in memoriam│[closed rp]

She made a point of walking ahead of him, like the usual stride and jog but with so much more purpose – they were killing time and the Siren had not planned for such an inconvenience to be placed upon her person, nor for her to be left alone longer than normal with a certain Commando. Idle chit chat was not her strong suit, especially after locking lips not too long ago and how to broach such a topic was beyond her understanding or reasoning… What type of metaphorical savior was she supposed to be back on Athenas if she had no experience with people in general?

Getting to the transport was a trial enough, dealing with Stalkers and a few Threshers along the way in the Highlands but only to find it was “under maintenance”? Well, that was a Hyperion ploy if anything but alas, nothing seemed to occur around them. Though rather sit and wait for however long, her legs twitched and ached, eager to move past the awkward silence that permeated the air between them and shoot some damn thing.

“Keeping up?” She called back, looking over her should with a brush of azure hair, half heartedly grinning at the Commando. “I figure we have time to kill, might as well knock out a Stalkers nest while we’re at it. Hammerlock said something about finding Journal entries… Kill two Rakks with one stone?” She was bad at this whole conversation thing. And he was probably staring at her ass. Typical.

Her foot met with loose rock, slipping under her weight for a moment to trip. She easily caught herself, laughing sheepishly under her breath and praying to whatever force that be should her body be devoured by Skags. Teeth found her lip as she wrung out a curse, hearing a solid crack in her ankle as she righted her body, shifting weight casually before turning to look at her taller companion.

“You didn’t see that.”