doing one for every season okay

OKAYOKAYOKAY B U T Aliens that only have mates to reproduce. Once every couple of moons they find their partner, do the do, then find a completely different one the next cycle. Imagine these aliens being confused about the human concept of marriage - “you stay with them for life?“ - and not understanding that while yes, Intaquk, you are very attractive I am married so no I will not be your mate this season. Imagine Valentines Day rolling around and one of a crews humans is feeling sad and the aliens are like “yo r u okay should we feed u or something is this natrual” and the human “just kinda bummed i dont have a valentines” and after a bit of research of the holiday one of the aliens gets down on one knee and offers the human a small rock like “I heard these..proposals are common in human culture?” AND THE HUMAN JUST STARTS SMILING AND TAKES THE PEBBLE LIKE ‘thank you fruiyo’ AND THE OTHER HUMANS AROUND START GUSHING OVER HOW ADORABLE THE SCENE WAS. THE ALIENS PICK UP ON HOW THESE PROPOSALS MAKE THE HUMANS ELATED, THEREFORE SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE ARE PROPOSED TO WITHIN THE MONTH A N D

James: Okay, if we stay dedicated, we can binge-watch every season of “Game of Thrones” in one night. Are you in?

Remus: That’s like 50 hours of television, Prongs.

James: You don’t think we can do it?

Remus: Change how time works? No. No, I don’t think we can.

Sirius, yelling from across the room: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Fuck This

Listen, I fucking hate the Teen Wolf tag on here because it’s only made up of whiney little pieces of shit who continuously complain about the LITTLEST things. Y'all this is our last season, ENJOY IT. Don’t shit post on everything and ruin it for everyone else. Okay so Stiles is barely in the episodes? So what? Yes, I love Stiles more than anything in the world but Teen Wolf is more than just one character. Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar and Mason Hewitt do not go through shit everyday for you to not notice them. Do not be like the humans in Beacon Hills. Appreciate every character and all they have done for us. Appreciate every writer, director, producer, PA and even set cleaner God dammit. This show has given you happiness and good times. Even the moments you cried were special. Don’t shit on something you once loved. I love Teen Wolf and I will not let butthurt people, especially the crazy part of the Sterek fandom (and before you say shit I AM Sterek fandom as well), turn something so important to me sour. Everyone who says shit about the show will be unfollowed by me without any hesitation. Fuck this. It’s the last season and I’m gonna appreciate the fuck out of it.

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Okay but if I wasn’t convinced that Even was Sana’s mirror before I sure am now. 

Last season as you would recall it was Even who stepped back from Isak. He pulled away because he decided him and Isak couldn’t work. That their situation was too impossible…that Isak deserved better. 

It got to the point where Isak didn’t even expect an answer or a single sign from Even that he wanted him back. Even pulled away so much that it was truly ambiguous as to what his true intentions were with Isak, making him (and us because that was goddamn awful) go through an emotional rollercoaster. 

He distanced himself from Isak which left Isak heartbroken and confused as he kept trying to reach out and hold onto everything that they had together. 

But Even kept pulling away, and us along with Isak felt sad and couldn’t understand why. 

But now Sana is doing the exact same thing. 

She is pushing Yousef away despite her feelings for him, just like Even. She is conflicted between everything she feels and everything she has always believed in. As a result she is taking things in her own hands and ignoring Yousef and pushing him away just like Even dealt with his conflict of wanting to be with Isak but also believing he didn’t deserve him. 

They react the exact same way. And through Sana we are already understanding Even a little better. 

Just like Even is going to help Sana understand herself a little better. 

because he is her mirror. 

I actually truly love this so much because last season we felt Isak’s entire heartbreak and confusion over Even constantly leaving him hanging as he desperately tried to get some kind of sign that Even felt it too…that it wasn’t just in his head. 

And now with Sana we are learning what it feels like to be the person who pulls away. Who does the heartbreaking and breaks themselves not because they want to push away the one they care about but because they feel like they have to. It’s incredible because Julie uses skam to make us all understand one another and to never make assumptions based on anothers behaviour…

because it’s not until you are inside their shoes do you truly see how it feels to be on that side of the story….and that for them it’s not as simple as it may seem. 

Julie gives us the chance to perceive and feel every part of the story and understand both sides….so we know what it’s like to be the one left waiting for an answer…waiting for a sign that everything is okay….and also the one to leave them waiting, the one who leaves completely. 

We officially get to feel it all

damn this show is amazing. 

