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Could I have witch!reader meeting vampire!dazai please? Thx u mom ur the best <333

Lol this was back before the Discord server died. For any of you that are confused, I was rambling on about a vampire!AU and was being extra and told someone to send in a request hehe. I’m siphoning lore from the Vampire Diaries because that’s the only vampire fictional verse that I actually like.

~Admin Kat

To Dazai, you were just a human with no abilities that was trapped in a world of danger. No one could question the tenacity of the Port Mafia’s vampires and everyone knew that any human that was affiliated with them eventually wound up either dead or turned. 

Dazai was obsessed with keeping you as far away from the action as possible. You had vervain in your necklace that he made you wear. You had vampire blood in your system at all times in order to make sure that if anything ever did happen, you’d come back. 

To him and the rest of the Port Mafia, you were just a human. You were just a regular human with no significance other than being an executive’s lover. 

But they were oh so wrong.

The one enemy that vampires couldn’t deal with were the werewolves. If they were just any group of wolves, they’d be dead within an instant. But these had the ability to change even when there wasn’t a full moon. These had supernatural abilities. And these were specifically hired to eradicate as much of the Port Mafia as possible. 

“Make one move and she’s dead. Really wasn’t a good idea to bring a human into a party filled with supernatural creatures, hmm? If she even had one drop of blood spilled, the newer vampires would have destroyed her.”

You were currently held up against one of the werewolves attacking the Port Mafia. They had sniffed you out as a human and immediately used that to their advantage. Their hand was wrapped around your throat, their claws extended, giving them the ability to rip your throat out at a single wrong move. 

You looked into Dazai’s eyes, your boyfriend’s eyes filled with worry outwardly for once. Dazai was meticulous with his enemies and he never showed them any type of vulnerability - but of course, when it came to your life, things were different. 

You never wanted to reveal who it was that you were. You had left that part of your life behind. 

But this time, you didn’t have a choice.

“Phasmatos morsinus pyrox allum…” you chanted under your breath, drawing the magical energy from the supernatural creatures in the room to magnify the pain infliction spell. 

That’s right.

You were a witch. 

The werewolf that had you as a hostage let you go and held their head in pain. As soon as he let you go, Dazai rushed over and picked you up, speeding away. 

“Are you okay?” Dazai looked you up and down, making sure that there wasn’t even a scratch on your body.

You nodded, nervous about your boyfriend’s reaction to what just happened.

He let out a sigh of relief as he pulled you into a tight hug. “Why didn’t you tell me?” 

You hugged him back, taking in his scent as you ran your fingers through his chocolate locks. 

“I never thought I’d had to use it again…I left that part of my life behind and plus I didn’t know how you’d feel about dating a witch and-” 

Dazai quickly planted his lips onto yours, holding you tightly to him as if he was going to lose you any second.

“Nothing can change my love for you, _____. Now…Let’s show these dogs who the Port Mafia really is, hmm?”

So I actually welcomed 2017 smiling and laughing because of Harry, Matt, Shelby, Esther and Kat just having fun together. This is really nice start

Here’s a little Dazai fluff for my favorite sin banana admin kat @bandagekinkedasshat over at Chuuyaaf. She’s had a tough day so if you follow Chuuyaaf (which you should) give her some love! Feel better and sorry this is posted so late my love. Text me when you wake up <3

“Don’t move.”

His eyes always seemed to shimmer even beneath the dullest lighting. Where most would look a sickly yellow or have dullness etched in their features Dazai seemed to glimmer the brightest in the darkest areas. Still burning orange the sun coasts its warmth through the drawn blinds of the bedroom you both found yourself tangled in. Cold sheets caked in Dazai’s scent tickled the bare skin of your back as you shift beneath his chest. Slowly, like a soft wave splashing over the sand, Dazai places a chaste kiss on the center of your forehead. From there he descends in a straight line down the center of your face. Over the ridge of your nose to the peak of bowed lips curled slightly.

For a moment he pauses and takes his time tracing the outlines of your teeth and lips before delving his tongue inside your mouth. Languidly he strokes his tongue against yours until your lungs felt like giving out. Withdrawing with a dreamy sigh Dazai continues his ministrations down the hollow of your throat. Tender nips of his teeth draw erratic patterns on your skin and pull whimpers from the center of your chest. The ghost of his breath feels warm and saturated with lust, but he’s determined to take things slow. To surround you with the love he feels bursting through his pores each moment he spends with you.

