doing a lot of edits of bts because it helps me familiarize their faces

Broduce 101: Episode 8 First Half (Quick Livestream Recap)

Since I missed the first half of the livestream, here’s a quick recap off the raw. I’ll link this to the second half recap too.

  • Before elimination heartbreaks, they’d served some fanservice to numb the pain with a bit from when BoA came to visit before position evals.
  • She brought them pizza! The boys had a collective breakdown of food appreciation, and we see a brilliantly photoshopped press picture of BoA holding up pizzas like an angel, like Kim Youjin clearly imagines.
  • Jung Jung, at the brink of tears: WHY IS IT SO DELICIOUS
  • They’re just happy to be around her, which is fully understandable. She does a little happy dance as they chant for her, and mingles with the trainees (there’s a nice shot of the Amazing Kiss group talking to her) before leaving them to their food.
  • Sidenote: the cameras always catch Noh Taehyun in the background, and he’s always unintentionally pulling the ugliest faces possible, unaware he’s in the shot.
  • Cube Chick Yoo Seonho is by far the happiest, putting away as much pizza as he could to compensate for only getting three meals a day at dorms. He’s obviously at that age where you eat everything in sight, it reminds me of my brother.
  • Cut to eliminations day and shots of tears. Okay, the warm and fuzzies have disappeared.
  • The trainees all do their entrance into the Ceremony Hall of Crowned Chairs.
  • Kim Donghan did a move from Shape of You, then a heart and wink combo.
  • Starship boys did something weird, ofc
  • Brand New trainees did the point choreo from Twice’s comeback song, Signal. Cute. 
  • My man Ong-ssi transitioned from a very stiff and formal bow to his high note meme face from Get Ugly
  • FNC Yoo Hwiseung did his lip-swipe
  • Cube chicks, whose backstage hwaiting needed to be redone three times for them to be in sync, did the Shugo Chara frame.
  • Pledis’ Nu’est boys did hearts and more Twice references.
  • Hashtag that Twice relevancy
  • Bae Jinyoung did the ear flapping move too
  • So did Maroo Park Jihoon. I suddenly miss Kwon Hyeob, seeing him up there alone.
  • ONO Moonbok, who looked ridiculously pretty btw - I hope they stick to styling him like this, did something that looked like Red Velvet’s Rookie or Lovelyz’s WoW, and held up his lovely hair in two pigtails. Adorable. The trainees were KO’d
  • Star Empire Takada Kenta looks more like a puppy than ever.
  • The Yuehua kids shot hearts and Ahn Hyungseob acted like he got hit by one
  • S.How trainees used their minimal screentime references - Namhyung did his finger to the lip with elevated pinky detail that had impressed Lee Seokhoon, while Dongsu did the plucking from the air bit from the Amazing Kiss stage.
  • MMO trainees, extra as always, integrated Auntie Jisung’s clapping move with Twice’s Signal
  • Baby maknae Lee Woojin did his meme face and finger heart from the Be Mine stage. A worldwide cutie.
  • C2K Kim Seonglee did finger hearts with the Very Very Very head bobbing
  • YGK+ Kwon Hyunbin tried a headstand before just rolling over like a cat in a blanket
  • Real Performers Ardor and Able Noh Taehyun and Ha Sungwoon did a finger point choreo before moonwalking off the stage in sync
  • RBW puppies referenced fallen trainee Dongmyung by doing his warm up flapping dance and hearts. 
  • Protect Them.
  • Tension building and then cut to concept evaluation song distributions.
  • They keep playing up the fact that Jihoon dropped ranks…are they egging the fangirls to have a flatout fight?
  • This way of arranging missions, with distributing trainees into teams and then shuffling after half of them leave is stupid and could be avoided if they split up the mission footage better. The show could fully have filler episodes between missions at this level of popularity so the vote timing and mission preparation could be allocated efficiently. 
  • Imagine working at a song and then having to start over a few days later. It’s ridiculous.
  • Songs are introduced by their producers. The viewers have been voting to match the songs to their favourite trainees for this mission. 
  • I’d said earlier that the idea was just going to incite some kind of fuckery, with fans not used to this amount of legitimate power. Sure enough, there was cheating involved so Kang Daniel, Lee Kiwon and Kim Dongbin were banned from their leaked song preferences.
  • Honestly, the cat emoji morse code was great. It’s one of my top controversies this season. 
  • First up is my personal favourite of the song concepts, I Know You Know, produced by heavyweight producer Joombas (who is famously responsible for Exo’s Growl, SHINee’s Dream Girl and also apparently worked with HOTSHOT). I’m all about the funky R&Bish vibe: not the kind of song that tops charts, but probably stays there a while. Watch this song be ignored though lol
  • Second is Oh Little Girl, a name even the producer draws quote marks around. This is the song for the hip-hop concept, and has a jazzy easy listening feel.
  • Next is Showtime, coming from a trio of newer or less popular producers. This seems catchy, but it sounds very familiar - not a song I’d remember. The choreo looks fun though, and they reference Dongmyung’s warm up! The trainees love it, cracking up as they mimic the move.
