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As a black woman film-maker there isn’t a lot of support – there aren’t many of us around – so instead of not doing something, I figure out a way to do it without support. As you start to create your own work, you attract help from like-minded people; you can never attract it if you’re sitting still.
—  Ava DuVernay

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Do you have any non-shippy fic recommendations?

Oooo, that’s a hard one cause like… I read a lot of shippy stuff. I’m a humungous sucker for romance, especially the unrequited variety. You have made me realise that I haven’t kept a very comprehensive list of what I’ve read either… Anyway, here are some that I’m enjoying/have enjoyed! If any of my followers have other suggestions could you add them as well? I would be super interested in seeing them too~

A Breach of Trust, one of the most well known, for very good reasons.

Tomorrow isn’t always another day, I laughed a lot in this one, the tone is much more light hearted. This one makes me want to draw Reigen hahaha

And There Were Daffodils in Her Eyes, more angst, I’m finding this one interesting to read and I like Minori.

Temporary Accommodations, I only just started ready this one but so far I am enjoying it, I like the way they write Reigen

Tangled Roots, I actually read this while I was sick… the descriptions are very accurate lol

Hmmm, I really wish I had more to share, I need to diversify my reading. I’m having a lot of fun reading fanfiction, so many talented writers!

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I'm getting a ukulele for my birthday, as I was inspired by your one stream, also because your voice is beautiful! Are you planning on doing your own stream soon? Or are you planning to just participate in the monthly streams on Mark's channel?

Nope, I’ll definitely be doing my own streams soon! I want to do another charity stream in march or April!

ok like i dont talk much abt my studies and stuff but i found an online course that basically works me up to being able to do EXACTLY what i wanna do and im just….hype

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Do you by any chance have art of your own?

I am the wordsmith. I make the words into stories and emotions and erotic thing for people to enjoy. I have been lucky enough to have an artist who wants to turn my keystrokes into visual art.

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But no. I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper sack. :)

Fatphobic misogyny

I’ve never kicked a dude off of this blog just for having a fetish profile, but when it’s time to do the hard work- the work around what it actually means to be systematically stigmatized & abused from childhood on- it’s the fetish guys who wanna start some shit.

So this account was cool when you were using it to get jerk off material, but when you have to confront the damage fat people suffer from living in a fatphobic world that’s a bridge too far for Mr Porn blog. 

And THIS is why almost all fat activists are fed up w/ fat “admirers”.

If you are a man who is attracted to fat women then you should do your own work of making sure you treat us like people and not interchangeable body parts. 

Do the work to make sure that you don’t assume you can treat us poorly b/c we are marginalized and act like we have to take whatever abusive bullshit you dish out because you think we can’t do any better. 

The ways I have seen men taking advantage of this power differential is extremely gross and it angers and disgusts me. Your boner is not some favor you are bestowing on me, so cut it the fuck out. 

And you can do the damn work of gathering up these other fetish fuckwads who can’t act right b/c those are your people.

You want us to trust you- ACT TRUSTWORTHY. 

Stop being so goddamn shady all the time. Fat activism is for FAT PEOPLE, not for men to more easily find photos of women to fantasize about. 

And PS- stop fucking sending links of Fat Bottom Girls to me. You are not cute or original. 

Take a Break || Jughead Jones

Prompt: #7 Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me! And #26 If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.

Requested By: @kaileeraine97

Warnings: Almost smut (but I’m not doing smut)

A/N: I honestly feel like this is so cliche but whatever. Also I feel like it’s a little OOC for Jughead.

You and your boyfriend Jughead were sitting on your couch each doing your own thing. You were watching TV and he was typing away at his computer writing his novel. The light from the TV and computer illuminate the dim room, giving the walls a blueish glow. 

“Juggie do you want anything to eat?” you ask.

“Umm sure,” he says.

