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Of all the Cartoon Network shows, which ones do you think had the most consistent quality?

Let me preface this by saying… obviously nothing against PPG because it’s my favorite show forever and is perfect and lovely, but yeah… S5 + S6… were just not… the best. And the quality definitely dipped when Craig started working on Foster’s and, although it makes sense that they kept the series going ‘cause CN wanted more episodes, it just wasn’t as good after that. Which really sucks!

But I’d say Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy. I haven’t watched the show in years but I remember it being absolutely consistent in quality across the board, and it just kept getting better and better. I seriously don’t think that show ever jumped the shark, even when they switched up the plot from summer vacation to them being in school. And I think it’s mostly ‘cause Danny Antonucci worked on it the whole time and was able to give consistent direction.

Random text HCs for the YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - Kids 01

Exactly as stated. Self-indulgent rambling headcanons around themes/questions on the OC kids of the YOI Future!Verse ABO AU. Some of this may be when they are a bit older.

New to the AU? Basics here, rest of the posts HERE.

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1, 8, & 42. “That’s starting to get annoying” “You’re seriously like a man-child” “Stop being so cute”

requested by @onedirection-hnll

Sorry, this took a minute to get done. I was trying to work out a scenario for this and it finally came to me while watching one of my favorite films! Enjoy.

“Are you serious?” the prickling sound of judgment in your boyfriend’s voice, inflicted embarrassment in you. The lump in your throat was tight, almost like you couldn’t breathe from the tone of his voice. The situation wasn’t that serious to him, but it was to you. He never understood your fears, and always brushed them off as you being stupid and worried. Public transportation was something you absolutely dreaded. Trains, buses, trolleys, planes, and even elevators weren’t things you were comfortable with. You’d rather take the stairs and avoid as many people of situations as you could then use public transportation.

“You’re so fucking scared of everything. I can’t take you anywhere without you ruining it with your stupid fear” his words were like a punch in the gut. You felt like a burden to him and everyone around you.

But things were different now.

“I’m sorry you ever had to deal with a person like that” Harry said, referring to your ex-boyfriend. Memories of that time in your life was always in the back of your mind. You were dumbfounded that you let someone like that into your life and let them belittle you. Then again you were the type to take constructive criticism to broadly. You let constructive part turn into pure judgment, and you never defend yourself. It was something that you’ve been trying to throw into the past for a year now. When you met Harry, you were afraid he’d be the same way. His job required him to go to a lot of public places at times, and as his girlfriend, he would often times ask you to go with him.

The first time you explained to him your fears, he was understanding of all of them. He didn’t push you to do anything, and he assured you that he’s always gonna be there for you. In denial was basically your best friend, when people told you they would be there for you. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust them, it was just the lack of promises.

Harry just finished his first leg of the tour and wanted you to come back home with him for a week to meet his family and friends. You’ve never been out of the country, and you sure as hell haven’t been on a plane since you were really little. You prepared yourself in secret, looking up ways to stay calm, and how to prevent yourself from panicking. The immense feeling of not wanting to look embarrassing, worried you even more. Little did you know, Harry noticed this, and it broke his heart. “My love, what’s going on?” he cooed, watching you look at the computer screen at the astounding search results of remedies. You didn’t even make eye contact with him, your goal to find something, growing.

“This says if I take some Benedryl before the flight, I can sleep through it,” you said, scrolling down the page.

“Baby-” he started, but you cut him off.

“..Or I could do this” you pointed to many things on the screen, before Harry shut the laptop. He turned the chair towards himself, admiring your beautiful face. It was just a moment of silence, Harry trying to figure out what to say.

“Look at me,” he said, placing his finger under your chin to give him your attention. Your eyes locked with his, the sadness showing through him. “I’m gonna be with you throughout this whole trip alright? I’m never going to leave your side, and we’re gonna get through this together yeah?” he spoke slow, his thumbs tracing over your hands as she did. You felt stupid for worrying so much, that you were constantly wasting your time worrying. But Harry didn’t blame you. No one ever let you be okay with your fears, they always yelled at you for them.

Your stomach turned the whole way to the airport, and when you finally sat in first class with Harry it subsided. His hands intertwined with yours the whole time, occasionally kissing yours when you became nervous. I can’t do this, you thought. But it wasn’t like you could get off, even though you desperately wanted to unbuckle and run off the plane. Stress ran through your veins, the pit feeling of nervousness boiling in you. Harry panicked to himself when he saw how distressed you were, not knowing what to do at the moment. He remembered from first dates and impromptu talks in bed that you HATED when people did this one thing. Recited monologues. The strangest pet peeve he’s ever heard. You didn’t mind movies, in fact, you loved them, but you couldn’t stand when people would talk over them when they knew every word. You hated when people would recite opening monologues like it was something different. It never contributed to the conversation, and it just annoyed you.

Harry decided it was time to distract you, in the sense that you were seconds away from bursting into tears. Past girlfriends of his came and gone, but one that he always remembered was one that was a film major. She always made him watch films with her, classic, modern, and even foreign. He never caught on with most of them, besides one that they both watched constantly. He remembered the opening dialogue like the back of his hand. Why? He had no idea.

“They bought it! Incredible! One of the worst performances of my career and they never doubted it for a second. How could I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this? This is my ninth sick day this semester” Harry began, adding charisma to the character of his voice. You stopped for a second, looking at him, eyebrows furrowed together. He couldn’t be doing this. “It’s getting pretty tough coming up with new illnesses. If I go for ten, I’m probably gonna have to cough up a lung, so I better make this one count” he continued.

“That’s starting to get annoying,” you said to him, as he smirked.

“The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands. It’s a good non-specific symptom. I’m a big believer in it. A lot of people will tell you that a good phony fever is a deadlock, but, uh, you get a nervous mother, and you could end up in the doctor’s office” He kept going, the look on your face making him want to bust out laughing.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.You’re seriously like a man-child!” you whisper-yelled, even though there was only a couple of people in first class. They looked in your direction as Harry tried to continue his awful rendition of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. His attempt to make you distracted was working, and before you knew it, the plane was already in the air. It was the first time in a long time where you didn’t have so much uneasiness built up in you. The weight that’s been choking you for so long, was slowly beginning to lift off.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t be that bad” he smirked, knowing his method of weird reenactments worked. You couldn’t believe this man, this man that you were so helplessly in love with. Grateful is an understatement when you thought about him. He accepted you for who you were, and he thought you were absolutely perfect. To him, there was nothing that could make him not love you, especially a little fear like this.

“Don’t know what I’d do without you” you smiled, squeezing his hand as you laid your head on his shoulder. Harry kissed the top of your head, lingering there for a moment. You eased into his gesture, your heart fluttering because of his gentleness towards you.

“Maybe next time I’ll do my version of Saturday Night Fever” he giggled, causing you to playfully roll your eyes. “The Bee Gees are good plane entertainment” he chuckled.

Stop being so cute,” you said, hiding your laughs into the sleeve of his shirt.

AUish Headcanon for Jack Morrison

So I have this old AU Headcanon for Jack Morrison that I have never done much with, that I was inspired to talk about because I read a fic that had something similar.

Most of the canon information we get about Jack is that he was charismatic, inspiring, a real captain America type person. People loved him and respected him and he brought out the best in everyone.

A certain portion of the fandom’s response is to twist that into selfishness and turn those positive traits into negative ones. I.e he is secretly an asshole or something like that. I understand the desire to try to deconstruct this, but I personally took it in a slightly different direction and a step or two further. This is going to be a long one.

People in universe don’t really talk about Jack Morrison like he is a person, they talk about him more like he is a symbol. It is something that people will often do, but I like to think that a part of the reason that they do that is because he is seriously like that when people meet him.

So I have to explain why Jack would act this way and the answe became, because he is incapable of handling emotions and people normally. Most specifically he lacks any real empathy. He understands that other people have wants and desires, that they have agency and are individuals in the same way that he is, but this understanding is intellectual and learned.

Jack had to learn, largely on his own, to understand why other people act like they do and what was expected of him in social situations. As a result his youth was very rough and intensely frustrating for him and those around him. He was brilliant and tenacious though and, over time, he slowly learned how to get people to act the way he wanted them to. He learned how to talk to people, to convince them of things and how to smile to put people at ease and get them to open up and relax.

Going into high school practically nobody would have connected him to the cold and occasionally cruel kid he used to be. He laughed, smiled, flirted, joked around. He had started working out and eventually tried out for sports. He didn’t rest until he was the star quarterback, the most respected member of the most popular sports team in school. He was a social butterfly of the highest order, he even, of course, was prom king.

He didn’t just excel when it came to being social or playing football, no. His grades were impeccable, his test scores practically perfect. He took the highest level courses available to him: calculus, sciences. You name it he took it. He graduated valedictorian.

Over the course of his early life he went from the local trouble child to the kid everyone wished they had. He was the wonder boy. Everyone loved him, he always had time for everyone, managed to keep up with his school work and studies. People called him a superman, amazed that he could manage everything he did with a smile on his face.

The truth of the matter was that he did nothing but all of this, all the time. He had no hobbies, nothing he did for fun or relaxation. All of his energy went into being absolutely perfect in this rather specific way. The few people who understood, to some degree, what he was doing would never understand his motivations.
That motivation had a lot to do with his evolving sense of self. As a relatively natural consequence of the way he thought about people, it was easy to elevate himself over them. They were easy to predict and manipulate and that affected his growing philosophy and relationship to people as a whole.

His personal philosophy has a wide range of influences. It was as he reached his high school graduation that he had begun to get a rather consistent and coherent sense of what that was. To somewhat oversimplify, he has a strong belief in his own superiority over others. He feels a need to show people that he is better than them, but also, to make them love him for it.

The sort of interesting consequence of this is that he holds himself up to a near impossible standard, while at the same time having a hard time blaming people for things that they do wrong. He easily dismisses others’ actions because they don’t know any better, or are incapable of doing better on their own. It’s a weird I can’t be mad at them because they couldn’t do better even if they wanted to thing.

He joins the military at the cusp of the crisis because he knows that he will be able to do something about it better than anyone else and he couldn’t leave his own safety in the hands of others. Even here he manages to say and do the exact right thing. His superiors love him, most of his colleagues do too.

Through his excellence he is offered a chance to join the SEP and he jumps at the opportunity. It was another way to make him better than he already was.

This is where most of my stories with this Headcanon begin, because this is where it all changes. This is where he meets Gabriel Reyes and he is forced to reevaluate his relationship to other people.

A small group of highly qualified soldiers are brought together to undergo experimental procedures to make them better. Jack charms his fellow recruits and the people in charge easily enough, but one person seems to resist his every attempt at manipulation. His bright smiles don’t seem to work, his smooth words fall on deaf ears and even his small town charm and naïveté don’t seem to produce the results he wants. No matter how hard he seems to try he and Gabriel do not get along.

They end up being roommates, much to Gabriel’s annoyance and Jack’s approval. It would give him plenty of time to work on whatever was going on that made Gabriel dislike him. Jack had met other people who were more difficult to work with than most. The most common of these tended to react somewhat contrarily, meaning they needed to be handled differently.

He tried flipping around his tactics, manipulating Gabriel into thinking he wanted one thing while he was after another. No matter what he did it was like the other man anticipated things. He would never react the way Jack expected or wanted and everything he did seemed to make the man dislike him more and more.

That distance only vanished when Jack gave up and eventually stopped trying. He stopped putting on his fake smile and laughing about things. Jack had not intended to do that, but the pain, fever and just plain torture of their treatments often left him out of sorts and eventually they talked.