Don’t binge watch Bojack Horseman.

It’s a good show, it’s an amazing show, but just…do not binge watch it. Take it from someone who binged the first three seasons in about 2 two days and just finished binge watching season four in a single afternoon and evening, do not binge watch Bojack Horseman.

Watch it in bursts, take a break between every few episodes, take a long break before you watch episode 11 of any of the seasons (episode 11′s of this show are infamous trust me on this okay especially with season 4′s “Time’s Arrow” like holy shit), and just…stay away from this show if you have depression or self loathing because fuck me this show doesn’t let up.

There’s an episode in season 4 called “Stupid Piece of Sh*t” and it is…unrelenting. I don’t have either depression or self loathing/intrusive thoughts but that episode just…annihilates you.

This is a show about a anthropomorphic horse yes and I am telling you DO NOT BINGE WATCH BOJACK HORSEMAN. 

11 Things to Help Keep You Calm

Look, I know we are all in some form of pain, joy, anger, confusion, or a combination of all that. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and their own opinion. Here are 11 things that I hope make you feel calmer, no matter what you think about the renewal. xxo. 

1. Captain Swan is confirmed true love, and also married. Married. As in, exchanged vows, exchanged rings, said “I do,” had a first dance, and sang to each other. In CANON. No one can take that away from you. No one. 

2. It’s okay not to watch season 7. It’s okay to watch season 7. It’s okay to watch the first episode of season 7, decide you hate it, and stop watching it. It’s okay to watch the entirety of it, in the end decide you hate it, and pretend the whole thing never happened and that the story ended with the wedding mentioned in #1. It’s also okay to watch season 7 and love every second. The only thing not okay is to belittle any one in any way for how THEY are choosing to handle season 7. 

3. Jennifer Marie Morrison loves Emma Swan and she loves and supports and stands behind Captain Swan. If the writers were to ruin Captain Swan (disclaimer: I, personally, really don’t think they will) Jennifer Marie Morrison will be flaming mad, just like you. Think about that. Let it fill you up. 

4.  Colin O’Donoghue also loves and supports and stands behind Captain Swan. He will take care of us. He will. 

5. We have our fanfiction. We have a healthy, steadily growing supply. It can supply us with all the feels. It’s okay to lean on it. 

6. Killian Jones. Killian Jones. Killian Jones. Killian Jones. Killian. Jones. 

7. Jennifer Morrison agreed to be in (at least) one episode of season 7. The writers will not let that go to waste. They will use it to explain. We might hate the explanation. But I promise, we will get it. 

8. Jennifer Morrison loves you. Fact.

9. Captain Swan babies. Wouldn’t it all be worth it if it led to Captain Swan babies in any capacity at all? Because I think so. 

10. Did I mention Killian Jones is not leaving us because Killian Jones is ours and no one can take him away from us. 

11. We have each other. Even if all else around us crumbles, we have each other. We have this fandom. We have memories and friendships and camaraderie and love. And we have Captain Swan to thank for that. No matter what happens, Captain Swan will live in my heart forever. I hope they live in yours too. 

jordyn casts rent on fox

just 2 make sure they don’t screw it up 


-DWSA, Speech and Debate, When We Rise

-beautiful and small and just look at him, meant 2 b mark

-angel voice

BRENDON URIE as Roger Davis 

-P!ATD, Kinky Boots

@-jakelamay already said this but hot damn i couldn’t agree more

-literally is the emo boy we all know and love


-Rent 20th

-plays collins on the 20th tour and he is The Single Greatest Person

-just so good at this role. so good. 

DAVID MERINO as Angel Dumott Schunard 

-Rent 20th

-plays angel and i s2g you haven’t lived till you’ve seen his Today 4 U

-identifies as a member of the lbgt+ community and has a great relationship on stage with Aaron Harrington


-Hamilton, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

-again, @jakelamay said this but SHE IS PERFECT FOR MIMI ARE YOU ACTUALLY JOKING 

-no1 else can do it. only jasmine. 

KRYSTA RODRIGUEZ as Maureen Johnson

-DWSA, Smash, The Addams Family

-we have seen her play a diva (in Smash) before and!!!! she will do it. i promise u. 

-her singing Over the Moon would be literally so funny yet so good imagine it

KEKE PALMER as Joanne Jefferson

-Cinderella, Grease Live!

-okay a litttle basic but! her singing We’re Okay!!! would be so cute and good. now imagine Tango: Maureen how literally amazing would it be. 

