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Hi <3 WcIf your Favorite walls? (This is totally not Ine)

Oh Nonnie -that asked this back in August/September- this is going to be long …

1. Marnell Bricks by The Malle
2. Life Stories Bricks with Quoining by Celebkiriedhel
3. Brick Rolled in Neutrals by Shastakiss
4. 3t2 City Hall Brick by Nanashi Sims  

1. Blunt Opinion by Shastakiss
2. Complete Castel wall by Shastakiss and Paigeturnersims
3. Latipsoh by Eaxis
4. Wall of Thunder by Eaxis

1. Life Story’s Tradition-all Siding in YLS by Shastakiss
2. Awesims’ Arts & Crafts Shingles in YLS by Shastakiss
3. Cabin Wall siding with Stones Wainscoating by Eaxis
4. Barn Walls Set from Seasons by Eaxis

1. Holy Simoly’s Old Mason Concrete Walls in YLS by Shastakiss
2. Discrete Concrete by Eaxis
3. Japanese Poured Wall by Shastakiss
4. Poured and Reddy from Boho days by Eaxis 

1. Stripe with Curiona’s moulding in YLS by Shastakiss
2. Puppet’s Lick of Paint with Curiona’s Moulding by Voleste
3. Textured Paint in Anna’s colours by Shastakiss
4. Walls defaults with Curiona’s moulding by Artemida Sims

1. Bird Toile in YLS by Shastakiss
2. AL friendly Walls by CuriousB
3. As time Goes By by Keoni
4. Lilith-sims birthday gift by Shastakiss
Special mention for These Walls by Whispers and these walls by Shastakiss

1. Klinker Tiles by Shastakiss
2. Frosted Glass Subway Tiles by  mlefay21
3. Interference Tiles Wall by Shastakiss
4. Shastakiss Dubious Tile in YLS by Hafiseazale

1. Panelling wall by Dohnna in YLS by Iakoa
2. Ikea Panelling in YLS by Shastakiss
3. Painted Boards in YLS by Shastakiss
4. Painted Panels by Voleste