His espresso locks tickle your chest as he moves lower. His lips caress every inch of skin he can manage to stroke with his mouth. Beneath the swell of your breasts a line is traced with the cold edge of his tongue that runs from the rounded flesh across each rib. Large hands encircle your waist as he slinks down to your navel. Devilishly his tongue dips across it and your muscles cinch. He smirks beneath the shadows of the dim room and continues tasting your body. Teeth grab at your hips and his knees hit the floor with a thud. Expecting your legs to be thrown over his shoulders you close your eyes and wait for that toe-curling sensation Dazai loves to exploit.

Instead you’re yanked to the floor with him. His smile is genuine and wide, that smile he uses when he sees you after a long day of work and he has stories for days to tell you—it’s Osamu the way he should be—happy. His arms loop around your waist and yank your torso to his as he captures your lips in a heated and passionate kiss. For a brief second the world melts away like water colors dripping along the edges, and all you feel is him. His warmth, his adoration, his obsession. He breaks for air but keeps his nose to yours, breath and voice softer than silk.

“I will never stop loving you.” 

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HCS for chuuya and dazai wherein their s/o's last relationship was an abusive type that her wounds/bruises/scars are still visible and at the time where they only started dating, whenever they would raise their hand/voice for various reasons s/o would either flinch or would automatically go in a defensive mode and would chant many apologizes.


  • Chuuya would catch onto this immediately. Having been a part of the mafia, he definitely knows what abuse looks like. 
  • He’d approach you slowly, immediately calming down from whatever situation triggered his temper. He’ll make it clear that he’ll never hurt you and that he’s there if you want to talk about it. He also understands if you don’t want to.
  • When he sees your scars, he gets pissed. But he doesn’t want to show it because he doesn’t want to frighten you. 
  • If you confess to him who it was that hurt you, he will definitely go behind your back and hunt them down. He might not kill them, but he’ll definitely make them pay for hurting you.
  • If you’re ashamed of your scars, he’ll kiss your scars and constantly comment about how it’s now a part of your beauty. 


  • Dazai would also catch on fairly quickly. For a split second, his face darkens as he realizes, but he’d put on his chipper facade before you could notice the change.
  • He understands repressing emotions and not wanting to talk about his problems, so he waits to see if you’ll open up to him. He’ll increasingly make you trust him more until you’re able to tell him what happened yourself. 
  • As soon as he sees your scars, he makes a dramatic screech and says you are now more glamorous than you’ve ever been. Anything to get you to smile about such a painful memory. 
  • Like Chuuya, Dazai will hunt down whoever it was that hurt you. Although, unlike Chuuya, he might not let them live…
  • If you ever have flashbacks about it or nightmares, he’ll hold you close and run his hands through your hair, whispering about how he’ll protect you and that you’re safe now.

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Can I have head cannons for chuuya, akutagawa, Atsushi, Ranpo, and dazai with a really playful and humorous s/o please? If that's too many characters you don't have to do all of them, if you don't want to, thank you💗💗💗


~Admin Kat


  • He actually really appreciates it because it’s a nice break from all the horrors he has to see while working for the Mafia.
  • He absolutely loses his shit when you’re being silly while he’s had a bit too many glasses of wine. You can get Chuuya to start giggling like a schoolgirl.
  • Although, he does get a bit jealous when you’re humoring other people because they get a bit too cozy with you for his liking.
  • When you first met, he was probably trying his damned best to pretend to be put off by your cheerful personality, but he fell for you immediately.
  • Bonus points if you joke around a lot with Dazai because it’ll drive Chuuya through the roof.


  • Your personality definitely contrasts with this edgelord’s personality. He’s like the epitome of dark while you’re the epitome of light. It’s some true yin/yang shit.
  • If anyone’s able to get him to smile, it’s you. Although he won’t admit to it easily.
    • “I was itchy.”
  • A few weeks into the relationship and you’re camaraderie has affected the entirety of the upper echelons of the Black Lizard and you’re throwing jokes back and forth while poking fun at Akutagawa, much to his displeasure.
  • He might always grump about your chipper personality, but he secretly loves it. It’s a personality he was never really exposed to and he really appreciates it.
  • You’ll slowly pull him out of his edgelord self and he’ll take on parts of your personality.


  • Sushi is super shy when you poke fun of him at first. He blushes a lot and he’s always exclaiming about it.
  • His life sort of sucks because he has both you and Dazai poking fun at him. 
  • The positive attention secretly makes him super happy and eventually, he’ll poke fun back at you, which completely catches you off-guard.
  • Atsushi’s a pretty chipper guy despite his background, so you two eventually become literally the most optimistic and cheery couple around. 
  • You’re always able to cheer him up whenever he’s starting to feel bad about himself and his shortcomings, whether it’s by distracting him or literally convincing him otherwise.


