doing all these dumb things

Who Are You?

Word Count: 1,147 
Genre: fluff i think?
Member: Minghao (the8)
Requested: Requested by anon
Prompt: “Humans are idiots.” and “Let’s NOT split up, okay?”

“Humans are idiots…” Minghao mused from where he sat on the top of one of the tallest buildings in the city, watching the ant sized people walk around the streets far below. “You’d think after all these years they’d learn to stop doing such dumb things, but here we are…” The cold autumn air blew around him, pulling at his white clothes, but the cold gusts had no effect on him.

Down below, you walked through the crowded streets, pulling at your jacket to try and keep the warmth trapped closer to your body. You should have grabbed a scarf or something, the cold air was nipping at every bit of your exposed skin, and it was barely tolerable. You wanted to get home as soon as possible. You kept your eyes staring down towards your feet, partly because if not, you would trip, and partly because you had no desire to socialize with anyone tonight. People pushed you around as you walked, for night time it really was crowded more than usual. 

“Oh yah, it’s Halloween today isn’t it…” you muttered to yourself as you watched two totally drunk people stumble across the sidewalk in front of you and basically fall into a waiting taxi. 

“Why on earth does everyone feel the need to get hammered on every holiday?” You spoke quietly to yourself as you rushed passed them.  

Humans are idiots… 

Your head shot up, who said that? You looked all around you but no one was speaking to you. His voice sounded so clear, it wasn’t possible that it had been words from some person passing by. It sounded so clear and so strong. Someone had said it, there was no way you imagined it.

You’d think after all these years they’d learn to stop doing such dumb things, but here we are… 

There the voice was again. You were one hundred percent sure what you were hearing wasn’t something you were imagining to be there. His voice was crystal clear and a voice you’d never heard before. Not just any old voice you could imagine to be speaking things in your head, and what awful things to be saying at that. 

The voices continued throughout the week for a long time. Always different things, always the same voice, and almost always something snarky. Whoever was in your head sure had some attitude. But the real question was, who on earth was in your head. Little did you know you weren’t the only person experiencing this problem. At first Minghao thought it was just one of the many voices he picked up while standing above the city like he usually does. But this voice was much more clear and strong then the other voices, and even after leaving his post, the voice continued. The voice said all types of things, from talking to a dog passing by on the street to reciting things for an upcoming test. The voice was smooth and calming, but it was still getting his nerves, and you weren’t any different.

“Why won’t this voice just stop already!” you yelled, giving up on studying for your test because the voice was complaining about some sort of chicken again. The voice stopped mid-sentence. Now that was something new, it was almost like the voice heard you! 

Now why won’t your voice leave me alone huh? Came the voice. You shot up from your chair. He had heard you! What is this? 

“Can you hear me?” You asked, staring at a blank wall in your room. This was weird, it was like being on a phone call but not at all. 

Of course, I can, I’m trying to take a nap, can you stop muttering stuff about science. 

“Hey! You’re the one who was complaining about chicken a few seconds ago! What type of nap is that?” you growled, clenching your fist. This rude jerk needed to get out of your head. The two of you stopped it there, but only for that day. The two of you continued to talk every now and then, mostly when you got bored and wouldn’t look crazy for talking to no one. After a while you developed a friendship with the voice in your head, and Minghao had as well. You wanted to meet Minghao in person, to see the face that belonged to such a nice voice, and Minghao wanted to see you as well. There was one problem however, Minghao hadn’t told you yet. He’d yet to tell you that he wasn’t a person, but rather, a spirit if you will. How the two of them had gotten connected like that was a mystery in itself. 

The two of you agreed to meet at a cafe around 3 in the afternoon and thus the date was set. That day you changed out of your pajamas and into something nice. Nothing too fancy or to casual.

Just right for meeting the voice inside your head at a coffee shop. You arrived a little early and sat down at a table with a cup of hot chocolate and waited for Minghao. 

“Let me know when you get here.” you said softly, staring out the window like you weren’t talking to no one. It kind of made you feel like a spy with one of those earwigs and such. Minghao stood right where you were staring, but he could not be seen by anyone, let alone you, for he was only a spirit. A spirit that had never been caught by the grim reaper, and was left to float around, waiting for god only knows what. 

