doing practice with kissing

  • Yakov: I've had it, you're off the team.
  • Victor: You can't do that, that's sex discrimination.
  • Yakov: Fine, I'll give you one more chance. *walks away*
  • Yakov: *returns a minute later* Wait a minute, how is that sex discrimination?
  • Victor: Well, that's what I was doing when I skipped practice.

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some otayuri fluff maybe? :)

Otabek loved Yuri a lot, but his leg was really starting to get numb.

“How long has he been asleep like that?” Victor asked, amused. They were over at the penthouse that Chris had rented for the week, a raging party with the international skaters in full swing. Otabek and Yuri hadn’t even been drinking, both completely exhausted from practice. They had found an unused couch in the corner of the room and Yuri had collapsed, promptly falling asleep on Otabek’s lap.

“About an hour,” Otabek murmured fondly, stroking Yuri’s hair, “You’d think the pounding music and screaming would wake him up, but…”

Victor smiled. “He’s always been a heavy sleeper. Comes from growing up around a bunch of loud screaming Russians.”

Yuri shifted in his sleep, a hand moving to rest on Otabek’s leg. His heart thudded at the sight of his boyfriend looking so small and vulnerable, despite his age. Victor bade him a quiet ‘goodbye’ before heading off, leaving the two of them alone. Otabek was focused on Yuri’s steady breathing, how his hands curled in his sleep, how each strand of hair moved whenever he would shift.

He was the most beautiful thing Otabek had ever seen.

They had gotten together a few years back during Yuri’s nineteenth birthday. Afterwards, it was a shitstorm of media, ducking from Yuri’s fangirls, and a wild ride of traveling back and forth between Russia and Kazakhstan. Otabek knew how lucky he was to be with Yuri, it stunned him every day that his boyfriend loved him as much as he did.

Yuri shifted again, causing the numbness in his legs to get worse. Deciding it was probably time Yuri awoke, he leaned down and kissed his boyfriend’s forehead softly, leaning down towards his ear.

“Yura,” he murmured, “Yura, it’s time to get up.”

Yuri grumbled in protest, blinking blearily as the party raged around them. He yawned-Oh my god so cute, Otabek thought-and sat up, groaning as he dropped his head on Otabek’s shoulder.

“How do all these assholes have this much energy?” Yuri complained, “They practiced as hard as we did.”

“No one practices as hard as you do,” Otabek laughed, kissing the side of Yuri’s face, “You went for hours today.”

Yuri rolled his eyes, swinging his legs over Otabek’s lap. “Yeah, and I’m fucking exhausted. Why did we come to this again?”

Otabek smiled, kissing his forehead. “Because, someone who shall remain nameless, ‘wanted to fucking rage.’”

“You should stop listening to me,” Yuri laughed, leaning on Otabek’s chest, “Half the things I say are bullshit.”

Otabek’s heart thumped as Yuri pressed against him and he was reminded again just how much in love he was.

“Nothing you say is bullshit,” Otabek replied, “You could be reciting ‘The Theme of King JJ’ in French backwards and I’d listen to it.”

Yuri’s eyes narrowed. “Beka, you’re sweet, but if you want to be in our bed tonight, do not mention JJ in relation to me ever again.”

Otabek laughed, reaching down and drawing Yuri into a gentle kiss, a real kiss. They forgot for a moment that they were in public, both melting into the sensations.

“Boys, break it up!” Christophe called from the corner, causing them to pull apart reluctantly, “Let’s keep it PG!”

“‘Keep it PG,’ he says,” Yuri snorted, “He’s half naked and riding a pole.”

Otabek laughed lightly, still a little breathless from their kiss. “Maybe later tonight we can bump up the rating, yeah?”

Yuri raised an eyebrow, smirking a bit. “Beka, you’re on.”

Otabek’s legs were still numb from Yuri’s weight being pressed onto him. But he found as they got closer, that he didn’t really mind.