  • This guy is a troll. So you two can team up together and be complete asses to others with your collective humor.
  • However, it’s your job to cheer him up whenever he’s pouting about having too much work or not getting enough attention from Silver Fox.
  • You’re the one that has to convince police officers to allow him to use his ability on a case when they’re being difficult, because let’s be real: all Ranpo does is piss them off.
  • He loves watching you humor others, especially because it distracts them so he can steal their food.
  • Although if you poke too much fun at him, he’ll get super defensive and pout a lot. It’s pretty cute.


  • Dazai’s an even bigger troll than Ranpo, so together you’ll drive Kunikida crazy.
  • Usually when Dazai laughs at people’s jokes it’s out of politeness, not because he’s actually entertained. But with you? He loves it when you talk to him or even go on rants because you’re so entertaining to him. He could listen to you ramble on for hours.
  • Although if you poke fun at him, this’ll initiate a teasing war that will have no end. Well…maybe a sexual end because it’s Dazai.
  • He definitely gets jealous when he sees you humoring other people and he’ll sneak his way into the conversation and take all the attention for himself. Is he jealous of you or the other people? No one knows.
  • Eventually, you become the light in his world. Your optimism and humor allows him to feel happiness again, despite his dark and painful past. He soon becomes almost addicted to your smile and voice, sometimes just asking you to talk when he’s having a rough night while cuddling.

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A domestic au in which jyn adopts a pet and cassian is allergic! It can be in yavin or it can be modern au! Whichever!

I’m a sucker for dogs, so, of course, I wrote about Jyn bringing in a stray dog. (Also, would this prompt have made much more sense in a Modern AU? Yeah, probably. But do I also love the idea of Jyn glaring at her commanding officer as she drags a dog onto their ship after a random Pathfinder mission? Yes, yes I do.) I hope you enjoy :D

Thank you to all my followers and those who have sent me prompts, but I’m cutting off accepting new prompts! I still have several more to write, so you haven’t seen the last of this series, but no more prompts for now! Much love to you all!


After not seeing Jyn for over a month, just about the last words Cassian wants to hear out of Kes Dameron’s mouth is, “Oh, I cannot wait to see the Captain’s face when he sees this.”

Jyn’s co-sergeant laughs as he says it, which reassures Cassian somewhat; at least the surprise isn’t Jyn missing an arm or covered in blood. (Dameron’s a good man; he would be laughing at that… right?)

Still, Cassian braces himself as he walks up the ramp of the Pathfinder’s transport ship, searching for Jyn and Kes. He’s greeted, not by Jyn’s relaxed gaze or Kes’s ever-present smile, but a large pile of fur, jumping onto his legs to demand attention. Only as the fur mop backs up a few inches and lets out a playful growl does Cassian recognize it as a dog. Its head comes up just below Cassian’s knee and a wet nose peaks out from under the curly mess of ashy brown fur. Hesitantly, Cassian kneels beside the dog, reaching his hand to scratch the perky ears.

“Jyn?” He calls, confused by the whole situation.

At the sound of his call, Jyn’s head pokes down from the cockpit. “Good,” she smiles at Cassian and the dog. “You’ve met Zak.”

“I’ve met… who?”

Out of Cassian’s line of sight in the cockpit, Kes snorts. “Told you this would be amusing.”

Jyn jumps down from the cockpit and the dog trots to her side, leaving Cassian’s hand midair. Jyn holds out her hand and the dog – Zak – comes to sniff it. “Sit,” she commands, but the dog disobeys, choosing instead to wag its tail. “Come on, sit. You’re going to make me look bad.”

“Unfortunately,” Kes jumps down from the cockpit, landing beside Jyn and the dog, his smile telling Cassian he is enjoying this situation far too much. “Jyn’s face of intimidation doesn’t work on this mutt like it works on the privates.”

“He’s still learning!” Jyn protests, turning that same face of intimidation on Kes.

“I think he’s gleaning the ability to follow orders from you,” Kes explains. “That is to say, he hates doing it.”

Jyn mutters something that sounds like I’m not that bad under her breath, but Cassian barely takes note. He’s still watching the dog, blinking, like it might disappear.

He clears his throat to interrupt Kes and Jyn’s bickering. “You didn’t leave with a dog, you know.” Maybe you could explain how you came back with one?

Kes smirks. “This is your story, Erso. I’ll be finishing post-flight checks. Captain.” He gives Cassian a quick salute.

When he returns to the cockpit, Jyn addresses Cassian. “I’m keeping him.” Her voice is firm, determined, a tone that Cassian understands he has little chance of changing her mind. “We found him, abandoned and starving, on the lower levels or Coruscant. I couldn’t just leave him there.”

Of course not; one of the first things Cassian learned about Jyn Erso was her inability to leave endangered organics alone. He also doesn’t need to question why. Still, he hesitates to answer, so Jyn beats him to it.

