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anonymous asked:

hate to break it to you, but jungkook's totally a dom lmao

LOL, I hate to break it to you sweet anon, but Jungkook is totally versatile ^_^

Oh! We’re talking about the same jungkook right?

This one?

Or this one? He looks really soft and sweet though…

Or do you mean this one?

Oh! This must be the Jungkook that you say is “a total Dom.”

I’m wrong? Is it this Jungkook then?

You’re not talking about this actual baby bun though right? The one with fluffy hair and huge doe eyes and the maknae that everybody dotes on. Yeah, didn’t think so. 

Anon, please don’t try to “convert” me. You probably know my preference for bottom Jungkook if you even sent this to me. By “dom”, I assume you mean “top” even though those two words don’t mean the same thing. Even then, I know that he is a switch which means he’s definitely not a “total dom” as you put it. But if you’re talking about power bottom kookie, hit me up! 


“Hyung, please! Fuck me harder! I want more, I need more.” Jungkook was whining helplessly as he squirmed on the bed.

“You really need it that bad Kookie? Want hyung to fuck you until you can’t walk? That’s my good boy.”

— Rin aka bottom jungkook trash <3

You can put whichever hyung in this scenario. But just to spite a lot of people because I’m a bit petty that way, it’s jikook (inspired by the recent Bangtan bomb).