So, this is a sequel to my one and only Sam GIF drabble, which is being written because I’m a slut and wanted to write some smut and I was originally gonna write smut in that gif drabble until my wrist bitched out. So now that I have no excuse, here we go.

And shout-out to the ever-wonderful @saxxxology and @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for reading and beta-ing this when I became convinced that it was shit. They’re the best ladies in the entire world.

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Detective!Sam x Secretary!Reader
Inspiration: A GIF drabble inspired by a GIF from @sgarrett49
Words: 2,759
Sam and the reader finally act on all that unresolved sexual tension, and his desk suffers for it
Warnings: Pure, unadulterated desk fucking. There’s no plot. Plot has died. Plot has no place here. Only porn.

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I just need someone who will let me take cute pictures of them, let me practice makeup on them, and do matching couple things and kiss pls pls

Spit vs. kiss 9/29/98
It is “sick” because it is only a different way of doing practically the same thing. Kissing is a sign of affection, therefor it is socially acceptable. It has emotional values and it can mean several things, whereas swapping spit is just plain, cut, and easily defined. It has no emotional or spiritual meaning. personally I think both actions are the same. -Eric Harris

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A/N: I love this so much, like I’m making my own heart ache a little here, damn. Thankyou so much to @a-smol-badger for the request that I never would have thought up on my own atm. That’s all I got to say honestly. 

Request: Is there a possibility you could write an imagine where y/n is an art student and her latest class assignment is human figure and she wants to draw jug and he gets scared and self conscious that he has to be shirtless but y/n assures him he is perf

Word Count: 1,882

Warnings: boi has body confidence issues for a hot second, that’s it.

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006 / 101 kisses

006; sweaty mess
♡ optional bias (second person)
♡ university!au
x; when you cling onto his shirt while you kiss

with the crisp, early spring air blowing against your cheeks, you let out a light yelp from sudden gust of wind and held your arms closer to your body as you rushed across the courtyard towards the gymnasium. you could feel your plushie keychains gently bounced against your backpack and tap your hip every now and then with your hasty footsteps.

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oh snap, it's okay! Can I request for forehead kisses for iwaoi/bokuaka/kurotsuki(choose any) instead? Your art is really nice, hehe

All cool friend! `v´ Since I already did forehead smoochies for IwaOi

I decided to go for your second option uvu And also because yay more owl smoochies <3

These two are so adorable, always a pleasure <3 So yeah friend thanks a lot for your request!! (AND your kind words, gee you’re so nice ;v;) Hope you like it :3c

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Can we get some Ignis fluff? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) what about embarrassing things on their first time kissing (idk like nose booping accidentally) or holding hands (hands get really sweaty and its awkward as fuck) or a lot of teasing?? ꒰⁎′̥̥̥ ⌑ ‵̥̥̥ ꒱ i need floof im sorry im a loser

You’re not a loser for wanting fluff! Fluff is the candy floss of the soul, warm pink and absolutely delicious. I hope you didn’t mind the wait!

Awkward Ignis Dating HC

  • Ignis isn’t comfortable on a first date

  • So when your hand slips in to his he gets so nervous and wound up, overthinking how to hold your hand that he’s fumbling and infinitely glad for the gloves he’s wearing since he’s sure his palms are sweaty.

  • You just manoeuvre his hand in to place and smile at him letting him know it’s all good. You won’t tell him how sweet the nervous smile he gives you is.

  • He’s such a gentleman he drops you off at your door after that first date. He’s obviously nervous and you can practically hear the gears in his head screaming ‘Do I kiss them? Do I not? Do I bow??? BOW?! Ignis you idiot!’

  • He freezes still when you give him a quick peck at the corner of his mouth and wish him goodnight, his red cheeks are something you’ll always recall with a smile.

  • He gets bolder eventually, and hand holding is easy for him, but eventually he starts watching your lips when he says goodbye each night. You wait so patiently, since you worry you’ll scare off your spectacled flighty rabbit. 