You walk into the kitchen and run your hand over the cold granite counter top on your way to the fridge. The cool blast of air hits your face as you open the fridge. After scrounging around for a minute you come across some pizza.

“You want pizza,” you yell into the living room.

“That works.”

“It’s cold though.”

“It’s fine.”

You walk back into the living room holding two plates of pizza. Jughead is still typing away at his computer. He knits his brows together in concentration, typing faster.

“If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself,” you announce.

Jughead stops typing and raises his head and gives you a questioning look. You walk over to your couch and look him in the eyes. 

“I think you should a break you’ve been typing for hours,” you complain.

“But-” you cut him off with a kiss.

You melt into the kiss, Jugheads hands find their way into your hair. You push him down onto his back.

He pulls away and says, “Honestly, is you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”

“Who wants what!” your dad yells.

He puts you on opposite sides of the room and starts to lecture you both about sex. 

“In conclusion, don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and you will die!” your dad winks.

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What kind of things do you recommend having some from RT autograph? Do you need to bring your own pictures? What are the do's and don't's of getting things signed?

There aren’t a lot of things they won’t sign, I know Gavin and Gus won’t sign shoes but any pictures or posters they bring the will sign. If you bring like a dildo though that might not go over too well. Fanart that they get varies, some week sign on the edges while others will sign on Gavin’s dick (Barbara) so if you plan on printing out at for them to sign keep that in mind for spaces. Trying to get multiple things signed at a time is usually something I would try avoiding if you could, I don’t know how each line will go time wise so it’s best to try to keep it one or two items if you can.
If you have one of the film cameras that print out the pictures after taken then you should get it signed as soon as it’s out of the camera. The lines do move a bit quickly because they want to keep it on time. Once it’s developed then you can look it over. Most people use their phones for pictures but if you have a nice camera make sure to have it set and ready for the Guardian to use.

rules: answer all questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions. tagged by the lovely @cassianansdor

1. coke or pepsi: can i say neither?

2. disney or dreamworks: agh this is so hard… i mean i grew up watching disney films but more recently i tend to appreciate dreamworks more

3. coffee or tea: tea, all day everyday

4. books or movies: books

5. windows or mac: windows (guess who’s still using windows xp and is too lazy to change it so she pretends she’s edgy…)

6. dc or marvel: marvel, but i have high hopes for dc this year

7. x-box or playstation: neither, i’m not into gaming oops

8. dragon age or mass effect: well refer to question 7

9. night owl or early riser: i’m like the biggest night owl out there, don’t try me

10. cards or chess: as a very committed moroccan, i have to say cards

11. chocolate or vanilla: vanilla, i can’t eat a lot of chocolate otherwise i puke :(

12. vans or converse: converse

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: i had to google that and it’s something dragon age-related so i have no idea what you’re talking about

14. fluff or angst: angst, i love suffering

15. beach or forest: forest

16. dogs or cats: kittens are life

17. clear skies or rain: a clear sky after rain. can i have that?

18. cooking or eating out: again, as a very committed moroccan, ain’t nothing that beats home cooking

19. spicy food or mild food: spicy, i literally can’t eat something that’s not spicy

20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: i celebrate neither of those :(

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: a little too cold, bc you can always add an extra blanket. but when you’re feeling too hot you sadly can’t peel off your skin

22. if you could have any superpower, what would it be?: invisibility, i mean how COOL

23. animation or live action: depends i guess

24. paragon or renegade: renegade

25. baths or showers: baths

26. team cap or team ironman: team cap all the way

27: fantasy or sci-fi: sci-fi

28. do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so what are they: “i don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.” - vincent van gogh, i also want to nominate the whole zygon inversion speech of the doctor, because it was bloody brilliant.

29. netflix or youtube: i can’t have netflix so… youtube i guess?

