doing nothing at the moment

[7:57:59 AM] do not throw souls!: Since u went to bed
[7:58:04 AM] do not throw souls!: I played nothing but Anivia
[7:59:21 AM] do not throw souls!: My favorite moment was trapping enemy jungler in their red buff grove
[7:59:35 AM] do not throw souls!: Making them deal with my aoe and red buff
[8:00:15 AM] do not throw souls!: Naughty junglers get put into the buff prison

The gods, in short, had better things to do than concern themselves with the plight of humans, and it follows from this that it was often something of an uphill battle to enlist their support. Their attention had to be attracted first by a prayer in which the petitioner reminded the deity of his or her relationship with the petitioner. Following the prayer, the petitioner made a sacrifice, poured a libation, or offered a votive offering, since the gods did not do anything for nothing.”

“… Rites of passage were also conducted at later moments in his life- notably at adolescence and adulthood and, of course, at marriage and death. Overall, the various rites of passage signaled membership of the various affiliations to which each individual belonged- oikos, genos, phratry, tribe, deme, and polis, and, though our evidence is less than complete, we can be certain that entry to all these groupings was predicted upon elaborate ceremonial. Rites of passage have the effect of strengthening group solidarity, and virtually every freeborn Greek would have experienced a sense of multilayered communial belonging that is virtually unknown in the modern world.”

“…As such, it was an act of communion, in much the same way, mutatis mutandis, that the Eucharist is (in a double sense) an act of communion, in that only those who have been through the rite of initiation (termed confirmation) are permitted to partake of the host.”

- Ancient Greece: Everyday Life In The Birthplace Of Western Civilization by Robert Garland.


“I just don’t think too much that’s it’s tiring.
Since it’s what I dreamt of ever since I was young,
I always think it’s fun even though it’s tiring" 

It is human nature to always want more.
If I’d had you for a minute – I would have wanted an hour. If I’d had you for a day – I would have wanted a week… So it’s only natural that I should have you for a year and want a lifetime.
When it comes to you, enough is never enough. I am completely addicted to you in a way that defies description. Even after all this time, I still crave you, I still obsess over you. I feel your presence sometimes, even though you’re not there. You’re like a living ghost the way you haunt me.
I know it makes no logical sense to love another human being this much – but I do. With you – nothing is ever enough – I will always want more. One more moment; One more day; One more kiss… always just a little more… when really, anything less than eternity will never be enough.
BTS Reactions To Catching You Pleasuring Yourself


Jin thought his ears were playing a trick on him, when he heard the distinct sound of your high pitch moan resonate through the house. He had just been on his way to meet the boys  when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet. He had expected to find you on the couch either talking to a friend, or watching your favourite drama, but was surprised to be met with silence. That was until he heard it. Your moan. He had heard it too many times before to not be able to recognize it. 

He was quiet as he neared the bedroom you two shared, your moans getting louder and louder the closer he got. He could feel himself immediately becoming hard when he heard his name leave your lips in a breathy moan. His lust getting the better of him, he couldn’t stop himself as he pushed the door open. He gave you no time to react to being caught, as he quickly made his way to you, pinning you to the bed. 

Fuck baby, is this what you do when I’m not home?” He whispered into your ear. At the question, you could feel your cheeks flush as you shyly tried to look away, but Jin was having none of that. 

Gently gripping your chin, he turned your head so you’d be looking at him, “am I not satisfying you enough?” However, the question was not posed at you but rather himself. Before you could respond, his lips were already molded to yours. With only thoughts of making you feel good running through his head, his hand caressed down your body to replace where yours had been seconds ago. 

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You let out a frustrated sigh, as you thought back to the morning.

“Mmm baby,” you heard Yoongi murmur against you, his arm around your waist loosening.

“Hmm?“ You  mumbled, curling more into his chest.  

You were answered by silence. You smiled, as you began wonder if he had fallen back asleep. Before you could turn your head and check for yourself, you felt him press his lips against your bare shoulder. You were wide awake as he continued to kiss along your exposed back. As you felt the hand that had been around your waist begin to slither down in between your thighs, you couldn’t help but wait in anticipation. But nothing came. Instantly, all sensations were gone as the bed dipped and he got up.