  • Eventually one night outside of your door he bends down too quick, following the instinct that tells him to kiss you before he chickens out.
  • And he headbutts you

  • He can’t apologise enough and he sweeps you in to your apartment and gets an ice pack for your head.

  • After about 10 minutes of him apologising over and over again while you repeatedly try to tell him it’s ok, he peels the ice pack away slowly and his fingers gently smooth over the small bump.

  • His face is close to yours and you put your hands on his shoulders to keep him still as you move in slowly for your first kiss.

Requested by  blaiseaya46. Hope you like it!

  • Okay so 
  • first of all
  • Ten is a sweetheart okay
  • Like he’s the actual definition of it
  • If you search it on the dictionary you’ll find his pic 
  • I’m sorry I don’t make the rules
  • Anyway
  • People would be jealous of you two 
  • Because you’d be literal goals
  • You’re always starstruck by him 
  • Because the boy glows 
  • On and off stage 
  • He just glows
  • Why have a lamp when you have Ten
  • Takes you to the practice room when the other members arent there so that he can show you some new choreo he’s been working on 
  • When he finishes the routine he’s there just like
  • “I know it’s not perfect but I wanted to show you”
  • and you’re there like “???” because it literally had been perfect 
  • You’re his weak spot 
  • Like whenever the other members start talking about you he just goes all smiley and fluffy
  • So cute 
  • Carries a polaroid pic of you  two everywhere
  • Gets lowkey annoyed if you show more attention to the Dream babies because
  • “I’m a baby too, come show me affection”
  • Cuddles with Ten
  • Idk why I picture him as one of those Koala kinda type of cuddler
  • Like he just wraps himself around you 
  • You dont actually mind him doing that 
  • Your first kiss was probably at the dance practice studio 
  • Like you’d asked him to show you some moves 
  • But you couldn’t get them right 
  • Or that’s what he said
  • So he like wrapped his arms around you to “teach you”
  • And the next thing you knew was that his lips were on yours 
  • Which you totally didn’t mind because, i mean, look at him 
  • His lips look really kissable
  • He is a dork but he can be serious too 
  • He’d know you so well you wouldn’t even need to tell him you were down because he’d just know
  • The moment you start dating him you automatically befriend Johnny and his side hoe Jaehyun
  • They just come in the same package
  • Random road trips/dates because he just feels like it 
  • Overall your relationship is really beautiful 
  • Please take care of him 
  • He just loves you so much 
  • You’re his world

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forget the fake dating plots, give me the fake engagement plots because it’s a hundred times more angst i mean?

  • when muse a has been telling their parents they’ve been seeing somebody and finally say they’re engaged to get them off their back, and then surprise!! the whole family ships out to meet the lucky person and they gotta suddenly scramble for a fake fiance/fiancee
  • when the person they ask is their friend and muse b has been secretly hiding that they actually have feelings but say yes just to get close to muse a and hopefully get rid of the feelings but god knows that doesn’t work
  • the moving in together and having to get used to sleepy faces and sleeping in the same room and awkwardly brushing their teeth in the morning but it eventually becomes very familiar and natural
  • meeting the family!!! listening to embarrassing stories and cute naked baby pics while muse a sits around moping bc “mooomm why are you showing these i asked you to burn these”
  • having to practice being affectionate so it looks real
  • “what do you mean kiss? right now? in front of the whole family?”
  • “kiss me right now in front of the whole family”
  • what becomes normal hand holding and touching even when they’re not in public
  • mom/grandmother bringing their old wedding dress and insisting muse b trying it on and it’s huge on her but the mom/grandmother is crying and muse a comes in and the dress is literally falling off muse b and their family members are crying in the corner
  • the family throwing a bridal shower and the couple casually cheating to win the newlywed game
  • actual bridal dress shopping!!! when muse b tries on ‘the dress’ and everybody is like omg…and muse a is like “shit shit these are real feelings ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION
  • when the family leaves and the two try and go back to normal but deny there are any real feelings :(
  • when muse a starts dating somebody else and their family is like “they’re okay but i liked muse b better”
  • A N G S T

when I was in highschool I didn’t know anything about sexuality and everyone was talking about kissing boys, and I had no idea how to do that so I’d ask my girlfriends to practice with me and I practiced so much that I forgot I was doing this to kiss a boy so when she asked me if I kissed a boy yet I was like “why would I do that?” anyways i’m gay and we’re still dating 

