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Sam Wilson Thoughts:

One of my favorite things about Sam Wilson as a character is how empathetic he is and how he always seems to figure out the right thing to say to Steve to let him help. Steve Rogers is a character that is terrible at accepting offers for help and even worse at asking for it, but Sam seems to be able to have no difficulty figuring out the right way to word his offers of help to Steve, in a way that Steve doesn’t refuse them.

A scene I haven’t heard talked about in meta, but was a great example of Sam’s character for me, was talking to Steve on the bridge before they bring down the helicarriers.  (Okay, I think I have heard some “How dare he tell Steve to kill Bucky?” but I’ve very pointedly ignored that) Because that’s not what the conversation is about. At all.

Sam approaches Steve on the bridge, knowing that Steve is most likely going to have to make a very tough call. The man who used to be his best friend is now a threat to them and a threat to what they’re trying to accomplish, and Steve might have to take him out to take down Hydra.

“I’m thinking he’s not be the kind you save, he’s the kind you stop.” This is not Sam telling Steve that THEY will stop Bucky, that if Steve doesn’t stop Bucky, he will; he uses the word “you”. This is for Steve and up to Steve. Sam makes no ultimatums, nor threats of what will happen if Steve doesn’t follow through.

He’s telling Steve that it’s okay. That he might have to make that hard call, might have to take out the person who used to be his best friend, and that it might be the right call to make. He’s leaving it as a choice, and entirely up to Steve, but letting Steve know before he has to make the choice, that Steve shouldn’t feel guilty if that’s what he ends up having to do. And he’s saying it in an incredibly sensitive and delicate way. Because that’s how great Sam Wilson is.

“i don’t like the type of music liam makes why would i support him?”
well i’m sure a lot of yall didn’t even like the other boys’ singles as much as yall claimed but there were still tons of projects and support posts going around so doing the same for liam literally wouldn’t kill any of you.

“but liam was rude to harry! he said he hated harry’s music!”
no he didn’t. he said harry’s music is not his cup of tea and there’s nothing bad about it. if yall feel entitled to your opinions about music genres then liam should be allowed to have his own opinions and preferences. and harry’s music just happens to not fit those preferences.

“liam shaded 1d!”
again, no he didn’t. he always speaks fondly of the other boys and wants them to come back and make albums and tour together. in what universe would liam shade the other boys lmao

“but that 1d lyric in strip that down says something else!”
how many times does liam have to explain this lyric before yall finally understand it? he said he’s “free” bc he gets to make the music he’s always wanted to make and he doesn’t have to write and compose songs anymore that fit four different people. the other boys all have said something similar and i don’t see anyone dragging them.

“liam’s voice/accent/clothing style/behavior has changed.”
for the third time: no. yall just never paid attention to him.

“liam is on drugs/drunk during interviews.”
he’s tired, jetlagged, entered a new chapter of his career, does tons of promo in different places and literally just became a dad. i’d like to see you manage all of this at once without stuttering or mumbling once. not to mention he’s always been a fast speaker that got muddled sometimes. it’s normal. a lot of people do that without consuming any kind of drugs. you’re gross for even making these assumptions.

“liam tries too hard to be someone he’s not.”
no he finally gets to show the parts of his personality that he kept hidden for the sake of the band. if you don’t like that then’s it’s your problem. liam never pretended to be someone or something he’s not.

“i know liam is insanely talented and has everything to be an incredibly successful solo artist and i’m scared he’ll do better than my fave which is why i feel the need to tear him down for breathing.”
nobody said that but i know that’s what yall actually mean.

Dealing with drunk!Sam would include:

As requested by mah fave @supernatural-imagine LOVE YOU XX 

- Sam’s adorable lil flushed cheeks and you constantly kissing them 

- Significantly more giggles than normal 

- Teasing him for being a lightweight 

- “Y/NNNNNN come sit on my lap! Pleaaassee sweetheart?“

- Tripping over anything and everything in sight because his freakishly long limbs and the haze of alcohol don’t mix too well. 

- *While clinging to your side and resting his head on your shoulder*                        “What do you meeaann I’m a cuddly drunk?” 

