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Stupid, Ignorant Dwarf

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This is a continuation of The One

You sit down tiredly on the ground of the halls of Erebor. The Battle of the Five Armies was the scariest shit you have ever faced and you faced a lot of scary shit. It was probably scary because you had almost lost Kili, Fili and Thorin. That gave you the fright of your life and you will forever be grateful for your good aim.

You feel a thump beside you and you turn to find Dwalin. You relax a bit and lay your head on his shoulders, breathing in his scent of death and sweat.

You two just sit there for a while. Not saying anything. Not moving. Slowly, one by one, you are joined by the other dwarves and you all end up sitting in a circle. Everyone minus Oin and Gloin. Those two were busy healing the wounded with the elves.

“Can you believe it? We did it,” Bilbo says, quietly. “That we did Master Burglar. All thanks to you,” Bofur says, clapping him on the back.

“All thanks to us,” Bilbo denies. “All thanks to everyone,” the company chimes in. “What are you to do now?” You ask him. He had no need to stay here.

“I will be headed back to Bag End once Thorin’s coronation is over. Judging by his injuries, that won’t be for another two weeks. Three at the most,” he says and you nod.

“Can I join you?” you ask and you panic as Dwalin quickly moves away from you. You catch yourself on his arms and look up at him. He looks shocked, almost angry.

“You’re going to leave?” he asks and you nod. “This is no home for me. Not when the one person I have come to love continues to love someone else,” you explain, turning back to the company.  

They don’t look pleased at your announcement at all. Ori is trying to keep his tears at bay, bless him that sweet dwarf. You have grown up together and you were practically best friends. You, Fili, Kili and Ori. Your best friends that you will part with.

“Will you at least talk to Kili before you leave? At least tell him how you feel before you leave us for good,” ORi says, grumpily. Before you can answer Gloin comes around the corner.

“Kili has been asking for you, y/n,” Gloin says and you nod, standing. What could that injured dwarf possibly want?

You follow him to the makeshift healer’s tent and you seen tons of elves bustling around. You enter a tent with the three Durins laying side-by-side. Oin is currently tending to Thorin’s injured foot and Fili is just resting with his eyes close.

You make eye contact with Kili and you give him a bright smile which he returns. You move over to his side and sit on the chair next to his bed after moving it in front of him.

“Gloin has said that you wanted to see me,” you say, grasping his hand. “I wanted to make sure you were alright. I lost sight of you after you shot Azog and I’ve never been mored worried in my life,” he says and your heart clenches knowing that although he cares about you, he would never care about you the way you cared for him.

“I came out less damaged than you lot thats for sure,” you say, looking at his uncle and brother. “Thank mahal. If you were to die, your father would have my head once I died as well,” Thorin says and you chuckle at his use of words.

“You know, I’m pretty sure you’v been holding back on the stories,” you tell him and he chuckles wincing. “One day, child, I shall tell you all about your father,” he says and Kili squeezes your hand.

You turn back to him and smile.

“Have you seen Tauriel?” he asks and you do all you can to stop yourself from frowning. Of course he wanted you here to talk about Tauriel.

“I’m afraid I haven’t. Last I saw her was at Bard’s house, healing you,” you state.

Instead of following Thorin, you had stayed behind with Fili, Oin and Kili, later Bofur, where you belonged. Thorin wasn’t too happy, but you did not care. If they were staying behind, so were you. Kili was more important than the entire quest itself.

He lets out a sigh.

“Good. I was afraid you would see her before I got to see you,” he says and this time you actually frown.

“Why are you so worried about me seeing the she-elf?” you ask.

“Oin. Please get me out of here before he starts confessing,” Thorin mutters out. His muttering goes unheard by the both of you and the healer and he’s cursing Fili for being such a heavy sleeper.

“Because she was going to tell you something that I did not have the guts say,” he says and you know he’s skirting around the subject.

“Mahal Kili. Get over it. Just tell me that you’re courting the elf and be done with it,” you say, unwanted tears gathering in your eyes.

He looks confused and then his eyes soften as a tear makes an escape.

“Do you like me, y/n?” he asks.

“For Durin’s sake! I’ve been in love with you since we could walk you stupid dwarf and yet you never even noticed! Everyone but you noticed it Kee, but I couldn’t do anything because you had fallen for an ELF! A freaking elf! I want to hate you, but I can’t because I love you too much,” you confess.

He looks stunned at your outburst and your brain finally catches up with your mouth. You stand abruptly, heading straight for the exit. You exit the tent quickly, not hearing Oin trying to call for Kili.

A hand grasps your arm and spins you around and you look at him with tears falling down your face.

