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Hi! I just wanted to share a theory with you about don't starve that my brother and I came up with. The Island, Their World, isn't real. In actuality, its all just Maxwell making his scientist friend go outside for the first time in months and actually interact with others

i love u thank u for sharing headcanons with me this is the most beautiful moment of my life. ALSO LMAO. WILSON PLS. INTERACT WITH PEOPLE IT DOES U NO GOOD TO BE COOPED INSIDE DOING SCIENCE U MUST EXPLORE THE WORLD MY SON

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Knowing you guys, pure is probably the evilest thing ever in your minds.

no, shes p pure, she might get a lil mad now and then but its out of frustration, you try doing science blind, good thing sans drops by often to see how shes going… he may or may not watch anime with her and describe whats going on.

I swear, every muse I add to this blog has less and less to do with science, but whatever. New character, and it’s Medicine!

Justification: Uh, poisons are chemicals, chemistry is science? She talked to Eirin once? Ok listen there’s not many touhou girls you can play while keeping a science theme, and I really like Medi, so there’s my bad excuse, I love her and too bad.

So, if you feel like interacting with her, she is now available!


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On the subject of reading way too much into COD…

Haha I’d HC-ed him as Gary’s brother. XD The embarrassment aspect is the same, though.

!!! that’s actually better,  he and Reiji can start a club for- Older Brothers w/ Ponytails that Have Strained Relationships w/ their Younger Sibs

@poisonhypes Oh man your tags,

the stigma against psychics(or close relatives of psychics) doing science- stemming from a genuine ethics concern, that a person with psychic abilities might mentally influence the results of any experiments they work on, in a way that would be hard to measure or prove for certain it Didn’t happen… that’s like a serious reason to worry poor guy

I could also see approximately-current-anime-timeline/preteen!Gary getting a pit in his stomach whenever a light goes out, or something falls unexpectedly, or any little thing like that, where one of his coworkers might be like ‘haha if I didn’t know better I’d worry the lab is haunted” -because it’s probably nothing, he’s pretty sure he’s all clear, but he has a grant proposal to finish and five other deadlines to worry about and the Last Thing he needs right now is somekinda ultra-rare puberty-onset-powers BS starting in his life


all of you, keep your eyes forward. i’ll guard your backs. ins.


Happy Valentines day everyone! I’m proud to announce that my scifi romance novella Rocket Romance is available for pre-order today on Amazon

I have a goal that I’m trying to achieve with my novella. I want to break into the top 100 ranking of the romance science fiction sub category on Amazon.

My book only cost $1.00 even if you cant buy it sharing this post will be a big help! Thank you!

owl emoji review

a very realistic approach!! i love the way she looks of into the distance. so mysterious! what do you see over there, friend? 8/10 only a little misshapen

wow!! she looks lovely!! beautiful feathers on her head!! she looks very warm and welcoming!! the one problem is her talons, which are just ovals, but i love that heart-shaped body, and i love her!! 9/10 would let her into my home

a sneaky girl. she looks like you just caught her in the act of doing something not good! and also, her body’s a tube! 5/10 leave her alone

does samsung know what owls are? has anyone ever shown samsung an owl? i wish samsung knew owls. 2/10 might be a penguin-dodo bird crossbreed

a small girl, but she’s got a lovely little branch to perch on!! and look at those beautiful tufts on her head!! 7/10 eyes are a little large, but i still love her

i like the art style here! and look at how she’s puffing her chest out so proudly! a confident girl! her eyes seem a little bit empty, though! 5/10 would still hug her

this poor girl. this poor poor girl. who did this to her? who made her so misshapen and weirdly shaded? 1/10 someone help her

you think you can do this to me? in my home? you think you can just fukcing walk in here and show me this and tell me it’s an owl? get the fuck out of here. get out of my home. fuck you. -20/10 out of my sight

just the head, but the head’s all we need! look at those beautiful eyes!! her feather tufts frame them perfectly and she looks ready to give you lots of love!! 10/10 i love her so very much