doing fashion edits because i can


It gets very monotonous for me to do the same role repeatedly. So, I try to do something dramatically different with each film. This is because I don’t want to get bored and can grow as an actor and performer. I should be able to do drama, comedy, romance- all kinds of movies. That is a job requirement. I need to perform with every situation and with every character.


I get really frustrated, I get stupid sometimes, I say things that I don’t mean or they come out wrong just because I care so badly. But the thing is, at the end of the day, no war in anger was ever won. I do know that in my heart that I have to believe that we can love each other and always be kind with no matter what it takes in us. I believe that we can do that no matter what.


Okay so this is less about painting skin, and more about finding and appreciating those tones that are often discarded when painting digitally. It’s these tones that will set your work apart.  There’s no need to go looking for colour swatches when you could just go build a library for yourself!

 I threw a yellow over the bottom three in various filters to get the shown effect. But again the possibilities are huge so.. go experiment /o/.

You can do this with as many photos as you like! Just don’t stress yourself out if you feel you can’t find 15 colours, but try to make 9 the minimum.

(I said no fashion photography because its commonly heavily edited to the point you can only see two- three shades/ tones :c.)

Sorry for any spelling mistakes orz. I’m too lazy to go through it again.

Till today, after five years, every step I take is an uphill struggle. But at the same time, I feel a lot of gratitude because I feel it is possible. The film industry is a very big place. People do look at talent, and I can clearly put myself as an example to say that. I had no backing when I started and I still have no one backing me. It is hard, but I am moving forward. I am working with really amazing people. Yes. I have not had a breakthrough performance. I have not had that breakthrough role. I have not had that huge-numbers film.


I definitely know what it’s like to work. I would say my work ethic is pretty strong, and it’s because I’ve had to do it my whole life, whereas other people have been given things. But I like it, and I don’t think I would change it ever, because it totally makes me how I am. When people meet me or when people work on a set with me, every time after, they either hire me for more films or they’re like, “I would work with you every day of the week,” because they can see who I am.

[What People think of  Gal as the Wonder Woman]  No matter what you do, you can never please them all. People will always have something to say because that’s the way people are. And it’s okay. But for me, it’s my job. It’s my career. It’s my art. Whatever I do, I take it very seriously and I do my research and I give it my best. I just want to be able to shine and inspire people. And it’s not just about me. It’s the script and the story and the acting. I hope people are going to love it. - Gal Gadot 

Hood addon to WF and some other minor edits

- The hair is part of the hood mesh so it will replace your char hair and hair color
- Only ONE hair type for now
- Only ONE hair color for now - platinum blonde. The mesh can’t seem to read the gradient, so it can only be replaced manually
- There WILL be clipping when your char moves/rotates head - that is because the hair still retains physics. I tried to remove it but can’t seem to - yes, that includes NOT saving physics data in OutiftStudio. If anyone has any ideas how to remove physics Im all ears.
- See if you like it and can stand the clipping. If yes Im willing to do requested vanilla hair styles with requested vanilla hair options.

Other edits:

- CBBE version of Alice coat with Bodyslide support

- Minor fixes to Rodeo coat


Fashion Friday - Forearms Are Scarce These Days Edition

It’s Friday, my friends. Changing things up this week. Two reasons. 

First, there hasn’t been much fresh forearm action action of late and i worry about boring you with recycled images. Second, I’m doing a big computer thingy today and  I may not have access to my saved files for a bit. 

Hence, the first “Fashion Friday.” Because I can take the high road. I can be a mature lady. I can appreciate an attractive man filling out nice clothes.

Let us begin. What does one wear for wall scaling and leaping around Starling City like a vengeful rabbit? This, apparently. And it’s gorgeous. Masculine, not trying too hard, but still-put-together Oliver Queen on a mission to parkour the shit out of Starling City is one of my fave looks for him. Oh, the pants.

