“You don’t know what I’ve been through…”


Was inspired by the Sister Location trailer and I had this idea to create a some sort of Aftertale-ish LinkingTale Chara. This is not how I intend to end TGASTOM. Just a little idea, I guess.

How the signs play with play doh

Aries: Would start a doh throwing war

Taurus: Would empty the container of doh and fill it with tears

Gemini: Would eat it

Cancer: Would make a penis and laugh about it

Leo: Would make a snail and forget about it

Virgo: Will try not to make a mess and would end up producing something nice

Libra: Would make a tower out of it and watch it collapse with glory

Scorpio: Would make a voodoo doll and melt it

Sagittarius: Would start contemplating and recreating scenes from hamlet using a play doh ball as a skull

Capricorn: Would stick it down someones collar

Aquarius: Would make something beautiful and show it off to everyone 

Pisces: Would make a little person and talk to it