Jordie Benn imagine

I heard about the Jordie Benn trade and got emotional (in case you missed all the posts about it) so i decided to write a lil thing. It’s the longest thing i’ve written till now and also my first Jordie Benn imagine. I hope you enjoy it :)

1.5k words 

Originally posted by brosillustrated

“I just heard the news.”

Jordie, who was currently kneeling on the floor giving Juice a belly rub jumped at the sudden noise. He turned around quickly and came face to face with your disappointed face just before the front door closed behind you loudly, leaving the house in silence with the exception of Juice’s panting.


“Yeah, oh.”

You walked over to him, letting your hand glide over the back of his cool leather couch.

“When did you know?”

You didn’t mean to sound so accusing but you were feeling slightly hurt. They always told players about a trade before they announced it and you just couldn’t think of a reason why Jordie didn’t tell you.

“They only called me a few hours ago and after that I had to start packing immediately. I’m really sorry babe but I was just saying bye to Juice before I head out, the Uber is already waiting downstairs. I really need to go or I’ll miss my flight.”

He picked up a bag and moved towards the door.

“I’ll call you after we land, okay?”

You nodded slightly and tried not to break into tears when he pressed his rough lips to yours in what you assumed to be your last kiss for a while.

“Love you.”

And with that he was gone.

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title: without the games
Jace/Simon, background Clary/Izzy,
rating: t
warnings: none
summary: The pounding in Simon’s chest got louder and louder, his heart flip-flopped when Jace rested his hand gently on the back of his neck and pressed their lips together. The kiss was warm and gentle and not at all like Simon had anticipated. It was softer and sweeter than he thought Jace was capable of. OR  the three times Simon convinced himself that kissing Jace meant nothing and the time he realized that he was wrong.
a/n: first off, I’m gifting this work to the amazingly patient @intangibel​ as a substitute for the fic I was supposed to write her for @shadowhuntersbetas​ Winter Fic Exchange (this one is much better, trust me). A huge thank you goes out to @tothebitterbetterend​ and @bookwhipped​ for doing such an amazing job of beta-ing this fic! It wouldn’t be what it is without both of you, so thanks!!


Pop music blared from the radio as all of the partygoers arranged themselves into a circle on the floor in the Lightwoods’ basement. Simon grabbed a can of soda from the table in the corner, which held a half-eaten birthday cake and a variety of drinks and candy that had previously been arranged into neat piles, before wedging himself into the space between Clary and Alec. He didn’t say anything because it was Isabelle’s birthday party but, in his opinion, sixteen was too old to play spin the bottle. Part of the reason was because he’d never actually kissed anyone before, but there was no way he was going to admit that. He’d practiced with his pillow before, another thing that he wasn’t going to admit – boy, had that been embarrassing when Rebecca walked in on him – and he’d fantasized about kissing someone, of course. It had just never happened.

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all this muscle could never lift a thing without you (malec)

Magnus has a bad depression day and Alec helps. (This post does contain a read more, fyi for those of you on mobile, in case it isn’t showing up.)

This is set in the speak your bleeding heart ‘verse. Although reading that piece isn’t required for your understanding of this one, I would definitely recommend it. It’s all about Alec and Magnus being really handsy and good at talking, too, so if this interests you, it’s safe to say that will as well. read on ao3 | my other malec fics

“Hey, Magnus.” Alec pushes open the door to Magnus’ room and sees Magnus shudder at the sound. He’s curled on his side in bed, facing away from the door. Not at all where Alec expected him to be.

