ZZ, Maltipoo (8 y/o), 2017 NY Pet Fashion Show, New York, NY • “She’s fresh from Russia. – very Doctor Zhivago. She just started her own little blog called ZZ Talks, where she spills the tea on the dress up dog community. We talk about what’s really going on – who has a crush on who. There’s a lot of humping going on.”

Happy Easter! Stars of the “Our Gang” series dressed up, 1920s.

Why I theorize about Mother3 as the framework for Black Butler....

Yana-san wasn’t sure this manga series would ever get picked up (let alone become a huge industry), so she was tentative about writing arcs that might never see the light of day. HOWEVER, the main plot, the main characters (as well as some more minor ones), and the timeline of the series were planned from the very beginning, and Yana-san told us all about it in just TWO PANELS in CHAPTER ONE.

That first panel is a close-up of irises – Victorian flower language meaning “I have a message for you”.

The second panel is the VERY NEXT PANEL, the game packaging for “Mouse3”.

It’s a direct reference to Nintendo’s Mother3, which had been released in Japan back in April of the same year (2006).

The game revolves around mirror twin boys (with anagram names) who get separated soon after the tragic death of their mother. They are about ten years old. The older twin, Claus, dies (trying to avenge his mother’s death) a bit less than a month later. Lucas stays home for about three years before making his own journey for the same quest (revenge), but now it’s not just for the death of his mother but also for the disappearance of Claus and how all this trauma has made their father utterly useless. They don’t know Claus is dead, since they hadn’t found a body.

He sets out on his quest with his loyal DOG. They infiltrate their enemies, sometimes taking jobs with them, sometimes even dressing the dog up like a human. There’s even a scene in which the DOG is refused entry to a MUSIC HALL because he’s obviously NOT HUMAN. (Think: the two bouncers [Neckbeard and Skinhead] who refuse Boney entry look *very much* like the two thugs who toss Sebastian out of Sphere Music Hall. I’ve posted comparison pics before….) The vast majority of the game is played within a ONE YEAR TIMELINE. (Think: BB ever since chapter 14.)

He ends up with a “treasured” Courage Badge/Franklin Badge (a family heirloom) from someone with strong ties to his family. The person who hands him this “treasure” is the local (and very eccentric) grave keeper. (Think: Undertaker and his “treasured” mourning lockets.)

He gets help along the way by these weird fairy-like Magypsies, though they can be rude at times. All of them appear to be male but have magenta hair and dress as women. They are keeping a Dark Dragon asleep with magic needles. (Think: Grell Sutcliff as the main parallel but also include BB characters seen or associated with various kinds of needles, like Lau, Charles Phipps, Nina, Blavat, etc.) Lucas learns about a prophecy and that he’s able to fulfill it: if he pulls out the most needles, then he will control this Dark Dragon. (Think: having a contract with/being able to control a “Black Butler”.)

Then he finds out that someone else has the same ability to fulfill the prophesy… that this other person is heartless… and that their identities keep getting confused. (Think: the shooter in ch126.) There are even a couple scenes in which Lucas makes a TELEPATHIC CONNECTION to this Masked Man, though he has no idea how or why. (Think: the earl talking to a mirror image of himself in dreams/hallucinations. Also think: the earl thinking Undertaker is with a boy who looks like him, but then he wakes up and sees Sebastian by his bed.)

Two other people join him and become his team:

1. Duster forgets his identity and takes up a new persona in a five-piece band that “undoes” the brainwashing caused by Happy Boxes. His strongest weapons are his SHOES (which he can upgrade during the game). Much of his time is spent trying to find the missing EGG OF LIGHT, which contains his memories. (Think: the duo of Edward [joining the P5] and Lizzie Midford [with her shoes].)

2. Kumatora lives in an old castle that is haunted by the “ghost” of tradition. She always wears a hoodie, can be quite rude and distant, has psychic abilities (telepathy), and hides her true feelings. She disguises herself in a purple hoodie and changes her name to VIOLET in order to infiltrate the enemies. As Violet, she waits tables at a MUSIC HALL. At the end of the game she cries, unable to stop, and it’s apparently the first time she’s ever cried in her life. (Think: Gregory Violet, who was met at the super-traditional Weston College. Also think: Gregory Violet crying/showing emotion when the earl and Sebastian find him in Bath and save his life.)

A villager who had been silent (until he decided it was the right time) tells Lucas all about the history of Nowhere Islands… and how the people had arrived, on a big white boat, with the hopes to start over their lives. (Think: all those references to Noah’s Ark.) They even wiped their memories clean and came up with fake histories. Only this one person was left with his memories intact for the purpose of telling it to the one who will fulfill the prophecy. (I think Tanaka will ultimately fill this role.)