-good actor! like, A+++


-Hamilton, In The Heights, The Lion King


-has already played a benny let him do it once more 


ALICE LEE as the Token Asian Ensemble Member

-you know every production has one and they also play Alexi

-please give my girl this please

TRACIE THOMS as Joanne’s Mother

-idc who plays the dad

-she doesn’t have to be the seasons of love soloist or an ensemble member just give her that cameo

STEPHANIE J BLOCK as Mark’s Mother

-overall i think the parents shouldn’t be ensemble, just play these parts

-has A+ vocals and has lots of experience playing typical Overly Nervous and Jewish Mother

-this also might be because i’m on a falsettos kick rn

THE ENTIRE ENSEMBLE OF THE RENT 20th TOUR as the ensemble. please. they are so good i don’t think you get it 

ALIA HODGE as Seasons of Love Soloist

-again, the soloist in Rent 20th BUT she’s a vocal powerhouse

-i’m serious i couldn’t breathe during her solo she’s that good

thank you for listening to my ramblings 

Monster Falls AU
Deerper and Bill fluff eue

Bill turned himself into a deer just to screw with Dipper but he chose the worst time to do it because the ‘rut’ season is on its way and Dipper is irritable af. One would think Bill is going to get stabbed with those steady-growing antlers when he pranced his way towards the teenager, but… surprisingly, even to Bill himself, Dipper nuzzles him and licks him as if Bill was a female doe in estrus. Dipper follows Bill’s every step and sticks to his side like a guard, pawing the ground with his head bowed in a mock charge at any bucks who come close to Bill. 

Dipper will never live this down and Bill is 100% okay with all of this.  

I Love You Most // Archie Andrews

Can you do an Archie x Reader fix where the reader does something and then Archie just out of the blue asks her to marry her? If you’re not comfortable , I understand 💕

Hey! It’s not uncomfortable at all, unless I’ve taken a completely different approach I’m sorry but I don’t do smut etc, I can’t handle that 😂 nonetheless I made a G Rated version so hopefully this is okay! I also wanted to say I love you all very much and care for each and every one of you 💕🌸



Archie woke up without any hint of feeling throughout his body. Every single one of his emotions felt numb; he felt numb. He felt as if he was floating out of his body, wishing he was dead, but, he knew he wasn’t. He couldn’t, he needed to be strong for his dad, he needed to be. After what he witnessed in Pop’s only just yesterday, he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t cope and felt as though he was breaking at the seams, that his father being shot was the breaking point for his sanity and humanity. But, he knew he had someone to remind him that he wasn’t alone.

He turned right, noticing that his girlfriend, Y/N, was nowhere in sight. He panicked a little, sitting up in his bed, feeling his heart rate pick up, that is until he smelt the likes of pancakes coming from downstairs. He sighed of relief, knowing she was alright.

Y/N had stayed with him the whole day yesterday after everything that had happened with Fred, she was basically becoming everything he needed in that moment; a girlfriend, best friend and just a person who loved him enough to stay by his side.

Y/N knew Archie was hurting, breaking even. She didn’t know how to help him, she felt as though she couldn’t make the situation better. Y/N had this habit of trying to make every situation better, always finding the silver lining. But, for the first time, she felt as though there was nothing she could do to take away her boyfriend’s heartache.

Archie finally gained some strength and got up from his bed, walking out of his bedroom and down the stairs, hearing the quiet noise of Y/N humming a song that he couldn’t quite make out properly. She wore one of his t-shirts, a pair of leggings on to keep her warm due to winter. Her soft Y/H/C flowing every time she moved or even slightly tilted her head.

Archie was okay with admiring her, watching everything she did in her own way, she made him feel again, she made him have hope. He leaned against the door frame, resting his head against it whilst watching Y/N hard at work with cooking. He didn’t want her to notice him; he was enjoying her being herself in her own little world, like nothing could touch her. If he’d lost Y/N in any way, he’d be more lost than ever, he could lose her, he refused to lose her.

Archie wish he could do that right about now. Before he knew it, his vision became blurry, a new batch of tears falling.

Y/N heard a sniffle behind her, seeing Archie with his head down, letting out quite sobs as she turned off the gas, running over to him and pulling him into a strong hug, wrapping her arms around his neck. She refused to let go, she never wanted to let him go. His strong arms found their way around her waist, burying his head in the crook of her neck whilst he let the tears fall.