“Kili just let me go. Please,” you mutter, avoiding his eyes. “No because you won’t know what I wanted to tell you. I didn’t want you to see Tauriel because she promised to tell you my feelings or you, not because she would tell you we were courting. At Bard’s house, when you were looking for Kingsfoil with Bofur, Bofur returned first and she started healing me. It was then that I realized that I didn’t love her. I loved you. My best friend and I thought. I thought I was going to die without you ever knowing and I could not let that happen,” he says bringing his forehead to rest on yours.

“Oh you stupid, ignorant dwarf,” you say, bringing your beardless dwarf into a sweet kiss.

Thorin Oakenshield X Reader: By My Side

Summary: The reader is done waiting for Thorin, so she takes matters into her own hands.

Warnings: Mild violence

Word Count: 369

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(Y/n) sat at the top of the stairs, looking down on her fellow dwarves. She listened to their sighs of impatience as the battle raged on outside. (Y/n) stood, and made her way to the rope that Bilbo had used to leave the mountain after Thorin had threatened to kill him. She was done waiting for Thorin, and she wasn’t going to keep letting others fight, while she turned a blind eye. She cast one final glance toward the throne room, where she knew Thorin would be, before climbing down the rope, joining the battle. Dwalin watched as (Y/n) disappeared over the wall, he shook his head, knowing that Thorin wouldn’t take the news well.

Thorin walked toward the company, Kili had confronted him, and he looked at his friends, noticing that (Y/n) wasn’t among them.

“Where is (Y/n)?”

The majority of the company looked around, not even noticing that she was missing. Thorin turned to Dwalin,

“Where is she?”
Dwalin looked down at his feet, and shifted his weight uncomfortably. Thorin grabbed his arm, turning to face him,


“She went over the wall”
“What? You didn’t stop her?”

“If I had tried, she wouldn’t have listened. You know how she is”

Thorin frowned, nothing he could do about it now, he focused on getting out into the battle.

After Thorin led a charge against the orcs, his focus shifted to finding (Y/n). He scanned the battlefield, he began to panic when he couldn’t find her anywhere. Suddenly he heard a scream, he turned to see (Y/n) cornered by three orcs without a weapon. Thorin didn’t waste any time, he ran to her, killing two orcs before tackling the third, stabbing it in the chest. (Y/n) let out a sigh of relief, thanking Thorin, before slapping him. Thorin looked at her in confusion,

“You selfish! Arrogant! Stupid!-”

(Y/n) was cut off when she felt Thorin’s lips on her own. He pulled away, stroking her cheek softly,

“I’m sorry”

“I forgive you, but as romantic as this is, we have to end this”

“You’re right, will you come with me? Fight by my side?”

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be”

Watch Out Below (26)

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You were left to your worries and pain for a week. Over the days, members of the Company streamed in to check on the woman who had fallen from the skies and it helped distract you from the pull of your stitches and your bedridden state. Bofur came with his brothers and re-enacted his heroic feats of battle, Bombur offering you some walnut biscuits he had baked in the reinstated ovens of Erebor, and Bifur leaving a mechanical bird on your bedside table.

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What Needs to be Said

Title: What Needs to be Said

 Summary: No one, except Bofur, had understood Bifur for so long.  Now that the axe is out of his head, he is able to speak with everyone…and there are some things that needs to be said.  

 Warnings: Language. Ships.

 Masterlist of Fanfiction

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Bifur couldn’t believe it.  He had spent so many years like this, and now…he was back to how he was before Moria.  He could talk, actually talk with people, using common tongue, not that ancient language most didn’t even know.  Sure, the dwarves spoke the language, but his words got jumbled so much, only Bofur could translate.

But he didn’t need Bofur to do that anymore.  The axe was gone, and the battle was won.  He had so much to say…so much, and it was time he was finally able to say it.

“Bofur,” Bifur looked to his cousin with a smile, “thank you for everything.  You have always been patient with me, and taken the time-.”

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Training Day

Based on these Imagines from @imaginexhobbit: Imagine being a fierce warrior in the company and being very strict about your diet and exercise, Dwalin feels threatened by how serious you take it and you keep challenging one another + Imagine training with Dwalin + (a little bit of) Imagine having a staring contest with Dwalin  || Humor and slight NSFW for innuendo.

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The Hobbit Preference #1 - how you meet

(I had to guess some of the eye colors based off of pictures so I’m sorry if I got them wrong. Hope you enjoy!)

Y/N = your name

Bilbo - You bumped into Bilbo at the marketplace in the Shire one day.

You were walking in the marketplace, a bit flustered as you were gathering your things for dinner. You looked down at your feet as you moved through the busy walkway, trying to remember what you would need when suddenly you collided with something rather solid.