  • Fourth are another famous producer group, Devine Channel, who I believe do a lot of SM’s songs. They’ve also done a lot of very trendy title songs, including BTS’ Fire and VIXX’s The Closer. I think the English title for this song is Open? Correct me if I’m wrong. It sounds great, oddly like something I might have heard from Nu’est. I’m looking forward to this too, the choreo looks great.
  • Fifth song is from the producers that get the most hype, Hyuna’s new charity project from Cube, Triple H’s Never. Auntie Jisung decides he wants the song because Hyuna is involved, which, honestly, same. The EDM structure also feels overdone but I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to be the song that gets maximum hype since there’s no ballad.
  • Trainees get allocated their songs in envelopes and have to go to wait in separate practice spaces for the rest of their team.
  • Jaehwan doesn’t want to be in same team as Hyunbin, which I understand, considering that he’s had to carry him twice already. Like the other trainees, he wants to work with GodJonghyun. 
  • Pretty boys Bae Jinyoung, Park Jihoon and Ahn Hyungseob get sorted together. Maybe their fans have been working in sync. They also get excited puppy Gunhee, which means their vocals will be taken care of. 
  • Once the trainees all gather, their songs are revealed. Byun Hyunmin decides to rip the sticker for his room and accidentally pulls off the whole thing. 
  • Byun Hyunmin: :O
  • Noh Taehyun: Everyone, we’re not singing.
  • Hyunmin retries.
  • All the trainees: cAREFULLY 
  • The group gets Showtime, which was Samuel’s pick. He’s ecstatic.
  • Minhyun’s room has their sticker peel by Emperor Hwang to reveal Never, which pleases most of them. 
  • Park Jihoon’s room has a breakdown before Dongbin peels the sticker to show Oh Little Girl, a song I can see Sewoon do well in. The Yuehua trainees are all in this team too.
  • Moonbok has a braid in his lovely hair this segment, it looks fire emoji.
  • Hyunbin’s room has I Know You Know. Taedong, who has a lower range than the song needs, is nervous.
  • Baekho’s group gets Open, which most of the trainees are excited about. Seunglee in particular is relieved, since it was one of his picks. 
  • We go into centre struggles for the killing part.
  • Oh Little Girl has Jihoon battling Euiwoong and Minki. They all demonstrate, and vote Jihoon and Minki as their preferred centres. 
  • Euiwoong is getting worried. He’s one of the only initial popular trainees that seems to be dropping down ranks every week. Kahi gives him a much needed confidence boost at dance check in, and Don Mills praises him at vocal check in too.
  • Product placement break.
  • Open team wants a dance focus trainee as leader because of the high level choreo and elect Daniel, who now probably understands what he needs to do to lead his group after faltering last mission. 
  • But the team has so many people that they split into two halves while leaning choreo and one team falls behind since Daniel doesn’t split his attention between the two initially
  • Kahi calls them out on the distinction, with one group lagging while the first one does great. The second half, which has Park Sungwoo, who we know needs a lot of focused help, starts to catch up after the whole team gets scolded.
  • There are so many trainees in this team that won’t survive eliminations, oh god. 
  • Kim Seunglee, you deserve better.
  • Showtime group has a lot of strong singers. Woodam wants to be main vocal, and Yoo Hwiseung needs that vocal hype boost since his rank is risky too. 
  • Auntie Jisung: I want to try to do it too.
  • They start talking about the need for facial expressions and singing, Samuel wants to lowkey be centre. They need to have impact to bring the concept across, they decide.
  • Auntie Jisung: I still want to try though!
  • They ask the trainees to sing and do some face expression to pick centre and main vocal. Jisung and Samuel share centre while Woodam and Hwiseung share main vocal.
  • Coach Shin Yumi likes Hwiseung’s control over the notes better. He’s a lot more stable than Woodam, maybe because his natural tone is stronger?
  • Yoo Hwiseung gets some screentime for the first time.
  • Far out, Mnet. You really annoy me.
  • Never team has Ha Sungwoon being worried about being in a team with high ranking trainees, most of who want to be centre. 
  • They all battle with facial expressions but the trainees vote for Guanlin and Minhyun as centre.
  • At dance check in with Dabbing Ajusshi Kwon Jaesung, however, Sungwoon is the first one to volunteer to dance. 
  • He gets some well deserved praise for it, which honestly, the kid needs. Being in a group of trainees that are all popular is awful enough, but he’s a true all rounder. Without enough screentime or helpful editing, he’s been fading despite being good looking and a consistent performer. 
  • More product placement.
  • I Know You Know team has the underdog feel straight up, with the lower ranking trainees. I called the song as not being the kind to be popular.
  • Appealing time for the centre spot. RBW Hwanwoong stands out. Ah, my heart. Donghan and Hwanwoong get centre.
  • Dance check in with Kahi has her appreciating their hard work. Hyunbin’s dancing seems to have improved, I guess being cyber bullied has that effect on you. She also thinks Hwanwoong is a good centre choice, which is some well deserved praise. 
  • Tears and mournful instrumentals are abound as the low ranking trainees recount their experience before for upcoming eliminations. We get flashbacks for some of them, which should prepare you for what’s coming.
  • We all know where this is heading. The rest of the recap can be found here.
Underneath Your Clothes - part 6 Final