‘I-I can’t lose him, Y/N - I can’t.’ He cried out, feeling his body going weak, starting to drop to the floor. Y/N followed him, refusing to let him go out of her arms, wanting to hold him and take his pain away, but, she knew she couldn’t. They made it to the floor, Archie’s back leaning against the door frame.

He was hurting.

'You won’t, Arch. I know you won’t…if you’re anything like your dad, he’ll fight like hell for you and stay alive.’ Y/N comforted, one of her hands caressing his cheek, holding his teary eyed face up to look at her. He looked like a scared boy, afraid of the future and what could happen…he wasn’t ready for it, heck - how could anyone be ready for it?

'Please don’t leave me…’ he pleaded, biting his lip to try and stop the tears flowing. 'I - I can’t live without you.’ His own hand found her small cheek, watching her own eyes becoming glossy.

'I’ll never leave you, Archie. That’s a promise. I’m by your side, through the good and the bad.’ She whispered to him, running her fingers through his auburn locks.

Archie admired Y/N’s features and her kind heart, wondering how lucky he was to find someone so special and important, that he promised he’d never take her for granted. He knew some before him had done so, losing an amazing, caring person, who’s would do anything for anyone.

'Marry me?’ He asked, making Y/N let out a tearful chuckle. She leaned in, pecking his lips longingly, pulling away to only rest her forehead against his.

'One day, Arch, one day.’ She smiled, closing her eyes.

'Y/N, will you help me find the person who did this?’ Archie asked, looking at her with all seriousness in his brown orbs.

Y/N grabbed his hand from her face, intertwining their fingers together to hold hands. 'Yes. I’ll be with you every step of the way, Archie. I love you.’

'I love you more.’

'I love you most.’

'C'mon, that’s not fair.’ Archie chuckled for the first time since the incident, running his fingers through Y/N’s hair.

'Sorry. Now, I’ve made a decent breakfast for you and I want to share it with you.’ Y/N kissed his lips once more, knowing this boy was always going to be in her life, and was happy to be apart of his.

  • Harry: Okay, if we stay dedicated, we can binge-watch every season of Game of Thrones in one night. Are you in?
  • Liam: That's like 50 hours of television, Harry.
  • Louis: You don't believe we can do it?
  • Liam: Change how time works?
  • Niall: No, no, I don't think we can.
  • Zayn: Challenge accepted!
  • Draco: Okay, if we stay dedicated, we can binge-watch every season of “Game of Thrones” in one night. Are you in?
  • Blaise: But that's like 50 hours of television.
  • Draco: You don’t think we can do it?
  • Blaise: Change how time works? No. No, I don’t think we can.
  • Theo, yelling from across the room: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
Friends ? // Derek Hale // requested

Request : can you do a tw imagine with derek where the reader is a witch and can like control peoples mind and has someone from the pack beat derek up bc of something that happened years ago?

Requests are closed. xx

A/N Okay so I’ve recently just started watching teen wolf and I’m only on season one so if any information is wrong just let me know. xx

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“Okay, before Y/N gets here I need to just warn you that she is a bit of a show off…and she has a flair for the damatic.” Derek’s loud voice cut through the silence.

“What do you mean?” Once those words left Scotts mouth, the front door flew open.

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Reveling in Richonne

#16: The “I’d Do It For You” (6x10)

This isn’t technically a Richonne moment, but it’s very important to R&M’s progression, because Carl is so important to their progression. 

It’s cool that in their cannon episode we have three storylines that each showcase how much all the Grimes love each other. Like in this episode we see family love from Rick, Michonne, Carl and even Judith!

I’ve always loved the bond Michonne and Carl had. Carl is tough to rein in sometimes but Michonne can do it every time and he so clearly respects her. Which is impressive coming from Carl. Carl was the one to give her the okay in “Clear” and ever since then they’ve had this friendship that is so heartwarming to watch and I hope we get more development of that in coming seasons.

How Carl views Michonne was confirmed in this heartfelt scene that, I promise you, started with Judith reaching out and saying “Michonne”!!

It was muffled (and not intentional) but I know she said it! I heard it when it first aired and I hear it every time after. Put that on the record; Judith’s first word on the show was; “Michonne”. As it should be, honey! How’d that baby actress know to say that? I don’t know, but she did. 😂 And it’s adorable cuz it reminded everyone that, in Judith’s eyes, Michonne really is mom. 😭 And in Carl’s eyes too.