When they were delirious from pain Jack didn’t have the presence of mind to pretend to be something else. He spoke clinically and precisely, often talking about emotions and reasons for actions in a way that always made people nervous or upset. Jack figured it would end up making things worse, but instead Gabriel started talking to him.

It only seemed to annoy Gabriel when Jack pretended too hard. When he was somewhat relaxed and natural for him, Gabe would smile. He wasn’t sure if Gabe understood just how deep his emotional disconnect ran, but it didn’t seem to drive him away.

Gabriel was the first person in his entire life that he could relax around. When Jack said or did atypical things he never commented unless they caused an actual problem and he was understanding even when they did. It helped as well that Gabriel was brilliant and strong and fast, he was everything Jack thought himself and possibly more.

There is no single moment that he can point to where he fell in love with Gabriel Reyes. It just seemed as natural to him as breathing. Before meeting Gabe he had never considered the possibility of finding someone worthy of his respect, let alone admiration. For everyone else his actions were dictated by their external reactions, but with Gabe he paused to consider how things would make him feel and what the man would want. Considerations that he had never given anyone but himself.

He would worry about impressing the man, constantly striving, not to be the best anymore, but to make Gabriel smile, to meet his approval. Gabriel would wrestle him to the ground, he would knock his ass out in boxing. Gabriel could bench press more, Jack outran him on the track. Before long Jack began actively wanting to spend time with him and lamenting when he could not.

Gabriel made the first move, because of course he did. Jack had no idea how to handle the way he felt. One night, after another intense sparring session, Gabriel grabbed him before he made it to his bed and kissed him. It was a quick chaste kiss, testing the waters. Jack reacted poorly, pulling away, confused by the sudden touching.

The look on Gabriel’s face when he did so was the most distressing thing Jack had ever experienced. He could recognize the pain that the other man felt and before he could do anything, Gabe bolted out the door. Jack had only a few moments to consider his response before he was chasing the other man. He had recoiled because the thought of such physical intimacy, sharing bodily fluids even, had always disgusted him.

He had never meant to hurt Gabriel though and he needed to apologize. Luckily Jack was faster and he managed to tackle him to the floor before he got too far. He didn’t know what to say to fix this, so he did the only thing he could think of. He kissed Gabriel back. Gabriel returned and deepened the kiss and Jack realized that with Gabriel things were different, as long as it was Gabe then he could do this and make him happy.

They spend even more time together talking, often alone so Jack could drop his act. Jack begins learning about Gabriel and how he wants to save the world. He wants to protect people and fight for peace. He learned about altruism from Gabriel like the concept was new, like he had never heard anyone else spout it out like nonsense.

It wasn’t nonsense when Gabriel talked about helping others, about sacrifice and the greater good. Even though Jack did not understand that he was in love with Gabriel at the time he truly admired the slightly older man. He began to question his own beliefs, because if Gabriel Reyes cared for and respected other people, as flawed as they were, who was Jack to dismiss them out of hand?

He never did tell Gabriel about what he thought of other people or why he joined. He did not want the man to think less of him. Instead he internalized Gabriel’s desire to protect and built himself anew around that. He and Gabe were better than everyone else and as such it was their duty to protect and guide them. He would be the hero that Gabriel wanted him to be because he wanted Gabriel to be happy.

This is why he acts the way he does, why people talk about him like he’s something that isn’t human. It’s because he acts like it. He is practically perfect through practice and will. He embodies the values that Gabe distilled into him and like everything in his life, he takes it to its ideological extreme. They treat him like he was a ray of sunshine that could inspire the greatest loyalty in anyone and he was, because he consciously worked every second of every day to be that.

Phew that was long and rather specific. I have more about this AU and where it splits off and about Gabriel and stuff if anyone is interested.

It’s interesting but super hard to write well/super easy to screw up.

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New York // Part 2

omg it took me ages to write this and idek why. it’s not the best, it’s actually really short and the reason why it’s like that is because i felt like i was dragging it out tooooooooo long and that just makes stuff not enjoyable. i’m sorry i took ages and it’s not even up to standards smh but i really wanted to give you guys somet!! if you have any ideas regarding what i should write about next, preferably not something that i will take ages to write lmao, then please leave them in the message box thing. ummmm, not much else to say so i hope you’s kinda like it? you don’t have to, you can tell me if it’s shite lmao. also i’m really sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, i didn’t proof read bc i wanted it out for you lads as soon as i could! OH ONE MORE QUESTION. do you’s prefer longer or shorter one shots? just so when it comes to writing them i have an idea of what to include and stuff. 
lotta love, xoxo -b

part 1 if you haven’t read it yet here 💗

I was in the shower for probably at least 45 minutes after I woke up from the longest nap ever. It wasn’t my intention to stay in bed until 6 pm however I couldn’t do anything about it. I was tired and although I knew that it didn’t help my jetlag at all I just slept anyway.

Once I was out of the shower, dry and feeling comfortable in my pair of black leggings and baggy shirt I laid back down on the bed. My phone was charging which confused me for a minute because I didn’t remember putting it on the bed side table or even taking it out of my pocket. Then I suddenly realised that it must have been Harry who put me to bed properly and sorted my stuff out as well.

Sighing, I took my phone off of the charger and pressed the middle button which caused the screen to light up. As I scrolled down on the locked screen I saw a whole lot of messages from my mum, my dad, and my mates and if I saw correctly even Harry’s name popped up as well.

I didn’t pay much attention to them because as soon as I unlocked my phone I somehow instantly forgot about the messages. After I finished my daily routine of going through all of my social media accounts which mainly consisted of Instagram and Twitter I decided it was time to show my face. And to be honest, I was rather bored as well. Not to mention my hunger which didn’t seem to fade.

Although when I got downstairs I found myself on my own, it was as if I was the only one living here. I didn’t know where Harry was though he probably told me about it in his text which I never read. Oh well – I thought as I made my way towards the kitchen and opened up the fridge door. It was full of food.

But it was full of healthy food.

Then I found some chocolate yogurt and a smile creeped its way onto my lips. I took it out of the fridge without any hesitation, taking a spoon out of the drawers as well then sat down on the bar stool chairs. My eyes were probably shining like the stars on a night sky while my mouth was watering but just as I was about to eat the first spoonful of desert, Harry stumbled in the house.

First I thought he was drunk or something but then I saw the bags in his hands. His sunglasses were low on his nose, it was about to fall off actually, his shirt was wide open on his chest and his jeans were hanging down on his waist as well.

Basically, he was a mess.  

I raised my eyebrows as I put the spoon in my mouth and ate what was on it, not minding one bit that he just came back. He didn’t seem bothered and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting me to actually get up because he knew me too well.

“Are you still hungry?” he asked me a few minutes later when I had finished my yogurt. He was still putting the things he bought away and right up until the question slipped past his lips, we were both extremely quiet.

Maybe a bit too quiet.

“Umm,” I muttered as I turned around with my chair, leaning back on the counter with my elbows. “Depends what you bought.”

“Just some stuff,” he shrugged then when he turned around he looked at me with a questioning look on his face. Arching my brow, which seemed to be the only facial expression I’ve shown since I woke up, I waited for him to carry on but instead he just looked away while messing with the shopping bags.

“Why are you being so awkward?” I asked him finally, a laugh escaping my lips although I didn’t find the situation funny.

“I’m not being awkward. I don’t know what you’re on about,” he scoffed. “The jetlag must be hitting you and your little nap probably didn’t help you.”

“Are you seriously gonna be acting like a dick to me because I was moody on the way back from the airport?” my voice got stronger and louder as I stayed sat down. I tried not to let my emotions show on my face but I totally failed. I always did so I wasn’t surprised. “I’m so sorry I was tired, hungry and stressed.”

“Well, I was tired, hungry and stressed as well yet I put a smile on my face because I finally got to see you after ages.”

“I’m sorry you felt like that, okay? And I didn’t ask you to force a smile on your face, hell, I-, I don’t even know-, gosh, do we really have to argue?”

“I’m not arguing-,”

“Well then shut your mouth and give me a hug. You didn’t hug me since that awkward one at the airport where everyone was looking.”

A sigh left his mouth as he looked to the side. I saw as he swallowed then shut his eyes and let another sigh out before he concentrated on me with his eyes again.

“Okay, don’t give me a hug then, that’s fine too,” I gave up as I slipped off of the chair. I chucked the spoon in the sink then did the same to the empty yogurt box.

“Baby, look-,” he started to talk as I was about to leave the kitchen but his voice stopped me. I didn’t turn around, hoping he’d carry on with what he wanted to say but the room was dead silent.  

“Do you want me to stay here at all or should I just get my shit and leave?”

“Listen, I’m sorry-,”


“I am, I just-, I’m stressed, and I don’t know where my head’s at. I have my first solo performance in like hours, well, tomorrow night, but still. I’m nervous as hell and it didn’t help that I made you so angry when we were in the car.”

“I know you’re stressed and I know how it feels to be like that. You feel like you’re lost as if there’s no way out and you’re just stuck in one place. You don’t know what to do to get over yourself and your problems until you have a big crying session or talk it out with someone. So I don’t think it helps that you’re so distant, and that you made me so angry? When? You were being nice to me and I just flipped because I was not in the mood. You did nothing wrong.”

“Well, then why do I feel like I upset you? You said I was being awkward then I was acting like a dick towards you just now. What am I supposed to think?” his voice was desperate and lost, my heart suddenly started to ache for him and my actions spoke louder than my words could.

As I walked back to him I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, making sure I did my best to collect all of his pieces that were not stuck together to make him his perfect self. I absolutely hated seeing him in a bad shape and no matter what he did or did not do I couldn’t just stand there and let him be.

Which might not be always beneficial and it may make me look absolutely weak when it comes to him I had to accept it.

Almost right as I hugged him, his arms wrapped around my neck and his head rested on top of mine, making sure our bodies basically moulded into one.

“I love you. I’m sorry I’m such a mess,” he whispered into my hair, his soft voice full of emotions making my heart beat faster and goose bumps arise on my arms.

“I love you and please don’t say that. You’re not a mess.”

“I am a mess though and you know it too,” he sighed as he slightly pulled away, shoving one of his hands through this short hair.

“Well then in that case, you are my mess,” I winked at him as I got on the tip of my toes to press a light kiss on his lips.

He smiled which made me smile and I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his neck this time and jump into his arms. Thankfully, he held on to me so I didn’t fall, a soft chuckle leaving his irresistible lips while his eyes were shining brighter than anything I have ever seen before.

“I’m sorry about my attitude before,” I told him as I hid my face in the crook of his neck. My grip was tight on him, my fingers formed into a fist as I locked my arms around Harry’s neck.

“Don’t worry about it, love,” he said and he suddenly started to walk out of the kitchen.

We didn’t go far, just to the couch in the living room where he sat down with me in his arms then I ended up sitting on his lap with my legs on each side of his waist.

“So you’ll come and see me, right?” he asked me a few minutes after he was just staring at me but not in a creepy way. He did that sometimes and I didn’t mind it because I knew he gave me his full attention and I loved it.

Now that might have sounded uptight and kind of selfish, it was the truth plus I didn’t mean it in that sense.

“Yes,” I said right away. “I mean if you want me to, it’s up to you.”

“I want you to,” he nodded. “Actually, I need you to come with me,” he laughed. “M’gonna be doing these skits and I need you to be there not to mention I’m performing a new song.”

