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the talk we need to have about idols coming of age

you’ve heard it all, but this is just something imo hardly anyone really says? 

theres this grey area between childhood and adulthood where we have to grow and adapt. a birthday is just a day; it doesn’t necessarily mean our brains are matured yet. its not magic, so we need a little time.

high schoolers mentalities are still kind of raw and vulnerable when we graduate; and yes, everyone has different experiences, but this is real trust me lol and yes, of course we want you guys to see us as adults!! not baby us! but when it comes to certain comments its like “that’s.. . uncomfortable chill out maybe lol ??

so when you sexualize some of us before we’ve even gotten the chance to prove ourselves as adults, its kind of.. . awkward and sometimes even creepy .. .

like i hate having to put this in words, but no matter what someones gonna cry “STOP INFANTALIZING” or “STFU NJSNSK NO ONE FUCKIN SAYS THAT WHATTA REACH” but thats why i’m sharing this to the best of my abilities! like ofc they aren’t innocent but that’s not your cue to just overwhelm someone with your comments. idols are human too, so chill with the “they signed up for this” comments, we dont know if sexy comments are even wanted right off the hour they come of age. 

until they’ve proven themselves as adults or have expressed so, please consider keeping your lustful comments to yourselves for a bit, be cool about this. dont be selfish and creepy.. .

nyo denmark headcanons

-red lipstick looks amazing on her
-keeps her hair short because it touching her cheeks/neck/shoulders makes her fidgety and she’ll want to rip it out
-a couple of piercings on her ear
-kinda strong, might have abs👀
-her teeth are a little crooked but that doesn’t stop her from smiling a lot!!
-likes to wear flannels and denim shirts
-tall and okay with it
-can’t sing but does it anyway. she doesn’t bother to learn lyrics so it’s a mess
-loves rollerblading and going for a ride around town on her bike
-bedhead: extreme edition
-likes to run around barefoot
-very caring, a good influence, “big sister” type of person
-deep-ish voice
-an extrovert

i love the small communities???

like my friends and i got messages like “oh you guys are in this group” or “this clique” and it seems to be a little isolate group, “away” from the fandom but in its own subcategory. but i follow a lot of my followers and see them interacting with new people and friends and i’m amazed because that’s something i can never be a part of, ever.

the bb19 hgs sorted into hogwarts houses

gryffindor (brave, daring, chivalrous): alex, christmas (or slytherin), dominique (or ravenclaw), josh (or hufflepuff)

hufflepuff (loyal, hard-working, fair): jason, jillian, mark

ravenclaw (knowledgeable, wise, creative): cameron, ramses

slytherin (ambitious, power-seeking, resourceful): cody, jessica, kevin, paul (or gryffindor)

i have no freaking clue: elena, matt, megan, raven

what did i miss?

daddy’s back.

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Imagine how a Yandere tfa Lugnut would go!!! I kind think he'd be one of the yanderes that doesn't really know he's a yandere because this is how he always is? part 1

I don’t think I ever got a part 2 of this but here goes…

  • Lugnut is drawn to naturally strong people (which is why he practically worships Megatron)  He’s used to puny human beings screaming and running for their lives during an attack, so if you show even a hint of resistance and courage, it’s going to stick in his processor.
  • It frustrates him that a mere human could take up so much of his thought process.  He’s thought about killing you just to teach you a lesson, but something always holds him back.  It takes him a long while to realize that his fixation has turned into a romantic infatuation, and by then, there’s no turning back.  
  • Lugnut has to have you, he decides.  He humbly begs his lord Megatron if he can obtain you as a trophy of sorts, to which Megatron agrees because loyalty like Lugnut’s should not go unrewarded.  
  • Your capture is so unexpected that you’re completely unprepared when he grabs you and throws you inside of his alt mode one day.  You’re taken to the Decepticon warship before you even have a chance to call for help.
  • Thankfully it seems that Lugnut has no intention of hurting you.  He really does treat you like some kind of trophy, keeping you locked in his habsuite away from prying optics, and alternating between taunting you about what a pathetically frail creature you are and promising that you’ll be safe with him as long as you do as you’re told.  (Hint: don’t ever say anything bad about Megatron in front of him, no matter how upset you may be.  He might just end up breaking a few bones to put you in your place.)
  • When you do get upset and start to scream or yell things at him, he just responds with an aggravated sneer and locks you in a drawer or cabinet until you have a chance to cool down.
  • He’s always sure to reward your good behavior though (in the hopes that he can condition you to be the perfect little pet) even if you don’t exactly consider physical affection from him to be rewarding in the least.  He’ll gleefully pull you onto his lap to snuggle and scratch the top of your head.  His touches are rough and demanding, but you know better than to try and struggle at this point.  He makes a point of reminding you of what will happen if you’re disobedient… 

1 day i will get to stream cbbb again w/o bein nervous ….

Apparently bravery is mocking wlw for relating to characters in a show now

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I want you to read a thing I wrote but it got no notes and I love your writing and you're just !!!! and afjndl;gnjbgb

oh my goodness dude first of all i am far more ?????? than i am !!!!! like genuinely i promise i’m just a regular old nerd 

second of all pal i’m sure i would love to read your stuff like i’m crazy behind still from being gone for a month but i love seeing all the insane talent that goes on around here !!

third of all i wanna give you a little bit of advice that you didn’t ask for because that’s just who i am as a person i guess. i know it can be hard to not fixate on notes, trust me i know, but it’s also important to remember that just because you don’t have a ton of followers or people aren’t reblogging your thing, it doesn’t mean that it’s not good.

the fact that you’re writing and POSTING it??? like that ALONE is incredible do you know how much courage it takes to put your art out there?? it’s crazy hard and people that don’t do it don’t understand that and thus don’t always give you the recognition you deserve for putting yourself out there like that. 

at the end of the day, you gotta write for you and no one else. when it starts feeling like you’re doing it for other people instead of because this is a thing you enjoy or that you have fun doing or that brings you some sort of fulfillment, take a step back and remind yourself why you started. write something just for you, write something you’ve been putting off bc you don’t think anyone will read it, maybe just take a break from writing altogether!

ultimately, try to work towards being in a place where the notes don’t matter, and that you can just be proud of what you’re making bc my dude you SHOULD be proud. you’re amazing and you’re making stuff and I’M proud of that.

okay that’s it for the unwanted advice for tonight sorry y’all bye.