I’m here, but I don’t think you’ll be able to see me. There is something i have to tell you.

“Why would I not be able to see you? Do you want me to go outside or something to find you?” you asked. 

“Trying wouldn’t hurt I guess. You walked out of the cafe and followed Minghao’s instructions to an alley way. 

Hold out your hand, and think about me okay? Minghao said, a small smile obvious on his face, obvious enough to make his speech reflect his mood. You reached out your hand and thought of nothing but him as he had asked, and you felt something cold touch your hand. It took everything in your body to night pull away and you just closed your eyes. The weight in your hand changed and you opened your eyes to see a (slightly transparent), white clothed guy standing there, whom you could only guess was Minghao. You closed your fingers around him and smiled. 

“What are you?” you asked. 

“I’ll answer that later, for right now I think we should focus on hiding.” Minghao declared. 

“What? Why?” you questioned, turning around and following his gaze to an enormous horde of angry looking spirits. You gulped. 

“Let’s NOT split up, okay?”


Honestly one of the biggest problem on this website is a lack of forgiveness. People do dumb shit. People say dumb shit. People mess up. We all do, it’s a human thing.

But like, don’t condemn people for it, man, come on, that’s not cool.

That 15 year old anti sjw who just figured out how systemic oppression works and is now apologizing for the horrible shit they said? Dude, encourage them. Forgive them. Tell them you’re proud that they figured stuff out.

Obviously there are truly irredeemable pieces of garbage out there but (and believe me, I’m not hitting u with that “punching Nazis is wrong” white liberal bullshit, because I am violently pro Nazi punching), a lot of the small stuff, like young teens who post anti feminist stuff when they’re young and are now figuring out why “triggered” jokes aren’t funny? They should be forgiven, and encouraged for growing as people.

the boy who stole sweaters

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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


Guess what, ASLR found Garp’s suitcase full of Hawaiian shirts :D
Inspired by chapter 47 of Tell it to the Marines, when Sabo wore a Hawaiian shirt! I loved that!

It Wasn’t Real (part one)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: So literally i was overwhelmed by the amount of love and support I got for this story. Once again THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I’m actually so excited to start this series and I have so many ideas bubbling around in my head, so please enjoy.

There’s something’s i need to make clear before we get started. The rest of the story (except for the first part) will happen four years after the events in IT Chapter One. I know that sounds weird but it will get better I promise! This is also sort of an AU mainly because IT will come back sooner than twenty-seven years, which doesn’t happen in the book. So it’s like based off the original story but isn’t at the same time?? It will all make sense! And there will be an Character x Reader ending, but i’ve closed down the poll as of now until we get further into the story! Right now, Richie is leading!

Anyways… I hope you all enjoy this story! Oh! And Henry hasn’t die in my story, as well as his father. Everything else is the same.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see)

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones.

Tag’s List: @chalatea
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It wasn’t real.

It seemed that maybe it was. When time passes, friends tend to forget each other. It was an unsaid thing. No friendships last forever, no matter hard you tried to make them. But something in you had always told you that when it came to the Loser’s Club that wasn’t true.

You’d been wrong.

Separated from those you called your family, everyone started drifting apart. Some of them still talked, like Eddie and Richie or Bill and Beverly, but in the end, no one really was as close as they use to.

It was almost as if they’d forgotten, stopped believing in what you all experienced. And you couldn’t understand why. Because while everyone was off moving on, forgetting, you only seemed to remember. You tried. Tried and fought and screamed and yelled for them, but it was like you were standing in the back, watching as their back turns. Watching Richie look away, watching Eddie follow or Bill turn and Beverly distance herself. You saw less and less of Mike, Ben never left the library and Stan… Stan wouldn’t even look at you.

Soon it was just you, just like IT had teased, and you were alone.

So, no, Bill, it was real.

Three Years Later…

You let out a breath of relief as the school bell rung, signalling the end of class. English class today in particular had been boring and repetitive, some idiot decided to back talk the teacher so the majority of the class was spent with Ms. Green lecturing you all. It would’ve been fine, had that not meant that your pile of homework had grown significantly larger in size.

Gathering your binder and books, you quickly stuffed them into your bag. Though when you looked up, you noticed that most of the students were already out and sighed. It meant the hallways were going to be cramped with people, and it was the end of the day.