“Which one?” I asked him curiously. I haven’t exactly heard his full album yet only because I told him I want it to be a surprise.

He actually really wanted me to listen to it then after I told him I wanted to wait for the actual release date he kinda got onto my idea. Of course he showed me snippets here and there because he knew how curious I was all of the time but I’m also way too stubborn so I wouldn’t just ask him to show me stuff.

“The only one you heard. Apart from Sign of the Times.”

“Ever Since New York?” I asked again just to make sure I was thinking about the right one.

I knew of the titles of the songs but I didn’t listen to them.

“Yeah,” a small smile made its way onto his lips. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned forward and pressed my mouth against his in a soft peck, his right hand came in contact with my cheek as he rested it on my face while our lips were touching. “I’m very happy you are here.”

“I’m very happy to be here.”

“Good,” he chuckled. “I missed having you around.”

“I bet you did,” I joked which to he raised one of his eyebrows and pouted at the same time. “I think I missed you too.”

“What do you mean you think? Aren’t you supposed to know that?”

“I don’t know, am I?”

“Um, yes?”

“Well, I don’t,” I shrugged as I kept on messing around with him and eventually got off his lap.

My legs were still on his thighs but I was sitting on the couch, right next to him. He took advantage of this position as he leaned into me, resting his head on my shoulder and placing his hands on my legs. They were warm and big and it made the butterflies in my stomach come to live as he rested his hands on my thighs. He just had that effect on me and it was lovely really.

“I’m just messing with you, I missed you more than you’ll ever know,” I said suddenly as I hugged his bicep tightly and pressed a few kisses on his chin as his head was still leaning on my shoulder.


Name: She is my sister, Bones!
Pairing: Bones x reader!Kirk’s sister
Summary: the reader is Kirk’s twin sister who he has always taken care of, then one day he comes in Bones’ room, looking for him, and runs in the reader and Leonard cuddling.
Author’s note: yes, I have a lot of requests. I am working on them. But right now I need this type of writing.

“You are warm,” you murmur, pressing your cold hands against Leonard’s neck, and he gasps, leaning back and then returning to you momentarily.

“You are freaking cold!” he grabs your hands and smiles at you. “Why wouldn’t you just wear gloves before going down with Chekov?”

“We were playing snowballs! I had gloves, but they were uncomfortable,” McCoy sighs and rolls his eyes, raising one hand and gently stroking your cheek.

“Such a child,” he wraps his hands around you, pulling you closer and murmuring something about you being a complete idiot. You grin and try not to laugh, feeling absolutely safe and perfect in his arms, sitting on a couch with a huge blanket wrapped around you.


“What?” he asks, pretending to be grumpy, but you feel how he carefully strokes your back, trying to pull you as close as possible, to make sure that you are getting warmer.

“Nothing,” you smile. “I am glad you are not mad at me.”

“Of course I am mad! What do you think you are doing, ricking your health? Your brother will take my head off,” he thinks then adds quickly. “Twice.”

“Jim wouldn’t!” you laugh, and McCoy joins you, as you rest your head on his shoulder and close your eyes, pressing your nose against his neck.

“Yeah, he would,” Leonard leans back, still holding you with both hands, and plants a soft kiss on your palm, feeling how you almost curl in a ball in his hands, totally melting in the warmth of his body. “My little stupid Kirk.”

“There are two of us,” you grin. “One is the captain, I bet you wouldn’t call him ‘little’ and ‘stupid’… Would you?”

“You bet I would,” you nod, knowing that he actually would.

“Bones, I’ve been looking for… Oh,” Jim walks in the room and stops, not seeing your face, but clearly understanding that McCoy is having his personal time with a crewman. “Sorry… Doctor McCoy, you are needed in the Sickbay.”

“I am on my rightful break, Jim,” Bones answers, hiding a huge grin by keeping his face behind your head.

“I am sorry, doctor, but I cannot find my sister. I am afraid she may be in trouble,” you honestly are trying not to giggle.

“Jim, I am sure she is fine and having fun. She is a grown person, let her go,” Leonard advises him and presses his lips against your temple.

“She is my sister, I am supposed to take care of her. Will you help me find her?” you roll your eyes - even though Jim in only minutes older than you, he took you as his responsibility.

“Jim, chill!” you turn to him, not pulling away from Leonard even for a second. “I am seriously fine and having more fun than you are.”

“Y/N?” you grin and nod. “Bones?” Bones nods, not trying to pretend that he is ashamed of his hands holding you so possessively. “You two are…”



“Because your best friend is awesome,” you answer simply, as Leonard tries not to laugh at Jim’s terrified face. “You’d feel worse if I were with Spock, so chill.”

“But… Uhm… I am the captain…”

“And I am your lieutenant. Spending my free time with your doctor. We checked, it’s not forbidden by the law of Mister Spock,” Bones giggles, as you pull away and look at your brother. “Jim, nothing is wrong here.”

“It certainly looks wrong. I… will head back to the Bridge and pretend that I never saw anything,” he storms out of cabin, and you turn to McCoy, both of you trying not to laugh at the thought of his surprised, almost terrified face.

“He reacted well.”

“Better than we expected,” you smile, leaning forward and gently kissing him. Bones quickly kisses you back, then frowns. ‘What’s wrong?”

“Your brother, Y/N… It’s always your brother.”

“What about my tiny ball of brotherly love?” Leonard rolls his eyes, annoyed by your endless love for your brother which will stop you from understanding that Bones is in huge risk of being murdered.

“He may kill me now.”

“I don’t think he will. He is nice and just very caring…”

“So caring, I just felt his glance skin me,” you realize that Kirk did look like he wanted to kill the doctor.

“Oh, don’t overreact, he wouldn’t…” the communicator turns on, and you hear Jim’s voice.

“Doctor McCoy, report to Sickbay. Lieutenant Kirk, report to the Bridge… Now, we have an immediate issue.”

“Of my brother being over-possessive of me,” you whisper, then turn the communicator on. “Yes, captain.”

“Yes, he would, sunshine. Come on, we have to head back to the job,” McCoy helps you up and pulls you close, holding your face with both hands. You have noticed long time ago that after McCoy divorced, his opinion on relationships was rather sceptic, but your relationship really changed him, even though he still was very paranoid about ever letting you go.

“I will see you tonight,” you promise quietly, pressing your lips against his.

“Don’t let your brother do weird stuff, ok?” Leonard asks at the end, smiling at your eyes, locked on his face.


Some good Meihem
  • After the two sorted out their perceived negative notions towards each other after a particular mission where the two actually worked really well together and somehow “carried,” the team, it was Mei who decided to reach out and apologize for her behavior and name calling, while Junkrat also gave his best apology for how crude he can be; it was awkward at first, trying to act more friendly and understanding, but as days became weeks, and they continued having late night conversations about themselves, then their pasts, it was as if they never had a rough start out to their relationship. Really, the two became more like close, best frenemies, still being able to crack jokes at each other, tease and make quips, both knowing it’s all fun and games now, no real spite to their interactions.

  • Nobody really takes Junkrat’s intelligence as anything real, nor his inventions and innovations very serious either– they think he’s just a daft man who spends too much time “tinkering,” away like a loon… Except Mei. Although, like everyone else, at first she also thought of his “intelligence,” as nothing more than a freak accident of his inventions and explosives somehow working out and not killing him in the end, but she was proved extremely wrong when Jamison invited Mei to join him in his “personal,” workshop– only personal because Tjorbn refused to work in their anymore after Junkrat nearly blew up an important project the Engineer had been working on for months –since Mei was having trouble sleeping, or focusing on her own research. 

  • That night, the two stayed up until the sun began to peak over, Junkrat actually pleased to have someone in the workshop with him, who wasn’t Roadhog, someone who he could excitedly talk to and ramble to about his inventions, how each chemical placed needed to be perfect– showing Mei his plans, which were mainly scribbles and hurried drawings to her, but even so, Mei was someone who actually listened to him with open eyes, smiling every so often at Jamison’s almost childish excitement to present his work to her. She was also awestruck with how brilliant Jamie was, even though he seemed too jumpy and all over the place, and his plans made real no sense to her at first, and how simplistic many believe his inventions were… when studied, Jamie’s plans were quite detailed, especially in drawings and measurements, but watching him build the bombs seemed so foreign and difficult to her while his hands appeared mastered to this. At the end, when the two were exhausted from a long night of creating, of Jamie talking and explaining to the best of his ability, answering any questions Mei asked, loving how sincere her curiosity and interest in his work was, Mei had decided everyone who questioned Jamison’s intelligence and workmanship was more blind than her. She later found herself in his workshop more nights often, sometimes just there to talk and watch and ask questions, or bringing her work with her to do her research alongside him in quiet. 
    Of course, she never got use to being there when he would test his inventions; luckily, Junkrat actually made sure Mei was securely safe before he decided to set anything off. 

  • Junkrat was not as organized as Mei when it came to her work, her research and planning, but that was one of the great things; Mei learned from him that making mistakes in her work was actually kind of fun and, in the end, a very good learning experience. Jamie did get exasperated at times when his inventions and creations kept malfunctioning, but Mei could see him just take a deep breath of gas and smoke all around him, smile, and just laugh it off. He’d tell her that his whole life was learning from huge mistakes, and it’s better to just accept it as something of a lesson than a huge downfall of your own smartness and work– and the times Junkrat would join Mei in her own room, to watch her do her own job, although sometimes slow, he enjoyed listening to her ramble off about science this and equations that– found her to be the smartest sheila he’d ever met. He was also there to keep her grounded when she became too frustrated over her mistakes, even the small ones drove her up the wall; he’d give her a gentle nudge, and although he wasn’t great at doing such things in an organized manner, he’d offer with a smile to help her with whatever he could, especially when it came to mathematics– or, he’d try to pull her away from it and offer her a bite to eat, or maybe try to get her to laugh by bringing up his recent flunks, or maybe even a joke Roadie had told him earlier. Although it didn’t really seem to work, Mei appreciated it greatly, knowing that Jamie’s intentions were pure and quite kind, even if they were distracting.. which was good.

  • Mei is actually quite insecure about her true age, and believes she’s actually not at all that attractive, that due to her cryostasis, she’s somehow no good in general– she finds it a very stupid thing to be insecure about, but she has days where she can’t really look at herself, dislikes being around others, not wanting to be looked at. One late night, she confessed this to Jamie as they shared a cup of coffee– and of course, Jamison almost choked, and with as much sincerity as a Junker could give, told her that to him, she was absolutely perfect, clean and beautiful– and this absolutely killed her, not expecting such things coming from him, and at the end of the night, she was red as a rose and choking down sobbing laughter of embarrassment and bashfulness from how serious and ruthless Jamison was when telling her exactly how he saw her, both inside and out– how her insides made her glow twice as bright as any star.

  • Ever since then, even on missions, when Junkrat can tell Mei is down and blue, he will go up to her, hum to himself as he stared at her, and whenever she’d ask what he was looking at irritably, he’d just give her that knowing smile, and for the whole day he’d do nothing but compliment her– I ever tell you you have the cutest smile? I mean Jesus Snowflake, is there a day you don’t look absolutely perfect? –and of course she’d just blow up into snickering and laughter, telling him to shut up and stop being such a child, red and trying her best to act angry at him, while their teammates just watch with amusement, especially when Junkrat, being clawed at by a Mei who’s trying to cover his mouth, asks them if he’s right about her being absolutely beautiful, that her smile makes the sun envious… and of course, he’s trying to be melodramatic with his compliments, but he meant them despite that, and Mei, pouting with red cheeks, knew this, and hated him for that, because he made it so hard to listen to the negative words about herself that she herself made up. Of course, Jamie would only quite if she promised that she believed him, and that she’d repeat that she was beautiful, perfect, and no matter what, nothing would change that… She found it so ridiculous, but she would do it, laughing as she said it, slugging him afterwards. She’d try to act angry at him, but they both knew she just couldn’t.