- Sam arguing that the fruity drinks are better because ‘you get your daily fruit intake as well as the alcohol’

- Sam begging you to sit on his shoulders, and you giving in, letting him carry you around despite the fact he was already the tallest in the room. (Also he’d be the most concentrated he’s ever been on making sure you don’t fall off)

- Being blessed with a little bit of drunk!sam singing

- Sam passing out in your lap and having to literally drag him to bed.

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I’ll stop time for you
The second you say you’d like me too
I just wanna give you the loving that you’re missing
Baby, just to wake up with you
Would be everything I need and this could be so different
Tell me what you want to do

‘Cause I know I can treat you better than he can
And any girl guy like you deserves a gentleman
Tell me why are we wasting time
On all your wasted crying
When you should be with me instead
I know I can treat you better
Better than he can

MBTI Types from my personal experience

I’ve always wanted to do one of these and this is high key a call out post so if you know your type I’m probably talking about you. Also I added my favorite characters of each type, which I got mostly from @fictionalcharactermbti

⁃ they’re meeh
⁃ Really bad at human interaction
⁃ Super kinky
⁃ At least she doesn’t care what people think
⁃ Alphonse Elric my fave-FMA
⁃ JD-Scrubs
⁃ Crazy Eyes- OITNB
⁃ somehow the shyest but at the same time the best people person
⁃ They understand everything you’re going through to a better extent than you do
⁃ They always have a ton of shit going on in their life
⁃ Not scared but scared
⁃ Hoenheim-FMA
⁃ Laurel- HTGAWM
⁃ puppy forever a puppy
⁃ Cries a lot
⁃ Loves so damn deeply
⁃ Everyone’s friend lol they have no enemies out loud but they talk shit some times
⁃ They’re not good rappers but they’ll always try
⁃ Not afraid of being embarrassed and will do anything you ask them to do
⁃ Best friend
⁃ Ang- Avatar the last airbender
⁃ Tom- Parks and Rec
⁃ May Chang- FMA
⁃ Pennsatucky hahaha- OITNB
⁃ I don’t like her lol
⁃ Bossy and knows everything
⁃ Helpful though with some things
⁃ Kinda judgmental
⁃ Knows a lot about makeup
⁃ Is always a teacher lol
⁃ Winry-FMA
⁃ Piper- OITNB (see i don’t even like either of these characters)
⁃ Chris Traeger- Parks and Rec
⁃ such a quiet
⁃ I don’t know any intp’s too well lol
⁃ Sometimes I think I’m one of them too
⁃ Sherlock- Sherlock
⁃ Poussey may she Rest In Peace- OITNB
⁃ they remind me of like rats who are constantly watching over their backs
⁃ Highly judging all the time
⁃ But they don’t really know everything lol but me and intjs work well together
⁃ House- House M.D.
⁃ Mycroft- Sherlock
⁃ Roy Mustang-FMA (I forgot about him he’s legit as fuck)
⁃ They’re cool and they’re always guys for some reason
⁃ Shawn Spencer-Psych
⁃ Edward Elric-FMA
⁃ That’s all I got lol
⁃ they’re too hardcore for me
⁃ Sometimes I think I’m one of them but they’re like 14x more hardcore than me
⁃ I don’t know any too well either
⁃ Olivier Armstrong *pants*- FMA
⁃ River Song *pants*- Dr Who
⁃ Annalise Keating *bows*- HTGAWM
⁃ As women these are the queens of everything worship them
⁃ such a quiet girl
⁃ Always thinks she’s mean but like you don’t talk sweetie? Maybe if you talk then you’d seem mean but people just talk about how quiet you are
⁃ Great eye for beauty
⁃ Likes England more than anything
⁃ Likes lavender
⁃ Looks like some white chick but apparently is half Mexican I still don’t believe it
⁃ Daya and Caputo- OITNB
⁃ Rose Tyler- Dr Who
⁃ I always love these ones and they always shit on everything
⁃ Very good at compromise
⁃ High key Judgmental though
⁃ Super open about their obsessions
⁃ Always bought me food
⁃ But they don’t know shit about being straight with people
⁃ Hold grudges to the max like wow but they’re pretty civil about them anyway
⁃ Rory- Dr Who
⁃ Ann Perkins- Parks and Rec
⁃ John Watson- Sherlock
⁃ My brother
⁃ Super duper insecure does not like to be embarrassed
⁃ Fun though has all the friends
⁃ Lol literally goes out at least 10x more than me and he’s 15
⁃ Kelso- That ‘70s Show
⁃ Andy Dwyer- Parks and Rec
⁃ sweetest person you’ll ever meet
⁃ Good at manipulation because they sugar coat it to the extreme
⁃ Best at knowing people
⁃ Always late always forever late
⁃ Passion for teaching children
⁃ Can talk shit and really likes to gossip (depending on how extreme they are)
⁃ Donna Noble lol- Doctor Who
⁃ Leslie Knope- Parks and Rec
⁃ Alex Armstrong haha- FMA
⁃ I’ve never knowingly met one
⁃ Ron Swanson, Parks and Rec
⁃ Hyde- That ‘70s Show
⁃ Frank- HTGAWM
⁃ live to follow the rules
⁃ Structure is what they live for
⁃ Very strange to me lol
⁃ Ross- Friends
⁃ Riza- FMA
⁃ Good ol Bonnie Winterbottom my fave- HTGAWM
⁃ addicted to weed, alcohol, and sex
⁃ Super insecure wants a bf but can’t hold one down because well honey they’re all 18? They’re there to fuck around date older men I swear
⁃ Coolest person in the world but I can’t handle her lol
⁃ Connor Walsh- HTGAWM
⁃ I’ve never met one knowingly
⁃ Carlton Lassiter- Psych
⁃ Michaela- HTGAWM
⁃ Red- OITNB