Knowing it was inevitable either way, you slipped your backpack over your shoulders calmly and pulled the straps. “Have a nice weekend, Ms. Green.” You waved at your teacher. She may have just spent an hour yelling at you all and then the last half talking about what you had to catch up on, but she was nice when she wanted to be.

“You as well, Y/N.” She shortly replied, not sparring you a glance. You hesitated a moment, watching the way her eyes didn’t even move to say goodbye before sighing and making her way out the door. The hallway wasn’t as bad as you expected, which was a breath of relief. Quickly, you made your way down the hall, turned a right and low and behold there stood your locker.

Putting in the combination, you begin organizing what you’d need over the weekend and what you wouldn’t. Though, your moment of peace was quickly interrupted when the door of your locker was slammed to the side. You jumped, letting out a bewildered shock and turned to see who had so rudely disturbed you only to find a face you hadn’t wanted to see.

“Hey, babe.” Henry greeted, smiling down at you. Henry Bowers, the same Henry Bowers who use to bully you and your friends back in middle school. Of course, Henry confessed he doesn’t ever remember doing such a thing. I’d remember a pretty face like yours

Refusing the urge to shiver, you sent a short smile at him; “Jesus, Henry. You nearly gave me a heart attack.” He only shrugged, as if he didn’t care. Smiling through the discomfort, you grabbed your locker door, moving it off of the next one and Henry wasted no time leaning against it.

Henry Bowers had been sent back two years, making him in the exact same grade as you, of course he was eighteen already. Though, that didn’t mean he acted any more mature. 

“So, you coming with us to the pit tonight?” Henry asked, looking lazily over at you. Setting your final textbook in your locker, you shut the door with a soft thud; “us?”

“Belch and me.” He clarified. You hated Belch, all he did was well… belch. And it disgusted you, but it seemed no matter what him and Henry stayed friends. At least some things were the same. “Oh, and I believe Amy will be joining us.” 

“Oh,” you mumbled. “I don’t think I wi-”

“Why not?” Henry interrupted, cutting whatever you’d been about to say off.

You shifted uncomfortably, taking a tentative step back when Henry straightened out. You should probably just go, Henry would back off if you did. But you really did not want to spend the night in some dingy corner of the town with belching Belch and bitchy Amy. “My mom… she wants me home tonight.”

“Your mom?” Henry laughed, as if that was the craziest thing you’d ever said. Leaning down, he didn’t ask when he grabbed your wrist; “your mom never wants you home. Come on, it’ll be fun.” Fun for you, you wanted to say, but knew better. Knowing nothing you could say would allow you to stay home, you let Henry drag you off into the direction of the school doors.

You zoned out whatever he’d been saying, loosing yourself in your mind. At least it was the weekend, you told yourself, after tonight you wouldn’t have to speak to anyone, let alone see anyone. Of course, two days only lasted so long… Weekends use to be filled with adventure back in middle school… of course you were a child then and so was everyone else… but, it had been an adventure.


Turning your head, you were pulled from your thoughts as a familiar head walked by. You could almost swear… Time seemed to freeze, as the person’s head floated before you, but then suddenly it was gone. Looking down, you heard the thud as their body smacked against the ground. 

“Watch where you’re going, freak.” Henry laughed, shoving his hand into Belch’s stomach in excitement. You hadn’t even noticed Belch join you…

Looking over at the body, you didn’t move as they slowly moved to their hands and knees. You of course, felt bad, put no part of you wanted to help them. You only stared with a lazy eye, your wrist still in Henry’s grasp. It was only when their head turned up to glare at your boyfriend did you feel an reaction flood through you.

“Eddie…” You whispered, gaining a strange reaction from Henry and Belch. Seeing their gaze, you moved to look away before your eye caught Eddie’s. There laid Eddie, the same Eddie you used to constantly worry over and mother, on his knees, blood pooling from his chin where he’d smacked it against the ground.

His eye met you, but you didn’t do anything. 

Soon he groaned in pain, Henry had kicked him. Henry leaned forward, towering over the boy; “stay down.” And before you knew it, the grasp on your wrist tugged and you were off.

