Since today’s Canada Day I’d just like to share with all you guys that one time when I was 16, my mom took a cruise to Canada and when I told her to bring me back maple syrup she spent a good fifteen minutes arguing with me over whether or not they made maple syrup there. Even after pointing out to her that the maple leaf is on their friggin’ flag she still insisted I was confused and thinking of Vermont.

Do you guys know what the first thing she saw when she stepped off the cruise ship and into Canada was?

Rows and rows of pure maple syrup.

This will sound very random because I just thought of it randomly but…

Am I the only one who got annoyed by that petition going around trying to ban a dog-eating festival or something in China?

Because like… sure in the United States and Europe we wouldn’t really eat dogs. We use them for companions. But that doesn’t mean that’s how it is in every country? 

Like in some places you don’t eat cows. That’s just how it is. Cows aren’t for food there. But Americans eat cows.

Why is it different for dogs? They’re animals WE domesticated for OUR use, whether that’s companionship or food. That’s what domestic animals are for.