Originally posted by whereisuniq

Featuring: Hoseok, Jhope (BTS)
Genre: a little angst, then pure smut
By: Admin S

So….this is just under 5000 words. I was going to break it up, but I didn’t. So…have fun reading~ This is the final part, so thank you to everyone who read all 6 parts!!!

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Choices (Jimin x Reader x Jin) - Part 1

Anonymous asked:
Hi can I request a mini series/ fanfiction (if you guys have the time, preferably in highschool, with a love triangle. Kinda angsty and fluffy? With V and Jimin or Jimin and Jin please!

A/N: So I chose to do Jimin and Jin because I have another love triangle idea for V and Jimin Imeanwhat. Anyways sorry for the wait but here it is - part 1! This part mainly explains the background and relationship between the characters so it’s not very interesting… but I’m really hoping this series will go well. Hope you like it! xD

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word count: 1,288

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

“Wake up or you’ll be late again!” A voice called with a laugh. Your eyes snapped open and stared at the clock: 7:50. Oh no, not again. You have ten more minutes before the last bus comes or you’ll really be screwed! You quickly sat up and turned your head towards the open window beside your bed, to find Jimin resting on his window seat, waving at you with a grin on his face.

“Took you long enough. Now hurry before we miss the last bus! By the way, nice sleeping face.” He chuckled before jumping off his seat and making his way outside. You sighed and quickly put on your uniform. Rushing in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible before running to the kitchen to grab a quick slice of toast. You quickly stuffed your school work in your backpack scolding yourself for not doing this last night and ran out the door, catching the bus just in time.

“Hey! Look who made it just in time, again.” He laughed before getting on the bus. You mocked his laugh before following him on the bus. He found a seat and you mindlessly sat next to him. You placed your earphones in and chewed away the dry toast when you felt a buzz from your phone. It was a text from Jimin. You glanced at him and stared before replying. You didn’t understand why he wouldn’t just talk to you.

Jimin: Rough night?
: Yeah, I had to finish up my assignment for today.
: Yeah well you should have finished the assignment with me!
That way you wouldn’t be rushing in the morning and I wouldn’t have to miss my breakfast :(
You’re definitely making me breakfast tomorrow morning right? :3

You rolled your eyes at his text before shoving your phone back to the pocket of your blazer. The final assignment really made a big impact on your schedule. You always woke up early to make extra breakfast for the two brothers next door while their parents were at work. The youngest being Jimin, your friend and enemy since forever. And the oldest being Ji- Another buzz from your phone broke your thoughts. You assumed it was another text from Jimin but surprisingly it was from your mom. You smiled, excited at she’ll be home tonight after leaving for a month. But to your disappointment she gave you some bad news.

Mom: Hey, I’m not going to be back for another month or so! I’m sorry but you know what to do.
You: Go make the neighbour breakfast and dinner to thank them for looking after me.
Mom: That’s right! Remember, if you need anything, the family next door is there for you. Love you honey!

You smiled at your mother’s reply but frowned when you realized you wouldn’t be able to see her for another month. Your mom has been working out of the country for quite some time now, trying to provide for the family ever since your father left. It wasn’t like he was dead but he might as well be, since he left you and your mother for a younger woman.

You know he’s your father and your mother told you not to blame him but you couldn’t help but feel disgusted by him. You didn’t understand how your mom can still be so kind to him, after all that had happened. He offered to take care of you while she was away but you refused because a huge part of you really hated him and somehow, he knew. He decided it would be best to give you time to accept him again. So, you’re on your own, living by yourself.