You gripped your jacket sleeves with force, watching as your breath formed before you in the cool evening air. You hated walking home alone, especially at night. It was when you saw things, things that shouldn’t be there but were. But of course, Henry hadn’t wanted to walk you home, so that left only one other option.

You laughed out into the bitter air, when did Henry ever wanna walk you home?

It’d caused many fights before, back when you first started dating. You didn’t want to stay out that later (or go out at all) but of course Henry wanted to, so you did. You’d stay out all night, doing whatever dumb thing him and his friends could think off until the sun had set and you could no longer see past you clearly. You’d beg him to walk you home, but he’d only shove you away and continue hanging with his friends.

Though, you guessed the moment of peace gave you time to think. Think about whatever. It never really was the same.

You let your eyes wander above you, to the night sky, viewing the many stars as you walked the streets of your neighbourhood. You were close, thankfully. It was January, meaning a new year and christmas had just passed. That also meant many houses still had there christmas lights up, too lazy to take them down and you could view the bright colourful lights in peace.

It wasn’t often you saw so much colour in your life nowadays.

Your feet made a crunching noise as you stepped into the snow, a sound you loved very much. There was nothing but colourful lights, empty streets and mindful thoughts.


You could see your house now, just before you and that gave you motivation to quicken your step. 

“Y/N.” Gasping, you turned around at the voice. You weren’t sure what you’d expected, but you had expected something. Instead, all you found was nothing. Just the street you’d already walked on a million times and the darkened houses except for the bright christmas lights. Shaking your head, you turned back around. You must’ve been imagining it.

“Y/N.” Okay, that time you hadn’t. You were sure of it.

“Henry?” You called, turning around once again. “Henry is that you?” Of course, nothing. People didn’t really like to reply to you much these days. “Henry, I-I swear to god if this is a prank…” There was nothing there, but you were so sure you’d heard a voice.

“Y/N.” You spun, the voice now much closer behind you. Except when you turned around, there wasn’t anything there.

“Time to play.” You spun again, back around and for a moment you saw what you never thought you’d see again. IT. IT. It’s red fire-y hair and sinister smile. But the next time you blinked, it was gone. “Time to play, Y/N.” You instinctively took a step back as maniacal laughter filled your ears.

Bolting around, you took quick and loud steps to your house, not daring to peer back behind you. You scrambled for your keys, fumbling to get them out of your back but the minute you did, you unlocked your door and swung it open. You wasted no time slamming it behind you, falling to the ground before it as you let out a shaky breaths.

Holding your hand against your chest, you tried to even your breathing. You were never afraid, at least you hadn’t been. Your friends made you stronger and now where were they?

Panting, you let out a little whimper. The second you closed your eyes, IT appeared and you wasted no time in opening your eyes again. Taking a look around your dark and vacant house, you were pulled away from the events that had happened outside and back into reality. “Mom?” You called, “you home?”

You wandered into the kitchen, finding nothing. No note, nothing. She obviously wasn’t home, but it’d be nice if she could at least let you know. Sighing, you dropped your bag on the dining table, taking a seat on one of the chairs. You let your head lean on your hand, staring at the darkened room around you.

“What happened…?”

Part 2?

Let me know what you thought! I hope you all enjoyed!

Fan Manifesto

I respect your right to interpret media as you see fit, even if I don’t agree. 

Not everyone is here for constructive criticism, and it’s not my job to make you a better fan (based on my definition of better). If you’re here just to share and squee, that’s cool.

I am always prepared to be swayed by a good argument that uses evidence from the text to make me see something new. I reserve the right to respectfully disagree, but I will not seek to argue with or impose my opinion upon those not looking for it. I will fail at this, and I am sorry about that. I will keep trying to be better.

We are human beings and we will be overcome by our own selves from time to time. I will give anyone a clean slate anyone and start over when arguments have gone sideways, and hope others will do the same for me.

Grudges are too damn heavy, and we can all be dicks sometimes. If we can, we should let them go. (We can’t always: in that case I think we should ignore each other as gracefully as possible.)

I reserve the right to ship as I see fit and interpret as I see fit, fully accepting the fact that my view is not and can never be definitive. No matter who agrees with me.

I respect your right to ship as you see fit, even if I don’t get it. I don’t have to get it; it’s your ship. 

I respect the rights of fans to use whatever lenses they wish to interpret media, even if I do not agree. I can disagree and still enjoy the fanwork of others.