anonymous asked:

You keep and keep talking about how selena is being patetic, attention seeking, tragic etc etc and sometimes you really sound like a big antistan, like, the things theyve always said about her you are saying it now.

I love Selena and care about her,this is why i’m so bitter about this whole situation.Selena deserve better than that.She deserve to have a REAL happiness,not this Abelena mess.It’s horrible watch Selena sabotage herself like that,she have a huge potencial,but dont care.Bad Liar is flopping and she dont give a shit.

Only because you are a fan dont mean that you need agreed with everything your fave do.Selena is being imature and act weird.Every fan that  stan her for years can see that she is acting like other person.Only biased people cant see that.Selena was discret,hated paparazzi and hated expose her personal life.But now,oh,now she is extra as fuck.Met Gala was a circus.That is not Selena.

I love her,but i will not pretend that everything is ok and beautiful.And i will dont even talk about that fact that even dating Abel,Selena in secret  stalk and like stuff about Jelena and Justin on ig.She is lucky that media dont know about that.They would drag her hard.Selena need put her shit together.Is not cute what she is doing.



get to know me meme - [4/10] female characters: midori kobayashi

Waiting for the perfect love? No, even I know better than that. I’m looking for selfishness. Perfect selfishness. Like, say I tell you I want to eat strawberry shortcake. And you stop everything you’re doing and run out and buy it for me. And you come back out of breath and get down on your knees and hold this strawberry shortcake out to me. And I say I don’t want it anymore and throw it out the window. That’s what I’m looking for.

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do you like it better when people ask you things like "what's your fave tay song" other than asking you things about taylors personal life ?

why would i want to answer questions about taylor’s personal life…first of all it’s none of my business second of all i would literally be making everything up 

okay but James Potter who grew up without any siblings to fight with and had never been in a physical encounter in his life.

James Potter who had no idea how to throw a punch, who was almost 12 years old by the time he physically hit another person, and the only reason he did it was because of something a Ravenclaw third year said about Remus being too smart to belonging in Gryffindor. James hitting the Ravenclaw boy much, much bigger than him square in the jaw and breaking his own thumb in the process, unaware that tucking your thumb into your fist before you throw a punch isn’t the best idea. 

James Potter who sat silently in detention for a week with a sore thumb without so much as a complaint. James Potter who knew that fighting didn’t solve everything, but also knew it felt much better than not doing anything at all. 

anonymous asked:

Can you and your little clique of abusers sympathisers stop acting as if your precious character deserves more than disgust? Thank you.

I was going to delete this without bothering to answer because I’m 90% sure that I know who sent it. But you know what? I’m mad. So let’s go for a ride.