Lucas and his team have to defeat numerous enemies, including one who uses Happy Boxes (delivered by a trained and enslaved monkey) to brainwash the masses. (Think: Blavat Sky using the S4 performances to sway the masses.) Another major enemy they have to defeat is King Porky and his servants/army. (Think: Queen Victoria, Double Charles, and John Brown.)

They are sometimes helped by an eccentric inventor who is obsessed with donuts (offers them to Lucas, too) and driven in his pursuits by CURIOSITY. (Think: Undertaker, his bone-shaped biscuits/cookies, and how he’s driven by curiosity about life and death.) King Porky stole technology from him and even forced him to work on new inventions for his personal benefit. (Think: Queen Victoria wants Bizarre Dolls as “allies” and has Sieglinde Sullivan working for her now.) One of the more interesting inventions is a mobility suit that looks like SPIDER LEGS. (Think: Sieglinde Sullivan.) However, what the inventor is best known for are his FASCINATING CHIMERA. (Think: Undertaker’s Bizarre Dolls.)

After all other enemies have been defeated, the only person standing between Lucas and the last needle is the Masked Man who had previously shown up out of nowhere (from time to time) to mess stuff up and compete to pull needles. It’s the same guy that’s causing all the MISTAKEN IDENTITY issues. It’s the guy who is “HEARTLESS”. He turns out to be Claus, Lucas’ twin who had died ALMOST FOUR YEARS ago. He’s “heartless” because after death he was turned into one of those Fascinating Chimera; he’s a walking corpse programmed with a single purpose: beat Lucas in waking the Dark Dragon. (Think: the real Ciel turned into a Bizarre Doll and “programmed” with an “episode” to seek out his own revenge and to, perhaps, also reclaim his birthright.)

They fight; his friends can’t help him anymore (not even the dog). That “treasured” badge saves Lucas from an attack that would have probably killed him. Then, essentially, a miracle occurs in which the ghost of their mother forces Claus to remember who he was… and that they shouldn’t fight. Claus gives up… as his programming fails… and they reunite just before Claus “dies” a second time. (Think: the earl and real Ciel face off, but not even Sebastian can do much about it… for whatever reason. Perhaps he is busy fighting someone else? And one boy “wins”….)

Then Lucas pulls up the last needle. The Dark Dragon wakes up and causes Armageddon-level havoc before basically resetting things back the way they had been. There is the rubble of destruction everywhere, but the people are ok; the Dark Dragon’s power was even strong enough to return everyone to full health and strength. (Think: Sebastian will follow the will of whichever “Ciel” proves victorious….)

Done. The end.


THIS is why I spend so much time going on about my Mother3 theory…. :)

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fic for victuuri week day one!

Title: i have a confession to make
Rating: Teen.

Wordcount: 1.6k

 “Yuuri,” Victor asks, his voice suspiciously cheerful. “What’s this?”

Victor is holding a poster. Not just a poster, though. The poster. The 2013 Victor Nikiforov doing a swimsuit spread for Vogue poster that he hunted for for endless months.
Although he knows it’s pointless, Yuuri racks his brain for any, any possible way to explain himself that doesn’t include the sentence: “I was obsessed with you and I maybe jerked off to you when I was 15 once or ten times.”

Link to A03: here

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I decided to go with JayTim first cuz I know y’all love them.

Post I got the questions from

1.     If they had kid(s) what would the kid(s) plan for mother’s day and/or father’s day?

I actually have a hard time imagining Jason and Tim with kids, but if they ever did get any I imagine lots of homemade cards no matter what age they are, and when they get a little older they make a special meal for Jason since he taught them how to cook. Tim is a lame dad so they like, organize his files or something and he fuckin cries.

2.     What is their favourite song to sing a duet to in the car?

Terribly off-key renditions of Defying Gravity. Jason will only sing along if he gets to be Elphaba and Tim doesn’t care enough to argue with him about it.

3.     If they had to tell puns for a minute straight, who would be better at it?

Jason has more puns in his repertoire but he can’t keep it up without eventually laughing. Tim, however, will deliver pun after pun with a deadpan expression the entire time and it fucking ends Jason every time.

4.     How do they show affection love towards one another?

Jason makes sure that Tim will get in a proper meal whenever he can and force him to go to bed once he gets past the 48 hour mark. Tim will look into Jason’s cases whenever he has time and give him any information he found. At first Jason was bothered by this, thinking it was Tim intruding and looking down on him, before he realized that it was something that Tim does for people he cares about.