“Hey,” he says again, softer, soothing, as he sits on the bed beside Magnus. He places a gentle hand on Magnus’ arm. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s a bad. Day.” Magnus pushes the words past his lips like they’re boulders rolling up his fragile throat. “A bad – depression day.”

“Oh,” Alec says. “Would it help if I – ” He shifts to pull the covers up and slides carefully beneath them to press his chest to Magnus’ back, locking their knees and laying an arm around Magnus’ stomach.

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Thought I’d bring this back in better colors since the real post-85 salt started. Featuring bonus Levi+Sinna. Companion to this little baby by @sibatrash.


This is my first fanfic ever, so please be nice…

His lips were soft, smooth, and powerful. The kiss wasn’t like the one before, this kiss was different . It was almost hungry. Sebastian had pulled me out of the room, into the warm heat of summer. “Y/n, I don’t think that you know this, but I love you.” I try to comprehend what I had just heard. For 4 years he had just been my friend, sure we had kissed, but that was just a stage kiss. We had once been in a production of West Side Story and I played the Maria to his Tony. Needless to say we ended up kissing, but those kisses were pretend, they were filled with fake passion. “ I love you too,” I manage to squeak out. He smiles, his full lips curling into a sly smile.

“May I kiss you?” He mutters. Sebastian was always so careful and kind, I love how he asks for permission first. I nod my head vigorously to give my consent. He puts one hand on the nape of my neck and the other resting on my hip, and he moves toward me. I feel my breasts hit his chest, and I wonder if he notices. When his lips hit mine, it’s like nothing I’ve felt before. The passion was real this time. It started off slow and passionate, then became more powerful. His tongue flittered across my bottom lip, asking permission to enter. I open my mouth slightly and meet his tongue with mine. He moans slightly, the he pushes me back pinning me between him and the wall. He licks the back of my mouth as if I had syrup in the back of my throat that was his responsibility to clean up. I giggle a bit and he pulls back. “Y/n my beautiful girl, you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that,” he says practically in awe of the kiss we had just shared .

“You are amazing” I say breathlessly as I go in for another kiss. Our tongues are dancing when we hear the bell rings telling us to go to class. “I should get going” I mumble as I pull away from him, “But I don’t want to stop” I add. I try to kiss his neck, then he steps back “No, you’re right we need to go to class” he says and I pout. “Do you want to continue this at my house after school?” He quickly added, putting his hands back to my hips. “ I don’t think your parents would like that”, I run my hands through my hair and pout disappointedly. He leans in close and whispers in my ear “they went to visit friends in the mountains this week.”

I spend the rest of the day waiting for the last bell, I knew something amazing was going to happen.

I’m sitting in chemistry, my last class of the day. The staring contest I’m having with the clock is almost painful when the bell finally rings. Jumping out of my seat, I race to the auditorium to find Sebastian waiting by the piano.

“Are you ready to go?” He smirks. I run over to him and kiss him, trying to match his passion from earlier that day. His response was perfect. His hands flew to my hips and pulled me tight against his solid body. I move my lips down his neck as seductively as I can.

“Y/n, if you want to make out then we should leave before we ge-” he is cut off when I suck on a particular spot of skin behind his ear. A primal groan emerges from the back of this throat “What did you say,” I moan when he stops talking. “I need you,” the words pass his lips and my only response is to grind my hips into his and say “I need you too”. At those words I start to feel something poke at my thigh, and I realized the effect I had on him.

“I need you now”, I mumble against his Adam’s apple. “Y/n, I don’t want our first time to be on a piano, where anyone can walk in. I want it to be special.”

“Oh, Seb,” I sigh “You are right, let’s go.” I bend down to get my bag, I don’t remember dropping it on the floor. Being the attention getter I am, I bend down to show off my butt in his direction. I feel a hand on my back as I return to standing, I lean back into Sebastian’s arms. “Let’s go you tease” Seb chimes.