  • Mei found a perfect way to get back at Jamie though– and to her, in a positive way… because Jamie had his own insecurities, especially when it dealt with his missing limbs. She found it personally ridiculous that Jamie would feel less of a human being, less of a man, just because of his missing leg and arm… He could perform insanely physically demanding tasks, maybe a bit clumsily, but she believed that he was just naturally clumsy at times– but even so, he did it despite being slightly disabled; Mei never saw Jamie in that light that he would sometimes believe she, and others did, and it sort of frustrated her, because she could not be that superficial when it came to others… She did judge Jamie at first by his appearance, yes, but only from the grime and consistent smell of gasoline and burning hair… not from his missing limbs. After sitting on it, thinking of how she could maybe make him feel better, show him he wasn’t less of anything… smiling a small, sweet, mischievous smile, she began her own melodramatic reaction to his insecurity– saying how manly Jamie was, how a woman could only hope to get someone so full of manliness like Junkrat, even as far to go and fan herself as she spoke; at first Junkrat just stared, his face and neck and shoulders growing redder by the second as Mei continued to say how wonderfully complete he was to her, and how so many others would be envious by how much man he was– until he started laughing, almost crying, trying to tell her to stop now, how crazy she actually was. 
    After Mei decided she got Jamie feeling better again, she dropped her foolishness, and with an honest expression, told him there was nothing making him less of a man or human to her, and all she ever really saw was a full person, even when she disliked him at first… she’d get bashful now, but she’d cross her fingers and tell him that she promised he was nothing short of a man, despite what he believed or was told. 

  • The team of Overwatch, especially Roadhog, noticed how practically inseparable the two opposites would be of late; sure, they’d spend time with other teammates, Junkrat mainly with Roadie, but whenever it was possible, the two were hanging out in each other’s rooms, working together, talking, laughing, teasing each other, and as of late, Mei had started teaching Junkrat some Mandarin/Chinese, and Jamie tried his best to pay attention and even with his accent, to pronounce the words to the best of his ability– Mei found it rather endearing and cute how he’d make such silly mistakes, and how hard he’d try to do it correctly and when he did, grinned so big. 
    Junkrat on the other hand, helped Mei understand more about the recent weather patterns of Australia, how much he could remember about the quick changes that occurred after the fallout– of course Mei never pushed him, but always thanked him as it did help with her research and understanding of the new world she had woken up too– not to mention, Jamie would try to get her into building her own “innovated,” weaponize icy cold explosives, and offer suggestions on what to possibly modify on her cute little robot friend– really the only robot Junkrat was friendly too. 

  •  Of course, they still had bouts of disagreements and even arguments, that being of their personal perspectives of the world– Mei still believed the world was full of good, more than bad, and that it deserved as much hope and saving as it did years before, while Jamie believed the world was lost, especially after witnessing the fallout, could only see the bad, and that the only way to survive in this world was to steal what you needed, and kill if it’s you or them. Similar to politics, it was difficult for the two to see each other’s views, and usually ended up in indifference, anger, and stubbornness.. and sometimes things were said that weren’t really meant to be said, and that neither meant towards each other. Those fights ended in tears from Mei, angry and cold, and a seething Junkrat, hurt and somewhat violent, leading to both shutting themselves in their rooms, not talking for maybe two days.

  • But as the team had watched, the two were rather inseparable, and it didn’t take long until one of them went to apologize to the other, Mei usually red eyed, regretting her actions and words… While Junkrat was extremely ashamed of himself, gentle when it came to reaching out to give Mei the biggest hug, repeatedly saying he was sorry, how horrible of a man he was, that he could never think of her in such a bad light much less mean whatever he said.. and Mei would always accept the hug, because physical affections from him were something so special and sincere, since the junker was extremely put off by any type of gentle contact, or offering any such comfort, besides Mei. To her, him hugging her close was showing honesty to his actions and words, and for her to accept him touching her was to him her being just as true to hers. 
"You deserve to be happy at all times." (Grayson)

Someone on twitter asked me to rewrite this imagine with Grayson, so here it is. :)


You woke up in the middle of the night, not having slept at all. You looked at the clock on your bedside table, noting that it was already two in the morning. You’d just spent another night, overthinking every aspect of your life, wondering why you couldn’t do anything to make yourself happy. Wondering why you felt like you weren’t good enough for anyone or anything. You were doing horribly in school, stressing yourself out about assignments and exams, you tried to study, joined study groups, but you couldn’t retain any information. All this made you feel like such a huge disappointment. You let out a deep sigh and picked up your phone. You went to text Grayson, hoping he would still be awake.

“Hey baby, are you awake?” You text. You stared at your screen, waiting for him to reply.

“Only for you. 😙 What’s up?” He asked.

“Can you talk? I wanted to call you.” You said. Not even a minute later, you were receiving a facetime call from Grayson.

“Hey baby.” He said when you answered. “What’s up?” He asked.

“I just wanted to talk to you, hear your voice. I missed you today.” You said.

“I missed you too. How was your day?” He asked.

“Uneventful. I didn’t leave my bed all day, sleeping on and off. Which I guess is why I’m still up now.” You said, letting out a deep sigh.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Are you doing okay?” He asked.

“I’m not one hundred percent, but I’ll be okay.” You said. You knew that Grayson always worried about you, but you hated bothering him with your problems. You hated feeling like a burden on him, because that was the last thing he needed.

“(Y/N), talk to me. Let me help you out.” He pestered.

“No, I don’t wanna put this on you.” You said.

“I can tell something is bothering you. Your eyes are blood shoot, I can tell you’ve been crying. Baby, please talk to me.” He said.

“Grayson, it’s fine. I can deal with this on my own. I really don’t want you to worry about me.” You said.

“(Y/N), I am worried about you. I worry about you all the time, and I only want to help you. You don’t deserve to be upset. You deserve to be happy at all times, and I only wanna make sure that you are. But, I can only do that if you tell me what’s wrong.” He said.

In the short few months you and Grayson had been together, he was always like this. Having Grayson in your life was the small sliver of light that made your life a bit happier, but you still worked so hard to be fully and genuinely happy. He was so absolutely perfect when it came to things like this, always being there for you, and always making sure that you were okay, but you felt like he deserved so much better than what you could offer him, which was practically nothing.

“(Y/N), I’m going to keep pestering you until you tell me what’s wrong.” He said, after you sat there in silence for a minute.

“I’m just, sorry, okay? Sorry that you have to deal with me. Sorry that I’m the biggest thorn in your side. Sorry that I’m not good enough for you. Sorry that I can’t give you what you dese-”

“(Y/N), stop.” Grayson interrupted. “Stop apologizing for doing nothing wrong. You’re not a burden, you’re not a thorn in my side. You know that I’d do anything for you, and making sure that you’re happy, and healthy is one of those things. I love you, and I will do anything to make sure that you know that.” He said. You just sat there, bawling, not knowing what to say.

“I’m coming over.” Grayson said.

“Grayson, no. It’s 2:30 in the morning.” You said.

“I don’t care, I’m coming over. You need me right now, and I’m gonna be there for you.” He said. “Is the spare key still in the flower pot on the porch?” He asked. You nodded. “Okay, I’ll see you in like ten minutes.” He said as he hung up. You put your phone back on the charger and went to the bathroom to clean your face. You eyes were redder than they were before, and now they were all puffy, you could barely hold them open. You went back to your room and shortly after, you heard your front door open and Grayson appeared in your room shortly after. You got up and fell into his arms, crying all over again. He rocked you back and forth, holding your head against his chest, shushing you and reassuring you that everything was going to be okay.

“You shouldn’t have come. You need to sleep.” You said, looking up at Grayson, who also had heavy bags under his eyes.

“How do you expect me to sleep when my girlfriend isn’t sleeping?” He asked. You forced a smile as he wiped your eyes. You sat back down in bed, and Grayson just held you in his arms. Neither of you said anything, but you felt so much better, just having him here with you.

“(Y/N), I know you don’t want to talk, but I have something to say, and you can just listen,” Grayson began, “Please stop telling yourself that you’re a disappointment. Please stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough for anything. And please, I’m begging you to stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough for me. I love you more than anything in this world, and you know that. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I don’t know what I’d do without you. You make me so happy, and I never want that to change. You’re one of the most important people in my life, and I don’t want to lose you.” He said.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” You said softly.

“No I’m not. I really do mean it. You’re the biggest blessing I’ve ever received. I love you.” He said.

“I honestly can’t understand why. You deserve so much better, and I can’t give you that. I don’t understand how you can love someone with so much emotional baggage. How can you love someone so broken?” You asked through tears.

“(Y/N), stop. Stop talking down on yourself. You’re better than this. You and I both know it. I love you for the person you are. You’re funny, you’re caring, you’re loving, you’re beautiful inside and out. I couldn’t care less about your emotional baggage, because we’re on this journey together, and I’ll help you get through this.” He said, kissing the top of your head.

“I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you. You honestly mean so much to me, and you’re the only person that knows how to make me feel better. I love you.” You said softly, nuzzling into Grayson’s chest.

“I love you too. Now, get some sleep. You need it.” He said. He turned your lamp off and held you tight in his arms. Once you were finally out of tears to cry, you slowly felt yourself start to drift off to sleep.


Ended up being a bit longer than the Ethan one, since that was just a sinple blurb, but hope y'all liked this. :)

hello! why has absolutely no one considered the fact that danny rand is not a completely perfect and likeable person because he is not yet like… a fully fledged adult??? oh sure he may physically be in his early to mid 20s but from the time he was like 10 he was taught nothing about anything except how to fight? so of course he’s not completely socially aware, of course he’s temperamental, of course he’s overenthusiastic, he is still kind of a kid???? seriously ask yourselves why danny rand seems childish and then remember that the answer is BECAUSE HE WAS NEVER TAUGHT HOW TO ADULT

i personally look forward to seeing him mature into a better person with the help of colleen and the other defenders. if he was already mature and calm and whatever he would be… kind of boring honestly. i love the way his naïveté contrasts with the others’ way of looking at the world. i love exploring what they can all learn from one another

so yeah, danny rand isn’t perfect, and maybe sometimes he can act like a stupid dick, but please remember that kids are also stupid dicks, and at least he’s trying to be less dickish

What kills me though is what Archie tells Jughead – he feels like he owes his dad because fred works his ass off for archie, never asks for anything in return, and “always has my back even when I mess up”.

 This is archie the sensitive sensitive boy and these are all sweet lovely wonderful truethings – but that last one especially is hiding a lot of guilt on Archie’s part. We’ve seen archie’s self-depreciating nature time after time on this show, he’s constantly calling himself stupid, saying he doesn’t deserve the friends or the opportunities he has and he’s clearly harbouring really serious feelings of self doubt and self hate at all times.

Fred is an absolutely fantastic dad but he’s also just doing what dads (in a perfect world) do. Taking care of your kid and asking for nothing in return is, again in a perfect world, just part of being a dad. Archie should never have to make it up to him but he thinks that he does.

