I spent so long Going Dutch on my Mustang baby that I lost track of time. I guess I was on a Power Trip but I felt a little Fearless even though it was dark enough to be a Mayhem Night. It had been so long since I’d taken the Mustang for a spin, we were due for a Reunion. Dee Snider’s House of Hair was on the radio. Driving around the historic buildings with the Duke of Detroit Presenting the show on the radio I felt like I was out there Battling for Motorcity. This car used to Ride with the Fantasy Vans and the Vegas of the 60s but now she’s got a lot of modern Off the Rack parts and can Ride the Lightning with the best of them. I bet even Julie and the Amazons would appreciate this car. I have to admit, it seems she has a bit of a Vendetta against the modern cars but you could say it’s Like Father, Like Daughter with us.

With the Duke on the radio roaring like Blond Thunder I got the urge to Texas-ify It. I checked for traffic cams and found zero. With the Robo-Roundup over I decided to kick it up to Threat Level Texas and leave some rubber on the road. I’m sure it’ll be even Better Tomorrow.