doing all the graphics i can before school starts

So, hi! I’m totally new to this community, I started this studyblr because I’d like to become much more organized and stay motivated during this year. 

You can call me sohyun (she/her), I’m 16y/o. 

This 2017 I’m starting my last year of high school. I’d like to major in English, I’m also interested in graphic design, photography and everything related to that. 

But before I start doing all of those things I’d like to get rid of bad study habits by being part of this amazing community. ^^

I’m also a full-time kpop trash, and a fellow slytherin who would like to improve on study methods, and help other people to do that as well. 

My native language is Spanish, I studied English on my own, and the language I’m currently self-learning is Korean. 

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anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask if it's okay for someone who doesn't know the basics of art to actually study art later after high school?


You mean art, formally? In a college? :0 Usually art colleges require a portfolio review (where you show the guy screening applicants a collection of your best works) so you should at least have some things to show by then!

Otherwise, if you mean art workshops, online courses and self-learning, then by all means, feel free!!! You can do this part first before applying for a college so that your portfolio has content. Personally, I never think it’s too late to learn art! (Heck there are some professional graphic designers currently that started learning in their 30′s) 

I mean, can you draw a circle? a square? a triangle? Then you’re ready to start learning! ;9

Good luck! Don’t forget that part of art is to have fun and to aaalways strive for self-improvement! So I hope these two things will fuel you as you draaaw~!