Archie absolutely has a complex where he doesn’t think he deserves the things he has, and he’s clearly berating himself for the mistakes he makes – which he seems to perceive as huge horrible burdens – when he says he’s grateful his dad stands by him when he messes up. He’s clearly dwelling on these times he’s messed up and I really just want to tell him he’s allowed to exist and make mistakes and that he’s so deserving of the love he gets.

And I think this is linked to his want to take on the responsibilities of an adult, he feels like he doesn’t deserve his childhood. So what the fuck is up with that my dudes.  

Preference 15: “Can I hold your hand?”

This was requested by anon and based off of @itisjustmeandmyimagination‘s Writing Prompts! Check it out here. 


“Can I hold your hand?” 

You suddenly spoke out so Connor can grab your attention. He was practically hanging out with the boys without any kind of attention to you. You didn’t say it like you were angry, but you kind of said it with a cute little voice that always gets him. “Oh baby…” he breathes out as he came closer to you. He grabs your left hand as he brings it up and kisses it. “M’sorry about that.” “No it’s okay. I get it.” you smiled, and he returned the favor. You swore you heard some aww’s coming from the boys. 


You and Brad were long term friends from now. You first met in third grade while your friendship started. Anything, anything, you can tell to Brad. Secrets, truths, feelings, you can even rant around him and he doesn’t blame you. You needed some kind of release of emotions. Today, you and Brad were out to eat some lunch. While walking to the restaurant, you suddenly asked, “Can I hold your hand?” You mentally slapped yourself. You and Brad never had this kind of situation before. Brad stopped walking and looked at you. You can’t read the expression in his face right now. “I-I’m sorry. I di-didn’t mean to–” He held your hand. Your face suddenly heat up and you probably had a blush on your face by now. “It’s okay, Y/N. Doesn’t hurt to hold people’s hand anyway? Yeah?” 


Sunday afternoon, perfect time to do absolutely nothing with your loved ones. Well, Tristan, perhaps.

Both of you were like this every time, actually. Lazily laying down on the bed, phones straight up your faces while no noise is being made. Some people may thing that this is very ridiculous and strange, but some might think that it’s cute; that we like each other’s company even without talking and no awkwardness, and I agree.

“Can I hold your hand, babe?” he suddenly said while looking away from his phone towards me. I laughed while he raised his hand up for me to grab it. “Mkay.” You mumbled while grabbing his hand tightly, and him bringing it up to his lips to kiss it. “I love how you suddenly spoke…” you said. He nodded while smiling, “Well I’ve just seen a very old picture of you and your ex on twitter and I kinda got jealous—“
“Yeah, okay, whatever. And I’ve just needed to remind you that your mine.” You blushed immediately. “Your mine, okay?” he said seriously this time while looking straight into your eyes. You smiled, “Of course, baby. I’m yours.”


Fans. Fans everywhere.

See, dating a famous artist is both a good, and bad thing. Good thing is that you’ll learn so much secretive things that their fans doesn’t know, and you’ll learn many things about his career. And the bad thing is, well, this.

You and James went to a little dinner at a restaurant but suddenly a fan saw both of you inside and decided to post it on twitter, so of course, they hunted your car. You gotta say, you love their fans. And you loved how they support you and James’ relationship and not receiving hate. You love how they support the band and their passion towards them…but they need to chill (I am so sorry guys xD). They were all hurdled up outside the car and desperately waiting for us, probably, to come out. They all had their phones out, recording or ready to take flashing pictures. “You ready?” James said while smiling, as if he was excited to play a game. You sighed playfully, “Yep.”

Before James opens the restaurant door, and before they all started to scream, you pulled his arm back and him abruptly stopping. “Yes, baby?” he whispered with his eyebrows furrowed. “What’s wrong?” You hesitantly replied, “C-can I hold your hand?” You softly said, sure that James would melt like putty in your hands. He tilted his head to the left slightly and smiled, giving you his hand. You immediately grabbed it. “Of course babe. You’re safe with me.”


Sorry if i posted this verrryyy late! Our wifi sucks this week :/ But here ya go! Sorry for the wait (that rhymes omg im gonna stop) xx 


The Seoul Trip : The Beginning

Day 1

So,…to begin with, 16 hours on a plane (with a 3 hour layover in Dubai) is not as fun as one might have first thought - there’s only so many travel escalators you can ride before it isn’t fun anymore!
However, despite all my preconceived misconceptions about them, in-flight meals really aren’t that bad! And being able to play an endless amount of rounds of Tetris and Connect definitely helps to pass the time. But, needless to say, the minute we began the descent into Incheon airport, any tiredness that had began to pull at our bodies, in response to the 24+ hours of being awake, immediately vanished upon looking out of the window and seeing our home for the next almost 3 weeks: Seoul!
There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing the reality of a dream you’d been dreaming for 3+ years. Yet, the second we sat on the KTX to make our way to our airb’n’b, and we began to see the landscape of South Korea fly past us outside, we ended up sitting in near silence in our astonishment that we’d actually just flown half way across the world to temporary live a life that had always seemed so out of reach. Stepping off of the metro and emerging from Hyochang park station onto the street was even more overwhelming.

Now, if you ever find yourself making the dream trip to South Korea, and you find you get anxiety about not knowing where to go, how to get places, how to speak to people, etc, etc… DONT
‘Cause let me tell you, we were stood pondering our screenshot of google maps looking like your standard confused foreigners at the exit to the station for all of 3 minutes, before a woman (and her adorable dog) approached us, and asked in English (bless her soul) if we needed help getting somewhere! From there it took us around 10 minutes of walking before we rocked up at our officetel, completely haggard and with our clothes sticking to us where we’d been wearing them for so long. Then, almost immediately, we had to venture to the nearest convenience store to grab water and food, which despite our initial shyness was a walk in the park with how tired we were. And even though we hadn’t even begun to think about the language barrier in those kind of situations, the cashier looked just as done for the day as we were, and therefore purchasing our water and ramyeon went by with a simple ‘kamsamnida’, before we made our way back to our little home away from home, only just making it through the door before collapsing.

Day 2

The Exploring begins! Or rather, Jet-lag got us, and we only managed to leave the house at around 3:30pm xD
However, once we were dressed presentably and had woken up enough to deduce that we needed to eat food at least once a day to not starve, we rode down from our 18th floor apartment, and made our way to Samgakji station in the direct of Itaewon, by suggestion of a friend. All I’m going to say; two Caucasian, blonde, foreigners, stand out a little in the residential neighborhood - although, in no-way was it in a bad sense!
For anyone wondering what the Seoul metro is like, I’d consider it similar in efficiency to the London tube - it’s definitely a lot cleaner and much less cramped (so far!). We’d already bought our T-money cards the day before (in true koreaboo fashion they have Line© friends on them) so buzzing in and out of the metro was/is almost too easy, and when we emerged already completely overwhelmed in Itaewon we couldn’t wait to see what would greet us. Let me tell you now, it was the greatest feeling to see it with my own eyes, and have confirmed that it was everything i’d thought and dreamed it would be.

Although it was raining, the coloured roads and the enthusiastic business promotions shone as brightly as if the sun was shining, and the smells of gochujang, bbq, and pizza made our mouths water with every restaurant we passed. Despite Ju’s enthusiasm to find food immediately, after she put me on chief duty to find a place to eat, we ended up walking round for a while (2 hours!*), taking in the sight of each street and surveying the area; pretty much immersing ourselves in being here, before we ended up deciding to venture into a ‘foreign food store’ on the search for some teabags - which any British person will know, is an essential part of living, especially in the case of Ju, who, fyi, makes the best cup of tea in the world!
After grabbing the essentials, it was finally an acceptable time to eat, since we’d arrived at Itaewon between mealtimes, and so we headed towards what looked like a full on ‘foodie street’, and proceeded to do the traditional foreigner thing of heading into the first obviously Korean restaurant we saw. 

For all of you suffering from Wanderlust, but too scared to make the trip to Korea - or even to anywhere that speaks a different language - top tip number 1 would be; a language barrier is only a barrier when you see it as one.
Now, I’m not going to say I wasn’t scared shitless upon entering a restaurant in a foreign country for the first time, because lets be honest, I was crapping myself, but all you have to remember is businesses are just glad to have business (it keeps people fed and with roofs over their heads). So, the second I climb the stairs to the 1st floor restaurant and I catch the eye of the waitresses sat chatting in the corner of the empty room, I’m immediately ready to turn back. However, the second they see two people with hunger in their eyes, and who were obviously foreign, they waste no time in gesturing us in and after we greeted one another and asked for a table, they showed us politely in, providing us with water and menus immediately.
Given that we were hungry, it didn’t take us long to order a serving of bibimbap and Kimchi stew, and within 10 minutes? it was steaming away in front of us, accompanied by a couple of side dishes and a kind smile. Now, i don’t know about anyone else, but from the first minute i learned about the incredible taste of Korean food, i immediately began experimenting with recipes and ingredients in an attempt to create the same taste back in England…However, none of my culinary escapades had ever prepared me for the taste of genuine Korean kimchi stew. It was the BEST first meal I could have hoped for! Afterwards we had to sit for around 20 minutes just to digest the food - although it also gave us time to take in the view of the aesthetic green roofs and the beautiful decor of Itaewon.
Of course, as it was our first meal, we then had to go through the awkwardness of trying to call for the bill, which after looking up the translation so that my faulty memory filled with various Korean phrases didn’t offend anyone, simply involved politely gesturing to a waitress who showed me to the counter, before we were thanking the employees and were on our way. (Top Tip number 2: I’d like to remind anyone who plans on visiting South Korea and gets as overwhelmed as I do, that when you hand over money at the till (or just when you’re handling things in general), get that goddamn spare hand on your forearm! Manners Maketh Man, people!)
Other than visiting the convenience store once again to grab some foods for the evening, including the essentials (banana milk, HELLO! O.O), and watching dramas, music shows, and ‘Return of superman’  (*and edit a video) for the rest of the evening to try and scrap jet-lag for good, that’s pretty much all for our journey so far.

 We have so much planned for this journey, but we also want to use it as a chance to experience properly living in the country, so there will be times when it seems like we’re cramming everything into one day, and times when it will appear as though we’ve done absolute nothing, but to be honest, that sounds like the perfect plan to us! 
So, for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little (jokes) summary of our past 48 hours, and I’ll catch you up with more of our adventure in Seoul in the next blog post! ^^
If you have any questions about anything to do with travelling to Seoul and being here in itself; communication, booking things, culture, experience, ANYTHING, just hit up our ask box, and we’ll be more than glad to give you as much of an answer as we are able! :) 

Ciao! ;)

- Admin Mo x -

*Ju’s notes


Pairing; James x reader

Imagine; Truly being the perfect match for James, but in a way where the two of you are always challenging each other. (Pt; 1/3)

I push past the people loitering in the hallway. I expect some sort of “watch it” or “excuse you”. I feel completely done today. Emotionaly drained.

“Y/n where’s the fire?” James teases in his usual confident voice.

I freeze considering completely ignoring him, but this for some reason has sparked anger.

I slowly turn to face him. “Believe it or not everyone can’t afford to hang around and do absolutely nothing. Your "free time” is privilege James. Not everyone has Mommy and Daddy’s money to fall back on.“

Everyone falls silent at my outburst. Sirius raises his eyes in shock and Remus looks a bit worried.

James searches hard for something to say, but ends up with nothing. He isn’t sure how to react not to mention the strange feeling in his stomach and racing heart.

I roll your eyes and storm off with my racing heart. My mind races with thoughts, how could I let my emotions get the best of me.