You fell back, eyes widening in surprise as you hit the ground with a soft thud.

“Oh dear!” You looked up, surprised to find that the thing you had bumped into was actually a he. A hobbit stood before you, his thumbs tucked into his waist coat and a look of shock plastered on his face.

“I’m terribly sorry!” He reached out a hand which you gladly took. He tugged hard and pulled you to your feet so fast that you crashed into his chest.

His deep blue eyes met yours and everything else seemed to sort of fade into the background. As if you and him were the only two beings in the yard.

“Watch out!” A burly hobbit woman rudely pushed past the two of you, snapping you out of your daydream. The male let you out of his grip and cleared his throat awkwardly. You averted your gaze to the floor and noticed your groceries, scattered across the dirt. You leaned down and carefully began to gather your items back into your woven basket. The man leaned down next to you and helped to gather the supplies.

“My name is Bilbo Baggins. Again, I’m terribly sorry. It seems I wasn’t paying attention.” You chuckled slightly and straightened to a standing.

“The fault is mine. Thank you for the help, but I must get going. It was a pleasure.” You curtsied and turned to move along on your journey.

“Wait! You never told me your name!” Bilbo called after you. You looked over your shoulder and smiled.

“Y/N.” You called, and with that you turned and left.

Bard the Bowman - You were being hassled by Alfrid when Bard came to your rescue.

“Get your filthy hands off me!” You shrieked as you attempted to pull your hand from Alfrid’s iron grip.

“And why should I do that?” He laughed, a horrible, nasally sound that hurt your head.

“I paid your damn fee, now let me go!” You pulled as hard as you could and finally wrenched your arm away. The force of your pull caused you to fall to the ground, your skirts getting tangled on your ankles as you tried to scoot away from the approaching man.

He took leisurely steps towards you, laughing the whole time.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of your shivering form. A man had stepped before you, standing menacingly between Alfrid and yourself.

“Bard.” The worm called, disappointment and a hint of fear in his voice.

“Is this what you do in your free time? Harass the women of Lake Town and hope that it will please your master? She’s done what you’ve asked, now leave her alone.” The gruff voice commanded.

Alfrid hesitated a moment before regaining his composure. He huffed angrily and took a step back.

“Fine. But he won’t always be around to protect you, sweetheart.” With that he made his retreat.

The man turned to face you, grumbling an insult under his breath as he reached his hand down to where you sat.

“My name’s Bard. Pay Alfrid no mind, he’s an overgrown bait worm.” You chuckled lightly and took the hand that was offered. He pulled you gently to your feet and took your hurt wrist in his hands.

“Thank you.” You winced slightly as he squeezed the bruised area.

“Nothing more than some light bruising. But you should be careful out here.” Bard put a comforting hand over yours and then released it. “Might I know your name?”

“Y/N.” He smiled lightly.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Have a nice night, miss.” Your face flushed and you were glad for the dark to hide it.

“Thank you for your help.” Bard nodded and began to walk back in the direction Alfrid had come from.

You stood in the same spot for a few moments before you finally noticed the cold biting through your thin clothes. You turned and continued on with your journey, this time cautious of who may be hiding in the shadows.

Fili - You were the daughter of a nobel in the Iron Hills. Your parents had agreed to an arranged marriage between you and the prince. Your first meeting was planned out so that you could meet your future husband.

You were nervous as hell. In fact, you could hardly keep your knees from shaking. You had been preparing for this moment for most of your life.

You were waiting for your future husband to come through the doors. Your parents had been planning this for many years and this was the man you were going to be spending the rest of your life with.

Mahal you hoped he was at least cordial.

You sat in one of the many sitting rooms of Erebor, waiting for the prince to come and see you. Your parents were spending time with your future in law, giving you some alone time with your fiancé.

The door opened and your heart nearly leapt out of your chest. You rose quickly to your feet and turned to face the opening.

In walked a handsome young dwarf. His golden locks cascaded down his back and his bright blue eyes shone brightly against his fair skin. He was dressed fairly casually but he still managed to make his tunic look elegant as he stood there. His eyes flitted up and down your form slowly, apparently taking you in as much as you were taking in him.

You couldn’t be more thankful that your future husband was quite attractive.

“My lady.” His smooth voice floated above the silence in the room and he took a step forward, letting the door close behind him.

“My lord.” You snapped out of my daze and curtsied low to the floor. He chuckled lightly, a pleasant sound and made his way to the seat adjacent to yours and sat down.

“So it seems we are to be married.” You laughed. This was going better than you could have hoped for.
(A/N sorry I had no idea how to end this.)

