doing his own thang

the thing i love most about this whole shipping kerfluffle is that most of us jon x sansa shippers are literally like, the most chill “ship and let ship” people ever. some of us, myself included, have a pretty solid “no ship-bashing” policy with answering asks and our general content. several jon x sansa shippers also ship them with other people (jon x val, sansa x val, sansa x margaery, sansa x willas, etc.) we really only get salty when people come into the jon x sansa tag to be negative (which is part content, and part tumblr etiquette, really. don’t tag ur h8, y’all.). Otherwise, we’re just like the brotherhood without banners, or gendry in his rowboat – totes happy to be off doing our own thang and also perfectly happy to be alone doing it. 

tl; dr: All these people becoming ~aware~ of jon x sansa and getting all worked up over it and we’re just over here like:

HMS: We Take What We Can Get: makin’ cousins kiss for a while now and not stoppin’ anytime soon.