So at the end of the day, Michonne asks Carl about his day and confronts him about not killing walker Deanna. And Carl lets her know he didn’t kill her because he feels someone who loved her should do it and…he’d do it for Michonne. 😭 For the apocalypse, that’s basically an “I love you”. (Side note: I’m going to use this 😭  crying emoji a lot in this particular post lol)

Now not only does Carl saying this reveal what we already know, which is that Carl loves Michonne, it also essentially says that Carl feels sons should be the ones to take out their mothers if need be. So if anything, God forbid, happened to Michonne, he would be the one to end it for her…as her son. *cue internal & eternal tears*

We knew she was his mom but this scene confirms that Carl knows this too. He knows she’s become his mom. And this scene also tell us he’s honored to be her son. 😭 As much as it would break him to have to take out Michonne as a walker (which seriously AMC, don’t try me and do this ever) Carl would do it because he’d want to honor his mother.

So no this wasn’t exactly a Richonne scene, but this was the first Grimes boy, the one who accepted her first, who got Rick to help her at the gate in “Hounded”, and who told Rick “she’s one of us” in “Clear”, this is that crucial Grimes boy confirming directly to Michonne that she is his mom. That’s big.(Side note: I love this moment…

Originally posted by rick-rhymes

Like he was in such a funky mood in the woods but his heart is still so soft for Michonne and I adore that these Grimes boys make it their personal calling to protect her even though she can fully protect herself 😋 )

And Michonne really lets Carl’s words sink in. You can tell she fully understands what Carl’s trying to say on that porch. And she’d do it for him too cuz she’s happy and honored to be his mom as well. 😭 Apart from Carl being a big factor in how Rick and Michonne evolved, I also consider this scene a significant Richonne moment cuz I think it helped to make Michonne feel more at peace with letting the second Grimes boy also bring her into the immediate family in the following scene. 

Think about how broken Michonne was after losing her son. She probably never thought she could open up that part of her heart again. But now, Andre has a roommate in the part of Michonne’s heart that belongs to her sons. I think this moment on the porch with Carl helped her realize that if she’s already took a leap of faith by letting Carl in as her son, then she’s capable of taking another leap and letting Rick in as her husband. 

She’s had it in her to love a family again, all along. She’s been openly loving their family ever since Season 4. She’s been apart of their family ever since Season 4. And so Carl helped remind her that it’s not about “working up to it”, it’s about embracing what’s always been there. 

Plus, this moment lets Michonne know for certain that taking the next step with Rick wouldn’t hurt the Grimes 2.0 dynamic they had going, it would only make it stronger.

Seeing this gif, below, that parallels Michonne and Carl hugging in season 4 and then hugging here in season 6. 😊 It’s so special and these cuties are too much! They were family way back then and by the end of 6x10 it would be official.

In “Clear” I don’t think Rick realized just how much Carl really meant it when he told Rick “she’s one of us.” In retrospect, this line is that much sweeter, because it’s almost like Carl didn’t mean “one of us” as in a “right fit for their group” or just “a fellow good person”, no what Carl recognized, even before Rick and Michonne, was that Michonne was one of the Grimes. 😭😭😭

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kirbysbestfriend  asked:

Hey! You say gumball is your favorite show of all time! I love every clip I see of the show but whenever I try to sit down & watch it I just can't get into it. I've seen season one & I think some of seasons two, but it just doesnt really stick in my brain. I know the show gets progressively better, but I also feel like in order to understand it I NEED to see EVERY episode. Do you recommend how I can get started? I want to love this show so badly lmao

truly, if you don’t like it. it may not be your thing, and that’s okay! 

now, a short list of reasons that I love it:

mixed media animation is superb.

storytelling is great, they somehow mastered the art of a show that is essentially non-sequitur, but manages to have a connecting plot, growing cast and unrivaled character development, in my opinion.

episodes that made me fall in love with the show:

The Shell-seriously, I’ve never seen a romance develop in a cartoon as well as this(and that includes Steven Universe, another fave). it deals with self image issues, insecurities, toxic parents. and there’s a studio ghibli tribute that’s so subtle but so beautiful A++++

The Extras-just a dope concept. a whole episode devoted to the characters that are usually in the background

The others- yo. it’s a show within a show. amazing. the entire episode is a parody of My So-Called Life. and i love every bit of it.

The Origins- it’s a two parter and it’s awesome. about how darwin and gumball met. 

