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Wait but aren't you the one that has like 31k followers and I asked how you haven't gotten deleted and you showed me about visibility mode??

No idea what youre9talking about I have 28 followers
No im joking DATS ME I CHANGE MY ICON LIKE EVERY 2 DAYS BECAUSE THERE’S ALWAYS A PUPPY PHOTO I FIND JUST A LITTLE MORE RELATABLE?? I said a few days ago that I have a folder of photos of dogs holding flowers, well I have a Pinterest board that’s just dogs I find RELATABLE …my phone autocorrects relatable to RELATABLE. I feel like that says something about me. ISN’T IT WEIRS HOW PEOPLE CAN JUST LIKE THO?? Like youcould just be like “Oh, hi nice to meet you what’s your name?” and they could just lie??

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that dog in your profile pic is adorable

I spent liken hour trying to find him :( I want to know his name!! I have an entire folder of pictures of dogs holding flowers