Turritopsis Dohrnii - Immortal Jellyfish

Previously known as the “Turritopsis Nutricula”, this hydrozoan jellyfish is capable of reverting its individual cells into polyps once it reaches sexual maturity. Theoretically this process can go on endlessly, rendering it biologically immortal.
TIL the Turritopsis Dohrnii, a type of jellyfish, can change from its adult stage back to its polyp stage and back to an adult. It is able to continue doing this and is considered to be biologically immortal meaning it could theoretically live forever if it were able to avoid disease or predation.

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Biologically Immortal

Some jellyfish species, including Turritopsis dohrnii, Laodicea undulata, and Aurelia, are able to revert to the polyp stage even after reproducing (so called life cycle reversal), rather than dying as in other jellyfish. Consequently, these species are considered biologically immortal and has no maximum lifespan.


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He is ZeitGeist’s Helper. He manages left over time left and right and over again. He likes to sneak some bonus life hours for people when ZeitGeist isn’t watching. (Remember how their dimension looks like?).
 He’s active and cheerfull, and socialy shy. If he was to encounter a human - he’d probably hide and giggle at them, he really sympathies humans for some reason.
He’s a Turritopsis dohrnii.

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“Have you heard about Turritopsis dohrnii? They’re a fascinating species of cnidaria taking the scientific world by storm! Turritopsis dohrnii begins its life as the planktonic planula larvae, but once it settles down it changes into its polyp stage. After a while in this form, it eventually matures into its medusa stage—essentially, the form you likely associate with jellyfish when you hear the word! Here’s an interesting image of the medusa stage of the Turritopsis dohrnii!”

“This is all pretty standard for jellyfish, however. What makes T. dohrnii so amazing is its unique ability to change back into its polyp form if it experiences stress such as sickness, old age, environmental or predatory stressors, et cetera et cetera! It does this using a special process known as transdifferentiation, and it alters the differentiated state of cells to change them back to cells that can re-differentiate into different cells! That’s similar to humans changing our arms back into stem cells to use to produce another kidney!!! Because of this process of transdifferentiation and the ability to revert into its polyp stage, scientists have classified T dohrnii as the Immortal Jellyfish! Theoretically, under perfect situations, this species of jellyfish could live indefinitely by transforming back into its polyp stage, and then maturing once again into the medusa stage! Isn’t that fascinating?!?!”

Day 5: The Sea/Ocean
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Todays prompt got me looking up my favourite creatures in all the natural world – sea creatures! After deciding I would not go with ocean/seascapes I thought to go with the residents of the vast expanse rather. I thought of starfish, seahorse, the helmit urchin (love these little guys), turtles and shells (which were a deep interest of mine not too long ago)… I think I love the sea too much but…

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Turritopsis dohrnii, Ubur-Ubur yang Abadi.

Kita sering bergurau bahwa kucing memiliki sembilan nyawa. Tapi ada spesies tertentu dari ubur-ubur yang telah dianggap ‘abadi’ oleh para ilmuwan. Mereka telah mengamati kemampuan spesies ini—ketika dalam krisis—mengembalikan sel-sel ke bentuk awal mereka dan tumbuh lagi. Itu berarti, makhluk kecil berukuran panjang 4-5 milimeter ini, berpotensi memiliki hidup yang tak terbatas.

Secara ilmiah, makhluk ini dikenal sebagai Turritopsis dohrnii atau Turritopsis nutricula, ditemukan di Laut Mediterania pada tahun 1883, tapi regenerasinya yang unik tidak diketahui hingga pertengahan 1990-an. Banyak peneliti yang mengklasifikasikan sebagai Turritopsis rubra atau Turritopsis nutricula karena kesamaan bentuk medusa dewasa. Masih diperlukan studi lebih lanjut mengenai hal tersebut.

Hewan ini sepertinya telah berhasil menipu kematian dan karenanya berubah menjadi makhluk abadi terus-menerus.

The immortal jellyfish:

Immortality in nature is not such a far-fetched thought after all. This is Turritopsis dohrnii, commonly known as the immortal jellyfish. With this guy it isn’t about living for a really long time: it can live its life over and over again, from start to finish, juvenile to adult, as many times as it wants. How does it do it? After reaching sexual maturity, if Turritopsis is threatened or…

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