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SA in a suit is never, ever a bad thing. That someone who looks this good dressed up chooses to walk around life in a crappy backwards baseball cap is a riddle for the fucking ages. He is just beautiful in grown up man clothes. So, even when we have a shot like this, which is honestly just a few steps away from a Sears catalog shot, I say, where do I order and do they have in-store pickup? 

Layered sweater is a good look on this man…when the sweaters fit, like here. This season we have been forced to see him heinous floppy baggy knitwear that honestly makes me want to punch somebody (not him) in the face. It’s like the wardrobe department has never watched the show. 

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Okay, Bratva Oliver Queen in the brown jacket accessorized with guns. Works for me. On a primal level. Every level. Levels I don’t even know about. 

If your aesthetic does not appreciate this man in a tuxedo then you are have probably been dead for some time. Seriously, call somebody and let them know to send the medical examiner because this is a sexy defibrillator and you should be awake now and fanning yourself because this is life.  

I would be remiss if I did not address the Arrow suit because…it’s leather and this is never a bad thing. Personally, I like the older suit because I think the leather looked softer and I liked the way it draped on his body, but do kind of dig the bicep reveal. 

The new suit looks more like armor. Less touchable. Hard. Especially the pants. And yes, I mean that and I have eyes. 

Okay, because it’s the weekend and I am not cruel, I will leave you with something extra nice. Besides, I’m not gonna lie. I still dig the suit he was born with. 

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Wishing you all a lovely day. Hope it is full of pretty and happiness. Because you deserve these things. I expect to post another treat or two this weekend. Stay tuned and please reblog if you are so inclined. 

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DAY 3168

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Nov 30,  2016               Wed 11: 28 pm

Birthday - EF Shiladitya Mitra

Thursday, December 1, 2016

birthday for Shiladitya Ef and our greetings to him for happiness and prosperity .. love the Ef

…and birthday too of Ef Ashok Mistry .. our wishes to him as well .. with love

What …?

Just because I was not aware enough last night to give description of what I had been upto, does not mean that there can be comment on why and where and what ..?

I was working .. as can be seen ..

I do not walk around town in red .. but at times you need to follow what the creative director decides .. and he decided on this so this .. 

Its a song video .. no not mine .. its a song sung by the wife of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and she wanted me to be a part of it, and so here I am .. it is not wise to refuse a lady .. 

The location is of course the Royal Opera House, which as you may also know was the one which was inaugurated in October by yours truly and others for the Jio Mami Film Festival .. inaugurated is wrong, inaugurated its restored form is right .. it had fallen into dilapidated state and no one but no one was willing to bring it back to its original glory .. until the owners and some kind hands and minds got together and restored it to look the way it must have looked during its opening days .. it is quite magnificent .. !!

And the ‘cigarettes’ are magnificent too .. the trousers is what is being referred to .. ‘cigarettes’ .. yes those very same that during my days in University in 1958 were the rage .. except we called them ‘drain pipes’ then .. I never owned any but the one single trouser that I possessed, was somewhat near the ‘drainage’ area .. fashion repeats itself .. this one took a rather long time to get back .. as did many other ..

Sarkar 3 rumbles along to its finishing .. mine is over and I do visit the editing room, invited of course by RGV at his frightening office COMPANY .. 

Frightening because the place is crawling with creepy crawlies .. odd animals and slithering lizards on the floor .. you need to watch your step as you enter these portals … they are of course not real, but close to them .. manufactured without life ..

And while RGV works on this one project we talk of several more .. quite disturbing to find someone who can switch and delve into other stories and films when he is in the thick of this one .. I would fail if I did that ..  but then, that is expected of someone like Ramu .. and expected to find his obsession with the intrigue and the unseen side of society, city and its like ..

March 17 then .. its release .. !!!

Is it not surprising that .. at least surprising for me .. that there comes a moment in the day of our day when everything that you think or speak of, sounds the most dynamic idea of the day … and aligning ourselves to that, it almost builds up to a conquest .. a conquest that momentarily lifts you up, floats you and delivers you at another station of greater degree and commendability, with thoughts and ideas that put you on a false impression that the world needs conquering, and that you have suddenly acquired a status that the conqueror is yourself ..