We walk out of the school hand in hand and make it to his car. I love driving with Seb, he gets this look on his face when he focuses on driving, as if he is a cat in the jungle assessing the surroundings. It is about a 15 minute drive to his house. 2 minutes in I worry that he won’t want to screw my brains out when we get to his house, so I ask “What are you going to do to me when we get there?” Sebastian looks stunned, pondering why I would ask such a question while he was driving. I pull out my phone and wait for his response. I have to text my mother as to why I won’t be home, I tell her I’m going to a friends house to study. She never questions it.

“I have no idea” Sebastian mutters. I had almost forgotten the question I just asked him. “Y/n, you know I’m a virgin, right?” I had forgotten. I lost my virginity to my sophomore year boyfriend Adam, Sebastian had never liked that boy. Sebastian was there when Adam broke up with me, Sebastian is really my best friend. He had had a girlfriend before, but he told me that they never got further than 2nd base.

“Ya know, that’s ok,” I answer as I put a hand on his thigh “I can show you.” The rest of the drive is quiet, except for my adjusting of clothes to show off my breasts.

We get to Sebastian’s house, it was in the woods a bit. He quickly motioned for me to stay put, the he jumps out of the car and goes to open my door. “Such a gentleman” I coo as I practically fall back into his arms and continue the kiss from before. Our tongues are fighting for dominance as Sebastian puts his hands on my butt. I involuntary moan into his lips. He moves his lips down my jawline and to my neck, licking and biting gently.

“Hey,” I pull away “let’s go inside.”  I raise my eyebrows and then it clicks in his head. He scoops me up and runs to the door, he sets me down to get his keys and open the door. I nibble at his earlobe as he continues to fumble with the keys. Finally he gets the door open, I breakaway and start to his bedroom. I had been to his house before, we had been friends for 4 years so it wasn’t like I hadn’t been here before. He chases me into his room, I take note of how clean his room is, it’s always tidy.

He grabs me from behind and starts at my neck again, licking as if my skin was an ice cream cone. I notice his hands on my hips, so I grab one of his belt loops with each of my hands and pull him close to my body. I can feel him getting hard against my ass, so I moan to show my interest. I turn around to face him, “I wanna sit down.” I run and jump onto the bed, motioning for him to join me. He sits on the edge of the bed, so I crawl over to him and straddle his lap. We look in each other’s eyes, and take a moment. He breaks the silence “Are you sure you don’t just want to make out?” I sigh and come up with an idea.

“I give you full consent. If I want you to stop, I will tell you. I trust you so much, I know you will do right by me” I gasped.

His eyes meet mine, he leans in and whispers “As long as you don’t mind my Star Wars bed sheets.” I can’t help but laugh. I look over his shoulder and see that he isn’t lying. From the position we are in, I can still feel his growing erection through his jeans.

I decide he is wearing too many articles of clothing, so I pull at the hem of his shirt. He lifts his arms so I can get rid of the offensive piece of clothing. His chest is well toned, you can make out the shape of his abs and biceps. This is going to be good. I lay him down and start to plant kisses along the lines of his muscles. He moans my name, as if a plea for more. I only realize he has flipped us over when I feel lid lips on my neck again. His teeth graze over one spot that makes me shudder with pleasure. So he stays at that spot near my collarbone and sucks on it, most likely leaving a mark.

From this new position with him between my legs, I took the opportunity to unbuckle his belt. He got the point, and proceeded to take off his jeans. I went for his boxers when he stopped me. “You are still fully dressed!” He teased. I laugh and whisper “how about you undress me.”

He smiles, hands going to remove my tank top. I lift my arms so the top slides off my body. I look down and assess my body. I was toned, but never muscular. My breasts were a size 36DD, they looked smaller with clothes on. Sebastian gawked at them, having never seen them in this state. He smirks and goes to remove my shorts.

