Doily - Mini Moonlit Silk

Chibiusa version! I’m working out the details for making this as well as the original Moonlit Silk as doily prints.

I’m considering taking preorders on a limited first run since it’s actually quite a bit of of manual work to print them. It will be helpful to know exactly how many I should make as well as preparing the packaging for them :’).

Thank you everyone for the support on these! Will share again when preorders are ready :)

DIY Paper Doily Winter Forest Tutorial from Oui Oui Oui Studio. All you need are wooden skewers, paper doilies or napkins and wooden beads. This is the original source so there are instructions at the link. I used Chrome to translate from French to English - but this DIY is so easy and you can scroll through the photos.


Daily Doily - Faerie
Did this one a while back, but I realized I never posted it here, was part of the original sales yesterday. Has already been adopted and will soon be sent to a new home :)

Thank you everyone for your loving support, all the doilies in the store have been sold but there are still other originals left. Keep an eye out for the next store update :)


Doily - Chapeau de lapin
A birthday gift to a friend who loves bunnies! First time looking for framing options and I found this awesome multi-level shadow box frame at Michael’s Craft Store that worked perfectly.

The last photo doesn’t do it justice, but I’m happy to confidently say that it looks real pretty inside that frame *A*. 

DIY Doily Top Tutorial from Trash to Couture. You can wear this top 3 ways: top, skirt or poncho. If you can find the right doily piece and are a beginner sewer, this is a really pretty and versatile summer piece.

What else can you sew using doilies? Mini Roundup of DIY Doily Tee Shirt Tutorials. For more doily DIYs go here:

Take a set with six elements and consider all possible matchings (partitions into 2-element sets). A little thought or counting should convince you there are exactly 15 matchings. Now, we can define a peculiar incidence geometry on those set: the “points” of the geometry are these 15 matchings, and two “points” are on the same “line” precisely when they have a 2-element set in common. When you try to draw this geometry, you may end up with the symmetric configuration above, which exhibits various nice features.

The result is sometimes known as the Cremona–Richmond configuration but is more commonly referred to as the doily. In this geometry, every point is incident with three lines and vice versa (the configuration is self-dual). Moreover, the doily is triangle-free, making it the smallest non-trivial example of a generalized quadrangle.