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Michael’s guide to demonic best friends
Chapter 1: Kitchen Safety 101

Michael’s trying really, really hard not to hold the whole demon thing against Dipper but the guy doesn’t exactly make it easy.

I based this on the idea that Michael would take up baking as a way to provide sacrifices for Dipper (his new adoptive Mom had been teaching him a few family recipes and besides, handing over a bunch of cookies for a deal was better than losing his soul, right?). Of course, his attempt to make a compromise would entirely backfire and the poor kid inadvertently discovers his friend’s history with cutlery and self inflicted pain.

Michael wards the cutlery drawer after that.

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i get you love ali, so do i, but honestly shes just being selfish. you cant honestly belive shes doing the right thing, can you? shss screwing over her friends who have done NOTHING but be there for her. youre so fucking annoying ALWAYS defedning ali even when she makes huge mistakes. its getting super old and even laughable at times.

I was gonna answer this earlier but I’m glad I waited until the episode ended cause now I have more material to drag you with lmao

First of all, I have stated many times that I love Alison and that I will defend her at all costs. If you follow me and it’s been getting annoying, just unfollow?? I ain’t gonna be mad honey lmao 

If you saw my posts in some sort of tag, I’m sorry you saw it but I tagged my posts correctly and it wasn’t hate of any kind. It would be in the pll tag and Alison tag so I have the right to defend her there if I want to.

Alison makes mistakes just like the rest of the girls. Alison is allowed to make mistakes. She’s a human being for crying out loud. If she didn’t make mistakes, she wouldn’t be human. But I’m willing to look deeper into why she makes those mistakes and I’m willing to defend her from people like you who choose not to understand why she does things. She wanted to take that plea, not because she wanted to throw Hanna in there with her, but because she was being fucking harmed in there and beat up and wanted to get the hell out of there to someplace safer. Is that a horrible thing to do? Even if her friend might get in trouble? Maybe it’s not a great thing, but I understand why she did it because she didn’t want to be thrown around like a rag doll anymore and eventually people who get hurt in those places could get hurt too bad and possibly get murdered. Then what good is she to the girls if she’s dead? She wouldn’t be able to stop A and help them get rid of them.

If you were in her situation and you were being physically abused by other people in a place where you literally can’t escape at all, wouldn’t you want the fuck out of there? I know I would. Her intention of taking that plea wasn’t because she loved the idea of leaving Hanna behind and getting away. It was because she was sick and tired of the abuse which I’m sure she’s felt her whole goddamn life and for once wanted to feel safe.

That being said, Alison did not take the plea. Wanna know why she didn’t take the plea? She saw Hanna and the look in her eyes when she passed her cell. Alison could have still taken the plea and got taken to a safer place where she couldn’t get abused anymore and she would have a shorter sentence. Oh but then, she changed her mind because her friend was thrown in the same place she was and knows what happens to fresh meat in there. Hanna would most likely get hurt too and even though Hanna is a strong person, Alison doesn’t want Hanna in there alone. It was literally so obvious it basically could have slapped you in the face. After she saw Hanna, she looked so distraught and guilty. So, she refused to take the plea because she couldn’t leave her friend. She didn’t want to leave her friend in there by herself.

Alison has grown a lot since she was 15 years old. Right now, Alison is far from selfish if you ask me. She stayed for Hanna and was willing to endure more of that pain, she came out of hiding to save the girls multiple times even if it meant getting caught by A, she’s tried time and time again to protect these girls even if her methods aren’t the best ones. She loves her friends more than anything.

May I also remind you that Alison isn’t the reason Hanna got arrested, A is. I’m more than certain A dumped all of Hanna’s blood on Mona’s clothes. Remember who the real enemy is here: A, not Alison.

Surburban mother walks into her house to find her family and friends sitting in her living room.
“What’s going on here?”
“Helen…this is an intervention.”
“Please sit down Helen. We want to talk to you about your addiction to putting things in mason jars.”


Stop butting in on everyone’s answers, Roy.

(Falman’s “bear” is a reference to the Briggs Bears)

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