The Fury- great storytelling. the art is amazing. they had an anime studio guest animate the fight scene, and it flows so naturally and it’s kick ass.

now at the end of the day, if it’s not your cup of tea. that’s totally okay, we all have something super popular that we tried liking and couldn’t(for me, it’s Game of Thrones) lol. but yea it’s my fav cartoon of all time. I hope those recs win you over and if they don’t i appreciate you even trying.

The women of Season 3 of NBC’s Hannibal: Bedelia Du Maurier, who was Bluebeard’s wife but not his last; Margot Verger and Alana Bloom, who found happiness in a blood-soaked fairy tale; Molly Foster Graham, who escaped the darkness of her husband’s path; Reba McClane, who was the Dragon’s Princess and lived to tell the tale; Freddie Lounds, who told stories for good and evil; and Chiyoh, who walked in fairy-tale woods and chose her own ending. 

Drawn by me on tablet in honor of Hannibal’s (potential) renewal.

Why is everyone always pissed?

Okay srsly guys.
Is anyone ever satisfied with the work Julie does? You do realize that she can not please every single one of you. No matter what she does, someone is always gonna complain. But right now it really really really annoys me.
What’s up with everyone saying it’s not Sana’s Season ?
Of course the other characters have to play a part in it and yeah this season Noora played a major role but the other seasons were no different. In the first season we got to see a lot of the girl squad and their personalities or for example in the second season Vilde’s self-consciousness played a big part too. It’s never just about the main. Because that is not how life works. And we are influenced by the people around us.
Another thing is that everyone is like “Rip Even. He is not dead but Julie Andem acts like he is” like srsly ? The same goes for Jonas btw. We did see a lot of Even and Isak in this season and of course we could not see that much of Jonas because Sana and Jonas simply are not close friends.
Besides everyone was always like “we didn’t see enough of this person , and that person bla bla bla” and now we’re getting clips of all the characters that did not have their own season and everyone is like “now it really isn’t Sana’s season anymore. Congrats Julie. You fucked everything up”

Guys seriously. What’s the point ?
Can’t you just appreciate all she has done for us ? It’s the last season and we get to see all the people we love one last time.
What more could we want ?

Love Don't Hate

I understand being hurt over what Jeremy and Melissa sang during their musical recap of season 2. But attacking them on social media is not okay. It is NEVER okay. They are real people. And what you are all doing is called bullying plane and simple.
I’ve watched the video multiple times and they were not meaning to be rude to Supercorp fans. They thought they were being funny. The entire cast, every single one of them, was laughing about it. Was it funny? Not even a little bit. They made a mistake. And Jeremy has apologized for it more than once.
And attacking their cast mates (David) for standing up for their friends is just unacceptable.
We all love Chyler and her support for the LGBTQ community has been incredible. But what if/when she sides with her friends? Will you all attack Chyler if she comes out in support of her friends, of an actress she considers a sister?
With Supergirl we are blessed to have a cast that genuinely cares for its fans. If they continue to receive hate that will go away. You won’t have Chyler posing for photos with fans on set and we won’t get anymore of the amazing interactions we’ve had on social media. No more behind the scenes photos and videos.
This cast genuinely loves this show, and I feel like they genuinely care about the fans.
If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. Take the high road.
Rant on tumblr but do not bring it anywhere else. The world is dark enough, we don’t need to add to any of the hate that is out there.

As You Wish

Title: As You Wish

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 2 000

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: There is some kissing, the reader tends to get a little flustered around Cas, if that needs a warning, and a swear word or two.

Request from @the-tomboy-fangirl : Well I’ve had this idea for a imagine in my head, where you like to watch movies with Cas and you watch The Princess Bride with him and after that every time you ask him to do something he say “As you wish” and you don’t get it right away but when you do you kiss him and say I love you to :3

Summary: The reader and Cas watch The Princess Bride together and Cas decides he’s going to tell the reader he loves her by saying “As you wish” every time she asks him to do something.

Author’s Note: Okay @the-tomboy-fangirl , I hope this is what you were hoping for! And wow I haven’t written a One Shot in a while! I’m sorry if you guys prefer these over imagines, but imagines are shorter and they’ve been all I’ve had time to write lately. I hope this makes up for it! And I’ll try to write more full-length fics in the future. -xoxo Katie

P.S. This is set in a season when Cas still has his wings, it doesn’t really matter which one, I just thought the teleporting was useful for this fic.