When you arrived at school, Jimin came up behind up and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, “Why didn’t you answer my text?”

“I did.” You replied plainly, brushing his arm off you.

“You know I’m a good friend for waiting for you and taking the late bus! You better repay me with a nice breakfast tomorrow or maybe dinner tonigh-” The bell interrupted his sentence and you ran to your class, with Jimin following behind quickly making in class just before the strictest teacher in the school closed the door. You slide into your seat as Jimin took his seat beside you.

“Making it by the second again, aren’t we Miss, Y/L/N and Mr. Park?” He glared, before heading to the front of the class again. “Okay class, take out your final assignment and pass it to the front please.” You searched around your bag to find no assignment. You panicked and dumped your whole bag to find nothing. Just other notes and homework from other classes.

“Oh no,” You said out loud, causing Jimin to look your way. “I didn’t bring it. I must have left it on the table when I was hurrying to school. Why this class out of all classes?”

“What are you going to do-”

“Miss. Y/L/N and Mr. Park talking again? Where are your assignments?” He said, giving you an intense stare.

“I-I forgot it at home, sir.” You stutter, scared of what he’s going to do next. Instead his eyes just stared at you and smirked.

“Well you two has been getting into a lot of trouble lately haven’t you? Being late for class, talking during class, interrupting my class, and now ‘forgetting’ your assignments. I think you’ve earned yourselves a trip to the principal’s office.” He demanded, pointing his long finger towards the door.

“I understand that I have go to because I forgot my assignment but Jimin-”

“We’ll be going now, sir.” Jimin said, interrupting you as he pulled you out of the class.

“What are you doing? I know you finished your assignment. Why are you coming with me to the principal’s office?” You questioned him as you walked towards the office.

“Well, class is boring so why not? Plus it’s nice to pay a little visit to my mom.” He grinned and playfully sat down in front of the office, waiting for the principal to call. You chuckled at his childish behaviour and sat down next to him. The school’s principal was Jimin’s mother, Mrs. Kim. Why does she have a different last name? Because Jimin’s father died when he was a baby and she decided it would be best to go back to her maiden name. You remembered Jimin telling you how she tried to get him to change his last name too, but he refused.

Not long after, the office door opened and you heard a familiar voice, “Of course, I’ll get it done.” The familiar brown haired senior walked out of the office with a stack of paper in his arms. (Not even to cover his handsome face.)

“Jin Oppa!” You called out to him with a smile, causing him to turn his head towards you and Jimin.

“Hey, what are you doing here? I understand if Jimin is here, but you? Did he get you into trouble?” He teased with a chuckle as he placed the papers down on the table to rest.

“Hey! It’s not always my fault. This time it’s actually Y/N’s fault.” Jimin replied with a cheeky smile.

“You didn’t have to be here with me if you would just give him your assignment.” You pointed out.

“Don’t cause too much trouble, okay? I have to go, see you guys at home.” Jin smiled, patting your head before handing out the papers to the staff. You heard the principal call for the next students, she sighed when she spotted Jimin but looked surprised to see you with him. You took one last peak at Jin before closing the door.

~Admin Ari (Edited by Luna)


alternate scene; unreleased cut

This was supposed to be a scene in one of my fanfics but I took it out… (it’s a favorite and I’m sure you guys would easily guess what fanfic it is. haha!) But since I’m editing it, thought I’d show you guys this scene. :)


I stiffened at the sound of the familiar voice, turning slightly only to find a familiar face. Jungkook stood there with a red scarf wrapped around his neck, his nose slightly red from the cold and his hands tucked deep in his long coat’s pockets. 

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A Time For Love - Part 3

Anonymous asked:
hi,can I please have a scenario where you go to your friend’s wedding  party and  jungkookie who tagged along to the party with his friends  falls for you,he makes his move but the girl rejects her politely mostly cause she never had a dating experience before but kookie because he is golden somehow manages to win her over before the end of party thus  marking the start of an exciting lovelife,woah that got too long,sorry  and thank you<3

A/N: How are you liking this fic? O3O (Btw “Aunt Juma” xD Too clever)

Genre: Fluff

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

You earned a lot of muffled laughs from the crowd during your nervous speech, you knew being maid of honour meant having a great story about the bride and the groom to tell, but you were never the person to read in front of a large crowd of people. As soon as you stepped to the front, everyone’s eyes were on you and it made you even more nervous. You tried to focus on something else but failed to do so.

