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Can you do 4C with jikook pretty please? <3 love u

( Wow you guys asked for a lot of Jikook ahaha..I  had to close the Askbox because there were so many requests ahhh..I’ll open it again but please don’t ask for more requests because I have tons already ahaha…I decided to use the video that Jimin posted with the dog filter!)-kat

You Did What - Dylan Strome

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request:  Can you do one with Dylan Strome where you meet him for the first time and he falls in love with you so he breaks up with his current girlfriend to go out with you

I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK !!!!! so now I can update I’m so sorry this one really late

Dylan laughed as he walked in with Connor and Mitch to get there pictures done 

“Dylan your up next.” 

He fallowed the man into the room when he walked in her heard some laughing he looked up to see two girls by computers and the cameras on had dark raven coloured hair it was in low ponytail. The other girl had Y/H/C hair and it was in a high ponytail she had just some running shoes on and a jacket that had the Arizona Coyotes logo on the back when the other girl had a leafs one on.

“Okay Dylan right, My names Kat and Y/N here will be taking the photos.”

Y/n turned her head Dylan eyes went wide at how pretty she was her Y/E/C meet his brown ones all he could do was stare before she gave him a small smile and moved back to her camera

“Okay Dylan can you stand over here please.”

He moved to where Kat had pointed she came over and pushed his one shoulder so it looked like it was behind the other and she gave him a smile 

“She single you know and your heading to Arizona she does all their photo shoots.”

“what.. uuh no .. I wasn’t.”

“Oh please have the guys that have been in here have eyed her Dylan don’t play dumb.”

“Kat leave the poor guy alone and move so i can’t take the pictures.”

Kat gave Dylan  wink before she walked off behind one of the laptops.

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99 on the prompts

99. “How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

“How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

If there was one thing in this world t Logic couldn’t stand, it was Morality’s puppy eyes. And the man knew it. He used them whenever he could against the Logical man- rendering his thoughts useless.

Now was no exception, and he was pulling no stops.

Logic had to turn away.

“For the last time,” He had to take a calming breath, “He is a dog. And you can’t keep adopting every dog you see! This is the third one this month!”

As if to prove his point, their newly adopted two year old pitbull terrier Sunflower, and their first adopted dog Kit-Kat- a Rottweiler no older then a year.

Now Morality held a puppy- what looked to be a bloodhound no older than a few months (Logic guessed three months at most).

“You can’t keep doing this, Mo,” Logic refused to look Morality in the eye, knowing he’d break immediately if he did so.

“But, but Logan,” Morality pouted- you could hear it in his voice- “She needed a forever home.”

Logic rubbed his temples.

“Plus, Maggie and Cauliflower already love her.” Maggie and Cauliflower, a Saluki and  Bergamasco Shepherd respectively, were their oldest dogs, adopted together two years prior. They were mothering dogs, and Logic knew that if they had already been introduced to this new puppy, that there was no going back.

“Morality,” Logic finally met his husbands glittering eyes, “Last. Dog.”

Morality cheered and all of the dogs -Maggie and Cauliflower came billowing into the room- howled in excitement.

“Thank you, Logan!” Morality cried as he ran over and hugged him, not to tightly so as not to squish the small dog still in his arms.

“Trust me, you’re going to love Sander!” He placed the puppy in Logic’s arms.

He scrambled to make sure he didn’t drop the young squirmy dog. The moment he was settled the puppy sniffed at Logic’s face and then began licking him happily before yipping in excitement.

Logic smiled.

Yes, he had no doubt, he already loved his newly adopted son.

In case you’re not following my twitter, I have already started to give out my 2017 Game of the Year Awards and here’s what I’ve given out so far

Game Mechanic of the Year 2017: In Gravity Rush 2 how Raven rushes to your side to also charge kick an enemy you’re charge kicking

Character most likely to run out of space on their standardized test essay question without actually answering the question 2017: Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club

Character who doesn’t use twitter because 280 characters is too short to write anything according to them 2017: Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club

Character who got peed on by a dog 2017: Kat from Gravity Rush 2

Character with the most starbucks visits 2017: Mysterious Heroine X Alter from Fate/Grand Order

Most realistic dog of the year 2017: The dog from the Ace Combat 7 trailer

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Hey I am also bored so here it goes! What's you favourite candy? What's your favourite holiday? What's your favourite dog breed?

Chocolate. Reeses, Kit Kat, and Twix are the best.
Halloween. You get candy *and* you can dress up.
And anything cute tbh.
I like blue heelers because that’s what I’d be if I was a dog. They pick one person and that is their person for the rest of forever. (Can you guess who my person is?? 😂😂😅)
Me and Cody are getting two Dalmatian Dachshund mixes when we move in together which are super adorable.
-Mel (the Slytherin)