None of us can speak for all of us.

If you’re here because you love this story and these characters and you want to extend them in fannish ways, then I’m a fan of you.

Byun Baekhyun//Batter Up

Summary: Byun Baekhyun is the star player of your college’s baseball team - plenty of people have a crush on him, and of course you do too. But you have one thing they don’t have: a quiet friend who can’t pick up her damn phone and a head full of air.
Scenario: baseball!au, fluff
Word Count: 4,353

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i don’t do yoga, but i do like to look at yoga poses on the internet and think “that doesn’t look that hard” and then almost hurt myself

anonymous asked:

How would the batfam react to watching the lego batman movie?

-Bruce would feel called out and slightly offended because the whole movie is basically making fun of his blatant character flaws and his kids would be like 👀📝

-Dick would probably be laughing at the puns and stupid jokes that his movie self makes because he finds himself to be hilarious

-Jason makes fun of Dick and Bruce through the whole movie and then gets super pissed at the “misunderstood sweetheart” act that the Joker played through the movie because the dude is a literal mass murderer and awful creature

-Tim and Duke are already planning on building a Lego Wayne Manor and Fortress of Solitude together as soon as they can get their hands on enough pieces. It’s going to be displayed in the Batcave as soon as it’s done

-Damian is appalled because of their portrayal of Batman; his father is a feared vigilante, not some rapping, egotistical manbaby (scratch that, he can be egotistical) but would enjoy the graphics

-Steph is laughing hysterically at the fact that Bruce is getting so epically called out on his bs that she would actually have to take pictures of how bitter Bruce looked during the movie just so she could relive the moment

-Alfred was fondly remembering all of the things the movie made references to, like the shark repellent, the stupid super villains of old, just all of the dumb things Bruce used to do at the start of his career as Batman

  • Sasuke: (barging into the kitchen) I swear he couldn't be more stupid! Who would do such an reckless mistake, especially on a top secret mission...
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun...
  • Sasuke: Obviously, the Uzumaki idiot! The master of idiotic Uzumaki things!
  • Sakura: Darling, calm down, please and-
  • Sasuke: I know you want to defend him, Sakura, but a lecture about friendship and teamwork is the least thing I want to heat right now. We both could've died if I ha-
  • Sakura: Darling!
  • Sasuke: (sighs) What?
  • Sakura: You just poured breast milk into the coffee.
  • Sasuke: (spits the liquid, red from embarrassment)
  • Sakura: (lauging) Well Sarada won't be too pleased... welcome home, Sasuke-kun.
  • Sasuke: (still tomato faced) Hn.

*a cackle is heard in the distance*

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Can I request a sequel to your MC reset theory where MC gets a lil' drunk on the first or second day of the reset and just calls their fave and blurts out everything? Bonus points for "You're my favourite, I wanted to stay with you" Thank you so much!

OHMYYOFSJNJ thank you so much for requesting this, i really appreciate knowing someone actually liked that!! you’re so welcome, and again thank thank thANK THANK THANKKK YOUUU!! side note i c ried,, a lil writing thi,,s,


  • when you called him he picked up so fast
  • you sound so happy
  • after a couple minutes he realizes that ur deadass drunk
  • then all of a sudden ur voice goes real sad and soft
  • “is ur eye alright nowww? i was so worried you know?”
  • you’re slurring but somehow he can understand you
  • my eye???
  • what about my eye?????
  • and you go on about his dreams about being a vet
  • what???
  • didn’t we just meet yesterday
  • how do u know all this
  • “of course i know these things!! but this dumb ability doesn’t let you rememberrr”
  • he’s really confused
  • you talk more about some gibberish he can’t comprehend
  • something about a cat named lisa or something
  • and again about his eye
  • eventually you fall asleep on him
  • and he’s so??
  • his heart kinda hurts a little
  • ?? what is this
  • he plays games all night to forget
  • but then ever since that happened he never brought it up again
  • he thought about it a lot
  • but will literally never say anything about it
  • the air between you two stays awkward and it probably makes him turn away from you a little
  • :’(