You barely started when Jun stopped you, she took notice in your expression and knew what to do. She told you that you could finish it off later and that you should take your time to prepare more. Thanking her, you carefully made your way back to the table. The best man - Jin- got up and gave the amazing speech that you couldn’t. Not knowing why, Jungkook crossed your mind during this time. What if he thought you were weird after that? Wait, why did you even care? It’s not like you knew him or anything.

Jungkook was sitting on the groomsmen’s table thinking about your nervous speech. He found it kind of cute. He noticed at how you couldn’t keep your head up when you began. Something in this seemed so familiar and he knew exactly what it was. He watched as the other bridesmaids cheered you up and encouraged you as you walked back to your seat with a frown on your face.

“Alright everyone, due to communication issues the buffet is set at the dining lounge inside the hotel. Feel free to walk around the hotel, remember to be back here at seven-thirty sharp for cake and dancing. If you follow Jun’s lovely mother, she will lead you to the dining lounge.” Namjoon announced as the crowd followed close behind Jun’s mother for the fancy food.

“Hey, Y/N?” A bridesmaid called you, “Are you coming?”

“I’ll be there in a minute.” You replied, she shrugged and left you alone at the table. That’s when you noticed Jun walking towards you. By then, almost everyone had went to the buffet. “

What’s wrong?” She asked, taking a seat beside you, “If this is about the speech, drop it. I know you. You were nervous, big deal. Just try again later. I’ll make sure you get the chance.”

“But it is a big deal Jun, I feel like I let you down.” You frowned expecting her to give up on you.

“You didn’t and I’m sure once you figure it out you’ll be able to fulfill your perfect speech.” She patted you hand and smiled.

“Jun! Um, I kind of need you right now.” Namjoon called, she rolled her eyes and stood up.

“I’ll talk to you later, okay?” She said before lifting her dress slightly above her ankles and running towards Namjoon. “I’m coming! And what do you mean you kind of need me?” You heard her chuckle.

“Okay, okay I meant I need you a lot. Happy?” He replied with a smile.
“Yes, very happy.” She replied rewarding him with a kiss on the cheek. You laughed at your best friend and her newlywed husband as they made their way towards the issue. They were just too cute together. You decided to sit there and go over your speech, assuming you were alone. But out of the corner of your eye you noticed a dark shadow approaching. You looked up, surprised to see Jungkook standing in front of you. Startled -and being the clumsy person you are-, you fell out of your chair.

“Whoa!” Jungkook said, quickly grabbing your wrist to pull you up before you fell to the ground. When your feet were balanced on the ground you covered your red face with embarrassment.

“Are you okay?” He chuckled, wondering why you were so cute. You nodded, not being able to say a word. He picked up the notes on the ground, before he proceed to give it back, he took a quick peek at you, but stopped when you squealed a “No!”

“Sorry.” He mumbled, handing you the notes back quickly. You took the notes in your hand and sighed.

“No, no should I say sorry or thank you? For the many times you helped me.” You replied back, feeling bad about what happened. “

You don’t need to say anything.” He answered with another one of his sweet smile. “What are those anyways?”

“Oh, they’re notes for the speech I was suppose to give 30mins ago, but totally failed.” You sighed, rubbing your temples.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do fine.” He nodded, you nodded with him and felt the awkward tension. “Oh um, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Jungkook, and you must be Y/N.”

“How do you know that?” You asked in surprised. “

Well, let’s just say Jun Noona talks about you, a lot.” He smiled shyly. You couldn’t help but notice how much he smiles, you weren’t complaining or anything, but he seemed like a really nice person and, you kind of liked that. Even he had noticed how much he was smiling, he couldn’t help himself. His heart was pounding like crazy and the way you acted towards him was too much for him to handle. He knew it was wrong because he barely knew you but he’s felt something for you that he never felt before… the small feeling of love.

“We should go grab something to eat before Aunt Juma eats everything.” You laughed remembering the last time you had a meal with Jun and her Aunt Juma. She ate almost everything, leaving you and Jun with a small plate of food. He started to walk with you towards the dinner hall and his heart took over his brain for one second.

“I-I really want to get to know you better.” He blurted out suddenly. Both of you stopped halfway to the dining lounge. Your eyes widened, knowing exactly what he meant. He was shocked by his statement and cursed himself for speaking before thinking. He stared intensely at the floor and didn’t dare to look at your reaction.

“W-What did you say?” You stuttered nervously, not wanting to jump to conclusions. Even though his statement had made it very clear that he was making a move on you, your face was still turning slightly pink and your heart beat faster than ever before. And for a stranger you met just a few hours ago. He nervously fiddled with his fingers before answering.

~Admin Ari (Edited by Luna)