Can you and your clique of rude fucks that think confronting people under the protection of anonimity is anything less than a coward tactic of whinning to the air because the world doesn’t conform to your little bitch standars and you are so entittled you can’t stand people not agreeing with you stop thinking I care? 

I love how you get so riled up over people liking a FICTIONAL character (did you know he doesn’t exist and therefore can’t go hide under your bed or something? amazing, trully). I love how the people that like him say “I don’t excuse his actions” and you hear “He’s 100% perfect and unproblematic”. I love how you go around justifying Blue’s shitty feminism “she’s just 16 where you perfect at 16?” and Ronan LITERALLY PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING PEOPLE “he has pstd and… and… well HE’S MY FAB uwu” but pull double standars out of ass the moment it’s a character you don’t like. Because you DO think that everyone’s opinions are less qualified, less valid and less important than yours. 

And you know where this is comming from? You think you’re better than Kavinsky. He doesn’t deserve your respect, time or justification the same way he doesn’t deserve Gansey’s. And that point of view is so deeply rooted on privilege that it can’t be anything but disgusting (didn’t you like that word? I like that word). Everyone on trc is problematic but casually enough there’s only one character that doesn’t deserve to be liked. And casually enough it’s the only non-american character with problemaic behaviour. Casually enough it’s the 17 years old fuck up that hates his life so fucking much he spends every waking moment trying to escape it. Casually enough it’s a character treated very xenophobically, “a refugees face” REALLY? by the narrative. 

It never ceases to amaze me the capacity this fandom has to forgive and justify EVERYTHING Ronan does and vilify EVERYTHING Kavinsky does. Two faces of the same coins my fucking ass.  It never ceases to amaze me the concentration of Special Snowflakes TM per cuadratic metter in this fandom that do think they are better than Kavinsky. And that’s where all this is comming from. You’re better than him, he’s lesser than you. So he doesn’t matter. He doesn’t deserve fans, he doesn’t deserve the redemption arch the Grey Man got, he doesn’t deserve your understanding, he doesn’t deserve to be treated with basic human decency by your faves. 

There’s something ugly and revolting inside of you that you probably wouldn’t say out loud but thinks drug addicts deserve what they got. They got themselves into it. They did it to themselves. They threw their lives to the trash and so YOU can throw them to the trash too. They’re not real people. They’re not people like you’re people. And so Gansey can overlook someone’s entire existence without you minding at all because it’s someone whose existence you overlook every day of your life. It’s the kind of people that don’t count.

“But I have personal experiences with people like Kavinsky and you liking him makes me uncomfortable” First I’d like to hear what you call ‘people like K’ because most of this fandom has the Blue Sargent syndrome and probably would deem despicable someone with a driving fine. Secondly did you catch that bit PERSONAL EXPERIENCES… I know only yours are valid and you don’t care about anyone elses but I have personal experiences too. I have had a collective of horrible experiences with people like Blue Sargent and Ronan Lynch but you won’t see me sending you anon hate for liking them. And my personal experiences makes me identify with Kavinsky more than with anyone else in that clusterfuck. But of course that’s unthinkable in your perfect american bubble where no one is so damaged that they try to claw the world to pieces because in the land of the bling, the one-eyed is the king. 

So no. I will not stop posting in my personal blog about a fictional character I personally like because you are not entittled to that too. And if you want to go around throwing passive agressive insults to me I would appreciate it if you came of anon. Never will happen, of course. Because you KNOW that what you just did with this message is disgusting and your petty friends wouldn’t approve. 

Now, unfollow me if you don’t like my content. And don’t you fucking dare call me abuse sympathiser without knowing anything at all about me or my personal experiences with abusers. And I’m not going to thank you because my parents raised me to be a decent human being and not to try and emotionally manipulate people into doing my will. 

Wow. Amazing the amount of “Kelley doesn’t deserve to be a starter as much as Ali” “Alyssa isn’t better than Ashlyn” “Allie Long doesn’t deserve a roster spot” posts going around. People are you the coach of the NT? No. Do you spend hours with them at training? No. Just. Let. It. Go. I’m sorry your fave isn’t in the position you want right now but try to understand that EVERYONE deserves a chance. If they worked their ass of and were diligent and gave their 100% in everything they did to get where they are, then they DESERVE a chance. Do you have to like them? No. But what if you were them and you have worked so hard to gain something and people would come after you and try to put you down and say you don’t deserve it just because “they don’t like you”? Stupid, right? Then why you do it? The people on that roster showed the coaches something special, something different and unique that we will never know cause we’re not there and for that who are we to judge?