5.     How do they show verbal love towards one another?

Jason has a bunch of endearing nicknames for Tim. Babybird, princess, babydoll, love, etc. Tim is really bad at expressing verbal love, but whenever Jason goes out on patrol without him, whether Tim is stuck at home due to injury or if they just have to go separate ways that night, he always tells Jason to be careful before he leaves.

6.     What is a joke between them that never gets old?

They will never tire of picking on Dick’s terrible fashion choices. One of their favorite things to do is recreate some of Dick’s old outfits and post a picture of them wearing it next to one of Dick with a caption of “who wore it better?” Either that or they’ll just put a bunch of random stuff from their closet on and post it and tag Dick in the picture.

7.     Who would pick a fight with someone twice their size?

Well, Tim almost every night when he goes on patrol, but that’s par for course. Jason, however, despite being physically quite large already, will 100% pick a fight with someone disrespecting a woman in a bar or club no matter what size they are.

8.     How do they say good night to one another over text?

“Night, loser”

“Go the fuck to sleep”

9.     Would they ever get matching sweaters?

As a joke, probably. They would definitely show up at the manor with those ones that say things like “I’m not saying I’m Batman, I’m just saying no one’s ever seen me and Batman in the same room.” Tim would definitely make sure the paparazzi got at least a few shots of him in it because it simultaneously makes the vein in Bruce’s head throb but also makes him smile.

10.  How would each of them dress up their dog?

Jason would get his dog shirts with puns on them or cool bandanas. Tim would dress their dog up like Robin and show up at the manor to tell Damian that he had been replaced.

imagine for a moment sonny carisi with a small dog

  • sonny carrying his dog everywhere and getting defensive when people make fun of him for it. “what?!  she gets tired!!”
  • sonny letting his dog sleep on the other pillow in his bed every night
  • sonny making little versions of his food for his small pup
  • sonny dressing his dog up like a police officer for halloween!!!
  • sonny’s dog playing with rollins’ dog on doggy playdates
  • sonny’s dog becoming the unofficial squad dog of SVU!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

When Abby and Jackson are getting Raven on the floor while she's seizing Abby keeps saying "okay baby okay baby" and my HEART! Earth mom Abby activate

You know what hurt me? That Abby was losing another daughter. And she didn’t bring her up from a child, but she adopted Raven after she lost Clarke and Clarke went off on her own and she had to accept that she couldn’t keep Clarke safe. And now here she is, being told she has to let her second daughter go, too. She keeps mothering these children who are intent on throwing themselves into the void (sometimes literally) in order to save humanity. 

Listen Abby, you need to pick yourself a sweet little puppy child next time, not these ferocious guard dogs.

Problem is, Abby is herself a ferocious guard dog, dressed up in polite poodle clothes. Hey, did you know standard poodles are actually pretty closely related to wolves, it turns out? 

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I'm sorry about your tooth! HC: Wymack realises the foxes image needs to be more palatable. One day Matt + Andrew r both late to practice, everyone starts freaking out. but. Matt and Andrew wonder in entirely at ease and with a puppy. Andrew doesn't let people touch him, so Matt decided if anyone could chose a friendly and safe new addition to the family it'd be him. Andrew isn't a cuddly boy and he never will be, apart from with her. It brings the monsters closer to the upperclassmen too!

askfdjgkKJSD bless u omg,,, the foxes w a lil dog they dress up in tiny jerseys… a super excitable lil puppy who loves their family and who migrates between their rooms and wymack’s apartment………… their number one fan!!!

also, turns out i have a photo that works for this,,,,


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Which Haikyuu character would buy the most clothes for their dog? Which character would dress up their cat for Halloween? Which character would own the most pets? Which one would most likely buy matching clothes for them and their pet?


Kyoutani would for sure bjy the most clothes for his dog, he’s all about the  dog life. 

Kuroo would dress up his cat and his cat would hate it. 

The character with the most pets is probably Aone, don’t you think he’d be a good pet owner??? 

Matching pet clothes is definitely Oikawa, he lives for that shit. ♡‿♡

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Gabe 5, 16 & 18 :D

The gods have heard my request

5) Guilty pleasures

Pudding. That is all, just pudding.

16) Dark secrets/’skeletons in the closet’

Could you imagine if Gabe liked boy bands like One Direction or some shit. Because I can. He’d get into them because of Mariana. When the music is blasting from his sister’s room there’s not much he can do so over the years he started to like them.

18) Things they’ll never admit

He actually likes hanging out with Mari and playing games she would play. Mari you playing house? Heck yeah Gabe wants to be the dog. You dressing up your dolls? Here comes big bro with the yellow sundress. Princesses? Guess who’s wants to be the knight.

Send me a character!