You swiveled your head to look at him, "Yoongi what the hell?”

“Sorry Y/N, I have dance practice I can’t be late,” he smirked.

Your eyes narrowed at the memory; because of your teasing boyfriend you had been feeling beyond needy the whole day. However, you refused to play his game.


You had thought you’d be fine. You had sworn to yourself that you’d be fine, but the effect he had on you was strong. You tentatively turned your head to the side to make sure Yoongi was asleep before you slipped your hand down your pj shorts. 

You were close when you suddenly felt the heat of Yoongi’s intense stare on you. No words were spoken as he moved down your body, his head coming to rest between your thighs. 

“Jagiya, if you were this horny you should’ve just told me,” he smirked.

You were just about to tell him it was his fault when you felt his tongue against you, instantly shutting you up.

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“Jagiya wake up,” you heard a voice call as they shook you awake.

With your cheeks flushed, your eyes slowly opened to find Hoseok hovering above you. He looked worried.

“Oh thank God. Were you having a nightmare Y/N?” He asked, relieved to finally see you awake. Your tongue practically dried as you recalled very vividly what your dream had been about, or rather who it had been about.

“Uh,” you said awkwardly, “no…why?”

“You were making strange sounds,” he pointed out. With a puzzled look he continued, “well if it wasn’t a nightmare then what w-oh.” He abruptly paused as the realization dawned on his face. You were far too embarrassed to say anything. You couldn’t even look Hoseok straight in the eyes. You bit your lip hoping you could just disappear when you suddenly felt Hoseok press a kiss against your neck. 

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” he reassured you, “however,” he paused, “I’d like it if you could tell me what it was about.”

Your eyes widened in surprise. Your mouth formed words before you could even think, “I-i had been uh…touching myself when you walked in and um you kind of helped me with that.” 

“How?” He asked with blown pupils. You hesitantly looked towards the zipper of his pants. Following your line of vision he understood.

“Would you like me to turn that dream into reality Jagiya?” He whispered into your ear.

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If you had asked Namjoon what was going through his mind, when he heard your soft moans coming from the bedroom, he wouldn’t have been able to tell you. He wasn’t even sure himself. 

You had been so lost in your own euphoria, that you hadn’t heard the door open. All you know is that you had been in the process of pleasuring yourself when Namjoon suddenly burst through the door. 

Startled, your eyes were wide as you looked at him. The second you saw his face you could feel yourself shrink back. He looked absolutely furious. You watched as he crazily searched your room trying to find something or someone. However, he found nothing making what you had been doing to yourself only moments ago crystal clear.

“Namjoon?” You called questioningly, as you finally understood. You had initially thought that his anger was due to you pleasuring yourself without him, but were slightly hurt as you began to understand what had really upset him.

He ran a hand down his face and you couldn’t help but notice his jaw clenching, “fuck Y/N, I thought-I don’t know what I was thinking-fuck I’m so stupid.” 

“Namjoon do you not trust me?” The hurt on your face instantly sprung him into action as he got on his knees and began apologizing, “I do! Jagiya I do! I’m just stupid okay? You’re so damn perfect, that I can’t help but get worried sometimes.” 

Your eyes softened as you felt the sincerity in his words. You’d forgive him just this time. 

However, when he heard you say nothing he panicked,“Y/N, let me make it up to you.”

Curious you raised an eyebrow at him, “how?”

He looked as if he was in pain as the words left his mouth, "I’ll let you be in charge today.” You nearly laughed at how desperate he was to get you to forgive him. For someone as dominate as Namjoon, letting you have control was crazy. You couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. With an eager smile, you agreed.

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tbh i don’t know whether this turned out good or not but i hope you enjoy<3 

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Asche: “W-What?”

“S-Scratch? Are- are you going to hurt me!?”

Asche: “Hey!”

Asche: “!!!…???”

