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« And finally I think it’s just the perfect love story. I really do, I think it’s one of the great love story of all time »
« Gaston&LeFou? »

It’s been four months since A Year in the Life premiered and I’m still bitter that Luke and Lorelai had communication problems after 9 years together and that ASP decided not to give them any kids. 

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At the Con in Germany last week, Stephen Walters said something interesting: He said he adores Cait, because "Cait really is all heart". I thought that was very interesting, because I think a lot of fans (and especially non shippers) seem to see Cait as a business-woman and much more rational and less emotional as Sam. When I heard SW say that, I thought though, we don't know her at all and that it would explain a lot of Sam's protective behavior towards her. Also for him always taking the blow?

I totally" agree, anon. Cait has said that she can be shy at times-and this may cause some to see her as less “emotional” especially when compared to very outgoing Sam, when it’s really just shyness. Many actors are more comfortable on stage and otherwise dealing with others when they are in a “role” but are afflicted by shyness when doing interviews or fan encounters when they are just “themselves”. This may be true for Cait as well.

But, as you point out, anon, Sam has her back. Big time. He’s not only her biggest cheerleader, but he’s also her biggest protector as well. We saw this in twitter when a fan suggested that Sam was disrespecting Cait. “Idiot” was his succinct, one word response. This is the only time Sam has ever said anything rude to a fan, ever, and it was in defense of Cait. And we saw it again at the London fan meet when some fans tried to give Cait some trouble over her not appearing at fans conventions or going on the world press tour for Outlander.. “It’s too much” Sam said- and continued to make fan con appearances alone, and also did the Outlander world press tour solo so that Cait could have some time before the Money Monster press that would eat up much of her hiatus. And those are just a small sample of the sort of care he takes of her. It’s apparent in every appearance they make together.

So Sam isn’t just talking the talk that he’s concerned for Cait’s welfare and happiness. He’s walking the walk too. Big time.
And all of that adds up to be a bit more concern and care than the average friend would be expected to provide. Especially if the lady, and gentleman, in question had other “obligations”. But it feels just right if these two were instead “obligated” to each other.

Soul Mates pt. 2

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 500 exactly 

A/N: I’m posting this right before I leave for a long weekend vacation to Sweden (Hello, Stockholm!!!!!!) and I won’t be back until Wednesday, so if you try to message me about being tagged or want another part or something, that’s why I won’t be responding or posting another part! I promise I will get back to you and post another part probably next Thursday or maybe even on Wednesday! 

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You both arrived at ComicCon and began to look around at all of the people. Neither of you had worn costumes since you weren’t actually into the whole ComicCon scene. You checked your watch and looked at the flier in your hand. The Avengers cast would be doing an interview in about a half hour. After navigating through the cosplayers and booths, you and Rachel found seats and waited with the other fans for the interview to start.

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Hi! So I'm doing a speech about anime for school, and I wanted to do a sort of interview for it, and I absolutely love your blog, so I wanted to "interview" you. I just have one question: What draws you guys to anime/what started your interest in anime? Thanks in advance!

Admin Baka: Woah woahhh, we are probably late on answering this though. I don’t know on what draws me to it?

The issue is that I had been watching anime way way more than cartoons in general since I was young? My house didn’t have the Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network stuff. Like maybe the shows that are shown here in Singapore on the television is different than the ones in other countries or like in the States? But I have always remembered watching Sailor Moon, Doraemon and Akazuki Chacha since I was young. (I had a collection of Sailor Moon cards as well) And I pretty much grew up with anime. Like my “cartoons” was anime itself. So I don’t really see the significance of people going, “watching anime is special” or “different” as watching it was pretty much a part of me as I grew up. 
(Sorry I am not that helpful here)

Admin SM: Well, it was actually my cousin that influenced me to start watching anime & reading manga. He is a manga fan & he collected A TON of it. So whenever I went to his house, I will always be in his room reading all the books that he had. We had quite an age gap so like Admin Baka, I started it since young. And the storylines in manga are very different from the cartoons I watched in Disney/Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon, which I guess this is where it captivated me.
(Sadly, my cousin threw away almost all his manga after he had his current gf. But he is still reading it online so, I guess his passion is still there.)

Admin Kit: Like Admin Baka said, my interest in anime has always been fairly constant. Started with Pokemon/Digimon/Cardcaptor Sakura/Sailor Moon and Doraemon when I was a kid and I don’t think I’ve stopped liking anime since, heh. It’s probably because we’re in the SEA region and liking anime is way more common here, since we grew up with it. 


Happy Birthday 카이 // Kim Jongin [ January 14, 1994 ]
I always have to surpass myself. Yesterday’s me, no matter what good things happen, I forget them and want to do great things again. Instead of materialistic or physical outcomes, I want to spend time personally accepting, understanding myself. Activities are fun and make me happy, but I’m also happy seeing myself growing day by day. I would like for the me of today to sing better and dance better than the me of yesterday.” ∞ NYLON Interview

Every BTS interview in the U.S.A will be like :

RAPMON: Doing 98 % of the interview 

JIMIN: Hiding behind Rapmon

JUNGKOOK: Throws every english word he learned

JHOPE: As hype as ever repeating every word 3 times while dancing

V: Pretending like he understands it all 

JIN: Says “steak” or/and “Pasta”

SUGA: Doesn’t give a F*ck. Speaks korean