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The Arrangement (Epilogue)

Originally posted by deanjackles

Summary: I’m not telling, you’ll have to read it

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,700

Warnings: absolutely none, just teeth-rotting fluff

A/N: It’s finally HERE you guys! That word count might explain why it took so long, but I figured nobody would complain about a lengthy epilogue. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

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Tech Support (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: when your computer crashes at four a.m., there’s only one person who can save you: the IT guy

warnings: none

prompt: “my computer crashed and you’re the student worker at the IT center” from this prompt list 

pairings: peter parker x reader

words: 1.8k

a/n: you KNOW peter would be the cutest IT guy at his college

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coolcookie100  asked:

You are so awesome

Thanks, but I’m just doin’ my job!

I mean, someone’s gotta bring these hidden wonders to light… I merely do my duty for the good of mankind. 

Uhh, sure!

I remember in the early days, I had notifications on for likes & reblogs… if I did that now, I think my phone would melt.

This is what the activity looks like on a good day, but without any post blowing up crazily… just normal traffic of SDM fans enjoying their shenanigans.

Well, when I was a little babby–

(Pictured: me, as a little babby)

–I would watch old Scooby-Doo episodes, screenshot weird stuff in them, and make a lil’ presentation of it in (hopefully) funny ways to my family.

Only difference is that now, the SDM family includes the internet, and went from being 4 viewers to 51k+. Same difference.

Yay! See, this is why I picked Cyber Chase for 50k.

I saw so many people ask about it… obviously, there’s a lot of fond memories surrounding the movie. I was 6 at the time and missed it, but now I get to relive it through all of you, wonderful mistakes and all.


Please fire me. Everyday my boss comes into work very loud and peppy asking me how I’m doing. I work in retail…it’s not fucking fun. I want someone to come into my area of work and beat me before I jump from our one story building. That’s how I’m doing. Happy fucking New Year!

4. “I just had to see you.”

A/N: Hiya. Sorry I’ve had super bad writers block lately, and it’s kinda late, but i was supposed to go out with my roommate tonight and well she fell asleep so here I am writing instead. Apologies for any typos, I’m exhausted and finals killed me. Again: all my ish is tagged under “ficshit” 

Here’s the list
1. Oh my God, you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time

Chloe had gotten an internship. Chloe was leaving. Chloe was leaving Beca for six months and there was nothing she could do to stop her. Chloe was LEAVING FOR SIX MONTHS and Beca hadn’t told her how much she loved her, let alone at all.

It’s not like she didn’t try to tell her. She did the cliche flowers randomly sent to her last class of the day and the buying of the coffee and literally everything she’d learned from all the movies the girls forced her to watch and yet, nothing.

“Amy, I can’t just go tell her! She’s leaving! She won’t leave if I tell her and I can’t do that to her. She’s worked too hard to get where she’s going, I’m not gonna be that girl.” Beca practically screamed to Amy over the phone. She was driving home from her own internship and Amy had called her because she saw that Chloe was almost done packing up her things. 

“Beca, come on! She won’t. She probably already knows.”

“I’m not willing to take that risk, I can’t lose her entirely. It’s only six months, I’ll make it work.” she sighed and rubbed her hand over her face. Six months. Six months of no Chloe, of no late night cuddles where Beca pretends she hates when Chloe does that thing with the little curls on the back of her neck, and no Chloe telling her how much she loves her - even if it’s just platonically.

“Well, you’re the one driving her to the airport tonight - so just get home, ya?”

“I’ll be there in five.” she hung up.

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Dirty Little Secrets

Summary: Teen Wolf Alternate Universe where Peter Hale is a cop with countless well-kept secrets, or so he thinks. Y/N McCall comes home to Beacon Hills 18 years after a scandalous affair with Mayor Gerard Argent’s son; Chris. What happens when Peter sees Y/N for the first time since she broke his heart.
Characters in this chapter: Peter Hale, female reader, Stiles Stilinski
Characters mentioned: Sheriff Noah Stilinski
Pairing: Past Chris Argent x Female Reader, Past Peter Hale x Female Reader, Peter Hale x Female Reader 
Word Count: 1,439
Warnings: Language, blackmail  
Author’s Note: Blame @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash for this. GIF found on Google. Yours? 