Kili - You were the daughter of Dwalin and you met at a birthday celebration for your father.

Your father was a stubborn man. He rarely ever showed his true emotions and honestly, if he had known you were going to throw him a party he would never have let it happen.

But, you were a dwarf. And you certainly were your fathers daughter.

So you gathered his friends in secret and told them of your plan. The king had quite a laugh when he’d discovered your plot, but he was Dwalin’s best friend. He decided to help you to pull everything together.

You knew he wouldn’t want some huge party, so you just pulled together a few of his friends and some mead for them to enjoy.

Dwalin had been quite surprised, but ultimately happy about the gathering.

You sat on the sidelines, enjoying your handy work when one of Thorin’s nephews slid into the seat beside you. He ordered a pint of mead for himself before turning to you.

“Quite the party, eh?” You smiled into your drink and took a sip before responding.

“I should hope so. Father seems to be enjoying himself.” You gestured lightly with your mug to where Dwalin sat, singing merrily with his friends as they drank.

“Dwalin is your father?” The young prince questioned as the bartend plopped his drink onto the counter.

“Indeed. And the King is your Uncle.” You smirked slightly and turned to face the prince completely.

“Kili. At your service.” He placed his hand out to shake, and amused smile plastered on his face.

“Y/N. At yours.” You took the outstretched hand and shook it strongly. This would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Thorin Oakenshield - You were Dwalin’s sister so you had known Thorin for as long as Dwalin had. You met a few months after Dwalin had when Thorin visited your house.

“Dwalin have you seen my- oh.” You stopped short when you noticed that your brother had company with him. He was very handsome, his dark hair pulled back into a knot behind his head and his light green eyes shining slightly in the dull candle light.

“Terribly sorry. Wasn’t aware you had company.” You descended the last few stairs and bobbed your head at the two men standing in the doorway. You moved past them, going towards the kitchen and pulling up two mugs for mead.

You didn’t plan to spend much time with the two, just get what you were looking for and go, but you couldn’t help overhearing your brothers conversation.

“You never told me you had a sister.” The black haired man not so subtly said to Dwalin.

You heard a thud behind you and a huff of pain mixed with laughter as the two shuffled over to the table behind you. You filled up the mugs and placed them in front of the boys.

“Y/N, this is Thorin Oakenshield.” You raised an eyebrow at the name.

“What is the prince of Erebor doing with someone as annoying as my brother?” You crossed your arms over your chest. Dwalin sputtered out a complaint as Thorin laughed, a deep chuckle.

“You know, sometimes I have to ask myself the same question.” He said, giving your brother a pointed look.

“Well, I’ll leave you two to… whatever it is you do.” You nodded and made towards the stairs, forgetting all about your missing item, those thoughts replaced by a certain black haired prince.

Little Brat

Overall Summary: You are the oldest of the Durins and you live your life happily until the day Smaug attacks. That is when you lost the trust of your little brother, Thorin.

Chapter Summary: Mirkwood Escapes, Confessions and Promises, Drunk Nephews, and One-On-Ones with Frerin

Pairing: Thorin x Sister!Reader; OC x Reader.


Previous Chapter: Chapter 14

A/n: I lied. This is my last post before I leave for the weekend. It’s really long and has A LOT of time skips. Also I felt like Frerin need to get more love. Have a good weekend.

“Y/n? Where’s Thorin? Or Frerin?” Fili asks as you get shoved into his cell.

You were hoping to be put in Gilrin’s cell, but then you remembered that he was already with Dwalin and you highly doubted that you could fit in there with the two of them.

“Still speaking with the King. Last I heard it wasn’t going so well,” you tell him, not wanting to talk.

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Hey, hey, guys! So here’s the deal. I only have 3 active Dwarves at the moment and they’re my study focus at the time being. ( The goal is to eventually get all the Dwarves running, but that’s going to take awhile. ) KILI, FILI, & DWALIN.

So instead of “liking” this post if interested in a starter, how about you comment with the Dwarf you’d like a starter from. KEEP IN MIND: I don’t have any active verses written up yet, icons are in the process of being made, and Dwalin may take me a little longer because I need to study his character / linquistics.

If you’re prefer to plot something real quick, feel free to hit up the IMs. K, let’s go!

Heavy Metal


based on this imagine from @imaginexhobbit || Setting: forest along the quest before arriving at Beorn’s house || Warnings: Removal of braces by a handsome blacksmith. Do not try this at home. || Songspiration: Trust by Megadeath (I actually love the intro more than the rest of the song, which has nothing to do with orthodontics)

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Words: 3,563
Pairing: Dwalin/Hobbit!Reader
Based on this imagine by imaginexhobbit

Why had you agreed to go on this stupid, ridiculous journey in stead of your stubborn brother? You grumbled as yet again you scratched at the bug bite that threatened to swell up your arm. Since the rain had begun, any encampment that was relatively dry and been swarming with insects.

