doing parenting right lol

my parents r yelling at me and I was thinking about doing outpatient therapy but I didn’t make it out of bed today to go sign up and my mom is very visibly disappointed and I’m just.. tired of letting everyone down

Well, that could’ve gone better.

Miwa generally didn’t have too much trouble when dealing with her father. She was left to her own devices, for the most part… dealing with school and home and training. It wasn’t that they weren’t close; it was just a fairly average relationship in a Japanese family.

But tonight, they’d argued. It was loud, it was drawn out, and she had said things she knew she would regret and apologize profusely for later… but in the moment, they felt good. She was seventeen. She wasn’t a little girl anymore.

Once the yelling had finally abated, she stormed out of the dojo, seeking out the only person she felt she could talk to at the moment: Cassandra. While Miwa had not known her actual mother, the first woman her father had loved, it was nice to have someone there who could help fill the gap, even a little.

“Mom? Hey, do you have a second? I really need to talk and Father’s being impossible. As usual.”


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i don't think most people had any idea what their ages were, i didn't at least.

that’s fair enough, i think it might be a genuine case of info not spreading from twitter to tumblr for once - at least one of the girls, suede brooks

is fifteen.