don’t make me call your mother! ’
’ Don’t take this the wrong way. ’
’ Why didn’t you tell me you were some kind of Alaskan Kennedy? ’
’ We were in the middle of talking about you… for the last 3 years. ’
’ People need to think that we are in love. ’
’ That, hey, that’s no problem. I can do that. ’
’ What am I allergic to? ’
’ I can pretend to be the doting fiance. ’
’ We love to snuggle. Don’t we honey? ’
’ If you get chilly tonight use this. It has special powers. ’
’ Oh. What kind of special powers? ’
’ I call it the baby maker. ’
’ Better be super careful with this. ’
’ Why are you panting? ’
’ Was that your family? ’
’ I’ve worked to hard for this and I’m sure that dad is pissed. ’
’ _________, will you marry me? ’
’ Wow. Barely made it out with my life. ’
’ I mean, did you see those teeths? ’
’ We should just sit and rapture. ’
’ I started leaving him little hints here and there. ’
’ That’s not exactly how it happened. ’
’ I mean I picked up on all of her little hints… ’
’ I went there and I pounded on the door. ’
’ I am not getting in that boat! ’
’ You can tell she’s a good dancer by the way she drinks her soda pop. ’
’ Congratulations. I’m a hundred. ’
’ If you touch my ass one more time I will cut your balls off in your sleep, okay? ’
’ Don’t let him out. The eagles will snatch him. ’
’ If you ever grab my ass again. I will kill you! ’
’ Three days ago, I loathed you. ’
’ I used to dream about you getting hit by a cab. ’
’ Things changed when we kissed. ’
’ Now, you could imagine my disappointment. ’
’ Your mother’s at the door, get up here! Get up here! ’
’ Just a second! ’
’ Baby blanket, get it off, get it off… ’
’ Oh my God, what is that? ’
’ What do you mean it’s morning? ’
’ Well, that was originally my cup. ’
’ And I’m drinking your coffee why? ’
’ So you drink unsweetened cinammom light soy lattes. ’
’ Is that a coincidence? ’
’ I mean, I wouldn’t possibly drink the same coffee that you drink. ’
’ Why aren’t you taking notes? ’
’ I’m sorry, were you not in that room? ’
’ What? Oh, oh, the thing you said about being promoted? ’
’ I’m looking at a 250,000 dollar fine and 5 years in jail. ’
’ Promote you to editor? No way. ’
’ I’ll make you… I’ll make you editor. Happy? ’
’ Ask me nicely to marry you… ’
’ What does that mean? ’
’ You heard me. On your knee. ’
’ Does this work for you? ’
’ Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me? ’
’ I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, but I’ll do it. ’
’ See you at the airport tomorrow. ’
’ I didn’t fire you because I felt threatened. ’
’ Another word and you’re out of here with an armed escort. ’
’ Didn’t think so. I have work to do. ’
’ I have never farted in front of him. Nor will I ever fart in front of him. ’
’ We’re not authorize to take you to the airport. ’
’ I’m not rich. My parents are rich. ’
’ Which is the kind of thing that only a rich person would say. ’
’ Where are your breasts, dear? ’
’ Am I the only one not getting this? ’
’ I’m sorry for feeding you to the eagle! ’
’ Uhm, would we kill each other? No! ’
’ Are you soul mates? ’
’ If she didn’t love him, she wouldn’t have left. ’

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I don't know if I'm being selfish or something like that, but I think the boys prefer doing concerts in USA rather than in Latin America, it kinda makes me a little sad.

Every time I read this kind of messages it piss me off, whenever someone says that BTS gets more and more hate of ARMYs without reason.

As someone who is from Latin/North America piss me off, as someone who has read everything that BTS has said about ARMYs overseas I know and it’s clear to me that they DO NOT HAVE preference in countries. They love doing concerts in all countries (USA, Latin America, Asia, etc) and I think it’s kinda rude to think that way. They love us all the same way and it’s the only thing that matters.

11 Questions Tag Game

Haven’t done one of these in a while and I love when they’re writing themed. Tagged by @madworlddiary​ - thank you :)

1) How many works in progress to do you currently have?
Under ten, to be honest! My writing tends to be on the shorter, fluffier spectrum of poetry so I usually wrap up drafts pretty quickly. However, I’ve been swamped with coursework the past couple of weeks so I haven’t had the energy or presence of mind to write recently - including snippets and drafts.

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?
I do not. I tried in high school a handful of times but never got into it.

3) Do you prefer real books or ebooks?
Real books. Always. (Though ebooks are admittedly convenient and my local library has an online collection which is pretty A+)

4) When did you start writing?
Back when I was a kid. I used to write a lot of short stories.

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
Outside of all of you (you count!), I only occasionally share my work with a few close friends. It’s not a trust thing, though. I’ve just always felt awkward sharing pieces of writing in person and it doesn’t end up happening much.