((A/n; How do you guys feel about this point of view?))

anonymous asked:

in future redcliffe, if you brought solas along and rescue him later (for a while at least), after the inquisitor remarks that solas understood what dorian said about time travel, solas says in return: "you would think such understanding would stop me from making such terrible mistakes. you would think wrong" o.O

The exchange goes as follows:

Solas: You’re alive? We saw you die!
Dorian: The spell Alexius cast displaced us in time. We just got here, so to speak.
Solas: Can you reverse the process? You could return and obviate the events of the last year. It may not be too late…
Inquisitor: I’m glad you understand what he just said because I’m not sure I did.
Solas: You would think such understanding would stop me from making such terrible mistakes. You would be wrong. 

Solas is reacting to the knowledge that Dorian and the Inquisitor may be able to go back in time and undo the damage that’s been done since their disappearance. This is a situation he understands well - his plans revolve around the idea of undoing what was done in the past; or at the very least, attempting to restore what was destroyed. Though the problems they are trying to fix and their methods of doing so differ, their situations are similar in that respect.

But from Solas’s point of view when you find him in Redcliffe… he’s made a shit ton of mistakes, even though he seemingly had the answer to his problem right in front of him. He had a plan. It was clear cut and straight forward. Unlock the orb. Take the anchor. Walk into the Fade and begin the process of restoration. He knew it would work. He understood that the mistakes he’d made in the past could be reversed. 

But then he proceeded to give the orb to Corypheus. Then he joined the Inquisition. He supported the idea of siding with the mages. He went with the Inquisitor to Redcliffe. He didn’t stop Alexius from killing them (or so he assumed). He’d spent the last year sitting in a cell, slowly being consumed by red lyrium. The taint would kill him. He would die alone knowing that all of this was his fault. He’d tried to fix one massive mistake by making another, then another. He doomed the world twice over and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. 

Given that context - his statement makes perfect sense to me. 

B.A.P Liminal Spaces
  • The Badman album played in order of: Badman, Hurricane, Excuse Me, Bow Wow, Coffee Shop
  • The inside of the First Sensibility album packaging
  • That split second between Yongguk rapping with his stage face to him being shy and embarrassed immediately after on tv shows
  • Killing Camp
  • That anxious period between B.A.P re-signing with TS and YWF being dropped
  • The few days after any member randomly posts a picture of sound editing or a clip of music and no one’s sure what it’s for 
  • Any member uploading a blank image or changing their icon to nothing or clearing all the information off their description on instagram
  • The time when Daehyun unfollowed half of BAP then unfollowed the rest of them
  • Whenever Himchan pulls an unusual or ugly expression
  • Rain Sound and everything to do with Rain Sound era
  • Crash era
  • When Himchan and Daehyun complement each other 
  • Jongup’s laugh

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 5,027

Set In: 1958

Prompt: “You’re telling me that you’re a virgin?”

Summary: there’s a first time for everything @ paul ;))))

A/N: my conscience told me early on that i should make this into two parts, and jesus fucking christ, i really should’ve listened :,)

He looked divine. It was like he was glowing almost, somehow managing to sit right where the moon shone through the tiny window above my desk. But oh ho, I didn’t dare pick at him for it, as I wanted to keep him right where he was just for the sole purpose of admiring him from up on my bed. Paul was so focused, so painfully concentrated on his plucking fingers that it was almost hurting me in a way. His broad shoulders sat forward, every inch of his lanky self angled toward the guitar help firmly in his lap. The hair that was once gelled up high had begun to crumble down and lose its volume, strands occasionally falling down onto his creased forehead. Thank God he didn’t bother to fix it, because if he weren’t staying the night it would be slicked back up immediately. There was a soft quality to it, like it made him vulnerable almost. Still, I couldn’t deny that he looked unbashedly sexy, eyes alluring and seeming to draw me into him. Paul didn’t take them off of my guitar in his slim lap, but they still managed to make me feel all sort of dreamy in a way. God, I was pathetic. He wasn’t even paying me a speck of attention, yet I wouldn’t hesitate to take him in the gentlest of ways right there on the floor. The thought of being so intimate with my best-mate-turned-boyfriend made an involuntary shudder course up my spine and down to the tips of my fingers. I had the sudden urge to climb down from my raised seat and kiss that fucking relaxed little pout right off those bowed lips of his, to draw out those blissful sighs and pleading groans that I so longed for. We’d discussed it soon after we’d gotten together as a proper couple, Paul making it exceedingly clear that he’d let me know when he was ready. Which was understandable, because if I were the one taking it up the arse, I’d need quite a bit of bloody time to prepare myself mentally for that sort of thing.

“John?” he nearly cooed, bringing me out of that little dream world I’d fallen into. “Mhm?” I replied coolly, trying my best to sound even the least but composed under his innocent gaze. “How do you play an F# major 7th chord again?” Jesus Christ, I could barely answer the question–a real fucking simple one at that. It was like he had me under one of his witchy spells, eyes drowsy and painfully sweet as per usual. I pictured those eyes as I would push into him slowly, how they would fly open wider than I’ve ever seen before, wordlessly begging for more as I began to rock my hips at a leisurely pace. I was a right fucking mess, but even his presence was just so damn distracting. “I dunno, isn’t that one where you have to lay a finger down across all the strings or somethin’?” I shrugged. It was so incredibly hard to keep from fucking dragging him on top of my body and leaving little nips and kisses all over his skin until dawn. Although, something told me that he wouldn’t mind that at all. “After all, you’re the bloody chord master here, love, not me.” Paul rolled his dark eyes, a slight twinge of annoyance hidden there. “Aye, be helpful for once in your life and try to remember,” he scoffed and handed me my guitar back, the neck still warm from his rough grip. Paul remained seated on my rug until I pulled him up to sit beside me on my mattress. “You’re a real prick, I hope you know that,” I snickered, dragging another eye roll from the boy pressed up closely beside me. I couldn’t help but touch my lips to the tip of his nose before fumbling around the fretboard of the guitar, trying to remember myself how to play that damned chord.

I never got to figure out the chord, however, for before my fingers were able to find their correct placements, Paul’s plump lips were latched onto the most sensitive part of my neck, just below the middle of my jawline, in a sudden fit of passion. “Jesus.” The words floated out of my mouth faintly, my entire body nearly going complete slack from the feeling of him leisurely swirling his tongue around the bit of flesh he’d caught between his teeth. Paul hummed into my skin, a shaking hand feeling its way up my body to cup the other side of my face. “Is that alright?” he breathed, his voice somehow faltering over the span of three short words. I couldn’t help but giggle at his odd uncertainty. He’d done this before, right? “Y-Yeah, Paulie. Perfect,” I managed to mumble in response.

It felt like my entire body was set aflame by his scorching touch. Paul’s coy fingers slipped over my neck and cheek carefully, like he feared that he might do something wrong. It was nothing to complain about, as my body responded eagerly, all coherent thought being tossed out the window as blood flowed straight to my groin. When he nipped at my earlobe shyly, it was a strange new mix of emotions; one being absolute pleasure, and the other being fear that he’ll soon notice the rapidly growing bulge in the front of my jeans. The last thing I wanted to do was to pressure the boy into anything, but God–whenever his lips finally moved on top of mine, it was like it was the last straw, the final move he’d make before I’d pin him down against the mattress, my lips dragging across every inch​ of skin that spanned his lean body. And that’s exactly what I did, nearly tossing my guitar across the room and pushing his head back against the single pillow laid against the headboard. Paul let out a heavenly groan and it was like a switch flipped in my brain, and even more so in my groin, as I could feel my unfortunate hard-on trying to stand at full attention under its denim and cotton confines. I tried so desperately to ignore it and keep myself from rutting against Paul’s thigh like an animal in heat. But being that I was sprawled out on top of him, my lips exploring almost every bit of skin on his neck, it proved to be increasingly difficult to restrain my hips from gaining that friction that I so craved.

Another long, drawn-out moan flowed from his luscious lips, and I had to whisper to him to keep quiet because Mimi had always been a light sleeper. That rule soon became increasingly hard to follow on my part, because in the middle of my bloody sentence, of course, his fingers drifted down to my clothed hips to dig into the flesh there, pulling me down so that my erection could meet his, which seemed equally as hard as mine–thank God. It took all of the little willpower I had left to not scream the fucking house down in praise of the younger boy who was now grinding his hips up against mine. Our lips met momentarily in a heated fit of tiny whimpers and tangling tongues. I could swear that I felt his long legs latch around my thighs, but I was too focused on the incredible feeling of him right there, licking into my mouth greedily.

“Mhm, oh God, J-John,” Paul hissed into my ear. The very sound of him coming so undone under me almost made all color drain from my face, which seemed impossible, as I could feel little beads of sweat start to form along my hairline. “Y-Yeah, I’m here, Paulie, I’ve got you,” I babbled aimlessly, grunting into his jaw as he shamelessly pulled my crotch down against his over and over again. I could feel his fingers drift to tug up the hem of my black t-shirt, so I sat up and allowed him to pull it over my head, revealing my heaving chest. Tossing it somewhere on to the floor, his hips slowed, giving me a moment to search his dilated eyes for some sort of hint that I should keep going. A dainty hand slid up my stomach and stopped in the center of my chest, swirling around in that miniscule patch of wispy hairs that had recently sprung out. Our eyes were locked as he continued his ministrations, fingers exploring as they wished and mapping out the expanse of my expanding torso. In a calm manner, Paul rose from his formerly relaxed position on my pillow, eyes now level with mine and our noses brushing. My hands traveled to the bottom of his sweater, and with a careful glance for permission, which he granted with a chaste kiss on the corner of my mouth, I dragged the fabric up and over his torso. It almost happened in slow motion, revealing inch by inch his pale, hairy navel along with the rest of his rapidly rising and falling chest.

“I want to, John,” Paul croaked, his eyes brimming with love, although I could see that almost unnoticeable glint of fear etched into his soft features. “I want you so badly, I’m just s-scared.” My hands smoothed over his broad shoulders and up to cup either side of his beautiful fucking face. “I know, love, I know. We don’t have to if you’re not comfortable,” I gushed, trying to be as understanding as possible, which was even a stretch for me. “No no, I really want to tonight.” My spine involuntarily began to tingle at his words, that tonight was the night that we’d finally be together properly. “I-I just…” he trailed off, looking down in between our naked bellies. “What, what’s wrong?” I inquired, nervous that I might have done something to upset him. “Nothing’s wrong, really. It’s just that I, um, I haven’t exactly done this before,” Paul whispered, his voice steadier than it had been moments ago. “Yeah,” I replied simply. “I figured that this was gonna be a first for us both.” Our eyes locked again and I searched his desperately, as something still wasn’t completely right. Paul’s gaze shifted downward again, and he almost looked disappointed. “John, I–that’s not really what I meant.”

My mind went completely blank. Was he really–he couldn’t be, right? “You’re telling me that you’re a virgin?” I gulped, not entirely believing this. Paul was far too handsome, far too, I don’t know, sensual to not have had sex before, even if it were with a bird. But my thoughts proved to be correct as he nodded slowly, seeming like he feared my response. So I kissed him. I think that was one of the very few things I could do, as I was left completely speechless. Paul leaned into my mouth, hesitant at first, but I smiled against his lips, bringing him closer than he had been before. This kiss was much less needy and urgent, but not any less passionate, as I made sure that I conveyed every last ounce of emotion I had into his lips. Paul’s palms had found my chest, each resting on either side right above my erect nipples, which were begging desperately for some sort of attention.

