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dino + primary colours

//There was a burst of colour wherever he went. Blue, green, red… he was all of them and so many more at the same time. His laughter was a bright cheery red, his smile, shades of green. Drops of blue speckled his eyes, his touch and his voice. Chan was a blend of colours, vibrant and ever-changing. He was the brightest colour in your world//

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Reversed order: I did Ken first. I had help with the legs thanks to @embers-frontier 

Although I call Dai Lightnimon as “Dai Lightnimon”, his name in this story is Lightnimon only. The “Dai” (which comes from [Dai]suke) part is to know which one I’m talking about, because there’s TWO Lightnimons (the other is a digimon species OC Pure Lightnimon [ @silentknightlightnimon ], who came later).

The good thing of Dai Lightnimon’s design is that no one can recognize him, of see his face (and then my friend said: “ Only thing, Kenny is identified from a mile away and he hangs out with him lol” ). The extra sketch is about him without the helmet… but with a mask~ Still easy to know who is *COUGHS*

And Ken… I gave up on trying to mix the Kaiser’s hairstyle with Ken’s… So I made some hair strands be pointy. And yes, the nerd has a ponytail. As Ken and and Kaiser v2 (again, only called by “Digimon Kaiser” or “Kaiser” in the story, the v2 is just the name of the design).

I mixed the 02 kaiser outfit with tri., but the colors are from the old old palette i chose for Kaiser v2.

First think

First think of God
And then dine with man.
Do not proceed
In the reverse order.

First think of Compassion
And then meditate on Justice.
Do not proceed
In the reverse order.

First think of your own perfection
And then cherish the idea of God-manifestation.
Do not proceed
In the reverse order.

- Sri Chinmoy, Meditation: humanity’s race and Divinity’s Grace, part 1

anonymous asked:

Would you consider doing your spoiler summaries in reverse date order? So that one doesn't have to scroll down all the way to the bottom to locate the latest spoilery news?

Sure thing.  I’ll try to get around to reordering it tomorrow.