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Becoming Real - Part 4

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PART 1  |  PART 2   |   PART 3  |  PART 4

Characters: Thorin, Company, Reader.
Erebor after BOTFA (Everyone lives, fix-it).
Synopsis: Firmly ensconced in Erebor and fed up with the tedium of their daily duties, Thorin’s company tries to revive old times by going on a camping trip. Meanwhile, Thorin is reconsidering his choice of queen and trying to avoid the company’s well-intentioned meddling into his love life, with mixed success.
NSFW. Angsty. Hurt/Comfort with a lot of hurt.  
This is the first sequel to THE LONG DARK. It will make a lot more sense if you read that story first. My thanks go out to my darlings @hardlyfatal, @fromthedeskoftheraven​ and @snugsbunnyfluff  for listening to my interminable whining about this story, making excellent suggestions and slogging through my first (and n-th) drafts without a single complaint.

Sometimes I get up early and even my soul is wet.
        — Pablo Neruda

 You left your shelter during a lull in the deluge. The way back was  ridiculously short, though the path was treacherous and slippery with mud. Thorin held onto your hand throughout, clearly unwilling to take chances.

The moment you stepped into the cave he let go of you.

All eyes turned to you as you entered. You saw a ribald remark form on Kíli’s lips, only to die when Fíli elbowed him hard. A flash of resentment pierced you, but it was gone as swiftly as it had arrived. None of this was his fault.

Soon it became clear to everyone that something bad had happened between you and Thorin. By unspoken agreement you sat in different corners of the cave, and when you took off your wet clothes to wrap yourself in a blanket, Thorin looked the other way.

To your relief, everyone knew better than to comment. They probably thought it was a run of the mill lovers’ quarrel that would blow over soon. So they made sure to carry on as usual.

You had no idea how to behave. A part of you still hoped for a resolution, but you knew Thorin had to get there on his own. So you decided to behave as normally as you could, even though your heart sat in your chest like a lead weight.

Besides, regardless of your personal feelings, you had a duty to the others. You wouldn’t spoil their good time if you could help it. So you smiled at Bofur’s jokes, ate the food Bombur had prepared even though it tasted like ash in your mouth, and when you finally curled up on your bedroll, you were so exhausted that you slept like a log.

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Just KISS!

I’m so sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I finally have some time to myself, and just watched the POTC movies in one night (I know kinda out of control but it reflects on my life right now) ANYWHO! I can’t get this idea out of my head!

Imagine, everyone’s fighting in the battle of the five armies(I mean no dur!).
Imagine Thorin fighting on the battle field with his family and friends all around him, and they’re fighting, and fighting, and then Bilbo is at his side, helping him kill all of these orcs that have surrounded him.

Thorin: Bilbo!

Bilbo and Thorin proceed to kill an orc together, as Bilbo scoffs at him.

Bilbo: Of course it’s me! Where and who else should it be, you great big dunderhead!

They continue fighting, and Thorin is desperately trying to keep off as many orcs as he can to try and spare Bilbo the trouble of doing it himself while simultaneously trying to come up with a good way for him to apologize profusely for falling to the thing he always feared; but Bilbo beats him to it.

Bilbo: For goodness sake, Thorin! (jumping at his side and taking care of an orc or two) I mean, you know I love you, and would follow you anywhere, but first a dragon, and now orcs, wargs, and goblins?! I’m beginning to think your beloved mountain is cursed, my love! Ha! Take that!

Thorin jerks to a stop at Bilbo’s words for nearly a second, almost costing him his arm, when he comes back fighting with a viciousness. Bilbo loves him? Still loves him?!

Thorin: You still love me?!

Bilbo: Of course (lunge) I (duck) do!

Thorin: But what about everything that’s happened?!

Bilbo: Well, I figure (stab) since we both have done something(slice) we’re not entirely proud of (blocks a blow headed for Thorin) and since we’re both extremely sorry for it (jumps) why not start over? (lunges) Just now, you know I love you, you daft - take THAT you bastard!

Thorin could hardly comprehend everything going on around him, except for one thing. He loves me. He loves me! He LOVES me!!