Until, you come away fairly convinced that it is a delightful piece of delicate delicacy, needing devoured consumption .. and a healthy belch, to confirm its digestion .. BUT ..

That is not what reality dictates .. life fills you up yes, but deflates you at the first moment it encounters you, and stands by to observe with gleeful eyes, how and what, you are going to suffer or demonstrate, an exit .. 

HOW .. ?

I need answers .. 

Fear and the lack of it

Don’t be scared, be excited.

I remember when I was 16 and being terrified of standing on a stage in front of 80-90 people. Flash forward to the present, I’m 23 next month and I’m currently doing another Book tour to different literature festivals and ever single time I do, I’m infront of 200-300 kids talking about Minecraft - not even scared.

I remember going up on stage infront of the 8000+ Minecrafters at both the Paris and Orlando Minecons - right in the opening ceremony… not an ounce of fear. I love it now. I don’t now what changed between the ages of 16 and 19 but I love it. I could stand up infront of a crowd butt naked and sing terribly and not be afriad… maybe afraid of the videos… but not the action of doing that.

This however all comes back around to the idea of Confidence, something I lack greatly in many many OTHER situations. If it is about my work or I’m talking about something I know a lot about, I’m fine - I’m confident and I can deliver what people want. However, if it’s around a girl I like or someone is asking me about sports - my confidence just drops and I become a shell. It really takes time for me to open up about stuff so when I’m taken out of my comfort zone (inside) and forced to be somewhere I’m usually not (outside) and then something that I’m not confident about happens… I become a wreck!

Anyway, back to the point at hand - fear and the lack of it. I’m never really afraid to do things, I’ll always try my best and I often think the quality of the things I produce and the risks I take sometimes, shows that. I love a challenge, trying to raise the bar and try something new. I see people (and I’m guilty of this at times too) just coasting through life doing the same thing day in day out. I think this is because we’re comfortable, we aren’t challenging our selves. I’m about to try to make myself feel challenged a lot more, I hope. I try to do this in a smaller way by producing quick but high quality videos and cinematics – I love editing, editing is my life…. let me start a new paragraph to talk about editing.

Editing is literally my favourite thing to do, sure recording/filming is fun and all the stuff that can come before that and after the production… but by far my favourite part of making a video is the editing. Not just the non-linear fashion you edit a video, cutting clips and stuff – I’m talking more about the detail and personality that you can put into a video. I look back at our Timelapse videos and the edits really do say “Matt” all over them, the edit really oozes me. That plus the fact I love After Effects so I make all the title sequences myself and do all the special CGI stuff in cinematics myself it’s so much fun. For me, I really wish every day all I had to do was wake up and edit because that’s my dream. It would probably upset people if my screamy silly voice wasn’t heard often or if people couldn’t see me build in Minecraft. But for me all of that is just an ends to means - the real me comes out in the editing and the 3D animation and the compositing of scenes with effects… that’s my real love.

So I started writing this blog about Fear and how at times I have a very distinct lack of it… but that kind of evolved into me confessing my love to editing… she’s probably very embarrassed now, sorry editing - we can be polyamorous together editing, don’t worry :) Anyway, yeah I just had to get some of this written down I guess for people who kind of want to better understand who I am and some of my thoughts.

If you read this far, gold star for you <3

anonymous asked:

Do you use auto desk sketchbook or some other kind I've never heard of. If so then I rlly want to know what it is and where I can get it. Also, maybe one of Sabine and Ezra doing arm wrestling?

… ummm….yeeeeah….. this is why I don’t do “action” poses… they always turn out awkward.

As for what I use to draw: I use old fashioned paper and pencil… then I edit them in an app (Pixlr usually) after I take a crappy picture of them on my phone or in Photoshop. I have a drawing tablet, but I never use it because I never have been able to adapt to the disconnect between what’s going on the screen and what my hand is doing.