doing it rong

ALSO at risk of being once again eviscerated by always sunny nerds, I finally got round to watching season 12 and boy howdy. do I have some STU-RONG opinions on the shit some ppl on here said abt it

okaty. so I got mac coming out spoiled for me beforehand, so I knew thst happned. but fuck me. some ppl on here made the biggest fuckin deal out of it and acted like it was this immense plotline when it literally wasn’t. I don’t mind how they did it and I think its fitting and I’m glad hes like out, but like it honestly wasn’t at all the way I assumed it was from what I saw some ppl here get on like. also loads of you like where fully getting on like macdennis became properly canon?? obviously ship it that’s all good but you were actin like it was legit a real thing when like dennis constantly voices his distaste at mac treatin him like a partner. you kept talking abt the macdennis plot as if like it was a canon plot that they were getting together when it was, as usual, just part of a plot? do you people like, actually get the show ur watching at all????


some of you were making posts like “I love the macdennis plot but don’t forget chardee!!!” what the fuck are you talking about. are you talking about the one scene where dee makes Charlie sing at him and then ridicules him???? once again, ship it if u really want its no skin off my bones, and ships obviously don’t actually require any canon evidence u can just like it, but some of you were acting like these things were legitimately canon and then I watched the season w those thoughts in mind and was just so fuckin confused.

ALSOOOOOO, hey, its cool macs gay its cool he came out. HE IS NOT GOOD GAY REPRESENTATION. mac being gay is fun and cute but it doesn’t make him a good character any more than dennis having BPD makes him one?? I’m gay and have bpd and want to firmly say that like….these characters just are these things. they are absolutely not a win for the representation of either. they just aren’t, you weirdos

overall I don’t actually have a solid point and I just wanted to complain because its a thrilling pastime, and also, bc of what happened last time I dared to criticise the sunny fans on this site: I don’t care if you disagree w this. you’re very much allowed to. this isn’t actually a big deal, if you don’t like it, make your own post complaining! the way I am! don’t try and fight me cos I straight do not care

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