If you want to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

       “Why did the Pirate keep saying ‘as you wish’?” Cas asked as the end credits of The Princess Bride started rolling. You reached for the remote and muted the volume, then turned to face the confused angel.

       “Wesley,” you corrected, “kept saying ‘as you wish’ because it was his way of saying he loved Buttercup.”

       Cas tilted his head to the side. “But why not just say what he meant?”

       You thought about this for a moment and then decided to say, “Because sometimes it’s easier to be indirect.” You smiled and watched Cas process this information with the same unyielding focus as he always did, laughing softly as his face scrunched up. It wasn’t that you didn’t think it was a valid question, just that you found Castiel’s innocence endearing. It was just one of the many reasons you fell in love with him.

       “So Wesley said ‘as you wish’ as a way of conveying his love for Buttercup, because being direct can sometimes be difficult?”


       “And that works?”

       You smiled and pointed at the T.V. screen. “Well, obviously it did.” Cas seemed to think about this for a moment and you decided that would be a good time for you to head back to your room.

      You hated to leave. Watching movies with Cas was always the highlight of your night – though you supposed doing just about anything with Cas would be the highlight of your night – but you had to head out for a hunt tomorrow morning and you needed to get some sleep. In fact, you probably shouldn’t have stayed up at all, but watching Cas take in the characters and the stories, seeing how involved he got with anything you showed him, it made you feel an unrelenting sense of joy. Watching his reaction was almost as satisfying as the actual movie, and you wouldn’t miss that for the world - even if it meant you fell asleep in the back of the Impala tomorrow.

      “Okay Cas, I’m gonna turn in for the night,” you said as you got up from your spot on the couch and straighten your shirt. The trench coat-clad angel merely gave you a slight nod of his head, clearly deep in thought, and you sighed as you stared off down the hall.

      You knew Cas wasn’t trying to ignore you, that he was probably just dissecting the movie in his head and trying to understand every little bit of it, but it still hurt when he blew you off like that. Maybe Castiel would never care for you the way you cared for him. Maybe it simply wasn’t possible for Cas to love like you did, to feel as deeply as you felt. The thought struck cord in you and you glanced back one last time at the man you loved, who was still paying no attention to you. You pulled your arms tightly around yourself and shuffled back to your room.

      The next day you were woken up – once you finally managed to fall asleep – by an unforgiving Dean, relentlessly banging on your door and eventually coming into your room to turn on the lights. You groaned in protest and pulled the covers over your head, but you knew he wasn’t going to leave until you were walking around. So hauled yourself out of bed – albeit rather reluctantly - and got ready for the hunt.

      When you walked into the war room you found all three of your boys waiting for you - Dean sitting in a chair with his feet up on the table, Sam glaring at Dean, and Cas … looking straight at you. His stare burned through you and made you feel exposed. Did you have something you face? Was your hair sticking out at an odd angle?

      You were pulled from your thoughts by a cheerful voice. “Hey, Y/N,” Sam said, smacking Dean’s feet off the table and smiling at you. “Are you ready to go?” You quickly dragged your gaze from Cas and settled on Sam. He was dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, as usual, and his duffle was seated at his feet.

      “She better be ready, we’ve been waiting for half an hour,” Dean cut in before you could speak. You bristled and scowled at the grumpy hunter, but ignored him and returned your gaze to Sam.

      “Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go,” you said as you grabbed your bag off of the floor from where you’d dropped it. You reached into your pocket to check the time - a half an hour, I think not - but found it empty.

      Damn, I forgot my phone, you thought bitterly. You contemplated running back to your room to get it, but the bunker was so big it would take you at least five minutes.

      Your stare drifted to the Angel in the corner of the room.

      “Hey Cas?” he turned to face you. “Any chance you wanna poof back to my room and grab my phone for me?”

      You felt a little bad for asking Cas to get something you shouldn’t have forgotten in the first place, but before you had a chance to dwell on it Cas’ face seemed to light up and he said, “As you wish,” then disappeared. You scrunched your face up at his odd choice of words but had your phone in your hand before you could even think to say anything.

      You closed your fingers around the offending device and thanked Cas, trying desperately to hide the blush that always seemed to spread across your cheeks whenever he was close to you. You threw your bag over your shoulder, gave Cas a kind smile, and started heading towards the stairs leading out of the bunker.

      You could have sworn you heard Cas sigh behind you.

