dogu statue

Zeo Megazord

The Zeo Zords were the primary Zords of the Zeo Rangers. Billy Cranston and Alpha 5 worked on these new Zords, which were based on creatures and structures from mythology all the zeo zords are still in the zeo zord holding bay.

  • Zeo Zord 1: Piloted by Pink Zeo Ranger Kat Hillard; it was based on the Moai Statue.
  • Zeo Zord 2: Piloted by Yellow Zeo Ranger Tanya Sloan; it was based on the Dogu Statue.
  • Zeo Zord 3: Piloted by Blue Zeo Ranger Rocky DeSantos; it was based on the Sphinx.
  • Zeo Zord 4: Piloted by Green Zeo Ranger Adam Park; it was based on Taurus the Bull.
  • Zeo Zord 5: Piloted by the Red Zeo Ranger Tommy Oliver; it was based on the Phoenix.

The five Zeo Zords could combine into the Zeo Megazord. Zeo Zords 1 and 2 formed the feet and lower legs; Zeo Zord 4 formed the upper legs and pelvic region; Zeozord 3 formed the torso and arms; and Zeo Zord 5 formed the back, head, and standard helmet. However, unlike any other Megazords, it could access different powers depending on which Zeozord’s Battle Helmet was attached. The most common formation had Zeo Battle Helmet 5, but five arrangements were possible depending on which Ranger the story revolved around in that episode. It was armed with the Zeo Megazord Saber, which could charge up for an energy slash.

Zeo Megazord battle helmets

  • Zeo Battle Helmet 1: Zeo cannon power
  • Zeo Battle Helmet 2: Zeo rocket power
  • Zeo Battle Helmet 3: Zeo pyramid power
  • Zeo Battle Helmet 4: Zeo gravity power
  • Zeo Battle Helmet 5: Zeo warrior mode