“Johnny,” he purred into my mouth. Our lips broke apart abruptly, Paul’s eyes now housing that very evident sense of urgency. “I still want you, if you’ll have me,” he continued, partly out of breath from that near mind blowing kiss. Jesus, it was like a shock of electricity coursed straight through me, every hair on my body standing on end, especially where Paul had tangled his fingers into the little wispy ones on the nape of my neck. I cleared my throat, feeling like I could squeal and jump up and down in excitement like a little girl. “Of bloody course, you git,” I chuckled quietly and pressed my addicted lips back to his, my entire body thrumming with a whole new type of giddiness. “You’re sure?” I questioned, not wanting him to feel like he was being pressured into something that he didn’t fully want. Paul’s fingers ghosted up my sides, over my shoulders, and came to rest on my embarrassingly heated cheeks. “Positive.”

Without even a second of hesitation, I pushed him back down into the mattress, his loose hair sprawling around his head like a dark halo on the pillow. Paul flashed a charming, yet nervous grin as my lips traveled lower across his chest. “I wanna make you feel good,” I muttered against his heated skin, sucking and leaving sweet little kisses wherever I pleased. A hand wove its way into my disheveled hair and pulled me into his heaving form. “Then do it,” Paul hissed, breathless. Christ–I could hardly keep myself from thrusting a hand down the front of my pants and finishing immediately. But God, I knew that I wanted this just as much as he did. And I was determined to make his very first time worthwhile. If that meant dragging this foreplay out for as long as possible, I was more than willing to do it for Paul, because making him feel good was at the very top of my priority list.

I climbed back up his half naked form and kissed my way around his drooping face, over his irresistible chubby cheeks, down to the rounded tip of his nose, his eyes fluttering when my lips gently met his eyelids. “You are extraordinary, James Paul McCartney,” I gushed against his lips, sucking his bottom one between mine and running my tongue over it, earning a weak whimper from him when our tongues met. His hips lifted searching for the delicious friction that I only could grant him. I would occasionally let our crotches meet as I once again left a trail of sweet kisses down his body. His dark hair grew much thicker as I descended to his navel and swirled my tongue around the outside of his belly button. “Ugh, J-John,” Paul whined, the petite hand that remained in my hair pushing me down towards where he ached the most. My head lifted from its place against his pale skin, shushing him in a teasing manner because I knew that it would bother him. An adorable wave of irritation washed over his moonlit features, but soon disappeared almost completely as I moved my hands to undo the button of his trousers and pull down the zip. Paul desperately lifted his backside off of the bed so I could pull down the pants to pool at his ankles. The tent in his crotch was even more prominent now, as only one layer now stood between my now salivating mouth and his pulsing hard member. My angular nose nudged him cheekily through the cotton layer and he had to bite his knuckle to keep from emitting a pained groan when I licked a solid stripe up his length through the fabric.

“Fuck, sh-shit, oh!” Paul whimpered against his hand while I began to nip at the hairy, flexing skin pulled taut over his milky thighs. I hooked my eager fingers around the elastic waist band of his plaid boxers and yanked then down, grinning in awe when his leaking erection sprang free from the damp material. At this point, I couldn’t wait very much longer, and sucked the glistening tip into the heat of my mouth almost immediately. Paul’s grip in my hair tightened as he tried his very hardest to keep quiet. He let out an agonized grunt, and when I lifted my eyes to look at him, I swore that I very well could’ve come right then and there. His features were twisted in the delicious pleasure that my tongue gave him, whirling around the head and occasionally dipping into the slit from which the globs of precome leaked uncontrollably. Paul’s normally innocent doe eyes were squeezed shut, the little crow’s feet he’d always had at the corners more prominent in his blissful state, and his plump mouth opened only the slightest bit to reveal his tongue darting out to lick his dried lips.

When I took him fully into my mouth, a seemingly frustrated moan vibrated from deep down in his chest, and I had to hold his hips to keep him from thrusting up wildly into my mouth and choking me. I continued working on his pulsing dick, occasionally stroking him with my hand to give my tired mouth a short rest. And when I dragged a knuckle down, brushing past his balls and nudging at his puckered opening, he thrust uncontrollably up into my wet mouth. “Ngh, come on, John,” Paul pleaded wantonly, pushing down against my two fingers which had just recently started to explore the surrounding area. I pulled my mouth off of his dick and bit my lip, thinking that I’d soon be able to fully have the exquisite boy below me. My eyes floated to his dark ones, once more asking for permission, which he so graciously granted with a quick nod and stroke of his fingers against my scalp. A panicked yelp left his lips when the tip of my index finger slowly breached his opening. Immediately, I retracted my digit and looked to him. “I think we’re gonna need somethin’,” I muttered thinking for a moment of what we could possibly use to make the slide at least a little bit easier. My mind fell to the little canister of Vaseline on my desk that we would use on our calloused fingers after practicing for hours. With a quick kiss to the still glistening, red tip of his erection, I rose from my place between his legs and stood to retrieve the container across the room. My fingers fumbled with my belt, managing to undo it after what felt like several pained minutes of work, earning a quiet giggle from Paul, and I slid my jeans and boxers down my wobbling legs in one go. I sauntered back over to the extremely disheveled boy sprawled out on my bed, who was taking the short opportunity to kick off the remainder of his garments that had previously been pooled around his ankles.

Dipping my fingers into the canister, I made sure to use a sufficient amount so that I wouldn’t hurt the already frightened boy trembling above me. “Are you still completely certain that you want this? I don’t have a problem waiting for a bit until you feel ready,” I whispered sweetly. My eyes searched his for any ounce of uncertainty. They showed none, however, except for an overwhelming need that was pulsing through his veins. “I couldn’t be more sure,” Paul affirmed, nodding and tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear as I again focused my attention on that nearly hidden little hole below his balls. My greased fingers grazed the puckered skin gently before pushing one in slowly, keeping an eye on his expression intently and making sure that he was alright. “You make sure you tell me if anything hurts,” I demanded firmly. Paul only nodded and gnawed on his lower lip roughly, looking like he was actually going to draw a bit of blood. His eyes never left mine, and as my finger had finally become fully sheathed inside of the incredible warm tightness, they grew much wider and alert. I gave him time to adjust to my breaching finger and held it still inside of him, marvelling at the near heavenly feeling of him wrapped so fucking tightly around me. ‘Christ, if he feels like this around my finger even, then what’ll he feel like around my dick?’ I thought dreamily, feeling my heartbeat pick up rapidly.

Paul’s hips shifted and I could hear the slightest little whimper leave his lips in frustration. “Go ahead, p-please,” he sighed desperately. My careful finger began to move in short little thrusts in and out of the hot tightness. “Jesus, Paul, you wouldn’t believe how fuckin’ tight you feel, it’s incredible…” I mused, completely awestruck. To be frank, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to fit inside of him fully when the time came. I mean, all the other queers had done it, and eventually ended up getting their dick into the other man. I sort of felt bad for him in a way, knowing that he’d most feel a substantial twinge of pain when I would first push in. “Oh, oh–do that again,” Paul whimpered from above me, tearing me from my thoughts. I cocked an eyebrow in confusion, having not really noticed what I did to make him squirm against my working finger in a tiny fit of pleasure. “What’d I do?” I questioned, genuinely lost from when my thoughts had snatched me away. “I dunno, I think you curled your finger or somethin’. It was brief, but I felt it, and God–” Paul cut off in the middle of his sentence, his mouth suddenly falling agape and eyes fluttering when I did as he told, curling my digit and stroking a little curve of flesh inside of him. “Like this?” I grinned mischeivously, not daring to take my eyes off of him as he became unraveled under my touch. Paul’s head was thrown back in pleasure, revealing his flexing neck and now even more prominent Adam’s apple. “That’s it, holy shit, m-more,” he crooned, his voice raspy and weak. Slipping in another finger, I made sure to press down on that little bundle of nerves hidden deep inside of him. Paul’s erection inadvertently twitched up towards his hairy navel in response, and he squirmed against my scissoring digits, emitting little cut off noises. The precome leaked out of the slit in a seemingly endless stream, pooling out on his stomach just below his belly button. Seeing him blissed out, all disheveled and panting because of me, was enough to nearly send me over the edge without even having to touch myself.

His hand latched onto my wrist, pulling my fingers from his stretched hole and dragging me up his body. Our lips met, Paul groaning and shuddering below me, probably tasting himself on my eager tongue. “I wanna make love to you,” I whispered into his cheek, my heart bursting at my own words. I didn’t notice at first, but his fingers had, at some point, dipped into the canister on my nightstand. A warm, trembling hand wrapped around my erection between out bodies and began to stroke up and down leisurely. “Fuck Paul, I could’ve done it myself,” I chuckled, overwhelmed by the feeling of his fingers folded around my dick so gingerly, his thumb occasionally dragging across the slit to gather up the precome that was dribbling out. It took everything in me to not just thrust up into his hand and come right there. The look he had on his face as he stroked me made it all even more difficult, his puppy eyes innocent and wide in fascination, peering up at me with thin, raised eyebrows. Paul’s bowed lips were pouted and glistening with the saliva that still lingered there from our most recent kiss. My head fell slack against his, my eyes uncontrollably fluttering shut at the feeling of the boy’s greased hand tugging at my pulsing length. Whimpering at the loss of contact, I pulled away from him, or else I would’ve been gone right there.

Paul thankfully got the message and shifted his legs so that I could position my now over-sensitive erection at his entrance. My hands smoothed over his nipples, to which he arched his back into them, and rested on his rounded cheeks, thumbs stroking back and forth in earnest. “If you ever need me to stop, just tell me,” I reassured, and he nodded his head in response, his eyes not straying from mine for even a fraction of a second. Kissing between his curved eyebrows, I whispered into the skin. “I love you, Paul.”

And when I finally pushed just my tip in, it felt like I was about to black out from the crazy tight sensation enveloping me down there. Paul was doing alright, as he nodded to me to tell me know that I could continue pushing. God, if he had told me to stop, I didn’t think I’d be able to. I thrust another slow inch into him, and that’s when he finally let out a small whimper. Paul’s face was contorted in pain, and I pressed a gentle palm to his navel to help him relax, stopping all movement immediately. “It burns,” Paul croaked, his muscles squeezing around me almost painfully. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked sincerely. Of course, it was going to take a minute for Paul to find the pleasure that he’d felt earlier. But I didn’t want him to feel so uncomfortable that I couldn’t move, even if it almost pained me at the thought of having to pull out of the rippling tightness that I was sheathed halfway inside of. “No! No, keep going, please,” Paul nearly shouted, his hands gripping my back and fingernails digging into my skin. He shook his head back and forth rapidly. “There’s something more to all of this, and I want it.” His eyes were kind and honest, and I truly believed him when he nodded in reassurance. With a deep breath and a quick kiss, I resumed moving into him until I was buried to the hilt, his insides squeezing around me in the most fantastic way. “God, Paul, maybe if you relaxed just a little bit, mhm,” I vocalized, gyrating my hips against his arse to try to stretch him out more. He only giggled, much to my surprise, and shifted his body along with mine. “Y'know, it’s not–ugh–it’s not as bad now if you wanna–” I’d heard plenty, so I leaned down to place another brief kiss to his pouted lips, pulling out of him ever so slightly before thrusting back in, dragging a perfect moan from his lips and making his jaw go completely slack. I began to gradually build up a steady pace, moving in and out of him in short little thrusts to let Paul get more used to the feeling. A warmth pooled in my groin and spread throughout my entire body when he hooked his legs around my waist to pull me in impossibly closer. “Mhm, come on Johnny, I know you can do so much better than that,” he purred, the glint of arousal still very much there in his darkened eyes.