Thorin: Bilbo! (the two spin around an oncoming orc, both of them stabbing it in the back and ending it) Bilbo! (Thorin grabs the very confused hobbit’s arm and stares into those glittering eyes that he has come to love and cherish dearly over the past months) Will you marry me? (The two turn at the shriek of a goblin and split apart long enough to kill it, and Thorin gets to see Bilbo’s confused face)

Bilbo: I don’t think now’s the best time! (The two dodge another goblin, turning back to the mad chaos that surrounds them)

Thorin: Now may be the only time! (the two fight and stab at the goblins, before getting a quick moment that Thorin grabs at his arm) I love you! (he watches Bilbo’s unbelieving face, taking in every inch of it before they are split apart again, but not but a few moments before Thorin has his arm again) I’ve made my choice. What’s yours? (Thorin and Bilbo stand there panting as Bilbo ready’s his reply)

Bilbo: Dwalin! (Imagine Thorin’s horrified and completely confused face as Bilbo turns to Dwalin) Marry us! (They can here Dwalin swearing and yelling from nearby)

Dwalin: I’m a little busy at the moment!!

Thorin:(fighting off two orcs) Dwalin now!

Dwalin: (wrenching his ax from the head of a warg) FINE THEN! (Dwalin fights his way to the top of a pile of rocks before placing an ax over his heart, as Thorin manages to wrap his arm around Bilbo’s waist and they share a small smile) Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today -(turns to fight off an orc that swings a mighty mace at him) to send this orc scum back to the fiery hell which it came! (Bilbo and Thorin share a slightly confused, if mainly amused face with each other before being forced apart in order to fight off some goblins that have come at them, but the goblins are over with quickly, and Thorin grabs Bilbo’s tiny bloody hands in his as he says a rough version of dwarven wedding vows)

Thorin: Bilbo Baggins, do you take me, Thorin Durin to be your husband?

Bilbo: (rather ecstatically with a cheery grin) I DO! (Thorin grins down, still disbelieving of the entire thing going on right now)

Thorin: Great! (The two go on to fight)

Bilbo: Thorin Durin! Ugh! Do you take me, to be your husband? In sickness and in health, with health being the less likely! (From the distance they can hear Dwalin’s cheery victory over each death, as Thorin grabs Bilbo’s hands in his again)

Thorin: I do!

Dwalin: (fighting off two orcs at the same time) As a Captain, I now pronounce you - (they all get caught up fighting other things, but Dwalin finally gets a mini moment) You may kiss - (stab) You may KISS - (jab jab) UGh! Just kiss!

And they do, right in the middle of the battle field, and then they win the battle with everyone okay, and Thorin and Bilbo have another wedding out of the fact that Dain is angry he didn’t get to see the battle one, and they live happily ever after in the mountain.

Watch Out Below (9)

You were laid down with surprising care my the giant bird and you thanked whatever deity it was that had seen you safely down. Your hand was still tight around Thorin’s sword and you could not bring yourself to release it. You were still on edge and the weapon was your only solace; other than the half-empty can of mace in your pocket. You sat down near the drop-off of the cliff and looked out to the colours below, listening to the shuffle of dwarves behind you.

Why had you even gone out there and done that? All that blood for what? Thorin was likely dead and he would never trust you besides. Though, maybe now, should he miraculously wake up, he would let you go and you could get lost trying to find your way home. You heard a sudden change in tone and turned to find the dwarf king back on his feet, smiling at the hobbit who had save his life.

You allowed yourself a smile, happy that Bilbo had done well and that he would be staying with the Company. You had not talked to him much but he had always been nice to you and he never been anything less than helpful. The chatter silenced however as Thorin looked over your head and the other dwarves followed suit, nearing the edge beside you. You followed their gaze to the dark mountain in the distance and wondered what it meant.

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Obviously I ship the hell out of them????? I can easily say they’re one of the biggest OTP’s I’ve eVER had ever and I love them so much sometimes I can’t even breaTHE but after this movie I seriously think that even in the tiniest form, it was in Peter Jackson’s head, or Richard’s or Martin’s, that Thorin and Bilbo had romantic feelings for one another. Even if it’s never clearly stated by anyone or ever come to light later down the road, I honestly believe this. AND HERE’S WHY

