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Name: Mikayla
Age: 18
Country: United States

I am looking for someone to practice French with! I studied French in school for 5 years and i want to continue learning the language in college. I plan on going to school for nursing. I love all types of music, cooking, watching tv, and color guard. I’m super girly and love doing hair and makeup. I absolutely love animals and about to start a vegetarian lifestyle change in June.

I would prefer someone who speaks French as a first language and is 15-25! Even better if you’re from Québec or Montréal since I am very interested in moving there! Gender/Race/Sexuality does not matter, just don’t be a mean person !

Talk to me, I’m bored and need to focus lmao

Some character design, because I suck at being original and I’ve seen people designing amazing clown characters and I just needed to try it out myself! 

nursepuppo  asked:

Patches: pumpkin spices. Do ya have it?

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