6) Where is your favourite place to write?

I actually really enjoy writing when I’m on the go. Anywhere from when I’m using public transportation to when I’m flying home. Some of my favorite pieces of writing were drafted on my phone notes app while traveling.

7) Favourite childhood book?
Saffy’s Angel

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
For fun! Never considered publication.

9) Pen and paper or computer?
Computer (or phone) in the beginning. And then I transfer the finished work to my journal.

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
One, in undergrad. It was mandatory and didn’t touch upon creative writing at all, unfortunately.

11) What inspires you to write?

“Anything, everything. (Ha, worst answer, I know.) To be specific - nature is probably my favorite source of inspiration. There’s something so lovely about writing about the stars, the ocean, flowers, trees, etc. Anything with vivid imagery, really. But sometimes I’ll spot a word I like in a course reading or see a pretty object that I think belongs in a poem. And I go from there!”

^ From a previous tag game I participated in. Still true!

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2. Who’s the oldest character of yours, defunct or not?

One i got rlly into and hope to bring back

Hulbart Fangzahn.  Former Red Medic Character Cannibal.  Still a cannibal/or other instances a werecat.  Still a ppl eater

5. Do you prefer to make human, animal, monster, or _____ characters? Why?

Monsterrrrrs, because *smooches monsters*

8. Is there a character that embodies your good traits, or traits you wish you had?

i dunno.  i dont think i uh like myself to think of Goody Traits

9. Is there a character that embodies your bad traits? Several characters? Which ones and what traits?

uh, crap, uh.  idk,  i feel like i shouldnt rub my ickiness on my chars…

do i have any chars like that??  man.  thinkin i should make a character to do that tho.. could be good???

Silver Lining and Shotokeki/Soto from @strawberrysweetcakes/@nessie-wolfmod. Dai is a squishy little sweetie. At first she wanted to follow in her Silver’s footsteps and join the royal guard, but fell in love with Japanese sweets and will often be in the kitchen or with Soto asking for baking tips. Her favoutie treat is mochi. She’s very affectionate with her parents and somewhat friendly with customers. She prefers to do the baking rather than the customer service. She can be spacy.

The red in her mane, fur, and tail are dyed - The inner ear is natural. She admires her aunt on her dad’s side -Starlet, an actress- and often dreams of catering big events for important ponies with really cute mochi. PS: She loves Strawberries.

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Hey, just wanted to ask two things: First is, why do you personally prefer SaNami over other ships? And the second question is, if that ever would be a topic among the crew, how do you think the other Straw Hats would think about it? Best regards and get well soon.

Hello @opshipperondeck!  Thank you for the ask and the well wishes! ♡  

I think I may have answered an ask similar to this before, but I’m too lazy not feeling well enough to go through my posts to find it. XD  So I will answer this here.  

People have their own reasons for shipping.  For me with SaNa, it’s a combination of things.  But before I get into those…

Disclaimer: I want to give a reminder to everyone that One Piece is a shounen manga and there has been NO canon romance among the Straw Hats to date.  Therefore, it is absolutely ridiculous to attack other fans for what they ship.  Shipping can be fun, but if you wear your shipping goggles too tight, you’ll miss out on so much of what the series is actually about.

Whether a ship is considered right/wrong or crack is a matter of personal opinion.  So, instead of being an asshole to people that don’t agree with you, find more positive, productive things to do for your own ship fandom.  Thank you!   

*ahem*  Okay, on to my answer. ^^ 

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Glader hurts reader

*Newt’s preference and how he would react*

Request: Could you please write a flirty fan fic with Newt and the reader. Like maybe the reader is hurt and Newt is taking care of them?

I decided to do a preference post instead of an imagine I hope you don’t mind! Enjoy!


His first reaction would be finding the person who hurt you and give them the death shucking stare because he is so mad that someone has physically harmed you, and partly mad at himself for letting this happen. Newt would be so mad that he doesn’t even care about the person’s story and start yelling at him and give him so much shit for the ret of the glader life because no one ever lays a hand on his girl. Ever.

He would then run to the Medjacks and ask if you’re alright, and ask countless questions just to make sure you are okay, because he is seriously worried about you and hates seeing you hurt in any way. He would talk to you about how frustrated he is that he let something like this happen to you, and how he should have been there to protect you and continue to rant about how that shuck glader is going to pay for what he’s done for the rest of his life because that little bitch should know better.

He would then start talking about how you should never ever like ever leave his side and stick together for the rest of your lives which kind of seems off topic but you like it anyway so you say of course. And he would kiss you and stay by yourside nursing you until you get better and he starts making plans on how to take revenge on that stupid mothashucker. 

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Hey! Let me know if this is crossing a boundary or something, but do you find your clients are mostly men or women? And do you prefer one over the other?