“If Han Solo can keep a Wookie with him, I can keep a dog.”

Cassian doesn’t want to note that the Wookie, at least, can yield a crossbow and take care of himself, unlike this dog.

“Where do you plan on keeping him?” Cassian asks, slowly.

“Our quarters, of course.” She shrugs, as if this answer was obvious. “We can get someone to feed him while we’re both gone.”

Cassian stares, still kneeling where he had been petting the dog earlier, unsure what to say. With a small push from Jyn, Zak ambles back over to Cassian, snuggling up to him. Even Cassian can’t deny how comforting another warm body feels; love and physical affection are rare commodities around the Rebel Alliance.

“Come on, Cassian.” Jyn’s eyes plead just as much as her words. “It’ll be nice to have him around.”

Cassian’s shoulder drop as he sighs, accepting his new roommate.

The next morning, Cassian awakes to a sneeze. Or, really, a series of sneezes. For a moment, he worries he’s caught an illness somewhere, until he realizes his face feels tight and itchy, as well. Forcing his sleepy (and watery) eyes open, Cassian glances towards what he expects is the culprit.

Zak has commandeered Cassian’s tradition spot in Jyn’s arms, despite there not being nearly enough room in the bed for the animal. Before falling asleep the night before, Jyn had agreed Zak would sleep on the floor – she had even sacrificed one of their blankets to make him comfortable – but, apparently, sometime during the night, she had given up that notion and allowed him on the bed.

Groaning, Cassian ran his hands over his swollen face, resisting the urge to start scratching. Jyn stirred at the sound but, rather than waking, she snuggled deeper into Zak’s fur. (Cassian refuses to be jealous at the attention the dog is getting.) Zak opens his eyes and tilts his head at Cassian, as if he wants to ask what’s wrong.

“Your fur,” Cassian accuses the dog, “and I do not get along.”

And the dog’s tail has the nerve to wag, like Cassian just gave him a great compliment.

“Jyn,” Cassian shakes the sleeping woman, “Jyn, wake up.”

She gives a slight groan before turning to face him. Zak protests with a small whine, nudging Jyn’s shoulder with his nose. “What’s wrong with your face?” She asks, confirming Cassian’s suspicions that his face is red and blotchy.

“I think I’m allergic to the dog.”

Jyn frowns, leaning up on one elbow. “Why didn’t you say anything yesterday?”

“I haven’t spent much time in my life around small furry creatures, you know. I didn’t know.”

Jyn gives the dog a longing glance, obviously torn between Cassian and Zak. “What if,” she says slowly, “I made sure he didn’t sleep on the bed? Think that would help?”

Cassian looks at Jyn, sees the pure and honest connection she has with the dog, and he knows he couldn’t ask her to part with it. And if dealing with some discomfort makes Jyn happy, well, Cassian has dealt with worse.

Or, at least, that’s what he tells himself while he sneezes again (and continues to do so every night the dog lovingly greets him with a lick to the face).

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Hc's for how Dazai, Chuuya, Aku bb, and Fyodor would react to a silent s/o during sex? (like they dont moan or anything like that??)


  • Oh, he knows it’s not because he’s not satisfying you. In fact, he’ll tease you about it, asking if you’re shy.
  • He’ll take it as a challenge. 
    • “Let’s see how much I can tease you before I can get you to moan and beg~”
  • He’s not one to be caught off-guard and moan loudly during sex either, so he’ll actually be pretty turned on by your silence, if only because it feels amazing when you finally break.


  • Chuuya’s also pretty confident in his pleasuring abilities, so he doesn’t get self-conscious about it at all.
  • Unlike Dazai however, he won’t really tease you about it. He actually likes it because it makes your love-making more sensual. Since you’re not using your mouth for noise-making, he’ll keep your lips busy with his own~
  • He gets an ego boost when he actually does get you to moan and his teasing mode will come on and he’ll do everything he can to try to get you to do it again.


  • He gets a little confused about why you’re so silent. Is it that you’re not enjoying it? Is something on your mind? Are you not into it? 
  • When he finally realizes why you’re silent during sex, he understands because he’s very much the same way - not liking to be noisy unless he really can’t hold it in.
  • You two will quickly get into a little match to see who can make the other break first, although Akutagawa gets a little flustered at first when you bring this little idea up.


  • He gets very sadistic and will try everything in that demonic little brain of his to get you to become a whimpering mess under him.
  • When you do break (and you will), a malicious smirk appears on his face as he teases you about trying so hard and failing. However, that doesn’t stop him. The teasing continues. It doesn’t stop until he believes it should.
  • Since you’re generally silent during sex, every time a love-making session starts, it always begins with his teasing and breaking you. He’s not satisfied if it’s any other way.