      After a week away from the bunker you were immensely grateful to be heading home. To get to sleep in your own bed and take a shower in a non-mold-covered bathroom, but most of all to spend some time with Cas without the presence of monster guts or dusty old books…

      The thought made you smile as you packed everyone’s bags in the back of the Impala - Dean currently checking out of the motel and Sam making sure you hadn’t left anything in your rooms. Cas was standing on the other side of the Car when you looked up to see if there was anything you’d missed. You spotted a bag on the floor near him.

      “Hey Cas, can you hand me that bag?” you asked as you shoved Dean’s duffel out of the way to make room for the new addition.

      Cas immediately bent down to retrieve the army green bag and bring it to you. Then he said, “As you wish,” as he handed it over, his fingers brushing yours ever so slightly.

      You quickly bunched your hand into a fist and tried to focus on the task at hand - and definitely not on how surprisingly soft his skin was, or that he smelled like soap and men’s cologne, even though you knew he used neither of those things…

      You shook your head back and forth as if that would actually make you forget about the man standing next to you, then looked up at him and said, “Thanks,” completely missing whatever he’d said when he handed you the bag. Had he said something? You remembered his lips moving.

      You closed the Impala’s glossy black trunk and opened the door for the back seat. Cas’ shoulders visibly fell as you walked away.

      Once you were back at the bunker, and after a thorough shower and tossing your dirty hunting clothes in the wash, you made your way to the bunker’s industrial grade kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. You had the water boiling and the teabags out when you went to open the cupboard and – all the mugs were on the top shelf. You let out a groan of frustration and started to yell at whoever would listen, that someone better get their ass down here and stop putting things where they knew you couldn’t reach!

      With all your yelling you almost didn’t hear the flutter of wings at the door – almost – and before you knew it Cas was standing in front of you with a troubled look on his face.

      “Y/N, are you okay?” Cas asked as his eyes scanned over your body to check for signs of injury – at least that’s what you assumed he was looking for. His stare made you feel vulnerable, and suddenly very silly for making such a big deal about a mug. You knew it wasn’t Cas who put it there, you were really yelling at one of the Winchesters, but … here he was.

      You looked down sheepishly. “Um, well – I kind of just wanted a mug from the top shelf.” Cas tilted his head to the side and an involuntary flush spread over your cheeks. Now you felt very, very silly.

      “So you’re not hurt?”

      You shook you head no and Cas’ body seemed to relax. You felt bad for scaring him.

      “But, uh,” Cas locked eyes with you, “do you think you could get the mug down for me?”

      Without saying a word Cas inched closer to you and reached above your head, forcing you to back up against the counter, and retrieved the mug from the shelf you couldn’t reach.

      He was so close to you, so close, that you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Since when did Cas ever get this close to you? And why hadn’t he broken eye contact?

      You numbly reached for the mug in his hand, mentally preparing yourself for the brush of his fingers against your own, but when you grabbed hold he didn’t let go. You looked back up at Cas, as your gaze had momentarily slipped to your practically joined hands, and you found Cas still looking at you with that same intense stare.

      You half-heartedly tried to pull on the mug but his grip was like iron, and then just as you were about to open your mouth to ask him what he was doing Cas said, “As you wish.”

      Memories suddenly flashed through your mind. Of Cas saying that before, of you not knowing why he said it, and then … of you watching The Princess Bride. Of course! Cas had asked you what Westley meant by saying ‘As you wish’ to buttercup, that was what he was thinking about when he’d ignored you that night. But that meant…

      Recognition surged through you and your breath hitched. That meant … Cas loved you.

      You didn’t give yourself time to think or rationalize, and before you knew it your hand was on the back of Cas’ neck, your fingers tangling in his hair, and then your lips were pressing up against his. Cas seemed to stiffen at first – probably from lack of practice – but he quickly relaxed and wrapped his hands around your waist, the mug digging into you hip just slightly as you didn’t give him a chance to put it down.

      Once your breathing had slowed and you finally separated yourself from Cas – to your own surprise – you said, “I love you, too.”

      The angel looked stunned for a second, and then a bright smile spread across his face. Ho long had he felt like this? How much of your life had you wasted not kissing him?

      You were just about to ask, but before you could you were jolted back to reality by the high-pitched wail that came from the kettle, dragging you from your thoughts. You quickly ran to unplug the rude appliance and when you turned back around you found Cas standing behind you, holding out the mug. You reached for it and this time he let go, but not before using your grip on the cup to pull you towards him and place a light kiss on your lips.

      You didn’t protest when he kept doing it for the rest of the night.