That was all the confirmation I needed to pick up to the pace of my now urgent thrusts. My hands roamed over his chest, trapping his pink nipples between my eager fingers and watching him writhe underneath me in pleasure. I continued on like that for a while, his still leaking erection being rutted against by my stomach. “C-Christ, Paulie. I’ve never s-seen anything more divine in my life,” I gasped, my chest beginning to burn in exertion. Paul half-chuckled through the mangled groan that floated from his lips and thrusted against me, trying to find that spot deep inside. “Divine, eh? Really–oh John!” My insides melted into mush hearing him groan out my name so obscenely. Not changing the angle of my wild thrusts, I laid over him to cover his damp skin, nipping and licking up the salty taste on his strained neck. “You are so fuckin’ beautiful,” I marvelled, my hips slowing to a leisurely pace that was neither too fast or too slow. My hands found his and I tangled our fingers together, bringing them to rest on the pillow on either side of his head. Paul lifted ever so slightly just to meet my mouth in a passionate kiss that made me feel like everything around us was melting away. It was only me and him in this moment, his slightly chapped lips moving slowly against mine with no sense of urgency or roughness. We were truly connected then, our mouths melding over and over again and ears perking at the near-silent sounds that we were making into each other. I would give anything in the world for us to be able to stay like this forever, to be wrapped up in the tangle of each other for eternity.

All too soon, the muscles pulling unrelentingly at my dick became far too much to handle, and the familiar warm, tingling sensation began to spread throughout my groin and stomach. Not wasting a second of time, I moved a hand between our heaving bodies and managed to stroke him in time with my now weak thrusts. I pressed my forehead to Paul’s, my eyes never leaving his as he thrust up into my hand and working hips. His doe eyes rolled back in his head when his release finally began to take over, his muscles contracting around me and pulling me in farther than I’d been before. Paul came in spurts onto my hand and against my stomach, his wild cries being muffled by the hand he’d moved to cover his mouth just in time. God, he was so beautiful like this his soft features pulled taut in absolute pleasure, his eyes fluttering shut and his eyebrows furrowed together. Just the sight of him was far too much for my poor self to handle, and I came inside of him, whining and babbling nonsensical praises into his neck. A hand tangled into my hair, which now probably resembled something along the lines of a wet squirrel, and kept me flush against his neck as our heart rates and breathing slowly sank back to normal.

It wasn’t until later that night that he finally spoke, his voice all raspy and raw against the crook of my neck.

“Divine? Really?”

“Shut up.”

February: The Month of Love

 I figured this year more than ever we need a celebration of love! Whether its to remind us that despite all the hate and cruelty, love still exists or to take the time to give yourself a much needed self care session, its super important to celebrate the love in our lives! And of course celebrating Love is also celebrating Aphrodite! 

I was thinking about doing one of those daily challenges, but I don’t want this to be a challenge and I don’t want it to be something that turns into a chore. I also didn’t want to force people to do specific things on specific days. So instead I created a list of possible things you could do to honor love this month. This list is not at all the only things you could do. Please feel free to to do whatever feels right to you! 

If you share your activities on tumblr please use the tag #MonthofAphrodite. I will be checking daily and reblogging what I find! If you don’t want a post to be reblogged please put “dont reblog” in the tags so I know! 

Now Spread The Love!

  • Create a dedication ritual to yourself and do the ritual 
  • Enchant a piece of jewelry to make you feel powerful and confident and to protect you from negative energy
  • Spend the day with a loved one to remind yourself that you are loved
  • Plan a day of pamper for yourself
  • Donate to a charity
  • Find ways to get involved with an issue that is important to you
  • Do something nice for someone else (someone you know or complete stranger)
  • Honor your favorite physical feature (write about it, show it off, write a poem, draw a picture, admire it, etc)
  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do (this is can big or small. Like take a painting class or actually began planning for that trip you always wanted to take. Anything you always talk yourself out of but still want to do)
  • Set up a coping box for yourself
  • Get dolled up just for the hell of it and take a shit ton of selfies (Post them online or just admire them yourself!)
  • Is there a skill/craft you always wanted to take up? Do it!
  • Make a list of things you love about yourself (put this on your altar or somewhere you can access it whenever you need it)
  • Set up a small shrine for yourself (This is perfect if you are on a journey of self love! Put that list of things you love about yourself on here!)
  • Have a day where you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (And don’t feel guilty about it!)
  • Enchant your makeup/Ask Aphrodite to bless your makeup
  • If you have a makeup routine start making it a dedication ritual to yourself and Aphrodite
  • Have you been eyeing a piece of clothing but think you cant rock it? Fuck that! Buy the damn thing!
  • Get some lingerie and spend sometime loving yourself in it.
  • Spend some time being naked and being okay with it
  • Treat yourself to a sex toy and USE IT!
  • Create the ultimate YOU playlist
  • Write a spell to cast whenever you need a boost of confidence/power/self love
  • Create a sigil for yourself
  • Imagine yourself as a Magical Girl/Superhero. What do you look like? What are your powers? What do you fight?
  • Start journaling and/or start an artbook
  • Make a dream/vision/role models board
  • Bath magic and bath rituals. Seriously, do it!
  • Make a dedication candle (You can buy a regular candle and decorate it to represent you!)
  • Treat yourself to good food (buy or cook)
  • MOVIE MARATHON! (Watch all your favorites!)
  • List or journal about the times in your life you are proud of
  • What are the little things in life that make you smile?
  • List 3 things you are truly grateful for (maybe try and make it daily or weekly habit)
  • Celebrate a small victory

Now for Valentine’s Day, whether you have a partner to celebrate with or not I still think its important to celebrate the love you have for yourself! Think about getting (or making) yourself a card and write yourself sweet words! Get yourself some kind of present (last year I treated myself to kickass female superhero comics!), treat yourself to your favorite food, pamper yourself, anything that you want to do! Just make sure you show yourself how loved you are! 

His Voice (Part 1) // Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by baebsaes

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Suggestive Smut // A little fluff

Summary//Request: I didn’t realize you also do bts. I didn’t read properly haha. Can I request a Taehyung one? We all knows his sexy voice haha. Can you make a scenario with the focus on his voice? Sorry for being so dirty minded haha. ><“ ^^

Authors Note: Everything about Taehyung is absolute perfection, but his voice transfixes me like nothing else. I hope you enjoy this ^_^ 

Read Part 2 here: His Voice; His Touch

It had been exactly 6 days since you heard his voice.

6 days since you felt the softness of his skin against yours, his full lips pressing against the most sensitive parts of your body, running his hands up and down your frame and gently pressing his body on yours. Taehyung was a passionate lover, a sensitive lover who knew your body like that back of his hand.

You detested having to be apart from him for prolonged periods of time. Especially with comeback season, sometimes you would go for days on end with not being able to hear his voice – only communicating through text and snapchat pictures. You didn’t want to seem needy or desperate, so you tried to hold off for as long as you possibly could.

But everyone has their limits; everyone has a breaking point.

You just got home, flinging your coat and bag on to the table before falling down on to the sofa. You were frustrated, stressed and in need of something that you couldn’t quite take care of yourself. You debated with yourself, back and forth; thoughts running through your mind about what Taehyung was doing right now. You glanced at the clock that hung on the wall which read 21:05. He was probably still at BigHit, filming the dance practice video for FIRE. You exhaled sharply, hating yourself for needing him so badly, but you decided in that moment that you couldn’t take it anymore – you had to call him.

The phone rang and rang for what felt like an eternity. He didn’t have voicemail, so it’s not like you could leave him a message, but you wouldn’t know what to say anyway. “Hey Tae, I’m a horny mess and I need you to take me right now” didn’t exactly sound like the most appropriate thing to say in a voicemail message right now. Still, it made you wonder

Finally, you heard the call pick up.

“Baby? Are you alright?”

Even though you had memorised every tone of Taehyung’s voice, it still sent shivers down your spine each time you heard him. It was like being born all over again, hearing his deep, sultry voice echoing through the darkest parts of your mind.

“Hello~” you replied quietly, becoming nervous all over again as if it were the first time for you to hear his voice. You heard what sounded like the other boys talking in the background, telling Taehyung that he could go and take a break to talk to you. Next, you heard fumbling about and a door being swung open, before Taehyung spoke again.

“Sorry baby, I just left the practice room to talk to you properly. Are you okay? Is everything alright?”

Your heart began slowing down and speeding up in the same moment at the sound of his voice. You had been craving it ever since he left your apartment 6 days ago, and you were so glad to finally hear it again once more.

“I’m okay Tae, I just…really miss you. Do…do you miss me?” you asked, putting on your cutest voice possible that Taehyung could never resist.

“You called me because you miss me? Aigoo, you’re so cute jagiya~ I miss you so much too. I’m sorry I’m a terrible boyfriend. How can I ever make it up to you?” he cooed into the phone lovingly. Your skin donned masses of goosebumps at his question of how to make things up to you. Of course you knew what would definitely make you feel better, but upon hearing his question, you became so shy all of a sudden.

“Well…there are a few ways you could make it up to me” you trailed off at the end, your voice becoming that of a whisper. You heard him chuckling darkly, before he sighed in jest.

“Ohhhh (Y/N). What shall I do with you, hmm? Here I was, thinking my girlfriend was calling me to ask me if I’m eating well and resting when I can, but…it appears she had other intentions” his voice dropped even lower, making you shut your eyes tight; imagining him whispering profanities in your ear as he ghosted his hands over your trembling body.

“No, I am always worrying about you of course but I just haven’t heard or seen you for a bit and-” you were suddenly cut off by your boyfriend, hushing you through the phone.

“Shhhh jagiya, I’m just teasing you baby.” He giggled, his voice becoming slightly higher as he did – making you recall how his voice also changed when you suckled on the soft skin of his neck. His low, animalistic growls that turned into breathy mewls as he pushed your head lower towards where he needed you most. Your breath hitched in your throat at the thought.

“What are you doing baby? You’re breathing heavily…” his voice laced with seduction as he spoke. Taehyung knew how to get you worked up without even touching you, and it worked every single time.

“I need you…I need you right now. Come here Tae…I need to feel you oppa~”

Taehyung inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with air before letting out a frustrated half sigh, half moan. “You’re doing this on purpose. You’re such a naughty girl.” His words fell from his mouth as he felt his member becoming semi-hard through his sweat pants at your soft moaning and the use of the word oppa – something that got him every time.

“Maybe I am, but you’re not innocent either” you giggled girlishly back at him, biting your lip and smiling at his reactions.

“What if I told you, that in exactly 30 minutes, I can be at your place?”

Your heart stopped at his words, was he serious? Or just playing with you again?

“I’m serious. I’ll be at yours in half an hour, so…I want you to be on your bed in nothing but your cute little lace panties, on your hands and knees…waiting for me when I come in. Unless, your busy tonight (Y/N)?” he toyed with you as he heard your soft groaning – imagining you bent over on your knees and waiting for his arrival.

“Hurry up Tae, I can’t take it any longer” you moaned, pinching your legs together as you felt your panties becoming wetter by the second, hanging off of his every word he purred to you.

“See you in 30 minutes baby. Be ready for me. I love you” he whispered, before letting out a breathy chuckle and hanging up the phone. As soon as you heard the line go dead, you jumped up and began getting ready for your long awaited and anticipated night with the person whom you loved and craved most in the world.