Parked on the side of the road, partially hidden by the mountain, Peter swiped a hand over his face. Even with the air conditioning cranked, he was roasting inside the squad. It was balls-sticking-to-his-taint hot, the kind of hot that made people pass out just from walking down the sidewalk to get their mail. Even better, it brought out the craziness in people in droves. People did weird shit when it felt like their brains were cooking inside their head.

Speaking of weird shit… “The fuck you doin’?” he asked no one but himself, peering over the top of his aviators, gum snapping between his molars. There was a motorcycle speeding down the road, weaving between the two lanes erratically, and Peter could tell the driver had no plans on slowing down. In fact, judging by the sound of the engine, it was picking up speed.

The cycle blew past the squad, and the radar gun emitted a series of shrill beeps before a set of red numbers blinked at the officer; 120. Smirking, Peter flipped on the lights and siren, and tore out of his hiding spot. Gravel spit out behind him before his tires squealed on the tar.

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Remember Me Please (Harry Hart)

Originally posted by vhalium

Pairing: Harry Hart/Wife!Reader
Words: 2,670+
Warning(s): SPOILERS, Angst, Swearing, fluffy end tho
A/N: i love angst :^) so I hope you enjoy this~ Also I don’t fully remember the dialog so dont expect it to be accurate lmao- SPEAKING OF DIALOG thats basically most of the writing in this cause words need to be spoken~!
Harry Hart is my husband and I love him

