doing it up

Richie: how is the prettiest boy in Derry doing today?

Eddie: *without looking up from his fannypack* i don’t know, how are you?


Richie: *voice cracking* fine

I have another TeruMob prompt to do and I have already done this pose for SeriRei so I decided to do something a little different for this one and played with the expressions. It made me realise how rarely I actually draw per-Mob Teruki… not sure why.


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I saw that you said you had a route to find gilded gingers in the glass desert, is there any way you can post a video or a couple of gifs showing it? I am terrible at finding gingers

Well, I just polished up my ginger route yesterday while streaming and I’m planning on running the route again tonight, but here’s the route I used! All of the information I used for the route is from the wiki here.

I decided to check just 19 spots every day out of a known 53 spots from the wiki. Giving me roughly a ¼ chance of finding a ginger every day. Here’s the map of my route, blue arrows indicate using a jetpack:

To help me remember each location I placed a gold echo over each spot, doing this really helped me remember exactly where each spot was.

I put a teleporter right in front of the first location and used the tangle teleporter to take me home.  Here’s photos of each location:

It takes about 3 minutes to run through the route each day. I hope this helps!

-ˏˋ poly!sesoo headcanons ˎˊ-

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  • ok so like imagine a late night drive with your boys
  • deep talks with soo about touring and comebacks and such
  • and the nbhd playing really softly
  • sehun wouldn’t talk much
  • except to imput that his singing and dancing has improved so much
  • until he pokes his head in between you from the backseat and whines that kyungsoo needs to pull over ‘cause he’s gotta pee
  • ‘we’re literally in the middle of nowhere, sehun. can’t you hold it?’
  • 'there’s a forest right over there, dummy. you can help me find a tree, or try your luck at getting the piss smell out of your car seats’
  • in other words sehun can be a tiny bit of a brat sometimes
  • but that isn’t to say that he’s selfish or hard to love
  • he’s literally so whipped by you guys
  • he just has a big ass mouth
  • the two of you wrecking the kitchen together while making kyungsoo a surprise breakfast
  • he doesn’t have the heart to scold you guys for making such a mess in his kitchen
  • 'cause wow this must’ve taken a lot of effort to make and he’s feeling all soft now
  • so he eats it and tells you all about how much he loves it
  • even if the eggs are a little burnt
  • light bickering over who gets to pick the tv show
  • being woken up by vivi climbing in between you and sehun
  • so you kinda just like curl into kyungsoo and let them have their morning moment while you try to go back to sleep
  • speaking of
  • vivi fourth wheels a lot
  • like all those times sehun refused to let either of you sit on his lap during movie nights because vivi was sat there
  • so you both had to sit on either side of him instead
  • showering with kyungsoo because he’s really great about washing your back
  • and showers with sehun always result in steamy sex
  • like damn that boy has a high sex drive
  • soo refuses to step foot in a shower with him unless he’s already in that kind of mood
  • so many kisses to kyungsoo’s plush lips
  • sehun will jokingly whine that he doesn’t get nearly enough
  • and kyungsoo always gives him a few pecks to the lips as you simultaneously kiss his cheek
  • he always tries to hide it but sehun secretly gets all mushy and stuff whenever it happens
  • sex is either so gentle or so rough
  • there’s never an in between
  • because some nights you just want to be shown tender love
  • which they’re happy to provide
  • with soft kisses and body worship
  • and sehun going down on you as soo pays lots of attention to your chest and neck
  • so so many compliments
  • sehun’s a giver when he wants to be btw
  • he’ll make sure you cum at least twice before letting kyungsoo fuck him
  • anyway then there are the nights where you and kyungsoo want to completely wreck your boyfriend
  • so much agony first though
  • like he’ll be bound to a chair by his wrists and blindfolded
  • so all he can do is listen to the sounds of his partners fucking and wish he can join in
  • even when he’s finally able to, he’s still tied up (only to the bed this time)
  • which makes him so whiney because he n e e d s to touch you and soo
  • the feeling of fucking you and being fucked by kyungsoo isn’t enough
  • he needs to have his hands on you so he feels like he’s in control
  • lots of orgasm denial too
  • aftercare consists of getting clean first and foremost
  • kyungsoo’s personal wishes
  • forcing them into matching pajamas and watching as sehun pretends to hate it
  • kyungsoo just thinks it’s so cute
  • 'can’t you both just wear one of my shirts? this is so—’
  • 'nope, we can’t. so suck it up, loser’
  • cuddling too but it’s kind of odd in a way
  • kyungsoo likes it to be a little more relaxed
  • just one of you resting your head on his chest
  • whereas sehun is really clingy after sex though
  • one of those 'i wanna know that your love isn’t just lust 'cause i’m lowkey insecure’ things tbh
  • so he’ll insist on being in in the middle and having both of you holding onto him
  • little murmured i love yous from both of them as they fade into sleep :^)