<Asche is being scratched!>

<Seems like they like it>

<…Or not?>

<Well… no, they don’t>


At first this was going to be a little different, but it changed in the moment I tried to pet this little fucker:

Yeah that’s a tiny photo, my phone’s camera is shit

It’s always the same with him- at first he’s all:

I’m a good boy, I love you mommy :3

And then suddenly:


This post is for you.

Fuck you, Ringo.

Fuck you.


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it was rare to say the least that alec found himself crawling into bed after magnus had already retreated under the covers for the night. it was so rare that alec couldn’t remember the last time that his eyes were drooping and he knew that magnus would already be curled up under their duvet, his breathing warm and steady. more often than not it was the opposite. alec’s eyelids would be heavy and magnus would still be up, finishing potions or adding last minute details to contracts, settled in with a book or honing his magic, his shirt off, a ball of static energy humming between his fingertips.

normally it was, “magnus i’m exhausted, i’m going to head to bed. don’t stay up too late?” and magnus would hum in agreement, tugging alec in for a soft kiss before he went back to whatever he was doing. then alec would curl up under the blankets, slide into sleep and wake only briefly when magnus’s warm body pressed against him a few hours later, humming appreciatively as magnus’s breathing evened out, sending him straight back to sleep.

tonight was different though, tonight there had been more reports to write than usual. as twilight fell and it got later, magnus ended up being the one to disappear into the bedroom first, but not without sleepy mumbled goodnights and kisses that lingered, leaving alec’s face warm and his chest warmer. still though, an hour multiplied and before alec knew it the loft was draped in a heavy blanket of darkness and the city outside had gone strangely eerie as it always did in the middle of the night.

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I’ll Be Good - Part 21

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 20 -  Part 22 (End)

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – You’re caught out during the rescue attempt and have to make a difficult decision that could cost you everything.

Warnings: swearing, violence

Word Count: 2848

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long! It ended up being harder than I thought… Angsty fluff is still fluff and it’s hard for me with this series to find fluff that doesn’t feel over the top with these characters. Hopefully it’s okay. Only one more after this!!! EEP!

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“Y/N! You made it,” the Commander grinned at you from his place on the rooftop near the helipad. Your heart thundered in your chest, sending blood rushing in your ears at a deafening volume, you must have looked brittle and deathly pale, but you held your rifle steady, aimed with your normal fatal precision at his heart. “Did you bring your soldier this time, like we discussed.”

“He’s not here,” you fired back without a second of thought, your voice flat but stronger than you’d expected.

“Oh no point in lying to me, sweetheart,” he laughed heartily, “Of course he is.” A searing red streak drew your attention overhead. Tony. The Commander’s gaze followed the same trajectory as yours, watching the bright red suit sail closer and closer. “Though, I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting all of the Power Rangers.”

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The Fire I Got

Tom Waits interviewed by the New York Times March 1, 2017:

“I was a firefighter when I was 19 or 20. I was trying to get out of the draft and I thought of it as a good place to hide. I was working out of a fire station in a tiny town called Jacumba. There was an enormous amount of preparation and training that was like rehearsing a play … pretending to fight fires, learning how to dig a hole if you are cornered by a fire. … One night at maybe 3 a.m. the bell sounded. This was the real thing. I slept in my clothes and only had to put on my boots, and down the pole onto the truck and the siren was blasting and I am hanging onto the ladder and my heart is going like a drum and I am panting hard. It was late and all of a sudden the aroma of fried chicken envelops our truck and we begin to slow and there it is, roaring and crackling: a chicken ranch on fire. The old farmer couple, Mom and Pop, are holding each other in silhouette as their world burns. … The captain says: ‘WAITS!!! Take that hose and start putting out some of these chickens.’ So there I am aiming at these flying, screaming, burning chickens, and I had never seen a chicken fly before, but boy can they fly. … There had to be a hundred or so of them and the blast of water would douse the fire and they would come crashing to the ground — and then another and another. There was no time to think or prepare.”

“It was an emergency and when dealing with emergent behavior there is nothing to do but respond. I was in the moment. And it was not the fire I imagined or dreamed of. It was the fire I got.”