I prefer clients who understand how basic hygiene and nail care work.

11 Questions

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1) How many works in progress to do you currently have?
Too many. I’m working on three original novels, two of which happen to be would-be series. I have at least 7 ideas for fanfics (AT LEAST), several of which would be multi-chapter endeavors and one of which is already the first novel-length foray into a goddamn trilogy. I also have about 115 drafts but a good amount of those are old versions of poems I’ve already finalized and posted, I’m just too lazy to clean house.

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?
See above :) Fan fiction is what got me into writing in the first place!
You can find my dorky works here.

3) Do you prefer real books or ebooks?
I read/consume books of all formats, but real books will always take precedence.

4) When did you start writing?
When I first learned how, I imagine.

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
Not really, unless you count the internet.

6) Where is your favourite place to write?
My room. 

7) Favourite childhood book?
My first chapter books were E.B. White’s books, so the box set they always sell at book fairs or through Scholastic book orders will always have a special place in my heart. I also really loved The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
Both, though I wonder if even serious writing doesn’t elicit some kind of pleasure (whether it be joy, entertainment, or pure catharsis), then why write at all?

9) Pen and paper or computer?
Computer. I can’t keep up with my brain if I’m writing by hand.

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
In college, though I despised it back then. I’d like to try again, though.

11) What inspires you to write?
Daydreams, mostly.

Okay, I tag: @the-girl-that-no-one-ever-knows, @katlypso, @loved-the-stars-too-fondly, @charles-and-recreation, @jacklonesome aaaaand anyone else who wants to take a stab at this  :)

I was tagged to do this by @beekayem​ like wowsers this is very long

imma tag: YOU idk I don’t like calling people out on these

  • Do you prefer boy groups or girl groups?
    I don’t really prefer one or the other?
  • Favorite female group?
  • Favorite male group?
  • Favorite female solo artist?
    IU or Taeyeon
  • Favorite male solo artist?
  • Top 3 Groups?
    BTS, Mamamoo, SHINee
  • Favorite Kpop Song?
    Spring Day- BTS
  • Favorite happy Kpop song?
    Um Oh Ah Yeh- Mamamoo
  • Favorite Kpop sad song?
    Movin On- BTS
  • Favorite Kpop smut song?
  • Prism- SHINee
  • Favorite Kpop song of 2017 so far?
  • Spring Day- BTS
  • Favorite debut?
  • Favorite debut of 2017 so far?
  • Favorite mv of 2017 so far?
    Spring Day- BTS
  • Favorite mv?
    Check In- Seventeen OR the newly discovered I Am You You Are Me- Zico
  • Favorite album/mini album?
    YNWA- BTS and Memory- Mamamoo
  • Favorite album/mini album of 2017 so far?
    YNWA and … idk my guy 2017 only just started
  • Your ultimate bias?
  • Seokjin
  • Favorite GIF of your ultimate bias?

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two three of my fav things in a gif:

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  • Favorite picture of your ultimate bias

I have so many but here have this

  • Favorite thing about your bias?
    His silly jokes, his laugh, the way he interacts with the rest of Bangtan, how exuberant and bright he always is, how playful he is, how sensitive he is to fans and how he is so hard on himself but so careful to make sure everyone else is alright, arrgh the list goes on I love him a lot.
  • Was he your bias from the start?
    Namjoon was my first?
  • Have you ever changed biases more than 3 times and in what group?
    Yah… Namjoon was first, then I saw BST and Jimin was so beautiful I was astonished.. But Jin got me in the end :)))
  • If so; what members?
  • Oop see above
  • Favorite Ship?
  • Do you ship the “mom & dad” in your favorite group?
    Oh yah
  • Who’s the mom and dad in your favorite group?
    Seokjin and Namjoon
  • Who do you end up liking more in groups; Leaders, Maknaes, mood makers, vocal, rap, “mom”, “dad”, English speaker, drummer, guitarist, pianist?
    Whoever is the biggest asshole is usually my favourite, like I love Minho and Jackson too. Maybe it is just rappers… Seokjin is a wild card

  • If your bias got a girlfriend/boyfriend how would you feel?
    Ayooo get that summer lovin
  • How would you feel if your bias came out gay/lesbian/bisexual/etc.?
    As a gay I would be beyond stoked mate
  • Do you think any kpop idols are gay/lesbian/bisexual/etc.?
  • Statistically there’s gotta be
  • If so; who?
  • That their biz
  • Favorite kpop scenario blog? Favorite kpop smut blog? Favorite Kpop fanfic?
    Idk, idk, A Gilded World by…. I can’t remember who and AO3 has crashed but it is Yoonjin and pure perfection
  • Favorite show with kpop idols?
    BTS Gayo aha
  • Do you prefer saying “Oppa” or being called “Noona”?
    iIdk I feel weird that not my language
  • Is it cuter when KPop Idols know your language or don’t know it and try to speak it?
    I love them always

BIGBANG: “Bang Bang Bang” or “We like 2 Party”

iKon: “#WYD” or “Rhythm Ta”

Monsta X: “Perfect Girl” or “All in”

BTS: “Save Me” or “Fire”

EXO: “Monster” or “Growl?”

