RANDY DANDY - model: Clement Chabernaud - photography: David Slijper - styling: Robert Rabensteiner - hair: Franco Gobbi - makeup: Julie Nozieres - New York Times T Style Men’s Fall / Winter 2009

  • inspired by Gabriele D’Annunzio and Italian decadence
Dogs That Don’t Care About Personal Space

Cats have trouble respecting our personal space, but dogs are not much better – when they want your attention, they will TAKE it, even if it means barging into the bathroom or sitting on your face.

I will sit Here!

My friend Malamute thinks he is a Lap Dog.

She was yelling, “Auntie he is squishing me!“ I look back to find him completely content.

When you live just with your wife that must mean that you don’t have to lock the bathroom door, Right? WRONG!

My friend’s puppy just wanted to cuddle. The cat? Not so interested.

My Dad kept griping, “I don’t want a dog!“ This is how I find them napping.

My Great Dane thinks he is a parrot.

Sometimes she has problems recognizing personal space.

No sense of personal space.

No concept of personal space.



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