#i had such high hopes for this show #the only way they fix this is if they kill Finn tbh #and not make him a martyr while doing it

#finn should suffer for the ones he caused

ive seen a ton of shit like this in general but especially since i posted that quote from 1x05 (i might delete it honestly i posted it with love and i dont want to contribute to the finn hate)

LOOK idk how you think tv works but they dont have to “fix” anything! personally, i dont think they could even if they wanted to. whats done is done. but its not about fixing it! when tv is at its best, like any work of fiction, it reflects real life. and unfortunately life is not one big perfectly balanced karmic scale

and EVEN if it was, in what world would taking finns life make everything okay? that kind of eye-for-an-eye logic is what got murphy banished. if anything, to “fix” things, finn as a character would have to repent and dedicate his life to helping the grounder community he destroyed with his actions however he can. what would killing him do for them? nothing.

unless your fave is monty, your fave has done something that would be despicable in real life. thats what makes this show great! it is literally about 100 teenage delinquents from space who get dropped into the middle of a war, would you even watch if no one did anything shitty??

there is more than just redemption arcs and punitive death. what a quality character can do is only limited by what humans can do, and humans do everything you could imagine them doing and more, for better or worse

(and a fuckload of humans get ptsd and do shitty things, especially those at war)

just because a character (who up until recently has always been kind and just, especially when other fan favourites i could mention have not been) is in the midst of a dark, interesting arc doesnt mean he is a “fucking wast of human skin” or any of the other gross and hateful things people have tagged my post as 

i repeat: its not about fixing it. its about telling a good goddamn story

do you love breaking bad? got? mad men? twd? why dont you apply the same tenants you would to those shows to the 100? bc despite its network, it is a quality show with an incredible amount of potential. please dont limit it wth your narrow ideals of right and wrong, bc the writers sure dont

and honestly, i would care a lot less if the fandom was so harsh on everyone, but theyre not. it is and always has been finn who gets the bulk of the judgement and hate (i would say all but murphy gets some too, just not nearly as much. love ya murphy u keep me young)

the obvious explanation is that he “gets in the way” of bellarke, which is horrible and dumb and not something i want to dwell on. clarke is not some brainless waif whos just gonna swoon for the first cute boy who gives her a two headed deer figurine. she makes her own decisions

(ps, you know who doesnt think this way? bellamy. even if he is in love with clarke, finn is his friend and he defends him on a regular basis, both from enemies and to his friends. how gross would it be if he hated finn for “getting in the way” of clarke? like, so gross)

i personally lean toward thinking the fandom is still subconsciously punishing him for cheating on the girlfriend he thought hed never see again. as a person who believes monogamy is not necessarily possible or healthy for everyone, i could rant about this one particular issue 5ever. but ill stick to saying that if on this fucking show, that is the one thing you cant forgive, you need to look inside yourself and examine your priorities.

ive also heard the theory that people hate him because he is the most flawed, human character. i like that one much better, but it makes me so sad. love yourselves, love finn, love everyone on this goddamn show. lord knows they need it and if you have so much hate in you for an idealist who was been crushed under the weight of a war, you probably do too.

as a last note: if you are disgusted by finns recent actions but felt good or neutral about him before and are waiting to see how this arc plays out, if finn has always irked you so you stayed away from his side of the fandom, even if you hate him deeply but dont post that hate in his tag and are respectful of his fans, i am not talking about you. i appreciate you, genuinely.

and if youre sick of seeing my finn rants, trust me, im more sick of writing them

just be cool guys

dont tag your hate (dont worry, the finn tag is full of it anyway), blacklist if you need, whatever

(and oh gosh if you think ur a special snowflake bc youve hated finn from the beginning, i roll my eyes particularly hard at you. hes always been the punching bag. always. we dont need to your posts bragging about it in the tag i mean jfc)

just be cool

and as always, thanks for reading