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Lincoln is such an important character for kids today, especially little boys.

Lincoln shows boys that it’s okay to be sensitive and it’s okay to be feminine. Showing emotions does not make you weak, and this is often what we teach boys from a young age.

We also teach them that they need to uphold to the “standards” of masculinity. Lincoln isn’t afraid to be feminine and I think that’s great. He lets his sisters use him as a fashion model. He does their hair and makeup. He can even do his own makeup.

I just love Lincoln so much.

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How can I stop being so hard on myself for not being physically attractive? If I'm not seen as beautiful, I feel worthless. I'm always trying to improve my appearance by doing my makeup perfectly, losing weight, changing my hair, buying new clothes, and yes it all helps but I always beat myself up for not being as beautiful as I think I should be. I have this deep rooted self hatred and I don't know why. I hate being so appearance focused. It feels so empty. But I don't know how to change :(

Babe, you are so beautiful as you are! Who has ever told you otherwise? Have YOU always told yourself this? You have been crafted by this universe to be your own person…unique and different from everyone else, and that is literally a MIRACLE, an amazing, incredible thing. Check out all of my answers in the following tags:

^ I have A LOT of answers under all of those tags pertaining to what you feel and I think you can look through those answers and find some more advice :) 




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Magically filled with melanin.
By Bimpe Adenusi

Magically filled with melanin.

Do you want me at 6am when I wake up with no makeup and ratty hair? Do you want me at 8 am when I’m signing terribly in the shower? Do you want me at 5pm when I’m sweaty and smell because I just worked out? Do you want me at 10pm when I look at myself in the mirror and tug at my fat? Do you want me at 11pm when I’m crying because I’m so stressed and unhappy? Do you want me at 12am when I’m over thinking everything? Do you want me all day everyday? Or do you just want me? Me in your bed? Because there’s a difference between wanting me and wanting to be with me.



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