I look at him and decide to make a bold move. I grind myself against his member. The friction starts to make me feel even more wet than I already am. He moans when the fluid touches him through our fabrics. I thrust my tongue into his mouth to deepen the kiss, and with him distracted I take off my nude bra and cast it aside. I take his hands from my hips where they always seemed to be, and I place them on top of my breasts. He squeezes lightly to test the waters. To tell him I like it I grind down onto his hard erection.

“I want to make you feel good,Y/n” he breathes “ but I have no idea how. You should show me.” He slowly starts to pull off my panties, his fingers brushing my inner thighs.

I decide to take control. Pressing my hands to his biceps, I push him down. “Let me make you feel good first, Sebastian. I want you to stay still, no touching.” He sighs in protest as I make my way down to below his belt. He moans when I nuzzle his throbbing cock through his boxers. I slide the offending garment down and his erection springs free, bumping my nose on the way up. I giggle to let him know it’s ok.

He lifts his hips so I can slide the boxers off his legs. I start by licking his thighs, making my way up to his balls. I nip at them gently, and I notice a bead of precum on his tip. I quickly make my way to the head, and slowly encase him in my wet waiting mouth. I hum as his precum hits my taste buds. The tip of my tongue slides across his sensitive slit.

“Holy FUCK!” Sebastian exclaims, bucking his hips into my mouth.

“Touch me” I gasp, pulling my head from his lower one. With this permission he slides his hands into my hair, pushing his member further into my mouth. Hitting the back of my throat.

I moan into his member at this action. He is fucking my mouth!

“Babe, I’m- I’m gonna…” He pleads. So I give him one last big suck, hollowing out my cheeks and taking him in deep. His hot seed slides down my throat, part of the big load falls from my mouth and down his still throbbing cock. I use my tongue to lap up what I missed.

“Holy shit, Y/n that was amazing!” He sighs, content from the pleasure I was giving him moments ago.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it!” I giggle. He pulls me back up for a kiss, moaning when he can taste himself on my lips. I lay on his chest kissing him for a moment before he rolls us over and whispers “your turn” into my ear.

To say it was hot watching him settle between my legs would be an understatement. His eyes were searching mine, until I realized it was because he was unsure what to do.

“Start by finding my clit” I gasp as I feel his hot breath on my burning core. He starts at the bottom and makes one long lick from there to the top. He stops at my hardened bud, knowing he’s found it when my fingers thread through his hair.

“Good!” I moan “Now start to write something, anything with your tongue there. After a while you can add some fingers.” I barely get the sentence out before he starts. Good thing I did because his ministrations had me breathless.

It wasn’t long before his actions had the coil in my stomach tightening. I squeeze my thighs together, effectively trapping him as I rode out my first orgasm of the afternoon.

He lapped up my juices, growling from my finish.

“Seba, that was great” I gasp. I glance down to see if he is ready again. He is.

“I don’t know how you did it, Y/n, but you got me from cumming to hard again in a matter of minutes. You are fucking amazing” he says crawling up to kiss me again, tasting myself on his lips.

I quickly stand up and grab my pants, after we had made out at the school i made sure to put a condom in my pants pocket. I toss the foil package to him and watch him roll the item over his thick cock.

“Come here”, he whispers. I walk over to him, swinging my hips as I go. Laying down next to him, he settles on top of me resting his weight on his forearms. I pull his face to mine with one hand while the other teases my entrance with his tip, shuddering when it hits my still sensitive clit.

He pushes into me, moaning out an “I love you” against my lips. I can feel him pick up the pace, pelvis hitting my clit with each thrust.

“Y/n, I’m not going to last long”, he grunts breathlessly. I tell him that I’m close, which is true with all the stimulation I’m getting. Sebastian is so big that it doesn’t take much longer for me to hit my second peak of the day. As my pussy clenches around him, I feel him twitching, signaling he’s close.

“Fuck , I love you so much, Y/n”, he moans as his hot cum spurts into the condom.

“I love you too, Sebastian”. He rolls off of me, then takes off the condom, moving to throw it away. When he make his way back to the bed, we crawl under the sheets, moving to cuddle.