  • he thinks u sound cute drunk
  • he’d make fun of u for a while
  • until u literally just start crying
  • “??? mc?”
  • you start babbling nonsense and he assumes u must be one of those emotional talkative drunks
  • issa rlly cute
  • but then u start talking about how he saved you from a dangerous white haired man in the apartment
  • ??? what kind of imagination does this girl have
  • he plays along asking u what happened next
  • at this point u kinda forgot u were talking to him
  • but you continue
  • going on and on about a hacker
  • and how you spent the night at his house
  • zen is puzzled
  • hey hey hey this is getting a bit..
  • eventually all he hears from the other side of the line is your soft breathing
  • he wonders if you fell asleep
  • “sweet dreams, mc.”
  • he’s about to hang up but then hears you mumble something that sounded like his name
  • “don’t go..”
  • after this zen found it kinda hard to approach you
  • he wanted to know what you meant
  • he spends his nights frequently waking up from dreams he can’t recall
  • yet he acts like nothing happened in the chatroom
  • but when he can’t help the growing feelings along with the feeling it wasn’t the first time this had happened
  • he starts to remember what his dreams were about


  • she was at home
  • working like always even when she isn’t at the office
  • then she gets a phone call from you
  • she hesitates a bit
  • i mean she just met you today so
  • “hello? this is kang jaehee”
  • “aah.. jaeheee..”
  • you sounded relieved to hear her voice
  • “uh.. mc? are you.. feeling okay?”
  • you were pretty sure you were drunk
  • but right now all you wanted was to hear her voice
  • “i wish we could go back to the way we used to be”
  • you sounded really sad
  • jaehee didn’t really know how to react
  • so she just listens
  • “hey..”
  • your voice is all hoarse and cracking
  • “do you think if i hadn’t chosen you then i wouldn’t have to be so sad now?”
  • “but then..”
  • “i wanted to stay with you in the end”
  • she didn’t need to see your face
  • to know that you were in tears
  • jaehee doesn’t know why but she ends up hanging up
  • without a word
  • she continues to work
  • with a heavy heart
  • i don’t even know what she looks like
  • and for the first time
  • she fell asleep at her desk with her work left unfinished
  • and dreams of a blurry face with a smile warm like the sun


  • he was a bit surprised to see a phone call come in from you
  • considering how it was only the second day since you had joined
  • he certainly wasn’t expecting this
  • although he strangely could listen to your voice all day
  • you called him often at night
  • though he can tell pretty quickly that you’re hammered
  • he advises you to take it easy and rest
  • he doesn’t really pay attention to what you ramble about
  • but decides to humor you one night
  • if he was getting any closer to you
  • and opening up his heart now
  • this definitely would have closed it back up
  • “i keep forgetting how you were before i came here”
  • he didn’t understand a single word you were saying
  • it sounded
  • unreal
  • “i loved you”
  • “i loved you so much”
  • he would probably close off any feelings he was starting to have
  • or already had
  • he just
  • can’t comprehend it
  • his heart
  • his mind
  • cannot understand such feelings
  • such thoughts
  • are too much for him
  • the distance between you two would only grow overtime
  • jumin would probably be as confused with himself as he originally was when he was just learning to love
  • he needs time
  • before he can talk about it again with you


  • woo yall just love to see me suffer
  • seven would already be one of the only people to call you pretty frequently after only the first couple days
  • so one night you call him
  • you were tired from drinking a bit too much earlier while reflecting
  • and just laid in bed still drunk
  • “hey! what’s up?”
  • his voice alone was enough to make you tear up
  • “i can’t sleep”
  • “so i thought hearing your voice would help”
  • he chuckles and your stomach twists
  • because you could tell he was trying to not take it seriously
  • “are you trying to say i tire you out? i’m hurt, mc”
  • you know he’s just trying to cover what you said
  • but you were just so tired
  • “keep talking”
  • and talk he did
  • until you fell soundly asleep
  • seven is silent on the other line
  • contently listening to your soft breathing
  • “sa..saeyoung..”
  • he freezes
  • and his finger presses to end the call
  • just who were you
  • who
  • “..are you?”
  • he becomes frantic
  • and hacks into notes you kept on your phone
  • his insecurities come spilling out faster than before
  • how did you know so much about him
  • how could you pick out every flaw and fear he had
  • so perfectly
  • so effortlessly
  • his facade crumbles
  • and he has so many questions
  • “just who… am i?”