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: harry potter bc i haven’t read percy jackson and i’m ashamed

31. when you feel accomplished: when i had a very productive day

32. star wars or star trek: do i even need to give an answer?? y’all know which franchise owns my ass

33. paperback or hardback: hardback

34. horror or rom-com: horror

35: Tv shows or movies: BOTH

36. spotify or pandora: again, netiher of these are available in my country, how rude

37. zootopia or inside out: i,,, can’t,,, choose,,,

38. favorite book: i don’t have a particular one in mind atm

39. favourite flower: orange blossom & blueberry

40. what field of study are you in (or aspire to be in): medicine, currently in first year!

tagging: i can’t tag 40 people bc well i don’t have that many friends okay?? @luncfreya @jynersso @amyskhaleesi @aryapendragxn @targaryvns @thekingroan @thehighwarlock @isakvaltzrsen @idriselbas @greyjoyvs @jhnmurphy @jyncassian @jbanres @karajames @katewisnlet @barryallhan @nancybvers @saetrewilhelm @jynersos @jynesso @saraleonard @jonasnoahvasques @somedrunkpirate



Here’s fifteen sims that I made for my sim making challenge! I don’t know if I am going to continue it, but I’m gladly sharing the first half of results with you. I guess you may use them as townies, or spouses for your sims, or whatever.

TOU: Do whatever you want with them, except claiming as your own, reuploading or changing face features! Some of them have names that I mentioned in the posts, but you can rename them, it’s up to you. You can tag me if you use them.

They’re all in one archive, so you can choose the ones you want to keep. All the sims are numbered in the picture, so you’ll easily find the one you like in the archive. I recommend using Sims2Pack Clean Installer for their installation.



Crimson: It is great to see you moving around and doing stuff on your own again. That doctor must really be treating you right. 

Charm: Yeah, he’s pretty great. I think I’m going to get better in no time! 

Crimson: That’s wonderful to hear. I was really worried about you. 

Charm: Well there is no need to worry anymore, dad. I’m going to be alright. 

Voice (writers creed challenge)

It’s been said, correctly, that the single most impressive, expressive and versatile musical instrument of all is the human voice.
But how often do you think about your own voice? It’s a pretty good bet you look in a mirror at least once a day, but what you say, and how you say it gives a lot more information to people than how you look does.
For instance, my slightly flattened vowels, and imperceptibly lengthened “a’s” mark me out as an English, northern, probably mancunian, not upper class, or a Manc Scally either. And that’s before any emotion is injected into the voice.
Mere looks cannot convey even a part of that much information, without further data. Further, my voice is nothing special, but has a singing range of over two octaves in the normal register, plus another on top if i employ my falsetto. You struggle to get that much range out of a lot of musical instruments.
So, so far so known, but after @imperiallefty took one of my alleged poems and made it sound, well, way better than it was written, i am intrigued by the latest writers creed challenge of spoken word pieces. If i can master the tech, then i shall have a bash, but would love to hear many others!

So if I do the “choose your own adventure” story blog for Zombie AU…
What types of things do you guys think would be important to know?

I’m talking things like:

  • Physical strength
  • Running speed
  • Shooting accuracy
  • Stealth
  • First Aid Training

Stuff like that, that are usually good in a video game stat for example.

Stats that could change a scenario based on how experienced the character is in a certain category. 
Strength can affect whether they can lift something or their close combat skills.
Running speed affects whether they can run to safety or grab an item in time.
Shooting accuracy can affect whether they shoot a target or miss.
Stealth could affect whether they can sneak past zombies/people without being caught.

That’s why I want to know what you guys have to offer!
Any ideas?

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Dear Sophie, I'm a big fan of your art/books and I just finished re-reading Water Baby today and I was curious how you got into writing and illustrating your own stories? This is something I'd like to do with my own art one day and would like your advice ~♥

Thank you!! I started working on my own stories before I was working professionally, and I made a lot of friends in the industry and showed my work around to editors, that’s what got me started. You don’t have to wait for a publisher to take notice or anyone to give you permission, just start writing and drawing! :D