Astro: “Breathless” or “Hide&Seek”?

Red Velvet vs. EXID: “Ice Cream Cake” or “Up & Down”?

4Minute: “Crazy” or “Hate”?

NCT U vs NCT 127: “The 7th Sense” or “Fire Truck”?

Got7: “Just Right” or “Fly”?

Amber vs Ailee: “Borders” or “Insane”?

FTISLAND: “Take Me Now” or “Pray”?

History: “Queen” or “Might Just Die”?

KNK: “Knock” or “Back Again”?

Day6: “Congratulations” or “Letting Go”?

Block B: “Her” or “Toy”

ZICO: “I am You, You are Me” or “Boys And Girls”?

B.A.P: “Feel So Good” or “Young, Wild & Free”?

Seventeen: “Nice Very Nice” or “Adore U”?

Taeyeon: I (feat Verbal Jint)” or “Why”?

G-Dragon Vs. Taeyang: “Who you?” or “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

BTS: “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Series” or “Dark & Wild”?

Day6: “The Day” or “DAYDREAM”?

BIGBANG: “A” or “M”

Monsta X: The Clan, Pt.1 or “Rush”?

Seventeen: “Boys Be” or “First Love&Letter”?

EXO: “Ex’ACT” or “Love Me Right”?

Astro: “Spring Up” or “Summer Vibes”?

Vixx: “Chained Up” or “Error”?


SISTAR or Red Velvet?

NCT U or NCT 127?

Girls’ Day or Girls Generation?

Seventeen or GOT7?

Winner or iKon?

Block B or Beast?

Romeo or Astro?

Jimin orJungkook?

Xiumin or Chanyeol?

Taeyeon or Ailee?

Jay Park or Dean?

G-Dragon or Taeyang?

Amber or Henry?

Wooshin or Hwanhee

Jeonghan or Dino?

Taemin or Jonghyun?

Seulgi or Irene?

Got7: Markson or Markjin?

Red Velvet: JoyGi or WenRi?

BTS: VKook or JiKook?

EXO: Hunhan or Kaisoo?

Monsta X: Showhyuk or Jookyun?

Topp Dogg: Hanjoo or Xenissi?

NCT: TaeTen or JaeYong?

Seventeen: Meanie or Jeongcheol?

iKon: Double B or Double J (Junhwan)?

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2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19

Holy shit. 

⭐️ 2. Who’s the oldest character of yours, defunct or not?

I have an anthro shark with mechanical arms and BIG ASS red claws named Delter Skelter and he’s a total dude bro. I made him in grade 3.

💡 3. Has creating a character ever made you realize something about yourself?

If every character contains a piece of myself, I’m genuinely worried about myself. A lot of my characters are JERKS. But I like to think I’m not a jerk.

🐲 5. Do you prefer to make human, animal, monster, or _____ characters? Why?

I prefer humanoid monster types! Humans for me are a tad boring (though I’m slowly realizing this is NOT the case) but I LOVE creating creature designs that tread the line between human and animal/monster, while not being consider anthro. I try to stay away from ‘cat girl, bear man’ but go for things based in folklore or ALIENS. ROBOTS. ROOOBOOTS.

📌 7. Do you have characters that you know you’ll never use, but can’t bear to get rid of/recycle?

Oh LOTS. A lot of my CDC designs are probably going to suffer this fate sadly.

✒️ 11. If you have characters that embody certain traits of yours—good or bad—has writing them changed how you view those traits? Has it affected you in any way?

If anything, it’s made me more self-aware about myself than I realized. I realized I can be kind of cruel sometimes, but also very reserved. When it’s brought to light, I try to change things about myself. At the same time I think I’m very boring.

🎵 13. Do you create playlists for your characters?


🔑 17. Which character is the easiest to draw/write?

This overpowered turd-burglar. Theres almost no WRONG way to draw him.

🏆 19. What’s more important to you: visual design, unique personality, a trendy character aesthetic, etc? If you’re not sure, then what’s the first thing you usually nail down in a character?

For me its a toss up between visual design and personality. On one hand, personality adds so much LIFE to a character. It makes them more palpable when you see them in action. A rad looking character could have no personality and it wouldnt have the same effect. HOWEVER, you could have a great personality on a character but they are so BLAND looking. We are shallow creatures. We DO notice appearance first. And that’s EVERYONE’s first impression of a character. So both a p important. Aesthetic is good for harmony but thats always an afterthought for me.