  • This film is FULL - and I meAN full - of parallels between Thorin and Bilbo and Kili and Tauriel. THERE ARE SO MANY I HONESTLY CAN’T REMEMBER THEM ALL??? Not to mention the few that were in ’Desolation’. And believe it or not, this might be the most important factor here because these films are painstakingly edited and quadruple checked for every imperfection. There’s always last minute changes if the director doesn’t like the way someone’s freaking makeup looks in a 3-second shot. SO, it was a conscious decision to have these parallels. You could perhaps pass off the ones in ’Desolation’ as coincidence, but ’Five Armies’ constantly jumps the audience from similar scene to similar scene between these two pairs. [SPOILERS] Bilbo and Tauriel have the same reaction when they realize their partners are in immediate danger from the trap set by Azog. Bilbo and Tauriel both tell off people who try to prevent them from going after their partners (Gandalf with Bilbo and Thranduil with Tauriel). Then later, we have Bilbo grieving over Thorin’s dead body, and then they cut right to Tauriel doing the same thing with Kili. YOU CAN’T tell me this is a coincidence. Peter Jackson wanted this, he wanted the audience to feel some sort of correlation between the two pairs of characters. There’s a few other small parallels to be found, but those were the huge ones.
  • Why did Thorin immediately choose Bilbo to trust above all of the other dwarves? We’ve seen them become close over the journey, but even I can admit that he was much closer with Balin, and especially moreso with Dwalin. I’ve seen and read countless statements by Graham McTavish and Richard that the two dwarves not only grew up together, but that they’re basically best friends. That Dwalin is the one Thorin trusts the most, and will go to anything with. So with much closer ties to others, not to mention his own nephews, we’re never given a reason as to why he trusts Bilbo so immediately, and the ONLY other thing I can think of us that he had feelings for Bilbo. 
  • This one might be a little silly, but in relation to Thorin trusting only Bilbo, even earlier on, I need to mention Bilbo standing next to Thorin’s throne in one of the scenes. This has to mean something, as Balin and Dwalin (again, having much closer relationships with Thorin), are down at the bottom of the steps reporting about their progress on the search for the Arkenstone. Which begs the question, what was Bilbo doing in there in the first place? Obviously he wasn’t reporting alongside the other dwarves, but just hanging out in the throne room with Thorin? There’s no real explanation for this, but I like to think that what we don’t see is Bilbo trying his best to be by Thorin’s side as much as possible. Making sure he eats, and providing solid, if probably silent, company. This could explain why Thorin trusts him above everyone else in his sickness, but again, I really feel like there was a lot of symbolism going on with Bilbo perched up by that throne with Thorin while Dwalin and Balin were below them. 
  • Bilbo was the only one who was able to bring Thorin back to himself, even if for small moments. Even Fili and Kili returning from Laketown, while Thorin had no idea if they’d even survived Smaug’s attack or not, did not bring him the joy that Bilbo’s little talk about the acorn had. Again, this was a conscious decision by the writers to make Bilbo’s relationship with the king the most important in the whole freaking movie. And I really can’t see Bilbo being the only one to pull him from his sickness being anything other than Thorin already having feelings for him.
  • Thorin, in his horrible sickness, who “will not part with a single coin” of the treasure, gives Bilbo a piece of it worth more than all of his homeland. This is so important. Thorin was level 100 sick at this point, ready to go to war, but somewhere in his mind he was still worried about Bilbo. He still cared about him, and willingly gave him such a priceless piece of the treasure he was so obsessed with. I think that says enough on its own.
  • Not only is Bilbo the only one able to make Thorin himself in a small moment, but it’s his voice that Thorin hears at the peak of his insanity, just before he breaks from it. The last in a string of other voices, and clear as a bell. ANOTHER decision made by PJ that isn’t a coincidence. Obviously Bilbo’s words meant more to Thorin than anyone else’s, and pulled him from the sickness.
  • Apart from the parallels with Kili and Tauriel, I think the hugest and most obvious hint at Thorin and Bilbo being in love with each other, was Bilbo being unable to say that Thorin was his friend to Balin. AND IT’S SO IMPORTANT that it was Balin that he couldn’t say it to. Because Balin knew. Pay attention to his expression when Bilbo is trying so hard to say what Thorin was to him. It’s an “I know, you don’t have to say it”, look and you cannot tell me otherwise. I believe that Bilbo wanted to say that Thorin was his friend because he’s already lost a friend. If he admits out loud that he was in love with Thorin, it’ll be like losing him all over again, but as so much more. So he wants to tell Balin that he was his friend, but the look on Balin’s face let’s him know that he knows better. So he says nothing. It’s only months and months later, in front of a group of hobbit who wouldn’t know any better, that Bilbo finally says that Thorin was his friend. He still hesitates, because he’s still not sure if he wants to admit otherwise, but in the end, he can’t bring himself to. 
  • Bilbo never married. I like to believe that perhaps the filmmakers/actors wanted this whole “maybe he was in love with Thorin” to explain that. 
  • Thorin’s death isn’t in the tent. YET ANOTHER decision by the writers and PJ, to change this scene so that instead of Thorin being surrounded by healers and probably the rest of the dwarves, he and Bilbo are alone together as he dies. It apparently was extremely important in this adaptation where their relationship is the key relationship in the series, that Thorin die in Bilbo’s arms (and quite literally at that). Bilbo gets his only last words, Bilbo holds onto him as he passes. I’d also like to point out the not-very-subtle shot during this where it’s just a close-up on almost just their mouths, and at a perfect angle for a kiss no less. (similar to Tauriel’s goodbye kiss to Kili.)

