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I sometimes have a very bad temper and read stuff i shouldn't read making me want to send anons.... not the low ones like kys but just argue but on the other hand im like tired tm and i wanna stop fighting but i feel like i always keep repressing anger lmao

I think that we all read things that make us lose our chill sometimes, especially stuff about our faves. But no matter what. everyone is going to have different opinions on everything, and at the end of the day it’s usually best to try your best to let things go. Because blogging about things you love is much better than blogging about things you hate. If you want to stand up against a certain view, especially one you perceive as a hate act, then maybe try addressing it on your blog in a well-spoken manner? Because going after people on anon, truly, doesn’t do much in my opinion. Usually fuels the other person’s opinion. However, you can still respectively educate someone on a view rather than bash them (and it’s then up to the other person to hopefully understand why you think what they’ve said is wrong). I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, but I hope this is an acceptable answer lkajsfdlasd


‘Thank you all so much for your support and compliments! I tried to give everything I had and I’m really happy with the competition - it’s natural, ending up 4th, just a tenth behind third place is a bit annoying, but I couldn’t do better than this! Next challenge is on Sunday’

How to react to disappointment like a boss by Erika Fasana

Wow. Amazing the amount of “Kelley doesn’t deserve to be a starter as much as Ali” “Alyssa isn’t better than Ashlyn” “Allie Long doesn’t deserve a roster spot” posts going around. People are you the coach of the NT? No. Do you spend hours with them at training? No. Just. Let. It. Go. I’m sorry your fave isn’t in the position you want right now but try to understand that EVERYONE deserves a chance. If they worked their ass of and were diligent and gave their 100% in everything they did to get where they are, then they DESERVE a chance. Do you have to like them? No. But what if you were them and you have worked so hard to gain something and people would come after you and try to put you down and say you don’t deserve it just because “they don’t like you”? Stupid, right? Then why you do it? The people on that roster showed the coaches something special, something different and unique that we will never know cause we’re not there and for that who are we to judge?