doilie dress


Alright….. the base of this dress is completed! I am now debating some bead work in small places and possibly a wider border around the bottom. This is a custom piece. There is NO pattern for this. It’s all free hand … my page is art girl davis on Facebook!! Thank you guys for sharing my pieces☺️

anonymous asked:

I liked Kate's royal ascot dress but except for the sleeves and the chest and almost the neck being covered but I understand that she needs to be covered. I like the dress except for the things listed, but I don't like how Kate wore it.

She basically wore the same exact thing last year. I’m not sure why one needs so many doily dresses…

artseed-wonderworld  asked:

Hey Mai ;) I'm going to my grandparents fancy diamond wedding anniversary (60 years of love wow!) next week. Do you have any ideas for formal hairstyles with dreads? I'm wearing a long blue formal 70's doily dress. Hope you'r well, wish you all the best! <3

Ooh that sounds lovely! I made a little collage for you (I really recommend Pinterest for hair style inspo) :

Maybe add a pearl chain or a fancy headband/bow? Earrings always help make updo’s more formal too :)