10 things that i love about you:

1. you listen to my words more often than i do, you teach me to be careful by not what i say, but how i say it

2. we can be doing nothing, but you’d swear this is everything, in this very moment, this is where you want to be and you know what? it’s such a silly and cliché thing, but it’s hella cute

3. i can make no sense at all, but you’ll swear that it’s the funniest thing. you see, a sense of humor like yours– the world needs your kind of lightness. like pressed roses saved forever, you make a garden of who i am feel safe again

4. if my heart is an origami, then you have turned me into a thousand paper cranes made from the sweetest love poems, i love you stamped with your lipstick into each one

5. you don’t know about happiness most days, but when you do, i swear i’d keep that smile safe anyway that i can, there are many ways as to why i love you, this is just one of them. because life isn’t always about being happy, it’s about properly dealing with your sadness too. you taught me that.

6. we are a million miles away, but you make the stars feel closer

7. we don’t talk every single day, but when we do, it’s like we resumed from where we left off, an eternal pause in your favorite movie, we’ll return to a state of carefree and i need that after a long day

8. your way of loving someone is constantly being there, your friends love you in the same way that i do. you’re there for everyone and it worries me, because if you’re there for everyone, who’s there for you when nightfalls? when your heart breaks and the tears fall, who puts it back together, who dries them from your face? you love people, you genuinely love people. and i admire that rare quality.

9. a promise is a promise is a promise is a promise. and loving you is just another shooting star waiting to grant wishes.

10. you say that my scars are a map for future lovers, a chipped heart is just a cave and their kisses are torches that light where i cannot see. so just in case if i’m ever lost because i have damaged them or them to me, i’ll always find my way back to you.
—  listening to unfold by alina baraz & galimatias

Shattered Memory

You watched as a tear rolled down Dean’s face. You knew that Dean couldn’t remember you, but in that moment you wanted to do nothing more than comfort him. Sam and Rowena had left to go get a few things for the spell, so that left you with Dean.

You threaded your short fingers with his calloused ones and led him out of the bathroom and to the bed. He followed you without question which was a small comfort. You toed off your boots and shrugged off your flannel, tossing it in a chair.

You grabbed Dean’s hand again, guiding him toward the bed, gripping his shoulders firmly, pushing him down onto the bed.

Dean watched you carefully as you went around to the other side of the bed and crawled on top of the comforter. His eyes flitted across your face, his brows furrowing.

You grabbed his wrist and pulled him toward you as you laid down on the bed. It took him a second to understand, but eventually he rested back on the pillow, his arm snaking under your waist and pulling you into his side.

He may not have known who you were, but he knew that he wanted to be as close to you as possible. You could tell by the way he crushed you to him.

“Why does this feel so right?” He murmured into your hair, kissing the side of your head hesitantly. “I don’t even know you, but I know that all I want right now is to have you in my arms. I know you make everything alright,” he sighed.

You pushed off his chest and leaned up and pressed a light kiss on his lips. Before you could pull away, his hands encased your face and held you to him, his tongue darting into your mouth.

He may have forgotten everything and everyone, but he had not forgotten how to kiss.

When you pulled away breathless, you answered, “Because it is right, Dean.” You glanced at your hand, hating that you were having to tell him this yet again. “I’m your wife,” you whispered, looking into his eyes, your hand caressing his face.

He reacted to the cool metal on your finger and pulled your hand away to look at it. His eyes widened when he saw what he didn’t know was his mother’s ring.

“That makes sense,” he breathed, pulling your lips to his again. “I feel drawn to you. I know I need you,” he whispered against your lips, his arms snaking around your waist once more.

You burrowed into his chest, tears falling silently as a broken Dean held you close. Your husband, a man that couldn’t remember anything about you still wanted you near. Still wanted to hold you. Still needed you. Accepted that you were his.

You laid there in the comfort of his warm embrace hoping and praying that Sam and Rowena could fix this. For now, the comfort of Dean’s arms would have to do.

there should be a word invented to describe the split-second feeling of lost potential and regret after making eye contact with someone attractive in public and saying and doing nothing as the moment disappears