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1. Izzo (H.O.V.A.) by Jay-Z

2. Grammy Family by Consequence

3. Let Me Tell You Something by T.I.

4. Heaven by John Legend

5. Encore by JAY Z

6. Angel by The Game

7. These Walls (Dirty MC Edit) by Nappy Roots

8. Otis by Jay-Z

9. Make Her Say by Kid Cudi

10. There Will Be Tears by Mr Hudson

11. Used To Love U by John Legend

12. Supernova by Mr Hudson

13. Rebuilding by Goodie Mob

14. Chi-City by Common

15. Knock Knock by Monica

16. More Or Less by Shyne

17. Do U Wanna Ride by Jay-Z

18. The Rape Over by Mos Def

19. Break My Heart by Common

20. GO! by Common

21.Ghetto by The Madd Rapper

22. Let’s Get Lifted by John Legend

23. D-12 World by D12

24. Live It Up by John Legend

25. Flashing Lights by Kanye West

26. Around My Way by Talib Kweli

27. Talk About Our Love by Brandy

28.Dreams by The Game

29.Selfish by Slum Village

30. Start The Show by Common

31. Not The One by The Madd Rapper

32. Paid The Price by Do Or Die

33. I Wanna Love U by Memphis Bleek

34. Straight No Chaser by Mr Hudson

35. Get Down by Beanie Sigel

36. You’re All Alone by The Madd Rapper

37.Didn’t I by Leela James

38. Swagga Like Us (Feat. Jay-Z, Kanye West & Lil’ Wayne] by T.I.

39. Ghetto by Smitty

40. Billie Jean 2008 Kanye West Mix (Thriller 25th Anniversary Remix) by Michael Jackson

41. Guess Who’s Back by Scarface

42. Hear The Song by Freeway

43.Stronger by Kanye West

44. The Cool by Lupe Fiasco

45. Another Summer by 213

46. Gettin’ It In by Jadakiss

47. No Problems by DJ Kayslay

48. 03’ Bonnie & Clyde by Jay-Z

49. It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop by Dead Prez

50. Izzo (H.O.V.A.) by JAY Z

51. New World Symphony by Miri Ben-Ari

52. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly by Consequence

53. Brand New (Dirty Version) by Rhymefest

54.I Swear by Petey Pablo

55. Strawberry Bounce by Janet Jackson

56. Show Me A Good Time (Album Version (Explicit)) by Drake

57. One Last Time by Twista

58.I Got A Love by Jin

59.Dead Or Alive by Cam'ron

60. Let The Beat Build by Lil Wayne

61. Nothing Like It by Beanie Sigel

62. Still Dreaming by Nas

63. Get By by Talib Kweli

64. Lucifer by JAY Z

65. New God Flow.1 (Album Version (Explicit)) by Kanye West

66. Fly Away by Miri Ben-Ari

67. Sunshine by Mos Def

68. Slow Jamz by Twista

69. Party by Beyonc‚

70. I Try by Talib Kweli

71. Gangsta, Gangsta by Beanie Sigel

72. Stand Up by Ludacris

73. The Morning (Album Version (Explicit)) by Raekwon

74. You Don’t Know My Name by Alicia Keys

75. Everything I Love (Feat. Nas & Cee-Lo) by Diddy

76. Don’t Forget ‘Em by Consequence

77. Throw Your Hands (In The Air) (Dirty) by Mobb Deep

78. Where You Wanna Be by Brandy

79. I Changed My Mind by Keyshia Cole

80. Down by Chris Brown

81. Came Back For You by Lil’ Kim

82. The One (Album Version (Explicit)) by Kanye West

83. This Way by Dilated Peoples

84. Doin’ My Job by T.I.

85. Bull’s-Eye (Suddenly) by Syleena Johnson

86. Wouldn’t Get Far by The Game

87. It’s Alright by Leela James

88. Everything I Love by Diddy

89. Drive Slow by Paul Wall

90. Grown Man, Pt.2 by Young Gunz

91. My Life by Foxy Brown

92. Find Your Love by Drake

93. My Life (Feat. Mary J. Blige) by Fabolous

94. Higher by Do Or Die

95. I Want You by Janet Jackson

96. Chi Town by Da Brat

((So I finally went through my inbox and sorted all the art that was submitted and boy howdy a lot of it wasn’t actually tagged as fanart, oops. Anywsays I’ve stuck everything in there that had a “fanart” tag on it into this post so, enjoy at your leisure!!))

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i helped an old man and his wife price check a clearance shirt last night and the man felt it okay to give me a big shoulder squeeze and pat on the back... bitch i was just doin my job

Ugh please don’t touch me. 


  • INFJ: is enjoying their relationship with someone
  • NI: they're gonna leave you
  • FE: no they won't omg??
  • TI: not to be an ass but here's the evidence
  • SE: yeah look at all this evidence lmao
  • FE: can't we just enjoy being with them for now?? :((
  • NI: no it's gonna hurt like a bitch when they leave
  • FE: :(((
  • TI: what do we do chief
  • NI: put up the defenses
  • FE: D';
  • NI: let's cut em off before they cut US off
  • TI: brilliant!!! how DO you do it???
  • NI: just doin my job gentlemen
  • FE: D'''''';
  • SE: lmao

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I'd like to thank you for representing Hamliza in this fandom with your amazing art ;w;

t-thank u… im just doin my job..

Headcanons: Anti with an S/O who gets sick easily

Request: “Could you do Anti with a reader who gets sick very easily? I feel like it would kind of be funny bc he hasn’t seen people sick before”

• His initial reaction is confusion. Then questions. ‘Are you dying?’ ‘Why are you sneezing so much’ ‘Why is your voice so croaky?’

• When he finally understand the phenomena that is the common cold, he won’t necessarily bend over backwards for you but he will grab things from the store for you and such 

• He will make fun of you, but not in a mean way. You just shoot glares at him.

• He once asked to touch the ‘green slimey stuff’ you blew out onto a tissue. You looked at him, disgusted, and swatted him away. 

• He will actually quiet down so you can get your rest.

• And will do cute little things like make sure you are warm enough

• He only does these things while you’re asleep, but he will also give you little forehead kisses.

• He will allow you to cuddle with him. He can never catch the cold anyway so there is no harm in it.

• He tolerates the full 24 hours of ‘Oh my god I can breathe again, look at my nostrils, doin’ they job, so proud.’