JUST okay wow I’ll shut up now and I’m sure there’s more that I’m just not recalling, but so much of these were decisions that I know were made by people working on the movie. Things like this don’t just happen on accident when movies are checked and checked a thousand times over. Especially from someone like PJ who will change a character’s entire design months before the movie is supposed to be released because he doesn’t like how it looks. I truly believe that there was a romantic love between Thorin and Bilbo, and that there were some people working on the movie that were aware of it. 

I need to talk about Major Stoner Bilbo and his two Stoner friends Bofur and Ori who all get high as fuck, eat cupcakes, and do dramatic readings of bad romance novels. 

Enter Thorin, Nori, and Dwalin, who are serious hunks and Bilbo, Bofur, and Ori’s Friday nights now consist of them waxing slurred poetry about the hot business men who came into their regular cafe meeting spot.


A Thorin Fanfic

This one is a request but I also decided to base it loosely on an imagine found here

The nervous air amongst the dwarves was palpable and this was just succeeding in making Andromeda angrier.

Pacing like a caged animal, she kept arguing with herself over what to do.  Her normal voice of reason was lost to her, the comforting hand on her shoulder no more, instead, a cold emptiness had replaced it.

Thorin was sick.

Like the others, she’d been able to cope at first, but as the days wore on and Thorin got worse, her patience had worn very thin.

And they all knew that she had little of that.

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Well, Hello

First installment of the Tough Love series. (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.)

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Dwalin x Ex!Reader

Warnings: Hmm.

Word count: 1,461

With the exception of the glowing blue rune at the bottom, the round door before you does nothing at all after you’ve rung the doorbell, staying that way for a few minutes and a few more rings, just in case. For all you know, the Halfling could have had to step out for a moment or two to do Halfling things, whatever they may be. Though, if you are hearing right, there does seem to be some movement on the inside of this Hobbit hole.

The door swings open just as you reach for the doorbell one more time, a harried looking Hobbit showing himself at long last, clutching tightly onto small pie, it looks like.

“Well, hello there,” you say with a wide smile, much to his bewilderment. “Y/N, at your service.”

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So, a few weeks ago, I said I would write a bagginshield fic for this post based on a game called Too Hot. The players kiss without touching each other. The first one to touch the other loses and the winner gets to make the loser do whatever they want. I was going to make this smuttier but Thorin and Bilbo had different ideas. Ah well. Perhaps there will be a sequel 

“This is a really stupid game,” Thorin grumbles, arms crossed tightly over his chest. He is not pouting, regardless of the look he is receiving from Dwalin. He hates that look. Almost as much as he hates this stupid game.

“You were laughing along with everyone else at Kili only two seconds ago,” his friend reasonably reminds him, which only makes Thorin glower harder. Kili makes a token sound of protest to his right but he ignores it.

“Because he lasted two blasted seconds before he had his hands all over the girl!” he protests because it was funny. Of course, Kili is completely drunk off his arse and can’t keep his hands off his girlfriend on a normal day. Thorin suspects Tauriel knew she was going to win when she agreed to play. After, when Fili asked her what she is going to make Kili do, she just smiled a sharp, predatory smile and said,

“Dinner with my step-father. In a tux and on his best behavior,” to which everyone cringed. Or laughed hysterically, in Fili’s case. Everyone knows how intimidated Kili is by Thranduil. Perhaps it doesn’t help that Thranduil has arrested him more than once, a fact that no one is going to forget any time soon. Or that he threatened Kili when he and Tauriel started dating. Also more than once. Thorin just hopes his nephew survives the dinner.

Actually, Thorin wants to survive tonight, speaking of surviving things.  

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Hot and Cold

Based On:

Warning: Almost 6000 words so yeah, it’s longer.

I stabbed a stick into the dirt as I sat with my head in my other hand, I wished I was stabbing something else. The thought alone was treason but when one behaved as that king did, he did not but encourage traitorous thoughts. What was it that I had done? Suggested a short cut? Looked at him the wrong way? Breathed? I never knew with that cranky dwarf.

“Why don’t you do something useful and go gather some firewood, Nia?” Dwalin asked as he walked by me with his usual grunt.

“I thought someone was already doing that? Gloin just told me I–” I began to argue but the dwarf’s sharp look made me stop, “I guess you cannot have too much firewood.”

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